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  1. Very nice to see photos of the company at curtain call. Thanks
  2. RB Sylvia, 7th Dec

    Hi Dee Dee I’m happy to take D46 off your hands but also happy to wait a bit if you’d prefer to sell as a pair. Please pm me if you want to.
  3. ENB Coliseum Jan 2018

    Thanks for the tip. Worked fine for me
  4. I’ve sent you a pm about Friday 10 ticket
  5. I have an e-booking to see 'Ink', which I cannot now use and am looking to give away. It is an upstairs seat for the 7.30 performance at the Duke of York's Theatre, St Martin's Lane. If anyone can use it, please pm me and I will forward my confirmation email, which, I understand, can be exchanged for a ticket at the box office after 6.30.
  6. Yes please, if still available
  7. Yes please if it’s still available. I’ll pm you
  8. Yes please. I’ll send you a pm
  9. RB Alice 9 Oct (tonight) SCS

    Yes please, I'll pm you
  10. Reverting, briefly, to the RBS entry into the company, I think it a mistake to focus on the principal dancers. Ballet companies evolve and if one ignores the more established dancers, there seems to me to be a high percentage of soloists and artists who have trained at the RBS. Whether or not KO'H has increased RBS recruitment to a greater proportion than his predecessors is something I have no knowledge of but the current make up of the full company would seem to support his WBD interview assertion.
  11. Hi Eva, I'm interested. I'll pm you. RobR
  12. I went last night not knowing quite what to expect. It was, in most ways, a different 'Giselle' but identifiable nonelthess. I thought it a stunning performance and I was very much impressed by all the dancers. TR still has it in trumps but the dancers were all on top form. Well done to all!