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  1. Does anyone know where the graduates of this school end up? I can't find any details. TIA Coniger x
  2. MrsMoo - my ds loved the classes but also really enjoyed the residential side and made some great friends. He really enjoyed the evenings and they had a disco etc and part of the experience for him was “sleeping over.” That being said if your ds doesn’t want to board than that’s great too and he will have an amazing experience!
  3. coniger

    Christmas present ideas 2018

    BRB have hoodies and T shirts for sale on their website for a limited period of time. Might be a good present for someone
  4. In my ds application for spring and summer this year he wore a mixture of bare feet and socks and ballet shoes in the photos and they let him in both spring and summer so don’t think it hugely matters
  5. coniger

    Questions about Lower School auditions

    last year they only showed round those who were JA’s - might be different this year
  6. coniger

    RBS Summer School

    My DS went last week and I didn't hear from him at all!!!! He obviously felt that being 11 he didn't need to bother to check in with home anymore!!!
  7. coniger

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Congratulations! Motomum - he will have a wonderful time!!!!
  8. coniger

    Opinions on Ballet Boost Associates?

    My son has been going to BBA since January 17 and he has really progressed and loves it. Teaching is of a very high standard and Emma Northmore is always on hand to speak to parents and talk about their progress. I highly recommend it. My DS auditioned successfully for vocational school this year and his BBA teacher supported him through the process
  9. coniger

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    If they wait for two weeks that is cutting it close as the first final auditions are on the 23rd Feb
  10. coniger

    Mids audition tomorrow and DD unwell

    Good to know - thank you!
  11. coniger

    Mids audition tomorrow and DD unwell

    Sparkly, were there any boys there today? 😄
  12. coniger

    Mids audition tomorrow and DD unwell

    Sparkly, glad your DD had a good time today! Did they say when the audition results are coming out? Coniger
  13. coniger

    Questions about Lower School auditions

    My DS wore the same leotard and tights for all elements of the day which everyone in his audition did - but that might have been a boy thing!