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  1. shygirlsmum

    Can you put insoles into ballet shoes? (not pointe)

    How is she in full soles? I have been told (by RB MA teacher) that they are better for strengthening feet so might be better for your DD. Split soles for performance but full sole for class might work.
  2. shygirlsmum

    Tutugirl's summer school

    My DD also attended for the first time and I’m sure it won’t be the last! The standard of teaching was exceptional and Homestay worked perfectly. The final show was wonderful but the icing on the cake was the friendly atmosphere, from students to faculty everyone was lovely. I had no worries at all for the whole two weeks as I felt that DD was in such safe hands. Thank you tutugirl, see you next year 😀
  3. shygirlsmum

    Dance school recommendations Leeds/Bradford

    Wonderful dance school providing not only ballet to an extremely high standard but many other genres too. The name of the school is actually LWHS School of Dance and they are based in The Arts Garage.
  4. shygirlsmum

    Floor recommendations

    Thank you
  5. shygirlsmum

    Floor recommendations

    I am currently decorating dd’s bedroom and thought it might be nice to put up a bar but I don’t want to take up the carpet. I wondered if I could get some sort of removable flooring to put near bar for pointe work. Has anyone done similar or has suggestions. TIA
  6. shygirlsmum

    Leotard advice (degas)

    Thanks everyone 👍🏼
  7. shygirlsmum

    Leotard advice (degas)

    I have read lots of posts about buying and selling on of degas leotards and wondered what is it that makes them so special. DD wears lots of different brands, some nicer/more flattering than others, DD particularly likes high legged designs. DD starts senior associates in September and kit list just says black leotard (I haven’t actually read properly, just skimmed it so I might have this wrong) but assuming haven’t misunderstood I was considering trying a degas, so I would be interested to hear thoughts on what sets Degas apart from other brands.
  8. shygirlsmum

    Kings international ballet academy

    One of the directors has taught at midlands and dd loved the classes. Unfortunately, I cannot add any more than that.
  9. shygirlsmum

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    I emailed, this is the response.
  10. shygirlsmum

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    Dd was awarded £30 in sansha vouchers at our local festival and I was planning on buying tights for summer school, I’m guessing I missed the boat 😕
  11. I can’t remember what DD auditioned in but for RB MA’s (never tried JS’s) she was asked to wear full sole with one elastic for class, I don’t know if it was simply teacher preference but cross over elastic was a no no.
  12. shygirlsmum

    YBSS application 2018

    Thanks for the information, I don't know much about Ballet West other than I heard its in an Idyllic but remote location. I will take a look at both programs, DD is 14 and has just taken her RAD Intermediate exam so might suit Ballet West. Many thanks
  13. shygirlsmum

    YBSS application 2018

    I agree classes are pretty big but DD has not done other courses so we have nothing to compare with, do you have any recommendations?
  14. shygirlsmum

    How long do your pointe shoes last?

    We have been fitted in freed London 4 times now, twice she has been sold custom shoes, not custom for DD but someone else (both died pretty quickly) twice with Studios professional, she had been fitted the studios pros by a local fitter and London fitter was initially a bit snippy about that shoe for a young dancer before admitting she had nothing more suitable. Locally she has always had Studios pros but as we often travel to London we thought that best option to buy shoes there. We once had a fitting in London Bloch but they couldn’t find a good fit so we didn’t buy any, however, teacher has fitted DD with Bloch and both are happy (dd’s feet have grown and gained strength since Bloch London unsuccessful fitting). I guess we will keep trying 😕
  15. shygirlsmum

    How long do your pointe shoes last?

    Thanks for responding will try Dancia next time.