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  1. We'll be wanting to visit ROH with some relatives to see a ballet "sometime next year"... Is there any way to get a clue of what might be coming up this far ahead?
  2. I have wondered if female dancers are slightly stuck between the choice of portraying femininity and grace or athleticism and power? I've not been following ballet for that long, but have sensed a rise in gymnastic ballet. I think this can result in more specialism for roles where certain attributes are required. Male roles are less nuanced like that, it seems to me.
  3. We were also there. Wonderful, but wasn't Lorenzo played by Jonathan Howells? I agree that Gartside was tremendous as Gamache! Unless the cast list is wrong, of course - not sure I'd be able to tell the difference! I'd also like to single out Fumi Kaneko as Kitri's friend - so sharp and yet adorable.
  4. The ballet sections have finished, but they're doing contemporary now - possibly of interest to some here?
  5. Ooh, best of luck with the baby! Agree about over ambitious pointe in general. That was a bit of an issue in this production among the intermediate level dancers.
  6. A slightly odd review here. Not often that the photographers get name-checked and the producer/director don’t? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/thetab.com/uk/cambridge/2019/03/03/review-cubcs-don-quixote-121861/amp a more conventional review here https://www.tcs.cam.ac.uk/review-don-quixote/
  7. BTW, is there a way to make those floors less slippery? Maybe cleaning with white spirit?
  8. Some rough cuts here from the first night (AKA dress rehearsal), mostly of Kitri, danced by Jasmine Coomber
  9. Cambridge do have teachers who are paid, but I believe all the choreography is by the students (contrary to rumours circulating among the opposition!). While there is overlap between some of the disciplines (esp Contemporary and Ballet as well as Tap and Jazz) they are individually auditioned, so some students are only in one category. I think a few are in 4. There's still an excellent team spirit. Also, classes are organised separately from the competition team - plenty of people go to classes without competing (and vice-versa). So it sounds like Cambridge are more serious about it all. There are a few students, both in competition and shows, that have worked professionally (or gone to vocational schools) prior to coming to Cambridge (note that shows are done by the ballet club, which includes "civilians").
  10. I’d be interested to know if anyone does dance and cheerleading
  11. They don’t have much time to train, but have been working on these routines since November. Maybe 2 hours a week at a guess? Festival is about right!
  12. The marking was by 3 judges, each out of 100. I don’t know what the relative scores were, but they were all high!
  13. Well, Cambridge won all the categories - Contemporary, Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Wildcard (and costumes).
  14. Mmm, interesting notion! I thought that could work both ways - i.e. those who loved the RB version might want to see it again (admittedly differently) and maybe some couldn't make RB and thought this would be a consolation! But really I think that big names like Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Giselle would attract the crowds. Not sure how many went to see Romeo & Juliet, but would guess that would be another less-famous ballet. Actually, I think a more relevant fact is that the cast is a bit smaller (perhaps because there's less attraction there - what amateur ballerina wouldn't want to be a swan?!) and with these shows, 90%+ of the audience will be friends and family.
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