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  1. I’ve pm’d you about 10 December
  2. I’m hoping that I’ve misunderstood your post and that you did not intend to criticise either the appointments or those promoted, but that is an inference that might be drawn from your post. I’m also hopeful that you didn’t mean to suggest that an awareness or sensitivity to other people’s feelings or the other areas that have led to these developments should or could be described as a plague-like infestation of either the ballet world or society in general.
  3. Amelia Palmeiro and Nadia Mullova Barley.
  4. For me, it’s the pony tail. I’ve now seen three Rothbarts, all excellent, all looking very severe (I’m sure it’s acting in character as per Scarlett, rather than their natural demeanour) and IMHO, not a significant difference in any of the performances although I make it clear that I don’t carry any sort of torch for any of the Rothbarts, if I have been defensive or confrontational in any way at all.
  5. I watched tonight’s Takada/Bracewell performance. I thought TW excellent as Rothbart. In fact, I thought the whole cast were excellent and gave a splendid performance.
  6. I’m sorry that the light don’t appear to have done justice to an absolutely splendid performance by the RB. Whilst acknowledging the limitations of live recordings, I hope that the RB will persist in these broadcasts, making performances accessible to very many ballet lovers. No doubt equipment and techniques will improve over a period and counterbalance the difficulties of filming a theatre performance, reliant on theatre stage lighting. I do think that the RB probably does it’s best to provide accessibility generally and think it deserves praise for the effort. It it may be that it is an awareness of the lighting difficulties that has prompted the decision to film 'Romeo and Juliet' in a Hungarian film studio in the hope that both lighting and technique will provide a better recording. In in my view, whether it does or doesn’t, it is well worth trying, particularly given the lighting and filming problems referred to above.
  7. Hi Charlie. I’ll pm you
  8. Absolutely. After all it’s only a fairy story used as a framework for ballet. Or am I missing something? Perhaps I should posit a thesis on myth and reality in ballet. Can magicians really turn people into swans, nutcrackers etc?
  9. Before I eulogise over last night's performance, I should own up to the fact that I am a huge fan of Lamb and that in all the years I’ve been enjoying her dancing (and acting) I’ve never seen her give a poor performance or less than her best. I feel similarly enthusiastic about Bonelli. I say this at the outset because having enjoyed the 'Principal Promotion Pipeline' thread, it is apparent that each of us has our particular favourites, some I share and some I don’t. I’ve now seen three casts perform the new SL and I thought last night's was the most amazing of the three. In each of the shows, there are passages or performances that were, in my view, terrific but last night it all seemed to come together perfectly. I thought that Lamb (and Swan Lake is always dependant on the female lead) led from the front with a determination and enthusiasm that from my perspective seemed to embrace the company generally and that that company enthusiasm provoked an appreciative audience to respond in kind. I don’t suppose anyone will disagree with me about the perfection of Acts 2 and 4, Lamb and the Corps were splendid, and I share Anna C's view about Acts 1 and 3. I too thought that the princesses and national dances were performed as well as I’ve seen them performed. A really terrific evening.
  10. RobR

    Dance physiotherapist for evaluation

    Not inexpensive but worth every penny. She correctly diagnosed my student daughter’s problem, we avoided what would have been an unnecessary operation (with no guarantee of success) and my daughter now dances professionally.
  11. I’ve now seen four casts and enjoyed all their performances, although I found that different performers and differing interpretations have resonated with me for different reasons. An earlier poster described how thoroughly venal the lovely Valentino Zucchetti appeared when he performed as Lescaut. My recollection is that the poster had no doubt that his interpretation revealed a character who would not only sell his sister but also his mother and wife if the opportunity arose. I was looking out for this performance last night and he certainly lived up to his BF billing! Another great evening
  12. The RB bought dry ice in bulk for La Sylphide a few years ago and have been doing their best to use it up in Giselle and Manon 😐