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  1. The student offer for the first performance was £5 , the subsequent performances that had the student offer were for £10. Had an email yesterday for student standby £10 for Monday's perfomance.
  2. Dd has a friend who has just started a year long course with Jasmine Vardimon, there are people on this course from a range of backgrounds. My DD is currently at Laban and she is loving it, she has gained so much from being there.
  3. I had an email at 1pm for the student standby offer for that perfomance, probably accounts for quick sale of seats.
  4. Where did you see this? I can't find any info online.
  5. Janice

    Crown Help!

    Something I have done before is to get some net fabric same colour as DD's hair and make a wide loop ( like elastic on a hat behind head) Stitch the crown to the net . You can then grip the net to hair in many places. I was lucky and got a good colour match and it did not show. Hope this makes sense.
  6. My DD did this it's a great scheme she had the best time. In my experience they don't tend to take many of the younger ones, but it is always worth trying and a great experience. During my DD's time they did give feedback after the audition but I don't know if they still do this.
  7. DD has been taught by the teachers who run the school and she would say they are some of the best teachers she has had.
  8. DD and I and went last week and we both had medium sized backpacks mine with overnight things and feather pillow. Security just checked inside and we were both allowed to take them in.
  9. For sale Katz New Yorker character shoes, tan , 2.5 inch heel , size 4. Good condition slight scuff on one toe, can send pictures. £10 plus £3 postage.
  10. Hi i have the advanced two book for sale will pm you.
  11. A different sort of litter is worth a try our cat did not like the gravel type but liked wood litter. Also the vet recommended cleaning the area the cat had used with biological washing powder the enzymes help get rid of the smell, we also used a special spray for the purpose of getting rid of the smell. Apparently cats will return to the same spot because of the smell, even though if we can't detect it. The vet was very helpful and our cat did eventually get used to using the tray.
  12. Janice


    My DD would highly recommend NYDC. For the audition my DD did went along to a session near us, there was lots of improvisation and partner work. She was then recalled to the final audtion in London which if I remember had two sessions and we where able to ask for the later session because of travel. This was similar to the first audition lots of improvisation, DD felt the standard of dancers was very high. The intensive are full on, lots of dancing. Hope this helps feel free to message me if I can hep more.
  13. Image designs destiny lyrical dress size 3a cost £60 new, https://www.imagescostumes.com/dance-costumes/667 £10 plus £2.00 postage
  14. Capezio solotard, black, size m, brand new with tags £10 including postage
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