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  1. Testing yourself against the competition? Wanting a challenge? The love of competing? The opportunity to take classes with other outstanding teachers? Gaining contacts for future job auditions?
  2. If it is your dream, go for it! You only live once and who knows where it will lead. Congratulations!
  3. Thoroughly recommend Tutugirls summer school. My DS attended 3 years running and had a lovely time. Very friendly. Lovely classes. Great after summer school show. Is suitable for both recreational and serious dancers alike.
  4. Tring offer MDS to the students they want from year 7 to 10 entry. The number above seems consistent with most years. Students on MDS in lower school are also able to take it through to upper school if they wish to stay. Of course with the change in dance director this could all change in the future.
  5. A little story of hope maybe. My Ds auditioned for year 10 entry at Tring. He was not vocationally trained at that point, was intermediate level. He was very fortunate to be offered an MDS the very day after funding audition. There are always WL students auditioning and most will be offered places at all the other vocational school. When my son started Tring in the September, 2 WL students had been given MDS and had started Tring in the summer term. The competitiin is very very strong for places but if it is meant to be it will be. If it is not right at this time you have to trust he is better where he is.
  6. So 5 WL girls are through to upper school. Sounds similar to other years. Don’t know about the boys.
  7. This was the point I was about to make too.
  8. What a beautiful tribute Sim. So sorry for the loss of your dear friend.
  9. I think it’s difficult to discuss anything much on a public forum as things get misconstrued and hidden meanings imagined where none exist. And also certain rules need to be observed. I thought it a great shame that 2 highly informative threads where removed due to complaints by the schools themselves over the last 2 years/18 months. Again very important issues about the safety of our young dance students. This is not a comment about the forum rules but the fact the schools themselves wanted the threads stopped. Says masses about the schools concerned in my opinion.
  10. She was fabulous and my DC was very sad indeed when she left.
  11. I am so sad to hear this. I do hope your dc will recover fully from their experience.
  12. As Always Anna, a very well thought out and put together reply and I do agree with you. I was in my own way, trying to bring a bit of balance. Anyway, apparently no new director of dance will be sought at this time - I believe until the sabbatical period has ended. The director role will be covered by the current senior dance team.
  13. We were made aware of the report when it came out and that measures were being taken to address it immediately. I don’t and never have felt the school is unsafe and yet from some of the comments I’m reading it is being made out to be a totally innapropriate place to be. In many respects it is a really lovely school. I hear many things about most of the schools with students and parents having wildly different experiences from the same schools. A report is not the whole story. I have never had problems raising concerns and having them addressed. That is my personal experience and I really am not making light of other people’s obviously serious issues. I can only speak to my own experience - has it all been rosy in the garden? No absolutely not, but our experiences are what I would call normal everyday vocational/boarding school issues.
  14. Agreed. I try to give support and help where I can in as unbiased a way as possible. I am concerned that some comments on this thread seem to be a bit of a Witch hunt - fully understand feelings running high when people have been hurt. However. I am also aware of forum members who may have children at Tring at present who are relatively new to the school and are feeling terrified as to what sort of environment they have placed their children into. The report is a concern, it is being addressed and I dont think it needs overstating.
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