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  1. Royal Associates - Different types of waitlist?

    I have no personal experience of this but a lot of experience of parents and children blurring the lines between truth and fiction - a half truth seems so plausible! The lady at RBS has no cause to lie to you.
  2. 6th form drama course at The Hammond

    Non ds and dh really liked the Hammond this morning. They seemed to have all their questions answered and the academic side, while limited in A'level choice, perfect for our son. It will help focus his mind as he won't audition until this time next year.
  3. Ballet West School

    In our experience Tring has excellent pastoral care for US.
  4. Junior boys doing ballet

    Yes, I thought exactly the same thing.
  5. The men at RB are on fire! Great to see Vadim in class and Joseph Sissons is surely marked for stardom.
  6. Love to see the companies in class. Akimov is amazing! Looking forward to seeing RB in class, luckily I have a work break just at the right time today!
  7. How wonderful. Love some of the facial expressions but he looks so genuinely proud of them all at the end.
  8. Junior boys doing ballet

    Just in case anyone is interested and not seen this elsewhere. One for the boys.
  9. 6th form drama course at The Hammond

    Thank you pictures, he is very much looking forward to the open morning. He likes the idea of going somewhere different to his brother. if I can offer any advice about the MT course at Tring I'm happy to tell you what I know. Ds has many friends on the course and as he is home this weekend I can find out anything you may like to know. Pm me any specific queries.
  10. 6th form drama course at The Hammond

    That's good to know Gilly, thank you. If I have any queries that pop up after the open morning, I'll be in touch.
  11. Genee 2017

    Couple of girls from Tring.
  12. Tring Upper School Dance Course

    Hi Sarah. This is what I know: 6:1 is a common year with all dancers doing the same mix of classes. This is called foundation year. The year is streamed though into F:1 and F:2 based on their classical standard. People are not stuck in the class they are initially set into, they can move up or down. There are 2 lots of assessments in the year, November and I think May. Students pretty much choose which stream they want to enter for 6:2, classical or dance. However, they do have to pass the assessment to go onto their chosen course. If they pass both they can choose, the school may make a recommendation but it's up to the student. 6:2 is also streamed and the classes are taken With the 3rd year upper school dancers. The classes are C:1, C:2, D:1,D:2. Hope that helps.
  13. 6th form drama course at The Hammond

    Thank you 2dm. I have now booked onto the open day, I also find it's helpful to speak to/ get info from past/current students as they are on the ground and can share their experiences that may not be apparent on open days. I do not know The Hammond at all (ds come across some dancers on various courses) for drama. It's good to know that he will be able to keep up his singing as there is not much mention of that in the course details. My drama son will definitely be trying Tring as we know it so well but it would be great to have another comparable option.
  14. Does anyone on here know much about the 6th form drama course at The Hammond? Is it a recent course, is it a good grounding for getting into drama colleges, is there singing within the course? We have looked at Tring drama at 16, but this course was new to me. Are there any other similar courses around? My younger son wants to be an actor/singer and we have a year before auditions and I'm trying to gather information about something I know little about. I'm sure someone here will know more than me! I will check out 'not a pushy mum' but I don't find it a very satisfactory forum generally.
  15. English national ballet school question

    Tring will remove funding if the dancer is not reaching the standard. It's not common but it does happen. They may get moved sideways if they don't need funding. I imagine any of the schools assess out if the dancer isn't reaching the correct standard