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  1. A most enjoyable insight. I share Mary's view about Liam Scarlett after hearing him speak so fervently about his love and respect for this ballet. I think it may well be in safe hands.
  2. I have mixed feelings about Dark Knight . On the one hand there were some tantalising archive footage of Macmillan choreographing and excerpts from several filmed productions which are unlikely to surface in their entirety, plus some interesting contributions and yet... It was the latter which I felt was an area where we were let down- where were contributions from Lynn Seymour, Marcia Haydee Mukhamedov or Jann Parry(author of the substantial Macmillan biographer, Different Drummer)? The documentary makers seemed to be on an economy drive choosing to draw exclusively on Royal Ballet luminaries who were on hand - would Alessandra Ferri have been included had she not been guesting with the company this year? How strange too, that there were no clip of the televised production of Romeo and Juliet Ferri danced with Wayne Eagling while she was talking about this ballet . Instead, there were three other filmed clips of the balcony pas de deux. My other criticism is that the title of the documentary Dark Knight was the Macmillan choreographer that we saw exclusively There was scant reference to anything other than his 'tortured/dark' subjects for his ballets and the range of ballets discussed within this category was also narrow ( no mention of Requiem, Isadora, Winter Dreams, Elite Syncopations , Dance Concertante . I don't mean to be churlish because an hour documentary inevitably has to be selective, but I ended up feeling these were several key omissions.
  3. Thank you for posting this Bluebird. I have followed Melissa's progress through the ranks and, what I considered at the time to be a brave move, spending two years in Germany. Inevitably, the promotion of Francesca and Yasmin and the way in which they have both grown as artists during this time, has meant she has not had too many opportunities to show how she has also developed and benefited from regularly tasking leading roles. She has danced Manon quite a few times now and I would like to hear more about her interpretation in comparison to others.
  4. I think this might work http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-birmingham-43755833
  5. Not forgetting there is Hamilton and Cuthbertson too.
  6. Odyssey

    Dance on Sky Arts

    What a treat. It's a little while since we had a new recording from the RB shown on Sky Arts
  7. Odyssey

    Dance on terrestrial TV

    Not surprised you couldn't find the original thread - there is so little in the way of new dance programmes to inform people about.
  8. Fonty, this is a superb example of the two polar opposite effects of social media - you can reach out and communicate to so many people but the message you wish to share can also be totally misunderstood.
  9. Although I admit I haven't thought the following comparison through to any great length, I wondered how it would seem if a pianist who made a very moving, individual interpretation of say Rachmaninov's second piano concerto but " fluffed" one of the most famous sections ( think Brief Encounter) Would it be a problem ? - yes I think it might. The 32 fouettes are one of the touchstones of the role of Odette/Odile as are the balances in the Rose Adage. It shouldn't be the only thing that matters, but to suggest it is of little importance and wouldn't spoil the overall effect wouldn't be the case for me.
  10. I am quite optimistic that there will be something special for the 2019/2020 season. However, it would be good to be reassured at this stage. I would have thought that there will be opportunities for such a question to be put to both Kevin O'Hare and other leading lights at the ROH over the coming months.. Going back to the original posts for this thread, I would like to see the V and A mount a special exhibition - it is so rare that they feature dance and showcase their extensive holdings. A season on the BBC should be de-rigour (including a rerun of The Magic of Dance). Revivals of Cinderella, and Ondine and a new Fonteyn award for outstanding service to dance in this country.....
  11. Odyssey

    Nureyev remembered

    I saw him dance just the once - a performance of La Sylphide with London Festival Ballet in the 1980s at Stratford upon Avon Memorial Theatre - sadly, he was not at his best, but it remains a much treasured memory - the thrill of seeing this legend in front of you with the knowledge of all that he had achieved. I agree with comments about the grand pas de deux from the Nutcracker - I so want to like it , but there is an awkwardness about the choreography which doesn't look graceful - it's like you can see the effort and endeavour required . I find the extraneous details of the costumes ( sleeve cuffs and neckties/overlarge headdress) also distracting and spoils the beauty of the shape and line.
  12. I have no idea how these things are done, but might Birmingham City Council be able to put his name forward? In which case an email to the leader of the City Council might be worth pursuing.
  13. Yes I think it had a different name when published in the States. She has penned another book for very young children which is cowritten with her Mum, based on her own life.
  14. It's always good news when opportunities open up for wider participation and enjoyment of dance. As far as BRB is concerned, the Dance Hub initiative is unlikely to have any direct impact on their funding stream. However, if Birmingham is seeking to continue to build an identity as a centre for dance which is recognised internationally, then it follows that the BRB would remain at the centre of any such aspiration. My worry is that those responsible for appointing David's successor will be under pressure to find someone who can 'reinvent' the company. (Edited to add that I recall the interview with Sir Peter Wright discussing the initial move to Birmingham - he was finally convinced of the rightness of the decision by assurances from the City Council that they did not want to 'interfere' or see the company as just a marketing tool. (Hopefully, this remains the thinking)
  15. I have some vague recollection, a year or so ago, there was talk of BRB moving to another city. Not sure if there was any credibility behind it, but I would hate to think that things might implode. Let's hope in these uncertain times that there's some statement of intent from the City and other major backers that this company will continue to get their support, then the position of AD might prove to be far more attractive.