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  1. Thanks bangorballetboy. I had a look at the portraits. Very talented artist. The limited edition print of natalia osipova costs £200 unframed - make a nice Xmas present for someone.
  2. I think there is a balance to be struck. It seems some time since the Bolshoi school produced dancers of the calibre you mention in your post Lizbie, not sure why.
  3. Well I did not enjoy this tour as much as the 2014 one and not sure there was much to choose between the Bolshoi tour last year and the mariinsky this year. Last year I loved the Corsaire, this year I loved Paquita and Bayadere. In my opinion none have matched the Bolshoi tour of 2010 (and maybe never will for me). There have been great established dancers on both but disappointed that Lopatkina retired before the tour. I think the Bolshoi may have the edge at the moment with the younger dancers, many of whom have joined from the Vaganova school. There Is I think lots of exciting young talent. On that point, I didn't realise that May Nagahisa is just 17 and has only just joined the mariinsky! The opportunity to see Shyklarov was not to be missed - the finest male dancer at the company I think. I am disappointed that neither company will be in the uk next year! 2019 seems a long way off.
  4. Glad you enjoyed your mariinsky visits. Productions of swan lake can be very different - the mariinsky production will not be the same as the bolshoi (grigorovitch), Royal Ballet, BRB (Wright), ENB etc. The Royal ballet will have a new production next year which you may wish to see . Ratmansky has a reconstruction for Zurich which looks interesting. There is much debate about "authentic" versions and reconstructions of the classics on ballet fora! With the celebration of Petipa next year there may be more discussion. Some people do not like the Mariinksy production of SL because of the happy ending which does not match the wonderful music. It was "Sovietised". However, in my view it would be a pity not to see great artists such as Lopatkina, and the corps. before modern technology another ballerina would appear as Odile in the window, and still does I think in some productions. glad you liked Paquita - it was my favourite too and it may be years before we see it again.
  5. Oklahoma! at the Proms

    I watched on BBC 4 - terrific performance. Thought the dance sequences were great. Interesting to note that Agnes de Mille choreographed Rodeo before Oklahoma. Robbie Fairchild was very impressive. Bravo to all and especially John Wilson.
  6. Lovely matinee performance. The shades were the best that I have seen. Bayadere offers opportunity to shine to numerous dancers - I was pleased to see May Nagahisa as third shade, such delicacy. Chebykina reminds me of Zakharova, without the extreme extensions (are they going out of fashion at last?) askerov made a handsome Solor. Great orchestral playing again - really kept a forward pace.
  7. Oklahoma! at the Proms

    I am looking forward to watching this tomorrow on tv - I love the John Wilson orchestra
  8. I agree with fashionista about the figures. From the Amphi level I found them very bright and distracting. What with that and the white noise I was worried about getting a migraine.
  9. Agree Lizbie1 - the audience only really showed a very enthusiastic response to Paquita. As you say bravo to all involved. So glad I stayed for it.
  10. Well I think they should have jettisoned Carmen and Infra and brought the full length Paquita. Not surprised they were discounting - you could have had an £80 ticket for £25 last night. I don't remember the Kirov/mariinsky having discounted tickets before. If anyone hasn't got a ticket for tonight they may be able to buy one discounted. carmen - enjoyed the music but thought there was a mismatch between the music and the dance. Lots of repetitive choreography. Could have benefited from Petipa perhaps? I would not choose to see it again. Infra - found the electronic effects distracted from the dance. A waste of all that dance talent IMO. paquita- Wonderful dancing and costumes. I wished it had been in the middle and i could have left earlier! was it worth all the expense and inconvenience to me - for the dancers yes- content no. In the past I have found the mariinsky mixed bills to be the most interesting of their season but this time not.
  11. Thanks to all who replied to my question. Nineteenth century classical ballet is what I booked for and hoped would not be scheduled last! It seems that there may not be an opportunity to see paquita again in the uk for some time so I will brave the late trains and hope!
  12. Lovely matinee performance and great playing from the orchestra. I enjoyed it - good debuts from the leads.
  13. Dear knowledgeable balletcoers, I have tickets for Tuesday's contrasts and am deciding whether to leave part way through due to travel issues. Before I make a final decision can anyone confirm when the pervious mariinsky performance of Paquita in London took place? Thanks in advance
  14. Cardiff Singer of the World

    Some wonderful singing throughout this competition. My guess to win is the Australian tenor.
  15. I wonder why they chose Don Q when the Bolshoi performed it last summer. I wish that they were bringing Raymonda.