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  1. Just a little background information. There are many literary festivals across the country and the larger ones, such as Oxford, have a large programme of events across multiple venues which cater for all types of readers with appearances from literary fiction authors, academic writers through to mass media, bestselling and celebratory authors, with everything in between. A large part of the funding comes from the publishers who bring their authors to the festival , and understandably have certain writers who they wish to take on tour. if you have a literary festival near you , take a look at the programme and you will be pleasantly surprised at the variety of sessions on offer. High bow or whatever ….
  2. Really disappointed, but not surprised, that there appears to be no promotion in the way of previewing programmes on the BBC, particularly Giselle . I don’t have the Radio Times but would be interested to know if they have run a feature on this initiative.
  3. My suggestion about a website was tongue in cheek. However, I know that some dancers such as Claire Calvert and Beatriz Stix-Brunell do post such information on social media, usually in response to an enquiry, and certainly not on a regular basis. Currently we seem to be reliant on people here to post details they have gleaned or from sharing cast lists which although welcome, is a sorry state of affairs. .
  4. I have just seen the post on the Disrespecting Dancers thread about Gary Avis posting his appearances in forthcoming productions. I am not sure how long he has been doing this, but it is brilliant to be able to access this information in lieu of the inadequate details noted elsewhere on this thread. I wonder if dancers will increasingly share this information on a more regular basis via Social Media - I assume that they are allowed to once casting has been confirmed, . Perhaps First Soloists/Soloists should get together and form their own website to enable us to find out what the listings don't tell us !
  5. Would that there were more critics prepared to travel a little more frequently to witness what those of us 'in the sticks' are able to enjoy.
  6. I spent a very enjoyable hour at this gem of an exhibition. Made possible by the loan of a private collector who is based in Worcester, there are some unusual and interesting exhibits which are unlikely to be on show again. Just to add to the items noted by previous posts, there are several items of memorabilia relating to Dame Alicia Markova including some fans, photos and a lovely cloak. The accompanying information about the Ballet Russe is well researched and provides an assessment of its influence on British ballet. The exhibition runs until 27th April - go if you can. http://www.seeingdance.com/ballets-russes-matisse-09012019/
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/vivianadurante_ Well here is the misleading tweet just scroll to pic.
  8. Oh thanks for clarifying.this Alison. I thought I was being helpful after I saw a tweet on the Viviana Durante Company Twitter feed which has also been retweeted by Hamilton that said it was free entry. There are likely to be some very disappointed people who turn up hoping to get a free admission. I would have loved to relieve you of your ticket but I can’t be in central London today.
  9. Not sure if this is the right thread to post this but Viviana Durante is rehearsing Reece Clarke and Melissa Hamilton in the Paul Hamlyn Hall tomorrow lunchtime and this is a free event.
  10. I was really hoping they would bring Khan’s Giselle to Milton Keynes as Le Corsair was performed there just two years ago, but I guess it’s good news that this venue hasn’t been dropped. Just realised that Le Corsair was performed in Oxford , not Milton Keynes and I think it was three years ago! Editors feel to delete my post
  11. https://balletalert.invisionzone.com/topic/44586-casting-for-the-sleeping-beauty/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-413112 Some early impressions on the Ballet Alert forums
  12. Can’t wait. Beats watching the dreaded B ...news coverage
  13. Thank you for posting this interesting interview. She comes across as having a very down to earth approach and, I imagine, in possession of a good sense of humour. I had hoped that her repertoire at the Royal would have been extended since her return, but at least she has been able to reprise her Macmillan roles. I particularly like her in the following pas de deux from Asphodel Meadows and was sorry she didn’t get to dance it again this season.
  14. Thank you for alerting me - I didn't know they shared a birthday. I have a special regard for Ann Jenner. Peerless as Lise and in Symphonic Variations . Yes, a wonderful Fairy of the Songbird and Firebird. I would have loved to see her in Dances at a Gathering so many other things she did so well . Two beautiful ballet dancers. Wanted to add to my earlier post about Lynn Seymour that for any of our younger forum members who may not be aware of the quality of her dancing, there are some wonderful clips on YouTube from Giselle, Mayerling , The Invitation and A Month in the Country which illustrate the beautiful fluidity and dramatic intensity of her dancing.
  15. Yes Happy Birthday to this wonderful dancer who inspired choreographers to achieve some of their greatest work. A dance actress par excellence.Perhaps she has refused a damehood - she certainly deserves this recognition of her achievements.
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