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  1. Glad that Melissa is back with her home company. Hope to hear good things of her solo.
  2. I think comments regarding last night's Infra rehearsal should be posted in this thread. The two pairings of Anna Rose O'Sullivan/William Bracewell and Mayara Magri/Marcelino Sambe gave a wonderful run through that suggests they have more than mastered the demanding nature of the movements and will give mesmerising performances. I always find that Wayne McGregor comes across as a very encouraging and helpful person to the dancers he is working with - demanding but generous with praise. He is also very good at communicating to an audience. I was surprised that this was classed as a rehearsal as it resembled an insight evening ( and a very good one at that) with some lovely live music and an in depth chat which included the wonderful Ed Watson. A very enjoyable watch.
  3. A truly magnificent performance . We are witnessing a very special time in this company’s already illustrious history. There really is no weakness in this casting at any level. On reflection, I agree with Richard regarding Nunez’s portrayal of Nikiya. This is no way detracts from the quality of her performance - her dancing is a joy to watch and there are clear nuances in her interpretation which convinces me of the purity of her love for Solor in contrast to those of Gamzatti, but yes, there is a mature, assurity to her character in act 1 that perhaps does not sufficiently set her apart from her rival. Did anyone have any issues with the cinema projection? My viewing experience at Bromsgrove Artrix was spoilt by appearing to be missing off a tiny section of the bottom of the stage resulting in quite a few shots missing the dancers’ feet! Also some erratic problems with the clarity of the image, resulting in a fuzzy effect, particularly in wide angle shots. Not sure if this was a problem with the cinema or the relay.
  4. I can’ find the La Bayadère digital programme as it appears to be unavailable at the moment. Swan Lake appears to be there. Can anyone enlighten me as to the promotional code for Swan Lake please ?
  5. Odyssey

    Melissa Hamilton - news

    Melissa Hamilton is another dancers ho has been taking some time away from the RB. She is currently appearing with Roberto Bolle and friends on a short tour of China dancing Qualia pas de deux by Wayne McGregor . Just prior to this she appeared with Roberto in Rimini and had also danced with him at the World Ballet Festival in Tokyo during the summer. Good luck to her-although she has successfully reprised her roles in the acmillan repertoire, there doesn’t appear to be any widening of her repertoire since she returned from Semperoper.
  6. It was Khubla Khan which, according to Coleridge, remained unfinished because he was interrupted from his trance by a person from Porlock! So allowing oneself to become distracted is the only potential danger that I can see.
  7. I go to the Opera house only rarely and as such enjoy the programme when I do. I am fully aware of the dancers and see the casting online so a slip is not meaningless to the likes of me. .
  8. Please can you say who danced the solo shades at the rehearsal.
  9. Odyssey

    New book: "Darcey Bussell Evolved"

    Actually there are some nice rehearsal pictures featuring quite a few dancers in the shots in the preview pages. If you look at the Amazon Market place there are already some discounted prices including the limited edition , and the book hasn't been published yet.
  10. Odyssey

    New book: "Darcey Bussell Evolved"

    CAmazon has now added the ‘Look Inside’ feature to its listing of the forthcoming publication of Darcey Bussell Evolved. It is worth glancing through for some previously unseen images, including a lovely group shot with Dame Ninette. There is more text, and less fashion shoot in the featured pages which is good news. Like others here, I can’t warm to the cover image but otherwise it looks a lovely book.
  11. I hope I don't offend anyone, but either news is in the public domain or it isn't. It is really irritating to those of us outside the loop. Not sure what it has to do with the honours list anyway unless said dancer has an honour rewarded for dance.
  12. I fully agree with the praise for Alina’s portrayal of a Manon. Surely hers is one of the most nuanced interpretation of the role, and this, combined with the exquisite nature of her dancing, makes her for me, one of the greatest Manons over the years. I was initially less convinced by Joseph Caley’s des Grieux, but by the third act, his characterisation came alive and the despair of those final moments cradling Manon’s lifeless body reached out to us all. I was quite impressed with Cirio. He nailed the nonchalant, devil-may-care attitude and the drunken foolery didn’t become at all tedious. The orchestra were indeed tremendous and the production an interesting change from the familiar staging at Covent Garden. Not sure that the bright, clean colours worn by the courtesans in act 2 quite belong to the atmosphere of the brothel, but perhaps I am so used to the Royal’s production. Such a pity then that the upper circle was closed off and the circle showed some significant gaps. Meanwhile on a cold, wet Saturday afternoon, the Milton Keynes’ centre was heaving with shoppers....
  13. Thank you for all the reviews so far - you have really whetted my appetite for this production as I have only seen the Royal Ballet's. And to see Alina in the role of Manon is truly the icing on the cake. I'm hoping the audience for the Saturday matinee performance will be a healthy one.
  14. Felt privileged to watch Makarova coaching [La Bayadère] and Yasmine [Naghdi] responded to the corrections magnificently. Really enjoyed the midway chat regarding Petipa’s interpretation and visualisation of the Orient as opposed to any historical representation of India. This was one of the most stimulating Insights to be broadcast.