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  1. jm365 it is called "Diagilev A Life" by Sjeng Scheijen. It was published in 2009 by Profile Books, so is not new. However, the copy I have is a pristine hardback and cost me £3.00 in Oxfam books - I consider it a bargain. Reviews on Amazon are mixed, I am yet to get very far into the approximately 440 pages.
  2. It must have been a labour of love!
  3. Christmas television?

    Why couldn't they show Woolf works? The current programming seems very disappointing
  4. Yes Alison on southwestern trains. My train journey is usually an hour on the fast train out of Waterloo. Disruptions continue today unsurprisingly. Sympathies to all affected by travel difficulties. Hope no one missed a show because of them.
  5. Going by previous experience Osipova tends to get better with each performance. Of course she had also performed at all of the satori shows as well!
  6. My latest purchase is a very large biography of Diagilev, translated from Russian. It is going to take me some time to read I think!
  7. Yes 5 hours to get home tonight!
  8. Hope Bonelli is not injured - how I wish I had a ticket for the 11th!
  9. I agree about Scriabiniana Amelia but having read some reviews now it seems that some British critics do not appreciate 'soviet' choreography. I have noted this with other works too. Is it because the style is so different?
  10. I was there last night. Congratulations to Polunin for a well balanced programme. Terrific dancers. Enjoyed Scriabiniana very much. Osipova was adorable in it. Lovely pdd with Polunin. Lots of Bolshoi lifts - some very daring. Found Satori very moving - the Osipova-Polunin pdd was emotional. Wish I could see them together in a full length ballet. There were many young people there and that was encouraging to see. I had an enjoyable evening and would go again on Sunday if I could. TKTS had some tickets for tonight I think.
  11. Lovely photos Don Q Fan - thanks for uploading. I agree that Sylvia's tutu in Act 3 was exceptionally beautiful.
  12. Thank you Amelia for the clip. That is high praise indeed.
  13. What a wonderful ballet - the perfect adult Xmas ballet. Why is it not performed more often and why no cinema showing? ashton did Delibes proud in my opinion. The slave dance in act 2 reminded me of the Chinese dance in the nutcracker. The goats in act 3 the white cats in Beauty. thought that FB had a few wobbles in the first balances but then settled. Osipova dropped the arrow but was a terrific, stern Amazon in act 1. A pity that she didn’t rescue Aminta! Great huntresses with her. in act 2 she became a seductive minx. For those of you who saw Fonteyn how did she dance this? From reading her biography I cannot imagine her as a minx. In tbe the torch lift in act 3 I was worried that FB was struggling and I think she caught her foot on his shoulder as she descended. Well done to both that they kept it together. Loved the choreography in this act. The pizzicato - did I see gargouillades? Was it just me or did they dance better in the solos rather than together? The ‘jump fish dives’ (excuse non technical term) looked perfect. Enjoyed the goats et al. loved it and want to go again
  14. Not sure how to link here but if you google YouTube osipova at her start it should come up. It is on the same clip as the Kitri. Adorable as is the Paquita.