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  1. Shade


    I love cats but do worry about the carnage. We rescued a slow worm that was heading to the road the other evening. He was quite wriggly.
  2. Well lucky New Yorkers I say- they got the Giselle that London didn't! I am sure that mr Hallberg did everything he could to recover for the performance, on their birthdays. Not sure I agree about stage chemistry being primarily about good partnering skills. Otherwise wouldn't there be more if it about? The audience were so enthusiastic that they sang Happy Birthday to them.
  3. Another wonderful run this season. RB is is in great health.
  4. Hope everyone has a good time at Swan Lake. I'll look forward to your reports
  5. Shade

    BBC Young Musician

    Well deserved win for Zhang - she is a prodigy. Having read about the Prokoviev I understand it is regarded as one of the most challenging pieces in the rep and not everyone even attempts it. For a 16 year old she showed remarkable maturity and presence. i think the cellist would have been in with a chance though.
  6. The dying swan was Charming - loved the children doing their homework (or not) in the dressing room. Agree half an hour was too short but better than nothing. Dark Knight was too superficial in my view- I didn't understand why Macmillan was drawn to dark stories - little was mentioned of his childhood. Was there a connection? It was good to see so many clips of dancers but they didn't appear to be credited. i think for real insight I will need to read a biography.
  7. Not fond of white dresses generally - not my colour. Like: sylvia's pink tutu manon's black and gold dress margeurite's red and black dresses sugar plum fairy tutu aurora's tutu firebird tutu a bit too much of a tutu theme here!
  8. It was a pleasure to meet some of the forum members on Friday evening and say hello in person. i enjoyed the evening - 2/3 of the pieces were new to me. I must admit I wouldn't rush to see Obsidian Tear again but the dancers were great. M & A was very moving. I adore Shkylarov, especially with Osipova and so wish he would come back to London. Loved the frocks! Elite synchopations was so joyful and funny. Not what I expected at all. Terrific performances from the whole cast. I would definitely see this again.
  9. Shade

    Any cuckoos out there? ... and other BirdWatch news

    Not in my garden but the riding stables has resident red kites and the martins have arrived. Always happy to see them.
  10. Shade

    BBC Young Musician

    Wonderful talented young musicians. It was good to hear some different rep from thr young pianists.
  11. It would be my wish to see Obraztsova in a full length ballet - but not Swan Lake please. La sylphide or giselle would be ideal!
  12. Hi Bill could I have 28 May ticket please?
  13. I think RB casting is generally reliable but nobody can plan for injury or sickness. Nunez/Osipova in Bayadere should be great - they were in Giselle.