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  1. Others were at R & J this afternoon but my husband and I went to see ENOs current production of Lehar’s Merry Widow. The first time we have seen this operetta despite it being on my to see list for some time. What fun it was too. We know the music well so that helped but it was a joyful event, full of fun and lovely singing. Very glad we went.
  2. Very enjoyable gala. My favourites were the Robbins and the Tharp. Thought it was tough for the dancers to do Flames as the second piece - would have benefitted from more of a build up perhaps. The Diana divertissement is from Esmeralda I think - not sure if it was added at a later stage (can’t recall the chronology). went home very happy if a bit later than I anticipated!
  3. Very very sorry to hear of Lantratov’s injury and wish him a speedy recovery.
  4. However they could shave some time off the generous intervals without inconveniencing customers.
  5. Well where I was sitting there was enthusiastic applause for both - a beautiful partnership should be appreciated even more
  6. I do so agree with you Bruce but didn’t want to appear smug at our good fortune. The joy of Monday is still with me - despite not getting home till 1.00 in the morning and all the confusion of the week!
  7. Thanks Bruce and Alison I have checked my Widow tickets and they are for 13 April so I hope I can now attend the Putrov show. thanks capybara for the additional info too.
  8. Oh dear - just realised that this is the same day as ENOs Merry Widow at 15.00. Wonder if I do both?
  9. Yes indeed she did - I had tickets for that very performance and I was extremely disappointed. It is rare that I have had an opportunity to see her dance in the uk as sadly she doesn’t seem to tour with the Bolshoi. Hence I have every sympathy with people who had bought tickets in good faith to see Osipova and are now disappointed. I doubt any explanation will satisfy them. Nonetheless I would love to see Shklyarov as Basilio.
  10. Well Monday is not the best night of the week for me to have a late night (due to work next day) and Monday’s can have a somewhat subdued audience. But not last night! It’s not my favourite production either Nogoat, but you couldn’t fault the company for commitment or excellence of dancing. I like the Osipova/Muntagirov partnership - there was fun, cheekiness, tenderness and fireworks. I love a swaggering, smouldering swishy caped matador (Reece Clarke), fiery partner (Claire Calvert), charming Amour and regal Queen of the Dryads (Fumi Kaneko). There was humour too. The chap next to me was going to miss Act 3, but was persuaded to stay, as I said it was the best part. He loved it- hope he didn’t miss his Train. it was pure joy- I wish I could bottle it and have it to sustain me for the rest of the week. Thank you RB.
  11. Thanks for these reports on Onegin in Munich. I would very much wish to see Shklyarov in this role and would love to see him back in London. Hope me to hear more reports of Onegin in due course.
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