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  1. Hope in a Ballet Shoe

    Hope in a Ballet Shoe is my DD’s favourite book ever! She got it when she was about 12 and has read it many times (as did the rest of the family!) Reading that book led us to discover First Position which is a fab film too, another favourite. We have become such big Michaela de Prince fans that we lurked outside the Coliseum after an amazing performance of Giselle last year and met her. She signed DD’s well thumbed book and was utterly sweet!
  2. Well, it's goodbye from me... and goodbye from her

    Good luck to your DDs Taxi and Loulabelle. Thank you for you wise words and support with so many different queries!
  3. The Canterville Ghost 2018 by LCB

    Thank you so much MAK! We have everything crossed!
  4. The Canterville Ghost 2018 by LCB

    Always good to try again! My DD has been recalled once out of three attempts so far and got through to the LCB2 tour but never the main company. She is there today for a final attempt as a 14 year old. As for the age conundrum; at least your DD is in a great position for vocational school auditions that use the school year age bands as guidance! My August born DD is always at a disadvantage there! Good luck in the future!
  5. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Hello all, I know this was months ago but I just wanted to thank you for advice and let people know I have just signed little DS up for a taster session at Kickstart at Tring Park. Hopefully he'll love it and they'll like him! Also off to see Sergei Polunin in December; little DS and older DD's favourite! All very exciting.
  6. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    No, he is very young and inexperienced! Not sure if he'll want to audition again, a year is a long time at this age isn't it?! Hopefully he'll stick with his ballet although he doesn't like being the only boy in his class. Good luck everyone else though! Fingers crossed!
  7. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Ours came at 10.20 this morning- a no ? Dreading telling little DS. Good luck all waiting!
  8. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Anything?? Anyone?? !
  9. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Do you reckon Totnes tomorrow, London next week?
  10. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    So excited about all the yeses and huge commiserations for the no- not yets. We are expecting the latter from London but don't think we'll hear until next week at the earliest- probably on little DS's birthday I expect!! Congratulations all and onwards and upwards too!
  11. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    I think it's proportions and potential rather than ability at this stage but do any of us have any idea really?! What do others think?
  12. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Am loving this thread, and the photo RBS posted! Are the blue T-shirts the Primary Steps children? Little DS is getting excited about dancing with other boys in London. Hadn't imagined there'd be so many! Wow! RBS will be spoilt for choice (as they always are with girls)!
  13. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    It's all about fun! My DD auditioned when she was still 7 (August birthday) and had never done anything like that before. She loved the studios, the piano, making friends with the other girls and the class itself. She came out beaming saying it was the best class ever done even though she'd bumped into another girl when skipping around and gone in the wrong direction twice! I was so relieved she'd had such fun and whisked her off for a hot chocolate and some rare 1:1 time (very rare as the oldest child of 4). So my advice would be it's a special day out! Have a ball. Oh and just for the record yes she did get a place much to our surprise, and had a wonderful 3 years full of fun, friends and opportunities. I have my 7 year old DS auditioning for JAs this year and am hoping he too will just have a fun, exciting day out with no pressure from us. Not fussed if he gets in or not, just like all those years ago with DD. What will be, will be.
  14. Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    Fabulous news Happymum! To have your DD and DS together is something very special!
  15. Year 4/5 London JAs boys only class

    For sure!