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  1. Harwel

    Tring Park sixth form auditions

    Indeed @Elliethe fees are eye watering - well beyond our reach without an MDS and the training in Europe is fantastic. My DC auditioned abroad at 15 but was utterly freaked out by the prospect of living in a foreign country - I was quite amazed by his reaction as I trained abroad and thought it was as a huge adventure - he quite clearly did not share my view!! Horses for courses.
  2. Harwel

    Tring Park sixth form auditions

    Yep, there is a little bit of everything going on. Some leave to go into academic courses, some go to get further dance training elsewhere, some get dance jobs after 2 years and some go into dance work after 3 years. Yet others go on to do something else entirely. Certainly not one size fits all.
  3. Harwel

    Tring Park sixth form auditions

    Doing 3 A’levels is doable for the very academic and equally gifted dancer - they would have to be incredibly focused and determined. Most dancers at Tring do 2 A’levels as it is important to get enough time in the studio. In the year that have just completed their A’levels there were some fantastic results from the dancers. I think it is harder for the dancers to get 3 A’levels than the MT or drama students just because the dance timetable is so demanding. One student has just left the school after A’levels as realised they wanted to follow an academic career, but as they only did 2 A’levels is going to do an intensive year to get the 3rd A’level to get into university. I really cant answer the question re boarding/not boarding. It would all depend on the personalities in the year group as to whether someone felt excluded or not, boarding can be tough and there is a camaraderie in that. In my DC year there is a day pupil and as far as I know mixes well with the boarders. As far as extra classes outside of school, I think this would be madness - weekends perhaps but not during the week. The timetable is incredibly busy and bodies and brains need some downtime. Although at Tring there really isn’t much downtime, the first term is probably the easiest but it ramps up pretty quickly with rehearsals, choreo shows, cups, show rehearsals and assessments. The school had a glitch in their DaDa funding which effects them for 3 years - this will be the last year of that 3 year cycle (I presume they will reapply this year). In replacement of that they implemented a bursary scheme similar to that which they offer the MT and drama students. They will and do offer funding help for the students they want, the amounts vary. There is no upper financial limit as in the DaDa funding. In the present 3rd year upper school only 2 students are left that came from lower school. Hope this helps
  4. Harwel

    Beginning to panic now!

    So sorry to hear about your Dh’s Health troubles @Picturesinthefirelight And @Snowflake. What a very worrying time for you, hope you get answers soon and both are on the mend very quickly as a result.
  5. Harwel

    Miko Fogarty

    Nothing in life is a failure, it’s just a step on the path of success - your own personal success. Far too much judgement of others in this world at the moment. To suggest either failed is ridiculous. Getting into a professional ballet company, let alone 2 of the very best in the world, is only open to about 0.01% of the population (goodness knows really, but it’s incredibly small). Claudia is her own boss, using her wonderful talent to help others, probably very happy to be back in her own country with family and friends and I’m sure earning more money and working when she wants to, away from the daily bitchiness and competition that is inevitable in a highly competitive ballet company., As for Miko, clearly a very clever lady and what an amazing thing to be a doctor!
  6. What a completely unnecessary comment! @ArucariaBallerina - ignore such an unkind and inaccurate comment. I never understand what this persons trying to say half the time anyway - the words yes, the meaning no.
  7. Harwel

    Oliver’s story

    Heartbreaking - signed and shared. Looked such a beautiful boy, what a very great loss to you and your family.
  8. Harwel

    News of non-dancing children.....

    How fantastic! Many congratulations to her.
  9. Harwel

    Fallen arches and ballet

    One of my dearest friends has completely flat feet. She attended Elmhurst, had a very successful dance career, was a ballet girl in Phantom and was in cats to name but 2 of the many things she did. She has incredibly flexible ankles and got a lovely line on point because of this, she could jump like a fiend - basically, it never held her back. However, now in her late 40’s she gets lots of pain in her feet and ankles and has special orthotics. Was this because of dancing? Would she be suffering now anyway? Would her feet and ankles still hurt even if she didn’t have flat feet? Know one knows. I do know one thing, she would Always have chosen a dance career, NOTHING would have stopped her.
  10. Harwel

    To guide or not guide vocational choices ... ?

    Yes it’s a minefield isn’t it?! I just posted these results as I am aware of them but you won’t find it on any website. So many students start off wanting classical but through training realise it’s not for them or realise they won’t make the level they hoped to and would rather branch into something else - all adds to the difficulties for us parents!
  11. Harwel

    To guide or not guide vocational choices ... ?

    This can be useful but the information is often not easy to find and one year can be very different from the next. So far this year Tring students from the dancers course have recieved offers from the following; American classical company European classical company Chrysalis Matthew Bourne Northern Ballet Cruise line Musical theatre in Germany I’m sure there are still lots of things to be finalised and not all offers will be accepted but it gives a rough idea of the broad range of training at Tring as students are receiving such a varied range of jobs offers.
  12. Harwel

    Errol Pickford RIP

    I am so,so sad by this dreadful news. My deepest sympathy to Olivia and their gorgeous daughter. Such a lovely family and so dedicated to helping dancers. Heartbroken!
  13. Harwel

    To guide or not guide vocational choices ... ?

    Well there’s a world of difference between LSCD and Central! Wouldn’t put the same dancer to both of those. Sounds like the advice is general rather than specific to your dd. It may be useful to split the schools into categories such as; Those that take from 16 those that that from 18 those that take from 16-18/19 Then break it down as to what qualifications each provides and therefore funding options and what qualifications needed to attend the course. Off the top of my head the following schools breakdown into the following dance styles: LSCD - contemporary - 18 degree Laban - contemporary - 18 degree Rambert - contemporary/classical - 16-19 (unlikely to get classical job) degree RCS - classical/contemporary - 16-19 degree Central - classical with contemporary - 16-18 degree Tring - classical and contemporary/jazz -16 but with added bonus of A’levels. Diploma Northern - no knowledge Hammond - MT degree at 18, but take at 16 and do A’levels (not sure on any difference on the courses other than funding) You then have your strict MT colleges Laine, urdang, performers, Bird, bodyworks, London Studio centre (they also have classical stream but don’t know if any got classical jobs - degree course from 18). Think I’m right in saying that all the above MT colleges accept at 16 for diploma and 18 for degree, apart from LSC. Visit shows, talk to people who have attended (both happily and not happily) go to open days. Work out best fit for your dd. Listen to advice but don’t listen to prejudice - there will be plenty of the latter. Accept your 14 year old will feel very differently from your 18 year old and things will most likely change along the route. All of us who have children at vocational school will have a story to tell, good and bad. The standards your DD is working at are about average for the serious student. Good luck in your decisions and happy searching.
  14. Harwel

    Tring Park CBA Auditions 2018

    Thats nice to hear Anna. So pleased she’s doing so well.
  15. Harwel

    New(ish) ballet teacher

    So true, but very hard for our impressionable and perfectionist young adults to see it that way, when in a time of stress and uncertainty. Very well done to your former student for keeping her head.