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  1. Balletmum77

    Living at The Hammond

    Thanks Peanut68, it's sounds like a lovely place, I'm sure she'll settle in. Not long now!
  2. Balletmum77

    Living at The Hammond

    That's great thankyou Lou78 and sarahw xx
  3. Balletmum77

    Living at The Hammond

    Thankyou so much for your replies Dancing unicorn and Karen, very helpful. I'm sure my daughter will love the school, I've only heard good things. She is only worried about making friends as she's going into year 8 so thinks that friendships will already be formed but I'm sure she'll fit in just fine.
  4. Balletmum77

    Living at The Hammond

    Hi, my daughter is joining The Hammond in September. This may be a silly question but do they take a separate dance bag and school bag to school and if so do both bags need to be black/dark colours or just the school bag?
  5. Balletmum77

    Questions about Lower School auditions

    My daughter is on the reserve list for year 8 and her friend for year 9.
  6. Balletmum77

    Reserve associate (York Ballet Scholars)

    Hi, thanks for your replies. My daughter is 9 and it was her first audition so plenty of time left to try again.
  7. Hi, this is my first post so I hope I'm doing this right! My daughter found out today that she has been placed on the reserve list for York ballet scholars. She is quite upset that she didn't get a place and I wondered if anyone else has been in this position and was subsequently given a place at a later date? Would like to think she still has a chance! Thanks.