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  1. SMabbutt

    Costumes - Job Lot

    I have PM'd you.
  2. SMabbutt

    Costumes - Job Lot

    Have you tried advertising them in smaller bundles or on on Gumtree? They look lovely, and you obviously aren't asking very much if you average it out per costume. However, I know I would find it a stretch to be able to buy everything, especially as I know my daughter wouldn't use all of it. Hope you get a buyer soon.
  3. SMabbutt

    Room 101

    I agree, the vape is awful and really builds up in a confined space. I was at a petrol station at our local Sainsbury's earlier in the year and as I was waiting to pay I glanced back at the pumps to check I had my pump number right. I was horrified to see a car with clouds of 'smoke' billowing out by one of the pumps. The cashiers were also alarmed, as you could hardly see the car and we initially thought the car was on fire. Then we saw the driver emerging from the fog with his e-cigarette and realised it was just his vape escaping when he opened the door. He must have been driving with the window up so it had built up in the car. Goodness knows how he could see anything.
  4. SMabbutt

    Oliver’s story

    Signed. So sorry for what you had to go through and are still having to deal with.
  5. SMabbutt

    RAD Ballet - exam results for graded exams

    You can find a breakdown of the results on the RAD website. https://www.royalacademyofdance.org/achieve/exams/Results%2C qualifications and recognition/uk-results-statistics Overall about 30% achieve distinction across all grades although the % increases significantly in the higher grades. It doesn't answer the question about the actual mark but it does show that a distinction is a real achievement.
  6. SMabbutt

    Former RBS Student is missing. Police are concerned.

    Just seen on the BBC site that she has been found. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-berkshire-43279336
  7. SMabbutt

    Which Microsoft?

    Having had a very quick google for "flight group booking how to" there are links to booking agencies and specific airlines with information about how to arrange a booking for 10 or more pople. For example Ryanair ask you to contact by phone or email and thry will sort it out. If you have found flights for your itinrary with a specific airline just add the airline name to the search and you should get to see how they manage this. Or you could just go to agency like netflights or flightcentre and check out their procedure. You could be very cheeky and make an enquiry for the flights and get a quote etc to show in your assignment, but you might risk getting stuck on a mailing list.
  8. SMabbutt

    Which Microsoft?

    The offer on the £25 course looks to end today unfortunately.
  9. SMabbutt

    Which Microsoft?

    I've just had a look at the Reed site and there is a course called Certified Microsoft Office Essentials - CPD Certified & IAO Approved for £25 which has exactly the same modules, with modular exams and lifetime acces plus a tutor available. The downloaded certificate is free and a hard copy cots from £9 so it looks like a cheaper option. Plus you get an NUS extra card giving you various discounts. I've only had quick look, but if everything else checks out this looks like you would get the same skills and if you want the certificate it could work out even cheaper with extra perks.
  10. SMabbutt

    Negotiating the boys dance world!

    Second Midas once a month. Elmhurst also do a young dancers extended program for secondary school age children. Too late for auditions this year although you could try giving them a call as they may be able to offer a late audition.
  11. SMabbutt

    For Sale - Capezio Practice Tutu Skirt Black XS

    Hi, I would be interested in the tutu please.
  12. SMabbutt

    MIDAS Summer course Aug 21-25th

    Dd is looking forward to all 5 days. She had a great time last year.
  13. SMabbutt

    Summer school 2017

    Opes for the 3rd time and Midas to get back to fitness at the end of the summer.
  14. SMabbutt

    Room 101

    We have also had lots of roads limited to 20mph, and not all appear to have any obvious reason for the restriction. The most difficult aspect of keeping to the speed is that other vehicles then tailgate or shoot past without taking proper care. Even the local buses and police seem to ignore the 20mph signs and I have had some rude gestures when I'm obeying the speed limit. It can be quite intimidating.
  15. SMabbutt

    Summer school 2017

    My DD is doing OPES for the 3rd time - week 1 and MIDAS which we've also done before. She's loved both in the past and it's nicely spaced out.