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  1. I’ve just replied to your PM
  2. I have a ticket going spare for 17 Nov - Cuthbertson, Ball, Magri cast. Amphitheatre B39 £16 It’s a paper ticket but I’ll be there so can arrange to meet to hand the ticket over.
  3. And sometimes they can make it disappear entirely! I think there must be a space for it behind the wall at the back.
  4. Just an update about this being screened at the ROH tomorrow (11/11). It’s being shown twice and there will also be a Q&A with Francesca Hayward, Matthew Ball, Valentino Zucchetti and Alice Pennefather.
  5. Depending on the angle you are looking at the stage, you can sometimes see the “weave” of the scrim, which is highly annoying when it is down for such a long time as in La Bayadère. It’s like watching through a net curtain. No wait, it is watching through a net curtain!
  6. We had a cursory glance into our bags by a harassed member of staff by the Piazza entrance (the door was held so you could walk straight though) and tickets were sort of checked by the door to the area where we were sitting in the afternoon. In the evening, there was no bag check but tickets were half-heartedly checked again. No tickets were checked after the intervals at any point, though, for which I was grateful. I hate having to fish about for my ticket once I’m in the building!
  7. I should add that Valentino Zucchetti was a total delight as the Bronze Idol in the afternoon.
  8. I found Hirano’s dancing to be lovely yesterday, if rather restrained. For me, he seems quite reserved so I do often struggle to get a sense of characterisation from him. It’s almost as if there’s a shyness or modesty about him. I find I enjoy him more in abstract roles. The connection between Solor and Nikiya was stronger for me in the evening performance. It was great to see McRae back and going for it without any trepidation after only recently returning to the stage. Takada was particularly expressive in Act I although I feel that tailed off in Act 2. I thought Naghdi was fabulous as Gamzatti; a powerful yet nuanced interpretation from her.
  9. I found the “experience” of going to the ROH was lessened somewhat by staff waiting all gloved up with vacuum cleaners as everyone streamed out last night.
  10. It wasn’t until my fourth visit this season that I saw it and even then it was only when a friend pointed it out to me! 😂🤷‍♀️
  11. It’s in the downstairs caff. It’s a big screen behind the counter/bar with a ticker going along a bit like on the rolling news channels. Rolling cast changes...