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  1. Capybara, I agree entirely. Perhaps the moderators could give those who want to post about cast change notifications their own thread, and leave this one to those posting about the Triple bill
  2. I'm sure that this was very frustrating, but what did you think of the Triple bill?
  3. Hi Stellar I’ll pm you about 8 & 9 SCS tickets
  4. Hi Stellar, I’d like Tuesday 15 January if it’s still free
  5. Thanks for the thoughts @LinMM However, I’ve always very much enjoyed Forsythe's 'contemporary' work and seen it performed by classically trained dancers in classical companies. Whilst his work is, I believe, generally classified as contemporary some of it could, arguably, be described now as modern classic I've seen 'In the middle...', danced by the POB, ENB and by the RB, with Bussell and Yanowsky. I can’t recall any of those performances of 'modern choreography' provoking anything like the divergent responses seen in this thread. They were all terrific and uniformly well received.
  6. Hi Ryo, I’d like it. I’ll pm you.
  7. Can’t go on 16 November. Amphitheatre M42 £23.00