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  1. I have to say that I enjoyed this year's World Ballet Day. I started watching at about 04:30 when there may still have been a few wilis about on Saddleworth Moor and watched one delightful performance after another almost continuously well until the evening. The highlight for me this year (as it had been last year) was the Dutch National Ballet's rehearsal of La Dame aux Camelias with two remarkable pas de deux - one by Daniel Camargo and Igone de Jongh and the other by James Stout and Anna Tsygankova. The second of those two was danced with remarkable passion. Unfortunately, it clashed with Northern Ballet's performance though I did flip between tabs to catch the odd bit of action in Leeds when not much seemed to be happening in Amsterdam. I am looking forward to seeing the whole contribution on YouTube over the next few days. The only other disappointment was that the sound cut out during Birmingham Royal Ballet's presentation. I could see David Bintley, Ruth Brill and others but could not hear what they had to say. There were some unexpected treats. Just as I was about to leave for my own ballet class in Manchester I spotted the Paris Opera House's ballet's Dame aux Camelias with Mathieu Ganio as Armand. Having seen him on Christmas Day last year in Don Quixote I could not resist watching him again. The result was that I left it too late to set off for the Dancehouse. I liked the Houston Ballet's new Swan Lake. I was very impressed by the Ural Ballet of Ekaterinburg the existence of which I had not previously been aware. It took me weeks to get through last year's offering and I suspect I will spend a long time watching the bits I missed today. Despite the annoying technical problems I think I enjoyed this year's offerings more than those of previous years. I am sorry that others were less satisfied.
  2. Terpsichore

    Training etc. in Amsterdam

    You should make enquiries at The National Ballet Academy at the National Academy of Theatre and Dance, Amsterdam University of the Arts. Here is some info on training for 8 to 10 year olds, For older children there is a preliminary course. Incidentally, Ernst Meisner, who trained at the Royal Ballet School and danced with the Royal Ballet for many years and now runs the Junior Company of the National Ballet, has recently been appointed artistic director of the Academy (see Dutch National Ballet's website), I wish your daughter every success in her studies and you a very pleasant time in Amsterdam.
  3. Terpsichore

    Powerhouse Ballet

    Our next company class takes place at Dance Studio Leeds on Saturday 27 Oct 2018 at 15:00. It will be given by Jane Tucker of Northern Ballet Academy. Jane's classes ate never easy but they are always fun. It was Jane who gave us such a great start in May (see We have a Company 27 May 2018 Powerhouse Ballet website). The studio can take 25 dancers and 20 places were booked in the first few hours. There will be cancellations and no shows so we can still fit in the odd one or two at the barre, All you have to do is clink this link and fill in the simple online registration form which requires only your name and email address. We particularly welcome dancers who have not yet trained with us. Dancers come from all parts of the North and a few from even further afield. Some of our strongest dancers come from North Wales and I am thinking of holding a class or staging a show in that principality. We already have a strong link with Ballet Cymru, Wales national classical ballet company. Our November event with be a workshop with that company when they visit Leeds. At present classes are fee though that will change when we set up the company on a formal basis.
  4. Terpsichore

    Powerhouse Ballet

    Yvonne Charlton with her Don Quixote repertoire class Last Saturday's company class in Liverpool was our best day yet. After 90 minutes company class with Mark Hindle, Yvonne Charlton of Jos Dolstra Dance Institute in the Netherlands taught us a dance from Don Quixote that she had created for her own adult dancers. It was not easy. I can;t say that we got it right. But it was great fun and we all had a jolly good try. We also rehearsed the new ballet that Terry Etheridge has created for us. We now look forward to our next company class in Leeds with Jane Tucker of Northern Ballet Academy.
  5. Terpsichore

    Powerhouse Ballet

    Thank you very much. The date for the show in which we had intended to perform Terry Etheridge's work has been put back to May but we have our company class, masterclass and first rehearsal to look forward to in the great city of Liverpool on Saturday and our workshop with Ballet Cymru on 28 Nov to look forward to. I will keep subscribers to this website posted.
  6. Terpsichore

    Powerhouse Ballet

    Terry Etheridge held an audition for our first ballet on Saturday and selected 8 of our number for his cast. David Plumpton played the piano for us. As we had a few last minute cancellations I took the class. It was an unforgettable experience even though I was not auditioning and it must have been particularly memorable for those who were. Yesterday he crafted a beautiful ballet for which we hope to perform at The Dancehous in Manchester in February. Now the hard work of converting this choreography into a show begins. Our first rehearsal takes place at Liverpool on 22 Jan. Mark Hindle of KNT and Yvonne Charlton of Jos Dolstra Dance Institute will be in the audience and Janet McNulty said that she would consider watching us.
  7. Terpsichore

    Are there any other Cricket Fans here?

    A great end to a great career. Congratulations also to Root on his innings in the 5th test. This has been a vintage season for all sorts of reasons not the least of which has been the success of Surrey. As my father came from Southport in Lancashire and my mother from Bramhope near Leeds I am always conflicted in a roses contest. A conflict that is perpetuated by being born in Manchester and living in Yorkshire. So I support Surrey in the county championship. That is after all the county in which I learned to love and play the game and it has won the county championship no less than 19 times, second only to Yorkshire.
  8. Terpsichore

    Powerhouse Ballet

    A quick reminder that the audition for our first ballet takes place at Dance Studio Leeds on 15 Sept at 16:00. A big thank you and toi-toi to all who have registered for it. I have arranged a 30 minute warm-up class immediately before the audition for those who want it. Those coming to Leeds for the audition may want to stay for Northern Ballet's mixed bill at the Stanley and Audrey Burton Theatre. There are new works by Morgann Runacre-Temple, Mlindi Kulashe and Kenneth Tindall. According to the theatre website there are still 14 tickets left.
  9. I am looking forward to the show and will review it in my blog. I shall be accompanied to the performance by Terry Etheridge, one of the Northern Dance Theatre's original cast members who also trained Mlindi Kulashe in South Africa, so I shall try to get his take on the performance too.
  10. I think that is even more true of Christopher Hampson who has commissioned David Dawson to create a new Swan Lake, Krzystof Pastor a new Romeo and Juliet, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa Streetcar named Desire, Angelin Preljocaj MC 14/22 (ceci est mon corps). Crystal Pite Emergence .............I could go on. I might add that Scottish Ballet is the only company other than New Adventures with a work by Sir Matthew Bourne. Having recently seen Highland Fling (Sir Matthew's take on La Sylphide) in Oban which is deep in Gurn and Effie territory I should add that Highland Fling is my favourite of Bourne's works. Hampson is also a considerable choreographer in his own right both for narrative ballets such as Hansel and Gretel and Cinderella which are among the best of that genre and shorter works like the Rite of Spring. As I am bankrolling Powerhouse Ballet I have had to cut back on my donations and subscriptions this year but Scottish Ballet together with the Dutch National Ballet, Ballet Cymru, Ballet Black and Phoenix Dance Theatre will continue to receive my support.
  11. Every year in the first week of September the Dutch National Ballet holds a gala at the Stopera to launch the new ballet season. It is a very grand affair. Everyone is in evening dress. Lots of local and some international celebrities attend the event. With the exception of last year, I have been coming since 2015 and each year has been better than the last. The evening opens with a grand defile - a parade starting with the first year students of the National Ballet Academy and ending with the company's principals to the strains of Aurora's wedding from The Sleeping Beauty. This year the orchestra was conducted by our very own Koen Kessels. The company's artistic director then comes on stage and welcomes the audience partly in Dutch and partly in English. There are then a number of performances some created especially for the evening and others classics from the company's repertoire. This year the gala was dedicated to the memory of Rudi van Dantzig and three of his works were danced including his the white and black acts from his Swan Lake. The Netherlands' other towering fenius, Hans van Manen, was also well represented with the performance of three of his works including his Symphony for the Dutch People which particularly impressed me. Other full length works that were dipped into were the first Dutch performance of the Flames of Paris and Neumeir's Lady of the Camelias. Of the shorter works I particularly enjoyed Ernst Meisner's Embers which was danced by Jessica Xuan and Cristiano Principato. When they danced it at Varna earlier in the year Xuan won the first prize and gold medal for her performance. I also liked Grimm which was a collaboration between the Junior Company and ISH and combined ballet with hip hop. Finally, I was glad to see Michaela DePrince back on stage after a very nasty tendon injury. Every year a prize is awarded by Alexandra Radius to the best dancer of the year.. It is usually won by a principal but this year it went to Timothy van Poucke who is one of the company's youngest dancers. They say that the best is the enemy is the good and I think there is some truth in that saying because the gala spoils me for anything else for months on end. There were quite a few Brits this year including my former ward and her little boy who are from Sierra Leone, colleagues from Powerhouse Ballet and DonQFan. I have written a fuller review in my blog if anyone is interested.
  12. I traipsed down to the Smoke and back for last night's performance with Denis Rodkin and Irina Kolesnikova in the lead roles.. I quite enjoyed the evening though not as much as I had enjoyed La Bayadere three years ago. Rodkin never fails to impress even though he was more subdued than he had been 3 years ago, Kolesnikova was more convincing as Odette-Odile than she had been as Nikiya. The man that impressed me particularly was Sergei Fedorkov as the court jester. I liked the corps and the divertissements (particularly the cygnets in act 2 and Hungarians in act 3). I also liked the sets and costumes - particularly the lake backdrop in acts 2 and 4 reminding me of the Queen's View and the castle in act 1 reminding me of Schloss Neuschwantein. A very diverse but also very reactive crowd with more than a few newbie ballet goers which is perhaps the best sort of audience to be part of. A fuller review for those who may be interested in my blog.
  13. Terpsichore

    Powerhouse Ballet

    Registration is open for our company class in Liverpool which is our most ambitious event yet: - a full 90 minutes class with Mark Hindle of KNT; and - a special 60 minutes masterclass from Yvonne Charlton of the Jos Dolstra Institute of Dance and Movement in the Netherlands who will teach is some of her repertoire. There will also be a rehearsal for our show. The class will take place at Z Studios on 42 Devon Street which is half a mile from Lime Street station at 14:00 on 22 Sept 2018. Admission is free but attendees must register for the event in advance. Information about the event is available here and the link to the registration page is here. We are already a third full so don't leave it too late.
  14. Terpsichore

    Are there any other Cricket Fans here?

    The BBC World Service this morning carried a report of a plan to build the USA's biggest cricket complex at a place called Prairie View in Texas. Apparently building work has already started on this 88 acre site This is the project website http://www.prairieviewcricket.com/.
  15. Terpsichore

    Are there any other Cricket Fans here?

    Another very encouraging result. Many congratulation to our team. Let's hope they do not become too complacent. There are 3 more matches to be played and cricket is very unpredictable which is why it is so fascinating.