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  1. Easter Intensives

    Really lovely dancers, but are they teachers?
  2. Prince Harry engagement

    I am very happy for them, not because he is a prince and she’s an actress, but because 2 people have found love together. I couldn’t care less what their backgrounds are, I just hope they will be very happy together. Any relationship has tough times and they will be cushioned from some of the more worldly worries that most folks have but then they will have other crosses to bare that less high profile people can’t imagine. I hope they weather it together happily.
  3. Operations for dancers

    Thank you. Recovery seems to be going very well, surgeon and Physios all very happy. He can start dancing again in January, in the meantime he has Physio, gym (upper body) and static bike.
  4. Audition disaster!

    Ah, wonderful news! Congratulations to your dd.
  5. Audition disaster!

    Ah bless her! Don’t forget they are looking for potential, mostly physical Potential at that age and especially in the first audition. Whether she has good turnout, lovely feet and legs and beautiful posture will be seen, whether she has a runny nose or not. Fingers crossed she gets what she wants.
  6. Swiss Ball

    In my Pilates business I use ‘fitness mad’ products which are sturdy and well made. They have their own website but you can often buy their stuff on amazon. I am 5’8” and used a 65cm ball but prefer 75cm ball for some things (though technically too big for me). When I do a Swiss ball class with clients the range of sizes is tremendous, a 65cm ball can be completely different in different makes - of course it shouldn’t so if it’s not right you should send it back. If under 5’ 4” a 55cm ball is about right.
  7. Negotiating the boys dance world!

    Don’t discount full time training. If he is lucky enough to get an MDS then, as mentioned above, it’s means tested. By the time you take out all the costs of classes, travelling to classes and their living costs in the term time it’s certainly doable.
  8. Negotiating the boys dance world!

    Are you looking at full time training this year or only looking for associate classes?
  9. Operations for dancers

    Thank you all for the best wishes. Off crutches in a few days then the slow road of rehab.
  10. I don't know what to do!

    Yes NicolaH, agree with you on all those points. That’s why most schools are happy to accept boys up to 18 whereas not so common for the girls. But the days of boys having done next to no ballet and starting at 13/14 and going on to a professional career are getting fewer and fewer. The standard now is too high to be able to reach the required standard in a few years. There are always exceptions of course. My son started vocational training at 14 but had already passed intermediate and all the boys in his class had passed advanced 1 at 15. Most did not seem as ‘put together’ as the girls at the same age so there was certainly an element of selection on potential but a certain standard was certainly required too. My ds was 6’2’’ at 15 and has had a real challenge to get his long limbs to do what’s required and we were told he wouldn’t ‘come into his own’ until about 18. At 17 he’s still getting there. Potential is essential but so is a technical proficiency.
  11. I don't know what to do!

    I really don’t think that’s the case anymore. It used to be true but so many talented boys now.
  12. I don't know what to do!

    Hours of training is not really the crucial thing, but good solid technique is essential. There are a lot of associate schemes out there and not all are fantastic but if your associate scheme is highly respected and the teachers are of a high calibre (not that they were professional dancers, but that they are outstanding teachers) then you should listen to them about the level of proficiency required. If you are serious about going to vocational dance school at 16 then these years are essential in gaining the strongest technique you can. 15 hours a week on top of school with travel and other family commitments is not necessary, you are in danger of burnout and injury. However, every hour you do spend dancing has to be developing you in strength, technique and artistry. 3 hours a week, sub standard teaching (if that’s what it is) will not cut it I’m afraid.
  13. Summer school 2017

    The dates for tutugirls summer school is 30 July to 11 August. 2 weeks this year, can do 1 or 2 weeks.
  14. Operations for dancers

    Thank you ladies, so relieved he can move forward now. Yes, that’s exactly it Lin. All about them!!
  15. Operations for dancers

    Well, what a thoroughly draining half term. DS has had to undergo hip surgery to repair a damaged labrum and reshaping of the ball joint to prevent any re occurrence. This injury began in February and ds has had various amounts of time away from dancing, various strategies to try to manage the injury and meetings with a couple of consultants to try to accertain the exact problem. He has had x-ray, MRI and CT scans and at one point I felt as if we would never get to the bottom of it. Out of the blue our second consultant decided that he needed to refer DS onto a child specialist (after 2 months of silence) - thought he was one - and after believing in the summer term a solution had been found we were thrown into a loop hearing that it could be something else and a lot more serious than originally anticipated. We met with another consultant surgeon in August after DS had had rest, and a couple of summer schools to see how the hip was progressing. We immediately felt reassured by this consultant and he knew exactly what the problem was and how to fix it - we left the meeting with the first bit of real understanding and hope in 6 months. Next meeting set for half term to discuss timings of possible operations. Meeting on Tuesday, ds rang me to say consultant could do operation the following day! We juggled things about, booked a hotel and set off early the next morning, only to be told 2 hours later that the operation couldn’t go ahead at the clinic chosen as ds under 18 - no one had checked age! Tense wait to see if another hospital could take him for Friday and whether insurance company would cover this other hospital. So, on Friday DS has his operation. A 2 1/2 hour arthrosopy. We finally got him home today at 3.30pm - and I am truly exhausted/drained yet relieved that he is out of surgery and on the road to recovery. Obviously not a life threatening condition but vital to get the right treatment for him to pursue his dancing career. At may points yesterday I thought how mad we were to let our healthy teenage son go through a surgery for something like this! He has been very chatty today on the way home feeling hope for his career for the first time in a number of months. I have found out the vary mixed messsges he has been receiving from school which have actually made my blood boil! Some extremely supportive teachers and others that have accused him of skiving, exaggerating and being lazy! I actually HATE the old fashioned ‘do or die’ approach of some dance teachers. That is what ruined my dance career and I am fuming right now. When will they ever learn they have in their hands vulnerable, driven, hard working kids who just want to please their teachers and are terrified of being dropped from shows and performance opportunities. I wish I could protect him from this dance world but I can’t as it’s his Choice to dance but good grief I wish my doors had never been darkened by this twisted world of ego maniacs!