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  1. I have no informed knowledge, but my understanding is that all the dancers have a pretty free choice as to which class they attend
  2. Well, it’s just that she wears the same costume before and when Victor's mother dies, when he goes to Med School, when he comes home and is nursed, when his brother is being tutored and has an (eighth ? birthday) when she’s arrested and when she’s hanged. And the maids wear black with white aprons, so she’s probably not a maid, more a nurserymaid although not before William is born; anyway I'm puzzled that her costume doesn’t change from Act 1 to Act 2.
  3. Since we’re talking about Justine, I’ve always been puzzled by the fact that she doesn’t have a costume change?
  4. Given that a computer plug in dvd drive costs less than £20, this may not be a big problem if your pc/laptop doesn’t have an integral drive.
  5. I have SCS D7 for Don Q this Wednesday 27 February which, sadly, I can’t use. If anyone can use it, let me know and I can email the e-ticket.
  6. I went to the encore screening today and, having read the posts about lighting, was on the alert for dim lighting. I sat in row C at the Finchley Road Vue. It was as clear as anything as far as I was concerned and I thought it one of the best ROH recordings I’ve seen. I’m afraid I couldn’t see the basis for the earlier complaints. I loved the whole performance.
  7. RobR


    It might be sensible to do the exercises your daughter’s teacher advises following her assessment of her level and ability. To start exercises without advice and assessment might be more harmful than beneficial. Choose a school, take your daughter in, and see what they advise.
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