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  1. Well, it's goodbye from me... and goodbye from her

    Oh Taxi, I am sure this is a very bitter sweet journey for you too. I wish your DD all the best for her future and good luck to you all. She will have gained a wealth of knowledge and imessurable skills with her dance journey and I hope she finds real happiness in her new path.
  2. Options for an 18 year old

    You’ve only got to look at the posts re ‘grand audition’. 200 approx dancers chosen to audition (pre selected from video) from all over the world auditioning for 10 companies and only 10% of them were offered contracts - which is actually pretty good odds. You have to be looking at what’s at the end of the training.
  3. Precicely, I really don’t see that a personal relationship is anyone else’s business. But there are some serious allegations amongst the smoke screen, anyone choosing to not see it, or take it seriously is being rather blasé IMO. The signs are there, have been there for a while and need addressing without a doubt.

    I see the audition is complete. Can anyone tell me how many dancers received contracts this year? Many thanks.
  5. Prix de Lausanne 2018

    Lets hope he stays!
  6. Prix de Lausanne 2018

    Oh blimey, clever boys!!
  7. Prix de Lausanne 2018

    Oh no! Hope you mend soon and has not put too much stress on ds audition timetable. Agreed, Shale Wagman was a standout winner.
  8. And the latter does not depend on the former. Many roads to Rome, the RBS is but one school and the RB is one company. Of course they are world class and have very specific requirements. Absolutely no point in my ds auditioning for RBS as does not have flat turnout, regardless of other attributes he has, doesn’t mean he can’t have a successful dance career, just not one at RB!
  9. Balletdadblog

    I completely agree with you Viv, I did read the whole blog and pretty much came to the same conclusions as you. I wasn’t able to express it as coherently as you though!
  10. There is clearly something very wrong going on at ENB. I have heard rumours for a while and those in the know clearly can’t say publicly as it would be career suicide. What a thoroughly depressing situation for such a fantastic company of dancers, always been my favourite company ever since Festival Ballet days. I have read this thread from the start and some of the views Put forward about the dancers being childish or vindictive I find utterly shocking. Dancers are clearly in a subordinate position and have always been made to feel they have no voice - goes with the training. Things are changing for the better - slowly - but the attitude of ‘put up and shut up’ from some of the so called ballet lovers on this site is totally abhorrent to me. It also shows a complete lack of understanding about the true nature of the training dancers receive (or a burying of the head in the sand). How can you profess to love ballet, know the history of the classics and make critical judgements on dancers when you have no concept of the reality of the training both physically and psychologically? I truly hope this does not die down and get blown over but it appears that an improved repertoire, a higher profile and presumably higher profits means that the actual dancers are just a problem to be silenced.
  11. Questions about Lower School auditions

    MDS go to any year group auditioning in lower school (could be given to 6th form but not often - although junior school pupils on MDS can carry it on into 6th form). Doesn’t seem to be any specific number for any one year - they give them to the students they want most.
  12. Tring sixth form dance course

    The dance course is 3 years long and gives you the level 6 diploma. If a student decides not to peruse dance as a career they may decide to go to university after A levels as any other 6th former does. This would obviously mean they don’t get a level 6 diploma, they may have passed enough points to get a level 5 though. Some dance students may also decide to do a graduate -3rd year at another dance school, or even do a full 3 year dance degree course elsewhere at 18. Many options, many paths and many questions regarding funding if can’t self fund.
  13. Hairstyles for male ballet students ?

    Man bun and short back and sides is very in vogue and lots of boys are choosing this style. The problem at vocational school is the transition from short to long as gets very messy.
  14. How did it all start?

    Too true!
  15. How did it all start?

    Thank you, and of course you are right. It’s also his life to do with as he wishes. I am trying to be a bit more zen about the whole thing!