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  1. Thanks Saodan for the update - this casting is a bit like musical chairs!
  2. How exciting about tonight's performance. I hope everyone at the Opera House and in cinemas has a wonderful time. I can't wait until Friday when I go. I am going to stick my neck out and hazard a guess that Gamzatti suits Osipova best and Nikiya suits Nunez best but happy to be proved wrong. How lucky we are to have the opportunity to see this swap.
  3. Heard some of the soundtrack for this on the radio yesterday - oh my goodness they have Disneyfied Tchaikovsky! Why oh why - surely it is magical as it was. However, it may prompt an interest in seeing the ballet. Perhaps a bumper Christmas for the Nutcracker! Today of course we remember Tchaikovsky's tragic death and the wonderful music he composed.
  4. Thanks Vanartus for your reviews. This sounds like a very interesting production, wish I could see it.
  5. Really enjoying all these reviews. Sadly I had a ticket for 1 November but was too ill to go (awful virus). I do have tickets for Friday 16 though so am looking forward to that, trains etc permitting. I haven't seen the RB Baydere since Bussell danced Nikyia! By the way there are tube strikes tomorrow and Thursday on some lines if anyone is travelling.
  6. Does anyone know when casting for symphony in C will be announced? I would rather know before booking.
  7. Thanks RobS for your great photos - did you get one of Hirano? vanartus I agree with all that you have said. After reading the reviews I contemplated not going last night. So glad I did now. I was v close to the stage and it made such a difference to see close up the expressions of the dancers. Plus as my expectations were not so high as they might have been if Watson had been dancing they were in fact exceeded. Terrific performances from all and full of energy. Osipova could have been Salome in the pdd at the end of Act 2. Rudolf never stood a chance! I agree this ballet is tragic with no redemption or hope and that makes it difficult to watch at times and for me uncomfortable, especially the pdd with Stephanie. by the way I can confirm that the stalls circle seats were removed yesterday, I assume to allow the sound to travel up. Thanks to to all posters for their knowledgable and insightful posts, as ever.
  8. Thanks to the balletcoer who posted the info about the Barbican cinema rerun. Managed to get to the screening and thoroughly enjoyed it. Act 2 made me think of Raymonda and Act 3 of My Fair Lady. It was only £10.50 for the ticket too- a bargain!
  9. Best wishes to Hirano, Osipova and tonight's cast. Hope all the balletcoers have a great night too.
  10. Oh dear, is this the ROHs "Ratner" moment. This has really spoilt the start of the new season for me, and it was already a disappointment to see the announcement of Mr Watson's continued absence. The ROH does not seem to recognise that there are many other attractions competing for my time and money. I don't have limitless amounts of either! With concern about the impact of Brexit, many people will be carefully considering how they spend their money over the next year in particular. They may decide to reduce spend on culture. Perhaps ROH is relying too heavily on the loyalty of the audience for the company and the artists.
  11. I wish I could have seen this - I love the music and it seems that it was an enjoyable performance.
  12. Did anyone see this live or watch it on BBC 4 last weekend? My other half spoilt it by telling me in advance who had one! However, I guessed second and third positions. Terrific performances from all.
  13. Went to visit yesterday and it's very impressive. I didn't stop long enough to see the cafe prices. The terrace is lovely.
  14. What fun last night (and I was in sorely in need of it). This was a new programme for me and I thought it was terrific. I haven't seen a serious version of Les Sylphides for so long and I am now wondering why. I would love to see the full Raymonda too. I must admit I thought of a certain bolshoi ballerina. It was a very appreciative audience.