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  1. Thanks for posting Anna. The Newsletter is full of information. I hope that Don Q with Smirnova, Shrainer and Osipova in honour of Marina Kondratieva is terrific.
  2. Sorry to be late with this - Zoe Anderson spoke about Petipa and Ivanov with illustrations with RB video clips. She spoke well and I found it interesting but I think it was an impossible task to do justice to the two choreographers in the time. I didn’t know that Petipa’s first ballet was the Pharaoh’s Daughter and he produced it in 6 weeks. More on his relationships with the composers would have been appreciated. Ivanov was particularly hard done by, given that his ballets are probably the best known to the public. Really it would need a series of lectures to properly cover the ground - are there any- I would love to be better educated. Zoe compared the Kingdom of the Shades entrance to that of the White Swans in Swan Lake. I would have liked more of this analysis but there just wasn’t time. there followed a Q and A with Monica Mason about her views of the sleeping beauty and its importance to the company from the perspective of a dancer and director. There was a short time (not enough) for audience Q and As. I would go to another event like this. It’s a shame it’s not online.
  3. Oh this does sound interesting - I have never seen Suite en Blanc. May have to get a ticket.
  4. Thank you Stucha- some lovely photos there and on Facebook.
  5. It would be lovely to see a review of this or even some comment
  6. It seems that Ms Osipova is to perform in Perm as Nikyia with Lantratov and Alexandrova as Gamzatti on 14 December. That's very starry casting - would love to see it. Is the Perm production the same as the Mariinsky?
  7. I was there on 29 Nov, sat in the Amphi, right in front of the (well behaved) GCSE students. I think Soldier is for the YouTube generation. From where I sat, you could not see the entrance of the women, their heads were obscured by the scrim. I found that the final scene diminished the work overall. I almost laughed as the girls behind me were wispering about the dancer being naked! Perhaps it would have worked better if the mother had appeared to welcome her son. However, the dancers were great to watch. infra I enjoyed more this time (saw it when Mariinsky performed it). I would class it as dance rather than ballet though. Again terrific performances from the dancers. The students were very excited by it, such a shame that they had to leave before Symphony in C, the true ballet piece of the evening. There was a collective 'ah' of delight for SiC up in the Amphi. It was the first time I have seen it live and I found it delightful. The second movement reminds me of swan lake and diamonds. I will definitely book to see it again. The whole cast looked good in this. I only wish they had put it on first rather than last.
  8. I didn’t get to see Hallberg in giselle at the ROH but those who saw act 1 seemed very happy. i did see him at the Wells with Osipova and I loved the Ratnansky duet. Hope he’s ok for R and J in 2019
  9. I think Amelia posted notice of Cuthbertsons appearance in Sylvia. Congratulations to her it seems to have gone well.
  10. Very good if you can find a train running- especially at weekends
  11. Surely Grand Tier has Charbonnel et Walker - the Opera Collection?
  12. Yes Geoff I asked what performances Osipova was in and the assistant said she wasn't in it. I think I have more trust in the information on here!
  13. Agree about the unambitious program - and I think Bright Stream was last seen in 2010 - that fabulous season. I didn't see it then so keen to see it this time. I am not sure Spartacus is that popular but I suppose we will find out.
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