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  1. annaliesey

    Trouble at Italia Conti

    I just read this. Surprised it was rated outstanding by Ofsted in view of the allegations! What a difficult time for student
  2. annaliesey


    Another vote for Rosina as she’s helped DD with jazz and ballet pirouettes but I’ve never seen her do anything en pointe at workshops. my dd has a turnboard and will use it for sequences and practise but as someone else said you can’t go on releve on it so it’s a bit limited though she seems to have fun with it
  3. annaliesey

    EYB audition

    Good luck my dd first auditioned age 8 and our intention was “for the experience” and we were delighted for her when she got offered a place it was a huge turning point for her and she fell in love with ballet after her first EYB this was 6 years ago and at the time the children who did not get their numbers called out and offered a place cried. This was heart wrenching and our first experience of anything like that. There were parents literally clambering over chairs to get to their crying child on stage. Last year dd did another EYB as a senior and after the numbers were called the children not selected were taken into another room and spoken with and I don’t know what eyb staff said to them but when they came out there were no tears. Big improvement from our experience. I’m only telling you this as hopefully this is a new format and if anyone tells you that the audition can be upsetting or harsh, then hopefully things have changed from what I saw last year, my dd has done eyb 3 times and thoroughly enjoyed it every time. As as others have said it’s fairly basic exercises to start with but they get a little trickier as the audition goes on. There are some audition tips on the eyb website too have fun
  4. annaliesey

    Children Blocked from Dance Exams?

    Re the “chavvy” remark, I can understand the different treatment between private and main stream schools. Even though there is actual legislation under children in entertainment, the rules regarding monitoring and reporting are very different. With private schools, time off is a “commercial arrangement” whereas local authority come down on mainstream like a tonne of bricks. Law should be consistent in my view and not determinedly by social class!
  5. annaliesey

    Are back flips and cartwheels a required skill for ballet?

    I don’t think it’s required for ballet but I would say yes for someone seeking employment as an all rounder. That’s just going by what I’ve been hearing from people attending dance auditions a trick of some description was required
  6. annaliesey

    RAD Grade 8

    Daughter did Grade 8 in November and very pleased with distinction. She also said “easier” than grade 7 but she really has to push herself more with performance quality and fluidity of movement exam day pretty odd as i I didn’t know they actually came out of the room then back in again and I shot out of my seat saying “why are you out?” As thought there was something big, also there were other students waiting to go in for exam after her and to be honest that was really off putting for her. For that reason i think I would have preferred for her to take it at HQ as I could see it threw her off a bit. Some of the other girls were quite disrespectful by loudly and energetically practising their dances to music in the very small waiting area. So that was the main thing i would prep for
  7. annaliesey

    Feb half term

    I don’t know about workshops but dd attended a wonderful class at Pineapple recently. It was Emma Northmores but with a cover teacher and she really enjoyed it (very challenging but great was her words)
  8. annaliesey


    Are we talking about whistleblowing? Where reports / tip offs can be made anonymously? i personally that a lot of that is needed to get around the fear of recrimination issues
  9. annaliesey

    RAD Grade 7

    Yes, same here. Dd went on pointe age 10 then when we went somewhere else the teacher took her off ... oh the shame! Haha but seriously it was the best thing for her for the sake of a few months.
  10. annaliesey


    I know, everyone has gone too far with political correctness and acceptance or dealing with things in a behind-closed-doors manner Sometimes we need to speak out publicly or there is no real consequence to people or institutions. Everyone is so worried about libel claims when in reality, they would never make it to court. Even if they did, if it’s based on truth, there’s nothing to fear and everything to gain from speaking out. when we look at the whole #metoo movement there is some huge inspiration there, my personal view anyway. Someone mentioned Deepcut on either this thread or another thread (Nicola H) as reference to the army getting their act together, yet my understanding of that is very different. It was an appalling case of significant and widespread sexual and physical abuse and murder that was covered up in the most corrupt manner and Deepcut simply closed down. There was never a satisfactory enquiry for families. When institutions want to hide things, they will, unless there is enormous pressure. If “they” (government) wouldn’t do things for Deepcut, they sure as hell won’t for a ballet school (Sorry to get political)
  11. annaliesey

    Juggling timetables!

    I’m thinking that I might end up setting up a dance class directory linked to google maps where you can just search and filter by days of week, times, class type, and have a 5 star review system im sure I’m halfway there already its even worse now the ‘find an RAD teacher’ facility only includes teachers who pay to be included! Needles and haystacks
  12. annaliesey

    Juggling timetables!

    Ok this is hurting haha and to make it worse, even if I were in your position I can guaranteed our blooming teacher would still clash all her classes... guaranteed!!
  13. annaliesey

    Juggling timetables!

    Haha sorry to laugh but I think they just really don’t see things from parents perspectives sometimes. I can only assume some have had their fingers burnt with rotten parents over the years that it’s easy to be cynical about all parents (bit Luke we are now with dance teachers!) haha
  14. annaliesey


    I don't think he will ever name and shame the school and I suppose if you are writing to raise awareness and for own therapy, you probably don't want that to be the focus, but rather share experiences and warn others what to look out for, what mistakes not to make etc. It's pretty sad how it all unfolds really and I agree with you there should be so much more that should be done - but where to start? It's ludicrous that on one hand there is all this legislation for children in entertainment with performance license fiasco or where you can't even wear an offensive t-shirt, then on the other hand there is absolutely nothing for summer schools, dance intensives, historical physical abuse, dance comps, etc and even where legislation exists there are so many loopholes and just a lot of stinking bad attitudes.
  15. annaliesey

    what does what you wear say about you as a Dancer ?

    ok I have a confession to make... I went into DD's room once and saw her 'dance drawer' half open with tights spilling out, lots of grinks. I was worried her drawer would break under the strain. She had a lovely pink cushion on her bed so I decided to remove the cushion inside and stuff it with all these grink tights instead .. genious