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  1. Some returns for Baydere have gone up on the website if anyone is still looking for Nunez/Osipova and vice versa.
  2. Shade

    My first night at work tonight since 1996.

    Best wishes Lisa in your new job. Hope it all works out for your son too.
  3. I love Don Q if it is a good production with great dancers. I find it fills with me joy. I have had the great fortune to see Alexandrova and Filin and Osipova and Vasiliev in to me what I expect will be the definitive performance. The company has to be fully committed to make it believable though, half hearted will not do. i also love Bayadere - the shades is the ultimate white act and I always try to see it if it is on in London. i do like the Ashton Cinderella, Fille and Dream but not Two Pigeons. So there you go!
  4. Managed to catch an encore screening of Swan Lake this week. So glad I did as I had realised that I had missed quite a lot of the detail from my seat at the live performance. My central cinema seat gave a much better view of the corps too. Magnificent dancing and scenery etc but I remain disappointed at the ending.
  5. Thanks to all for the information here about returns to other venues that I wasn't aware of. I do think Roh is generally very helpful about returns - even for non Royal Ballet performances. However, don't they normall sell out anyway- except perhaps for certain triple bills? i have found it very helpful when I have migraines - which can occur at any time sadly and I missed Anastasia because of one. Hence I tend to leave my tickets at the Box Office for collection before the performance.
  6. Ah no Sim I am missing them already!
  7. Shade

    Any cuckoos out there? ... and other BirdWatch news

    Thanks Quintus for the lovely picture- I don't see many partridges now sadly. Do they have a family?
  8. So interesting to read the views here. With respect to Ball dancing with Osipova - perhaps, just perhaps, he wanted to dance with her? Osipova is after all an international star. I always assumed that principals at least, had some choice in dance partners but that may not be the case. i certainly did not mind the Osipova substituting the turns in place of the fouettés but clearly others have different views. I didn't notice the timing being out but on th holiday Monday it was a different conductor. In any event I would rather she did that than pull out completely. With the different conductors was there any noticeable change in tempo did anyone note?
  9. Would be very pleased to hear any reports of this. The photography exhibition looks good too.
  10. Agree Sim really poor quality reporting. Congratulations to Matthew Ball in any event- I hope he has great success with the Bourne Swan Lake.
  11. Thanks Beryl. I will try to watch this as the Bolshoi's Coppelia is a lovely production.
  12. Agree with much of what has been said by others about the Osipova/Ball performance last night. i am sure the partnership will develop over the run but there is an imbalance in the roles that is inherent in the production. It must be challenge fo any one to dance with Osipova she is so vital. I thought she was very feline in the black act. I didnt miss miss the fouettés - the turns were thrilling and I have never seen them done on stage before. i didn't like the ending it doesn't fit the music. Such a shame it was better before.
  13. Oh shame ...had hoped for stashkevich
  14. Shade


    I love cats but do worry about the carnage. We rescued a slow worm that was heading to the road the other evening. He was quite wriggly.
  15. Well lucky New Yorkers I say- they got the Giselle that London didn't! I am sure that mr Hallberg did everything he could to recover for the performance, on their birthdays. Not sure I agree about stage chemistry being primarily about good partnering skills. Otherwise wouldn't there be more if it about? The audience were so enthusiastic that they sang Happy Birthday to them.