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  1. I'm getting "cntent not available," but I'm curious!
  2. According to their website, fees are £4079 per term for years 7, 8 and 9. £4230 for years 10 and 11. This do not include medical insurance, academic examination fees, TRINITY examination fees, school trips, private singing lessons or lunches.
  3. I've no personal experience of the school but I've only heard good things about it, the only drawback being that no MDS places are available.
  4. What's the recall? Are you talking about the final audition for WL or have some people been recalled after the final audition?
  5. I think you first need to decide whether Hammond is the right school for your son. If it's the only offer of a place you get, and you get the funding you need, would it be better for him to go there or stay at his current school and continue with dance outside of school? Have you got access to high level training locally that could prepare him for sixth form entry? If you decide that Hammond is suitable, you need to clarify the situation with paying the deposit as it seems some posters here have given information different to what the school seems to be saying. Regardless of whether Hammond is your first choice or not, I understand your feelings about having to pay the deposit before finding out whether you'll be able to accept the place, it seems unfair.
  6. How is your balance in pointe shoes?
  7. I was just thinking the same! I never had a problem with balance and footed tights, but I always preferred dancing with flats over bare feet and never really thought about it being about feeling the floor more easily. Having given it a bit more thought, do you always wear the same brand of tights and shoes, @EmilyR? If so, maybe there is a brand of tights out there that's less slippery or shoes that have a different lining. Also, check the fit of your shoes. Maybe they're too wide and your foot is slipping about inside them.
  8. Could it be that your tights are too… tight? Maybe you could try a larger size so that they're not pulled so tightly over your foot.
  9. The professional world is hard but it's not nearly as bad as some teachers (often those who have never danced professionally) would have you think. Some speak as if it's nothing but unreasonable demands and insults!
  10. I had an extremely vague recollection of reading an article in the Dancing Times mentioning Rist being involved in the MSc Dance Science course at Laban and when I first read this thread I thought that was the answer. A brief search reveals that she has been involved in the teaching and/ or assising of the course but no mention of her studying on it, and obviously it's not an MA. So, I'm joining you all in your curiosity about where the MA is from! I do agree it is a little odd that there are many, many links mentioning her credentials but none of them saying where the MA is from. Normally, this is something that is stated. How many places are offering an MA in performing arts?
  11. It has now been reported that Prince Phillip has voluntarily surrendered his driving licence.
  12. Yes, absolutely! (I also trained at this school ;-) )
  13. Wow, very surprsing and interesting that she won't stay in the post until the end of the academic year. Are there any potential internal candidates for the role?
  14. No she wasn't, at least not as a competitor. She is currently in her 3rd year at Academie Princesse Grace. She performed Jean-Christophe Maillot's "Abstract" for her contemporary variation, surely having a huge advantage over the other competitors for that piece!
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