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  1. Harwel

    Open call for dancers

    Thank you.
  2. Harwel

    Open call for dancers

    What’s the payment?
  3. Harwel

    Recovery from Osgood Schlatters/long-term injury?

    Hello balletmum11. I am very busy right now but later today I will send you a pm. I have a son at Tring Park 3rd year upper school. I will ask him to seek your son out and have a chat. Your son is not alone.
  4. Harwel

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Sorry @Piccolo I just can’t quite remember the timings.
  5. Harwel

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    As I understand it, DaDa schools reapply every 3 years for funding. The last time Tring had to reapply, someone missed a tick box on the form and so they lost out on their DaDa funding for that cycle. If memory serves, that was 2 years ago. The school have money set aside for scholarships and they used part of this for the dancers. Tring will also allocate MDS funding to the upper school students if they really want to - I am sure they prefer to allocate to junior school as it is their only means of funding. But current junior school students in receipt of an MDS are (upon successful assessments) allowed to carry it into 6th form. There have been occasions where new students into 6th form have been given an MDS - I am sure it all depends on numbers and potential of all new students across the school. I believe Tring will reapply for DaDa funding status in the next cycle and there should not be any trouble receiving it as the error last time was purely administrative.
  6. Harwel

    Ballet vs academics

    Is she happy at school? Does she have a new teacher? Has her friendship group changed? All things I would consider first. I had 2 boys who did a lot of outside activities at primary school and the only time anything changed at school was due to school and issues within it.
  7. Oh yes, I remember a few of the posts from ‘pro ballet dancer’, very similar tone. Gosh I hope it is the same one and not multiple equally disturbed posters! Thank you @Legseleven.
  8. Thank you @ArucariaBallerina and @CeliB. You are both completely right.
  9. I am fine, thank you Pointetoes.
  10. Thanks Fiz. Yes it is a very stark reminder that this is a public forum and that there are some truly vile people out amongst us. I actually genuinely hope she finds some peace as all that hate just gets directed back to herself.
  11. She is no ballet lover, just a troll!
  12. Just to let you all know what we are dealing with here. Lil miss ballet luva just sent me the following PM ‘Hey there you ****ing ****. may your children all get cancer and die screaming in agony you cocksucking pedophile ****. You truly are a cocksucking **** whore and deserve to get AIDS.’
  13. Namaste 🙏 May you find peace.
  14. Thank you so much for your incredibly rude, condescending and frankly childish response. I am sure from your responses that you clearly must have attended these fine establishments too, so that you can know for sure that all their practices are fully up to date and they don’t have any outmoded practices. I am sure you can also tell me with certainty that SZ is completely injury free and will have no long term physical repercussions from her dance journey. I also didn’t say she was going wrong, whatever she is doing works for her (not to be followed by impressionable young dance students who don’t have incredible facility and a team of dr’s, Physio’s and world class 1-2-1 coaches). If you could just lose the judgemental attitude and open you mind you might learn something. I shall not bother to respond further to the likes of you.