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  1. Good morning, Can't make it to the tonight's performance. I have two better standing amphitheatre places (T46/45). These are etickets. £20 for the pair. Please pm me if interested. Thank you.
  2. Sorry, I didn't even recognise our posts had clashed! I got desperate from refreshing ROH website and bumped my post. Hope you get a seat for tomorrow, Jacky!! I definitely don't feel like you've been trying to do get in front of me. Good luck!
  3. Many thanks - I am now set for tomorrow!!
  4. bumping this. still looking for one ticket for Thursday please
  5. Can't understand why it wasn't sold out either. A very interesting mixed program. I love this Carmen, always have. I've only seen it previously with Lopatkina and the great Maya. I felt that unlike her Anna Karenina, Vishneva's Carmen lacked passion, but no complaints about seeing this wonderful ballerina on stage for what can be her last performance in London. I am very much looking forward to tonight to see what Kondaurova does with it. I liked Infra - having never seen it before, I found it quite engaging and beautifully danced albeit McGregor is still not one of my choreographers. Finally, Paquita was spell-bounding, with Kondaurova, Batoeva and, especially, Tereshkina dazzling. All in all, a fabulous evening - can't wait for tonight!
  6. Not yet in Astrakhan, but in Vladikavkaz, Vladivostok and two in St Petersburg.
  7. All set - many thanks!
  8. Only need on for Thursday, if anybody has a spare. Thank you.
  9. However Mariinsky has a few stages around the country so some of the company are engaged there (e.g., Vladivostok).
  10. Today's Don Q was probably the best I have seen. Ever. Elena Evseeva was remarkable. I know I'm a bit too impressed now, but it was simply that great.
  11. Perhaps words like 'disaster' can only lead to more drama. We all need to take a step back.
  12. Both terrific nights of AK. Vishneva being very much the Anna Karenina type, delivered a fantastic interpretation, with taste, beauty and emotional depth. Tereshkina gave a slightly more subdued, internalised Anna. I preferred the first night, but this is a matter of personal taste, not of the actual artistic merit and enjoyment. Beautiful choreography and the score by the wonderful Rodion Schedrin was superb and emotionally expressive. Love reading the comments to this. The two Annas, the two mirrors to see our own reflections.
  13. Hello, I am looking for 1 SCS to each Thursday nights and Saturday night for La Bayadere. Please kindly pm me if you have a spare. Many thanks!
  14. Bumping in case anybody has a spare SCS. Thank you!
  15. Thank you - message sent!