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  1. Not everything sells out. But I agree with Bruce Wall - what is the incentive for someone to get two pounds back on their six pound ticket? Or even six pound on the SCS ticket? I would always resell because I feel it's a responsibility to let somebody else see the performance, but I also wouldn't blame someone for not bothering if they have work/health/travel issues and can't find time to return their ticket. Four pounds return fee is very steep and not at the same level with other subsidised venues in London.
  2. Most west end theatre would charge you 10% of the resale price. Having said that, £4 is quite excessive and pulls ROH into a very different space from where it sits right now. How many would let their standing tickets go to waste rather than getting a few pounds back. This could simply mean more empty space in the cheap seats. We shall wait and see.
  3. ENBlover

    Upcoming DVD/Blu-ray Releases

    Does anybody know if there are any plan to release Akram Khan's Giselle?
  4. ENBlover

    Swan Lake tonight, SCS D26

    Sold. Thank you
  5. Hi, a sudden change of plans. It’s an eticket. £11. Please pm if interested. Thank you!
  6. I really hope Maria comes back to dance in Giselle. Unfortunately, I miss Alina’s performances, but Tuesday and Friday were special. Maria was excellent and so was the company. ENB don’t get enough credit.
  7. ENBlover

    Looking for Swan Lake SCS

    Thank you for this, LinMM
  8. ENBlover

    Looking for Swan Lake SCS

    bumping in case anything comes up for any of the dates. thank you!
  9. Francesca was one of the brightest highlights of the last season. Well deserved!!
  10. Many thanks - bought a return on the website. Hope everybody has a wonderful evening!
  11. Hi John, many thanks - it's for my friend who wouldn't be able to see well from the Amphi. Thank you so much for the offer though!
  12. ENBlover

    Looking for Swan Lake SCS

    Still looking for 1 or 2 for May 28 and June 9, if anybody can help. Thank you!
  13. Good evening! I am looking for a single SCS for the performance this Friday. Please let let me know if anybody has a spare. Much appreciated, as always!