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  1. Terpsichore

    Are there any other Cricket Fans here?

    The BBC World Service this morning carried a report of a plan to build the USA's biggest cricket complex at a place called Prairie View in Texas. Apparently building work has already started on this 88 acre site This is the project website http://www.prairieviewcricket.com/.
  2. Terpsichore

    Are there any other Cricket Fans here?

    Another very encouraging result. Many congratulation to our team. Let's hope they do not become too complacent. There are 3 more matches to be played and cricket is very unpredictable which is why it is so fascinating.
  3. Terpsichore

    Powerhouse Ballet

    Just a quick update for those who may be interested in our new ballet company. The new ballet that we have commissioned Terry Etheridge to create will be called "Aria" and will be set to the music of the French composer Claude Bolling. The brilliant young designer. Amelia Sierevogel, will create our costumes. I should add that Amelia is also a good dancer. An audition will take place on 15 Sept at Dance Studio Leeds. Terry has persuaded David Plumpton to play for us. So many dancers have applied to audition for our new ballet that we had to move our class to the biggest studio in the building but even that space is now full. Terry is looking for at least 2 gentlemen and between 4 and 6 ladies. As we are full I am quite happy to relinquish my place in the class to a promising young dancer should any apply. Anybody elsewill have to go on the waiting list. I shall tell you how we get on after 16 Sept.
  4. Terpsichore

    Simply Adult Ballet

    Have a good visit to Taynuilt. My regards to Gillian, Tony, Jonathan et al. Toi toi toi for Ballet West's performances in Malaysia.
  5. Terpsichore

    Powerhouse Ballet

    Many thanks for your interest and good wishes Kate_N. I shall certainly report back to this website from time to time. We also have a website, Facebook page and twitter account if anyone is interested.
  6. Terpsichore

    Are there any other Cricket Fans here?

    "England win pulsating first Test - reaction & highlights" What a match! What a result! Let's hope we can keep this up for the rest of the series.
  7. Terpsichore

    Powerhouse Ballet

    We have commissioned the distinguished choreographer, Terry Etheridge, one of the founder members of what is now Northern Ballet , former artistic director of the Hong Kong Ballet and resident choreographer of Duchy Ballet (one of the two companies that inspired us to set up Powerhouse Ballet) to create a ballet especially for our debut in Manchester. Terry will be in Leeds on 15 Sept to hold an audition at Dance Studio Leeds between 15:30 and 17:00 where he will select his cast. He will create the ballet around the cast the next day. Any subscriber to this website wants to find out more about the audition or our debut in Manchester can check out our Eventbrite page. By coincidence, a work by Mlindi Kulashe, one of Terry's students will be performed as part of its Mixed Programme by Terry's former company in Leeds on 15 Sept immediately after the audition. Terry has graciously accepted my invitation to attend the show as my guest that evening,
  8. Terpsichore

    Adult ballet classes in Sheffield

    I recommend Hype Dance at 60 Upper Allen St, Sheffield, S3 7GL In answer to Millie3's question, Sheffield does have a Dance Soc. I wrote a short article on Ballet at University in my blog where I discussed the Dance Society that I helped to found at St Andrews 50 years ago and mentioned similar societies at other leading universities including Sheffield. CeliB's daughter will also be welcome at any of the monthly classes of Powerhouse Ballet which alternate between Yorkshire and the Northwest. The next one will be in Liverpool on 22 Sept with Mark Hindle of KNT and a guest from the Netherlands and the one after that will be in Leeds on 28 Oct which will be taught by Jane Tucker of Northern Ballet. For the time being I do not make a charge for attending class. I wish CeliB's daughter every success in her medical studies and subsequent career.
  9. I am not a big fan of the Royal Ballet's Don Quixote but I have recently seen two excellent performances by other companies: One by the ballet company of the Paris opera house at the Bastille auditorium on Christmas day with Isabella Boylston as Kitri; and The other by the Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam on 28 Feb with Sho Yamada and Riho Sakamoto in the leading roles. I reviewed both performances in my blog if anyone is interested. Boylston was particularly impressive. I promised Janet McNulty the programme for the Dutch show and had intended to give it to her when the Birmingham Royal Ballet visited the Lowy in March. Unfortunately I was let down by public transport. My flight in to Ringway was delayed for hours by bad weather and the delay was compounded by a tree on the line from the airport to Piccadilly which meant that I missed that performance for which I had hired a very good seat. Rail services were disrupted and roads were blocked for the rest of the season by the so called oriental beast which meant that I never did see Birmingham Ballet's version of Peter Wright's The Sleeping Beauty though I did see the Dutch National Ballet's a few weeks earlier which was outstanding.
  10. Terpsichore

    Powerhouse Ballet

    In terms of numbers, yesterday's company class in Leeds was the best ever. Everybody had fun. Many thanks to our teacher, Annemarie Donoghue of Northern Ballet for an excellent class and to everybody who attended. Several of our attendees had to travel considerable distances. One from Colwyn Bay. Another from Birmingham. Yet another from Lincoln. It was good to see you all. No class in August as it is a holiday month but we encourage any of our members who is not on holiday - or anyone else who finds him or herself in Manchester on Saturday 18 August - to attend KNT's Day of Dance which is wall to wall dance classes in several styles at the Dancehouse Theatre studios on Oxford Road starting at 10:00 and continuing to 17:00. I shall attended pre-intermediate ballet at 14:00 to `15:30 and ballet repertoire 15:30 to 17:00. Our next company class will take place at Z Studios in Liverpool on 22 Sept 2018 at 14:00. Immediately after our usual 90 minute class with Mark Hindle, we shall welcome Yvonne Charlton of the Jos Dolstra Institute of Dance and Movement at IJsselstein in the Netherlands who will teach us some of her choreography between 15:30 and 16:30. It will be a long day but great fun. In the next few weeks I shall enquire about group bookings for Ballet Black at the Lowry and Stanley and Audrey Burton and for Ballet Cymru who are also coming to the Stan and Audrey soon. We look forward to seeing both companies. Several contributors to this website and my blog have enquired about classes for dancers under the age of 18. Insurance is now in place and we have found a teacher with experience of teaching younger dancers. Our first class for that age group is likely to take place in Manchester and we shall make an announcement soon. In the meantime we would encourage younger dancers and their parents and guardians to check out the special classes with Michaela DePrince and Ivan Putrov organized by Danceworks in London..
  11. Nothing for it. I shall just have to rejoin the Friends of Covent Garden to regain priority booking and let one or more of my other Friends' memberships go. But which one? I can't let Scottish Ballet go. I have known them ever since I was at St Andrews 50 years ago. Nor can I say goodbye to Ballet Black or Ballet Cymru both of which I love dearly. By the way I got stalls for the matinee performance of 3 Nov. Very happy with Lamb and Hirano but not so happy with the weekend train timetables whereby the last train to Donny leaves at 10:00. I had to miss the whole of Act 2 of Ballet Central's mixed programme a few weeks ago to avoid an expensive night in t'Smoke.
  12. Terpsichore

    Powerhouse Ballet

    Our company class in Leeds is now full. This is the first time I have been able to say that. I will tell you how it went on Saturday. We are taking a holiday in August but will be back in September with a special master class by the distinguished Dutch teacher and choreographer Yvonne Charlton which will follow our company class with Mark Hindle on 22 Sept at Z Studios on Devon Street in Liverpool on 22 Sept. This will be a long class but also a very enjoyable one. We start warm up exercises at 14:00 prompt and train hard with Mark until 15:30. After a quick guzzle of water Yvonne will take over to teach us some of her repertoire for another hour. I have posted a feature on Yvonne to Terpsichore. Any denizen of Liverpool who wants to take part will be most welcome. Also, our good friends in Ballet Black will return to the North in November. They will dance in the Stan and Audrey on 16 and 17 and the Lowry on 19 and I was thinking of making a group booking at one of those theatres and maybe inviting Cassa Pancho and any of her dancers who may be free to say "Eh up" or "How do" depending on where we are at a convenient moment. If anyone is interested please let me know which day and venue suits best.
  13. Terpsichore

    Powerhouse Ballet

    Even though it took place on on of the hottest days of the year, our second company class at the Dancehouse Studios in Manchester on 30 June 2018 was a great success. Mark Hindle of KNT gave us a very thorough barre and some very exacting centre exercises. Mark has a good eye for detail and issued some very helpful corrections. Mark took this photo after the class. As you can see from our faces, we all had a whale of a time. Our next company class will take place at Dance Studio Leeds on 28 July 2018 at 14:00. Annemarie Donoghue of Northern Ballet will train us. That should be another great class. Annemarie teaches my over 55 class with endless patience and enormous good humour but she expects the best from each and every one of us and she invariably gets it. Her class is nearly full but we could probably squeeze in a few more dancers. I shall bear the studio hire, instructor's fees and public liability insurance while we are establishing ourselves so all you have to do is register on Eventbrite and turn up. Further information on location, public transport, parking and so forth are available on the Eventbrite page. Further information is available on the Powerhouse Ballet website at http://www.powerhouseballet.co.uk. Our first class after the summer holidays will take place at Z Studios at 42 Devon Street in Liverpool on Saturday 22 Sept 2018 between 14:00 and 16:30. After our usual class with Mark, a distinguished guest teacher and choreographer from the Netherlands will teach us some of her repertoire. Booking for this very special class will open immediately after the Leeds company class. We expect it to fill very quickly and we have already had expressions of interest from two Liverpool dancers. If anybody from Yorkshire or Manchester wants a lift to and from Liverpool please let me know. I have room for 3 passengers and I am happy to pick up passengers from Huddersfield railway station and the Dancehouse Theatre in Manchester.
  14. Terpsichore

    Powerhouse Ballet

    Thank you Michelle Richer. That is a very good suggestion. One of our members actually comes from Birmingham though I think we would struggle to be ready for that show but the Liverpool dates are just right. Liverpool is also part of the Northern Powerhouse region and our next class but one will take place there. We were joined by several dancers from Liverpool at our second company class yesterday which went very well. We are looking forward to our next class in Leeds on 28 July at 14:00.
  15. Terpsichore

    Powerhouse Ballet

    The class will be given by Annemarie Donoghue of Northern Ballet Academy. I have provisionally booked a studio from 14:00 to 15:30 on Saturday, 28 July and have asked Annemarie whether she is happy with the date, time and place. I have also given her the option of two other dates and studios. As soon as I hear from her I will set up an Eventbrite page and mention it here. You will also find information at www.powerhouseballet.co.uk and in Terpsichore. Alternatively if you don't have any time for blogs or social media you could send me your name, email or postal address or telephone number and I will send you an email or letter or ring you when something significant occurs - whichever you prefer..