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  1. I want to add my voice to those who have expressed thanks to the moderators. I am sad to hear that some of our number, who benefit from the goodwill and hard work of these people, have abused their position and felt they can make remarks which one moderator now finds so intolerable she has to speak out. What would happen if no one wanted to do this onerous task in the future? Perhaps a good thing that will result from this thread is that we may at times pause and read through our comments before we post them.
  2. I love the music and find it quite hypnotic in places. I've always enjoyed ballet where the musicians are on stage and witnessing the interplay between the performers.
  3. Yes I found this strange - i would have thought it would have been better to give Naghdi and Ball either the general rehearsal or the school matinee , rather than give both these to Hayward and Campbell, but I guess there were good reasons for this not to be the case.
  4. I have followed this thread from the initial report through the many contributions now on its ninth page. There has been hardly anything that can be described as news for sometime and I share the view that it has been raked over to the point where there is nothing more to say. Would that the thread could be closed until anything that is real news emerges.
  5. This final quote would make a good new thread for conversation - just why is the Royal Ballet blessed with so much new talent at all levels, how likely is it that will these young principals and soloists will go on to achieve 'great things' and how difficult will it be for Kevin O'Hare keep so much talent content? Not sure what the thread should be called though!
  6. Sadly you are right. But the real problem is getting 'Joe Public' to see the screenings.
  7. Thanks for responding to my query Richard LH. Jann Parry's review surprised me in the comment about the partnership and the dismissal of Alexander's interpretation.
  8. Posh is as posh does

    I think it's a very complex and fascinating issue. We all have so many assumptions about things we don't know or understand. This is why education is so important. The BBC has an important remit as a public service provider, but we can't expect the BBC to be the sole instigator. Individual companies are doing their best to provide learning opportunities for young people, but there needs to be more joined up thinking and a unified strategy - I don't know much about the Arts Council but it must be stretched thinly across so many areas. As regards ballet, someone 'on high' needs to take this on.
  9. Posh is as posh does

    I know very little about football other than a season ticket costs a packet. Perhaps if I had been questioned for this survey, I might have considered going to a football match posh.
  10. Posh is as posh does

    Really interesting that there is a marked difference in perception between going to an art exhibition and visiting a museum. I wonder if 'going to the ballet ' and 'watching a dance performance ' would have had similar differences had the latter been included.
  11. I would applaud the inclusion of Ore - he has done quite a few of these live relays now and also the online world ballet day broadcasts. He comes across as having a genuine curiosity and admiration for ballet. This is exactly what the live screenings need. I'm taking a couple of friends who have only a passing interest in ballet to the screening of The Winter's Tale. I'm pretty confident that the pre-performance/interval presentations will add to the enjoyment, not least because of Ore's infectious enthusiasm.
  12. Thanks everyone for the lovely reviews (and photos Janet). For those of us who weren't able to see these wonderful debuts, your enthusiasm is palpable. I was reading the review of the school matinee ( not sure when this occurred) - by Jann Parry for Dance Tabs over in the Dance links. The remarks about Alexander Campbell were less than glowing for his interpretation of Albrecht and the partnership with Francesca which, in the light of the comments here, is quite surprising. I wonder if anyone on these forums saw both performances and felt there was a marked difference in how they came across.
  13. Not wanting to divert this thread too much from the excitement of the two debut performances ahead, but I' an fascinated by the image posted earlier of Fonteyn and Nureyev. I wonder if Margot always performed the swallow lift or if Nureyev persuaded her to try the Russian version.
  14. I am interested to know more... is the swallow lift or lift in arabesque the one traditionally performed?
  15. It is the same with the world ballet day streaming - such a wonderful initiative, but there's little or no advertising to alert the public. Would it be asking too much to have a ballet broadcast on terrestrial tv on world ballet day?