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  1. Agreed, but I was actually describing a situation where in their own social media accounts they don't name/get wrong the dancer/s, e.g. photo of pas de deux couple labelled with name of female dancer only, or "come see Dancer X in Ballet Y" with pic of Dancer Z. 🤯
  2. Sim I hear you and share your irritation/annoyance/anger at the ever-increasing errors...I usually tweet or pm the named author, who frequently fixes the problem and is often as annoyed or embarrassed as one might wish. However...my real disrespect bugbear is when companies themselves either omit to name dancers in a photo or get it wrong! My "local" does this frequently and I have taken it upon myself to make comments on their social "meeja" channels - which used to be quietly ignored although they'd quietly make the changes, but are now attracting comments from others, agreeing that the company's showing disrespect and calling for improvement...
  3. Seems almost frivolous to continue this line after the disrespectful and dehumanising experiences enumerated above, but of course Jan you're right. However when I said "furriners" I meant Persons From Abroad e.g. Spain or Italy, and there were certainly students from those countries in the 1950s senior school, acquiring "polish" in order to return home and embark upon a professional career. Was it when Britain entered the Common Market that "furriners" began to be accepted into the Royal Ballet companies?
  4. From the memoirs of people who were at Sadler's Wells in the 50s, there were certainly foreigners in both the Junior and Senior Schools in Colet Gardens; I wonder when the British-only policy was enacted? Was it when the Wells became the Royal company?
  5. Dunno but I'm happy to offer a booking service...? 🤣
  6. Android 8.0.0 on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge using Chrome (it's also the same using Firefox and the Samsung Internet browser): http://www.roh.org.uk/seasons/2018-19
  7. À propos of George-Murray Nightingale, although only in the corps de ballet he has just made a successful début as the Mad Hatter in the Wheeldon Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - because he can tap. Which he learned at Hammond before finishing up at English National Ballet School.
  8. Goodness, Joey Barton must work awfully hard...League One manager and now dance apprentice as well! 😉⚽🕺
  9. My suggestion would be to email the Ellen show itself - my sister, a daily watcher, says they are good at responding to that type of query.
  10. Having seen Miss Pajdak in the mini-feature during the La Bayadère cinemacast, I say "...lights are gonna find me Shining like the sun, Smiling, having fun, Feeling like a number one" The lines could have been written for her.
  11. The Strauss estate wouldn't allow it because ballet. So Mr Murphy worked with Australian composer Carl Vine and designer Roger Kirk AM and parts of it were divine. Sophie's appearance at the ball for example. The Marschallin leaving Sophie and Octavian. However I doubt it will be revived in its entirety as overall ... meh.
  12. I dunno about today but I can remember in 1994 there were almost 200 peeps waiting (I made a rough head count as I was so amazed) both nights I went (Baryshnikov Don Quixote, with the Dulcinea a different dancer from the Kitri). Staff had to create an exit lane for people like Derek Rencher and his little dog, Oliver Matz, Stephen Jefferies, Adam Cooper, David Drew, Genesia Rosato, and Sylvie Guillem. On the Tuesday it was Mr Rencher and dog again, Mr Drew again, Miss Rosato again, with the added delights of Irek Mukhamedov, Viviana Durante, Stephen Wicks and Bruce Sansom. I may add that both those performances, the cast sheets tell me, included Gary Avis, Alastair Marriott, Christopher Saunders and Jonathan Howells, all of whom are, 25 years later, still performing with the company.
  13. No. After much effort on the new website (as it now appears not to show past performances as it used to do) I found the PDF and its glaring omissions of two characters without whom the whole story of Kitri and Basilio becomes meaningless.
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