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  1. Brand new revolution dancewear tutus

    Now sold
  2. I have two brand new Revolution dancewear tutus for sale. one is white and gold the other black velour and white. They are both a size adult small and have never been worn. immaculate condition on original hangers and costume bags. Selling for £50 plus postage Pm me if you want to see photos or want anymore details about sizing etc they are absolutely beautiful tutus but need to sell as we are moving and have less storage
  3. Ballet Skirts recommendations

    Another vote here for love lily. Gorgeous skirts and amazing customer service too
  4. 3 pairs of band new canvas flat shoes for sale bloch pro flex- size 3.5C-£13 capezio cobra- size 5.5M-£10 (these come up extremely small so would fit uk 2) so danca- size 4M- £12 all brand new and never worn plus £3 p&p message for more details or pictures
  5. Life at Ballet West

    I'm currently in second year. Feel free to private message me any questions you have x
  6. Is it worth it Auditioning for Rambert/LSC

    Does where you study have to be in England then? There are lots of students here at ballet west from all over the uk and abroad
  7. Is it worth it Auditioning for Rambert/LSC

    Have a look at Ballet West also. I was 18 when I started but there were people in my year at 19/20 and 21 ????
  8. Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    My younger sister auditioned for upper school yesterday and really enjoyed it. My mum and grandparents loved the school and said all the staff were very friendly
  9. Everlasting pointe shoes

    In regards to the pre arched comment there are also other shoes that come pre arched so are those 'cheater shoes' also??
  10. Everlasting pointe shoes

    Couldn't agree more pictures!! I use gaynor minden after trying very many shoes( just ballet can vouch for that) and going through them at quite a pace. I've found since using gaynors that my pointe work has become stronger and I've found no problem with the springing onto pointe. None of my teachers at full time school have expressed any concern over my choice of shoes. Every foot is different and what works for one person doesn't neceraaarily work for another
  11. Everlasting pointe shoes

    Just as a heads up gaynor minden a can be washed either by hand or on a gentle cycle in the washing machine to make them clean or to stop the smelling funny???? Because they are made of synthetic materials they don't break down when washed????????
  12. Ballet West (Scotland)

    Yes I know that everyone who is a uk resident gets a tuition fee and maintenance loan. I'm not too sure how it works overseas
  13. Ballet West (Scotland)

    There's one boy in first year, two in second year and two in third year currently:)
  14. Have we had an alien invasion when I wasn't looking?

    I bought the just ballet pins last week and they honestly are amazing. It now takes me less time to do my bun not having to fuss with loads of pins as these are so strong you only need a few to hold your hair in place(and I have a lot of hair!)
  15. Does anybody know a good website where you can download a variety of classical variations. Have tried I tunes for a couple but they're all just the orchestral parts which are way too fast to dance to