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  1. Help with hair please!

    can’t she practice to do it herself? Doesn’t have to be a bun, could be plaits then pin to head.
  2. Health Insurance for dance students

    AXA has been brilliant for us. It’s through a school policy but I’m sure you could get an individual one which gives the necessary coverage - it would more than likely be a higher premium than standard cover.
  3. UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    I would ring them. Personally I think it is incredibly poor that they are sending out the wrong information to students. I would bring them to task over it. It’s clearly not an isolated incident.
  4. Oh this rings so true to me. I am definitely my ds sounding board and sometimes I find it incredibly stressful as I think the worst but the next couple days all is fine. But I have to be alert to the fact that there may be a serious issue. The best thing is that at least they are talking to us! The boarding situation can be very difficult as there really is no escape - ds always desperate to get home but equally happy to go back at the end of a holiday.
  5. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    Every school has dc that are both happy to be there and others that wished they had chosen otherwise. True of every school and university the country over. You have to try and work out the best fit for your own child, and cut out all the chatter from others that goes around about which is the best school for x or y. EVERY vocational school will have successful students getting jobs at the end of their training, others changing direction for varied reasons and others leaving half way through to go to a different school. They can all train a talented child but that child will not succeed if they are in the wrong environment for them. 3 years is a long time in a teenagers life if they are unhappy. The stress of full time training is very real, at a time when other kids are going off to university for another 3 years to find themselves and grow up. DC have to grow up fast and have a very mature head on their shoulders to cope with the demands placed upon them. Choose the school that feels right and be prepared to change if that changes.
  6. Goodbye and thanks for all the tips

    So sorry your family is going through this tough time. I was where your dd was 30 years ago and all I can say is, it gets better. As soon as she finds something else that ignites her interest she will put her considerable talents and energies into that and will, I am sure, be successful and happy. It will take many many years to move away from dance and be happy about it but in the long run I’m sure she will be much happier. Its tough for the parents but I’m sure you are giving her all the support and love she needs. But also remember, YOU in all of this. Take care of yourself and don’t for a second blame yourself or anyone else. It’s just part of life’s rich tapestry. Nobody did anything wrong, everything happens as it’s meant to and life carries on. Doesn’t mean it’s easy but it helps to get through the tough times.
  7. Not just any old Russian company either - if memory serves!
  8. Ankle injury

    So, so sorry to read this!
  9. Laine and Rambert

    Oh I know that feeling!!!
  10. Laine and Rambert

    Completely agree with @Nana Lily. These 2 schools are so different that I don’t think you can directly compare. Both are brilliant in their own right but offer completely different things. Good luck in your decision - your dd has done very well to get offers from both and is obviously a very versatile dancer.
  11. Children Blocked from Dance Exams?

    So sorry to hear that your lovely ds has had trouble at school. Very happy he is off to vocational school, I am sure he will thrive.
  12. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    It’s a government funded scholarship - Music and Dance Scheme - for 4 vocational dance schools (RBS, Tring, Hammond and Elmhurst) also about 6 music schools I believe. It is funding from year 7 (11 to 12 years) up to 19. All RBS funding (lower and upper school) is MDS. I believe Hammond and Elmhurst only use MDS for lower school then upper school is DaDa. Tring will do a mixture as a best fit for child and school. MDS is usually more financially advantageous compared to DaDa as it includes accommodation with vocational fees.
  13. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    MDS are rarely offered to new pupils going into upper school at Tring, but does happen. Existing MDS students are often able to carry it into upper school, based on successful assessments.
  14. Summer School for beginners...

    Thoroughly recommend tutugirls summer school. Lovely atmosphere, friendly and good teaching. DS has been 3 times and it is always his favourite SS - he’s very sad not to be attending this year due to rehab from an operation.
  15. Children Blocked from Dance Exams?

    Fantastic post! Thank you for your very well reasoned reply from the teacher’s perspective.