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  1. YBSS application 2018

    Thanks for the information, I don't know much about Ballet West other than I heard its in an Idyllic but remote location. I will take a look at both programs, DD is 14 and has just taken her RAD Intermediate exam so might suit Ballet West. Many thanks
  2. YBSS application 2018

    I agree classes are pretty big but DD has not done other courses so we have nothing to compare with, do you have any recommendations?
  3. How long do your pointe shoes last?

    We have been fitted in freed London 4 times now, twice she has been sold custom shoes, not custom for DD but someone else (both died pretty quickly) twice with Studios professional, she had been fitted the studios pros by a local fitter and London fitter was initially a bit snippy about that shoe for a young dancer before admitting she had nothing more suitable. Locally she has always had Studios pros but as we often travel to London we thought that best option to buy shoes there. We once had a fitting in London Bloch but they couldn’t find a good fit so we didn’t buy any, however, teacher has fitted DD with Bloch and both are happy (dd’s feet have grown and gained strength since Bloch London unsuccessful fitting). I guess we will keep trying 😕
  4. How long do your pointe shoes last?

    Thanks for responding will try Dancia next time.
  5. How long do your pointe shoes last?

    DD has always worn freed (i think because MA teacher recommended them) the last pair were fitted in London and DD has just dropped the bombshell that she can’t get up properly on them and they are twisting this is a week before her RAD intermediate exam. The shoes are in decent condition as DD doesn’t do that much pointe (they are about 5 weeks old) so I’m really disappointed that we were sold the wrong shoes and frustrated that DD didn’t speak up earlier. Fortunately dance teacher sourced some Bloch which are apparently much better. Not ideal to get them dance ready so close to exam but at least she has some shoes. Has anyone else been disappointed with fitting service at the London stores?
  6. Any current York scholars

    We have a boy in our MIDS class (not London)
  7. The 'C' word (dance themed gifts) 2017

    https://ie.loccitane.com/royal-ballet-collections,103,1,74658,1137758.htm love this brand. I’m sure the ballet inspired sets will be beautiful, quite pricey though.
  8. Royal Associates - Different types of waitlist?

    DD was put on the short wait list for year 8 (2016 entry) we were contacted by telephone prior to the term starting offering a place, not sure of the date but emails receiving documentation are dated 5th May so place offered not long after initial short wait list notification. Our Mids class has spaces, we were due to have a new starter for year 9 but she was offered a full time school so turned it down and the place has not been filled. What I’m saying is that it is probable that list has closed (I have no idea when the student notified RB that they were not accepting their place but I know that they were offered a full MDS well before the end of the school year). I am sorry if this is disappointing news but I know if I were in your position I would rather know than keep hoping.
  9. Anybody heard of Ajkun Ballet Theatre

    Really, the only social media I have personally is FB, I keep an eye on dd’s Instagram account to check for weirdo’s 🤣 but had no idea people bought followers
  10. Anybody heard of Ajkun Ballet Theatre

    I had a couple of people message me offering information after I posted this thread. It seems it is a pukka school/company with good training and there is an audition in London. However, nobody could understand why they would contact potential students on social media, the consensus is that it's odd. My daughter just ignored the message as it came through as a "message request" on instagram as she doesn't follow them. She does have an open dancer account where she shares photos and non personal information about dance.
  11. I was lucky enough to see the performance from inside the Theatre, tickets were very hard to get hold so I feel very fortunate to have attended. Amazing performances from both the professionals and the young local performances, highlight for me was when Robert Parker thanked his first teacher, it was a very special moment and wonderful to see that they still have a close bond.
  12. It was superb...... We only found out about it when Marguerite Porter mentioned it on the final day of YBSS and I'm so glad that she did! such a privilege for my daughter so see so many of the amazing teachers from YBSS perform. I must confess that I don't know many dancers but I loved all the performances especially Steven McRae's tap and the couple who performed in Grey. Its funny really as I have never danced and before my daughter became serious about ballet it wasn't really something I was interested in, but now I love it, watching a live performance makes me so emotional, I wish I could go more often.
  13. Anybody heard of Ajkun Ballet Theatre

    Thanks for posting, I have now had a couple of responses from people with first hand knowledge.
  14. Anybody heard of Ajkun Ballet Theatre

    Perhaps the American schools are hard up for applicants then!
  15. Anybody heard of Ajkun Ballet Theatre

    I did read the website, it just seemed strange that a school/co would contact someone out of the blue and I wondered if this is common practice. I do know a girl who was contacted by tring to ask why she hadn't auditioned but she has a big social media following so could account for how they know about her, so do you think that schools are now talking notice of social media in general?