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  1. Thanks for this Sophoife, I’m amazed to find that this is being broadcast from my nearest cinema in Newtown.
  2. I also have wondered that over the years. I remember first spotting her when she won the silver medal in the Genee competition when it was held in Birmingham (this was the year in which Joe Caley and Alex Campbell won bronze medals). I thought then what a beautiful quality her dancing had, very understated but more impressive to me than the showy dancing of some of the other candidates. I have always been disappointed that she just disappeared into the ranks with just the occasional featured role.
  3. I don’t normally watch this but it got left on last night and had Wayne Sleep and companions visiting Buenos Aires. There was quite a lot about tango dancing but of more interest a short section where Wayne Sleep visited the Opera House and watched part of a rehearsal of a pas de deux from The Merry Widow and told of how he never performed on the stage there when the Royal Ballet were supposed to have visited in the 1970’s. He finally got to stand on the stage and dance a few steps. Worth a watch to see the interior of the Opera House and the small amount of ballet. Available on iPlayer.
  4. “Have any dancers ever alternated these roles?” Yes LinMM Margaret Barbieri, who danced the Gipsy Girl at her graduation performance, alternated in both roles in the 1970’s or 1980’s with SWRB. Fantastic she was in both roles as well. There may have been others but none that I can remember.
  5. Maybe not Celine as she is currently in Australia according to the post about the change in the Australian repertory.
  6. I certainly wasn’t expecting that but huge congratulations to Carlos Acosta and I hope he will respect the heritage repertoire as well as bringing in new work. It will also strengthen the ties with Elmhurst Ballet School as he is also a Patron of the school.
  7. The ten past the hour from Marylebone and the fifty-five minutes past the hour from Moor Street are the quicker trains on Chiltern. If you have a rail card the Super Off Peak ticket is just over £20 return. I always used to use this service to get to London when I lived in Birmingham. I much prefer the Chiltern service to Virgin and Marylebone is certainly better than Euston as a station.
  8. I was also there this afternoon and I have to agree with all your comments George about Ballet Cymru. A different and much shorter version of Cinderella than usual but really inventive choreography and a tuneful score. Sometimes less is more and it certainly was this afternoon. For your information the main characters were danced by the following: Cinderella - Beth Meadway The Prince - Robbie Moorcroft Prince’s Friend - Miguel Fernandes Father - Daniel Morrison Stepmother - Xolisweh Richards Stepbrother - Alex Hallas Stepsister - Maria Teresa Brunello I’m not sure who the dancer was who was Cinderella’s Mother/Bird as it definitely wasn’t the one listed on the cast list. I was really interested to see Xolisweh Richards as I watched her progression through Elmhurst when I was working there and pleased to see what an excellent performer she has become. Now looking forward to seeing the company in A Child’s Christmas on Tuesday in Aberystwyth.
  9. Not the Royal Ballet but I notice Ballet Theatre UK have announced a short tour of Margot Fonteyn Centenary Celebrations in May and June next year. No mention of what this consists of. https://www.ballettheatreuk.com/tourdates Scroll down to bottom of the page for tour venues. Unfortunately they are coming nowhere near me.
  10. They could always bring in guest artists from BRB, after all the productions aren’t that different. Brandon Lawrence, Delia Mathews anyone?
  11. I remember being at the stage door at the ROH in the mid seventies and hearing Alastair Macaulay before he became a critic, talking to friends of his and disliked him intensely because he seemed so full of himself and so opinionated. I can’t remember how I knew his name, one of my friends must have known it, but my first impression has forever coloured my reaction to his writing. I’m probably being completely unfair to him but it’s the old adage of “first impressions”.
  12. I have to agree with both the previous posters about Cojocaru’s performance, there were so many nuanced details in Act 1 that I’ve never noticed before in anyone else. Perhaps the fact I was at the front of the stalls rather than in the Amphi at the ROH helped but I’ve seen this ballet over the years since it’s premiere performance and I would rate Cojocaru as one of the best Manon’s ever. Really heartbreaking at the end, she just looked so defeated. I felt that when she picked the knife up after the gaoled had been killed that she wanted to use it on herself and only the fact that des Grieux was there stopped her. Good performances from all the company and I think Joe Caley is a really good partner for Cojocaru, they complement each other so well. I saw Jenna Roberts (Joe’s wife) with Tyrone Singleton as I came out. Good to see a previous colleague making the journey to see the performance.
  13. Well I’m going tomorrow afternoon so have just checked the ticket levels (I do already have a ticket) The stalls is fairly well sold but there are still lots of seats in the circle and the upper circle seems to have been taken off sale as it is showing no seats available. Really looking forward to seeing Cojocaru and Caley, I just hope my trains run to time.
  14. My nearest cinema isn’t showing this until tomorrow night so really looking forward to it after all these good reports, especially as it will be the only performance I will see this time round.
  15. I had a look round the new facilities this morning, including the ladies loos in the Linbury. There shouldn’t be much queuing for them as there are masses of them and self flushing! Gave me quite a shock. A lovely exhibition on Swan Lake with photos from the Fonteyn and Somes up to the latest production and includes some of SWRB I’m pleased to see. Interesting watching the Faces film in the Linbury. The three dancers featured looked like paintings before they began to move. Apparently they haven’t quite finished the Linbury yet one of the guides showing people around said. Overall very impressed though.
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