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  1. For anyone who has Instagram there’s currently a fun little “interview” with the three Swans/Strangers on the Sadler’s Wells account. It’s only going to be there for the next 2-3 hours, though. Wish I’d spotted it sooner!
  2. It’s quite funny following some of the dancers on social media. Most of them seem relieved to be at the end of the Nutcracker run, but not Gary Avis. He is all 😢😭☹️ 🤣✨
  3. Thalia

    The Clore Studio

    The seating has been replaced and is more comfortable.
  4. The schedule on the website has also been updated. https://new-adventures.net/news/casting-announcement-the-swan-prince-at-sadlers-wells
  5. Some rearrangement of casting has been announced on Twitter for this week. If you’re going along to see someone in particular it might be worth checking. https://twitter.com/new_adventures/status/1082304391422578688?s=21
  6. I personally think this was a bit of genius programming by the RB. I took a group of eight (three adult women, three adult men and two girls 12 and 14) to watch it before Christmas, none of whom, apart from me, were ballet goers. It was a pre-Christmas treat and something different for them to go and see. I was a little apprehensive because I was concerned they might find Winter Dreams boring, but at the end of the night all but one declared it to be their favourite work of the evening, including the girls. I know they’re not exactly tiny tots, but still... After the farewell pas de deux, I heard one of the girls whisper to the other ‘That was SO beautiful’. I think the programme was an eye opener for the group – the change in mood between each piece showed them how versatile, emotional, engrossing, entertaining and hilarious ballet can be and they just soaked it up. Any preconceived ideas they had were blown away. They all say they’d definitely go back to see more ballet just because of seeing this programme and they’re still talking about it now, even after all the excitement of Christmas and New Year.
  7. I went to the Royal Ballet Upper School... ...for an insight event. 🤣😂
  8. At the Friends’ Rehearsals they usually offer a fairly reasonably priced pot of pasta (currently £6) which has always been delicious every time I’ve had it. If they could offer that (along with a gluten free option or just make it all gluten free) at other performances, perhaps as part of a deal including a drink for around a tenner and/or a sweet of some kind for a little bit more, I would certainly prefer that than some overpriced sandwiches or a paltry ramekin of crisps.
  9. According to the New Adventures Twitter account, they are hoping Matthew Ball will return to the stage within the next week.
  10. I was reading this article on the BBC website about toilet provision in West End theatres and noticed it mentioned at the end that there were gender neutral facilities at the ROH. Has anyone come across these yet? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-46735513
  11. It’s near the stairs going down to the Linbury and behind the stairs going up to the Floral Hall.
  12. I’m guessing it’ll be Will Bozier as Max Westwell is dancing tonight in Ball’s place and then tomorrow and also Saturday as “himself”. Bozier is due to dance both the matinees at the weekend so if Ball is not back on Sunday evening, Westwell will need to step in for that performance. If Westwell dances Friday that would be five days on the trot without a break on top of a pretty intense week of performing between Christmas and New Year.
  13. Maybe it was that! I don’t remember seeing Cinderella as a child, though...but like I said, I don’t trust my kiddy mind!
  14. I think this is because of the association with Christmas. Nutcracker is all pervasive at that time of year — it’s the one ballet you can sure will be on. If you were taken to see it as a child it’s likely tied into happy memories. Plus, nearly everyone knows most of the music regardless of whether they’ve seen the ballet. I do like the RB version because of the distinct narrative of Clara on the cusp of womanhood and I have many good memories of being taken to see it when younger. I go on a total nostalgia trip when I see it now. The RB wasn’t the first version I saw, though. I have vague, hazy memories of seeing a version by the London Festival Ballet on the south bank. I think it was one where the SPF (or someone, might not have been her!) came down some steps en pointe. I don’t know which version that was or exactly when it was but think it was early/mid 80s. Is my mind playing tricks – am I conflating it with something else and mixing my ballets or companies up? Perhaps someone here can shed some light on it. I don’t trust my kiddy memories. 🙃 I remember more about the shop than anything else. 😆
  15. Well, my friend and I would never say that out loud in the ROH so no worries there. 😊 Besides, anyone who hears us talking will just have to hear our accents and they may well be the ones having the snobbish reaction! As for the ground floor, I just feel that some music or something to lift the deadened feeling in there would go some way in helping improve the atmosphere. I’ve always felt the ROH is very relaxed and I’m probably the type of demographic they are after as part of Open Up. It’s just that I discovered the place years ago and I’ve already been reeled in.