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  1. RobR


    It might be sensible to do the exercises your daughter’s teacher advises following her assessment of her level and ability. To start exercises without advice and assessment might be more harmful than beneficial. Choose a school, take your daughter in, and see what they advise.
  2. RobR


    My daughter, who is now dances professionally, attended (and very much enjoyed) Debra Bradnum's Ballettrain School from 5 to 11. She has a comprehensive website and you can get all the information you need from that. Good luck
  3. RobR


    We are also in North London. How old is your daughter and what level has she achieved?
  4. If anyone is thinking of selling an SCS for Asphodel/Two Pigeons on Tuesday evening, I’m looking for one. Thanks
  5. Not sure that any of the female dancers would appreciate being described as 'larger', whether slightly or otherwise. Magri certainly isn’t 'larger'. Slightly taller perhaps but, given the relative heights of dancers currently in the RB, I’m not even sure about that 😊
  6. Just back from a really enjoyable Milton Keynes matinee. The updated production is great and the performers uniformly terrific. Glenn Graham was outstanding.
  7. Thanks Bridiem, I appreciate that point of view, but surely a review or opinion from an accredited expert on ballet; whether it be a journalist of the calibre of a Clarke, Craine or Mackrell, or a former and well regarded ballet dancer, must be both better informed and of more interest than that of an opinion or review posted by an anonymous forum poster?
  8. Whether one likes or dislikes the views/reviews of a professional journalist, they write under their own byline and their readers can, in deciding whether or not to read the reviews and articles, form an opinion based on what they write and what’s known about their background. I make the point that most of the Ballet Forum posts are written under pseudonyms (mine included) and readers have no way of knowing if the poster has any detailed knowledge or training of that of which they write (sometimes in very great detail). So, although I didn’t always agree with LJ, I appreciated and accepted his perspective and his credibility as a reviewer.
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