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  1. I have a ticket for the Royal Ballet School Summer Performance on Sunday 8 July I can no longer use. £6 Upper Slips Left BB14 - View obstructed by tier ledge, patrons in front may also obstruct view, padded bench with back It is a physical ticket so it would need to be posted. Please PM if interested.
  2. I noticed he did this at the Friday matinée, too – I took it to be a deliberate show of control, but I can see how others may have interpreted it as it was a very obvious hold.
  3. Ticket has now been returned to the box office.
  4. I have a spare e-ticket for Swan Lake tonight - D79 Amphi £29. It says restricted view but the view is still decent. Please pm if interested. I can email the ticket or hand it over in person as I will be there. I will return it to the box office later if there are no takers.
  5. No longer needed - found one!
  6. Looking for a SCS ticket (just one) for Swan Lake on Saturday 9 June. Here’s hoping!
  7. Hi Lindy. I am interested and have just sent you a PM.
  8. It’s a paper ticket but I will be there so can meet beforehand to exchange. Please pm if interested.