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  1. Dizzyballetmum

    Make-up advice for RBS auditions

    My DD is currently year 9 WL and has a very pale complexion, she likes to wear very light blusher and bronze with subtle lipgloss and mascara .
  2. Dizzyballetmum

    Dance forward

    Hopefully see you there xxx
  3. Dizzyballetmum

    Dance forward

    Hi yes my DD, went at easter and absolutely loved it . She will be returning for the three day course this summer. She is 13.
  4. Dizzyballetmum

    Audition leotards and colours

    Thank you , I posted that a couple of years ago now . She ended up going for a raspberry so danca and I had the leg customised slightly higher as she’s a bit of shorty. It seemed to do trick and she’s just completed her second year
  5. Dizzyballetmum

    Pointe shoes

    Thanks everyone , we went to Barnums in Warrington and DD come back happy with a pair of Bloch shoes.
  6. Dizzyballetmum

    Pointe shoes

    Any recommendations for pointe shoe brands for dancers with very narrow feet ? TIA
  7. Anyone selling defile tickets for next Sunday ?
  8. Dizzyballetmum

    Oscon tablets

    Thank you everyone . Only three weeks left of term so hopefully rest over summer will help .
  9. Dizzyballetmum

    Oscon tablets

    Has anyone heard of these tablets to promote recovery in teenage injury , particularly for schatters disease and severs ? Thoughts and advice would be appreciated . TIA
  10. Dizzyballetmum

    Bolshoi in cinema - Coppelia June 10th

    Will look forward to watching him xx
  11. I missed it ! Is anyone on here selling tickets for this performance ?
  12. Dizzyballetmum

    YBSS application 2018

    Last year they sent out the no’s a few days after the audition but waited to send out the yes e mail until they had seen the ones who auditioned at York also. I think it may be different this year as I don’t know anyone that’s heard at all.
  13. Dizzyballetmum

    British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    For anyone reading this with a child at WL or about to start statistically it does make for depressing reading . However I believe in “nothing ventured nothing gained” and whilst there are many roads that lead to Rome taking the White Lodge route is still the most likely path to the eventual goal. ( If you wish for your child to study in this country from year 7-11) For the parents of children who have just completed Five years at WL without an US offer , those children will have still gained an invaluable experience . From living in the beautiful surroundings to the exceptionally small academic classes, the opportunities to perform on one of the worlds most famous stages, the ability to deal with pressure and competition whilst being away from home from a young age. Not to mention the wonderfully close sibling like friendships they make there. These things will serve them well in life both in and out of the dance world. They will always have the Royal ballet school on their CV and I expect their future will be bright whatever or wherever they go to next . I think it is best not to get hung up on what the kids abroad can do and rather look to the likes of Francesca Hayward , Yasmine Naghdi , Anna Rose, Matthew Ball and Joseph Sissens among other company members. They are a prime example of successful intelligent artists with that unmistakable British stamp .
  14. Dizzyballetmum

    RBS Summer School

    Yes , I don't think many from my dd's year are attending this summer so will hopefully open up a few places for others . Good luck everyone xx
  15. Dizzyballetmum

    How did it all start?

    Aww thank you , as is your lovely little dancer and so lovely that through dance our daughters got to be friends . Xxxxx