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  1. Winter Olympics

    the ladies short program in the figure skating was very enjoyable. The competition is heating up and the two Russian skaters have the same coach. That must make matters tricky as they are first and second currently. Had this happened before I wonder?
  2. I think the book Apollo's Angels is good on the development of ballet in different countries. I must admit I always think of France as the cradle of ballet.
  3. Winter Olympics

    Lovely ice dancing competition. Well done to the British pair. Top 3 pairs gave great performances. Must admit the French couple were my favourite. Does anyone else find the vocal tracks more intrusive?
  4. Good news - Natalia Osipova debuted yesterday in Legend of love at the Mariinsky.
  5. Grace on ice

    Lin thanks very much for the video link above. It was very interesting to see the off- rink training regime too. However, very sad to hear of zagitovas injuries (broken arm then leg) and not having her mother with her. These children are so brave!
  6. Grace on ice

    I meant that the competition seems to be so intense to get into the national team that there may be only once chance at the Olympics for the skater, Medvedeva, who is 18. That is only an assumption on my part.
  7. Well Osipova has been rehearsing for her Mariinsky performance tonight (according to a Facebook post) so that seems encouraging!
  8. Grace on ice

    Well Amelia I hadn't seen either of these skaters until this Olympics - and I think it will be a real contest between them. I wouldn't like to predict the outcome. I guess for Medvedeva it will be her one chance at the Olympics.
  9. Winter Olympics

    Hope you didn't hurt yourself Lisa. Managed to watch the pairs skating final tonight - enjoyed all the performances. Great win for the Germans.
  10. Winter Olympics

    Wow just seen Zagitova and her Don Q program - terrific. This looks like it will be a great battle!
  11. Winter Olympics

    Thanks Alison for the suggestion. That was a beautiful short skating program from Medvedeva - such artistry. She is as beautiful as a film star and as graceful as a ballerina. Just sitting down to watch the rest of the team event on catch up.
  12. Well I am hopeful that Osipova will recover in time for her Giselles. She is scheduled to dance at the Mariinsky on 16 Feb so we shall know more then.
  13. Sorry to see this re Cuthbertson, hope she is back soon. However, the audience will have the opportunity to see Nunez.
  14. Carmen at Royal Opera House

    Will it be worth seeing the cinema broadcast? That doesn't seem to risky,
  15. So disappointed that I couldn't get to see this because of engineering works on south western railways again! Glad that everyone that made it there had a good time. The matinee looked sold out from the website.