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  1. Gosh how fabulous - so wish I’d been there... I love Nagdhi and can’t wait to see her in this role...and so much prefer DB talking about her dancing instead of ‘presenting’ ...
  2. Such a shame! Was it interesting?
  3. I do so agree re Watson - his prolonged absence has been so frustrating and it does seem as if he is the only man in the company with that combination of intensity and charisma!
  4. Judith was. Don’t know re Norman .
  5. So well put re Matthew Ball - he was dwarfed by Osipova - she is just way too experienced for him. Much better that he had been cast with Nagdhi with whom he assumes a stronger more protective quality. In Giselle, perhaps because her role is so fragile the Osi/ball combo worked but here, perhaps because of the Odile grandstanding he didn’t stand a chance.
  6. I know the fouettés are just a circus trick to many but I was very disappointed not to see them at all...
  7. I’ve just come away from Hayward/Bonelli and was so struck by the audience’s crass clapping while Bonelli was still in agony over Hayward’s unresponsive body. It is awful and I don’t understand It. Also very struck by how few curtain calls there were. Anyone else notice this? Hayward in particular was sublime but am too tired to go further than that right now!
  8. One e-ticket for Tomorrow’s Obsidian Triple Saturday 14th at 1230: stalls circle £22.00 DM me if interested.
  9. I have 2 tix B34/35 for tonight’s performance of Manon with Osipova and Shklyarov -£80 each. Am not feeling too well and may decide I can’t go. is there anybody out there who is happy to be on ‘stand-by’ till I decide mid afternoon? They are e-tickets so easy enough to transfer. PM me.
  10. I’ve just had to return my ticket for tonight’s Insight to the box office. So sad to miss this and hope someone else can get it.
  11. Hi I’d be very interested in the ticket. Is it an e-ticket or paper? Can you Let me know if it’s still available? Thanks. Balletyas
  12. Sadly prevented by illness - 2 SC B92,93 for sale £56 each. DM me please ASAP.
  13. I’ve just had to return a Stalls Circle ticket to the box office for tomorro matinee of Giselle . £64. It’s showing on the website right now. Really hope someone picks it up as a sad waste and bound to be wonderful.
  14. Hi I would be very interested in this ticket - is it still for sale?