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  1. Hi all, With the bank holiday on the 28th, & no trains running from my local station on that day, I’m forced to sell my Swan Lake ticket. Details as follows: 28th May 7PM, seat A81 Amphitheatre right. £29. Cast is Osipova/Ball. Ticket has the following restrictions: View obstructed by tier ledge/steep, narrow stairs/high view point. Any questions let me know. I’ll be at the ROH on the 12th May so can hand it over then.
  2. Thought I would bump this up now it’s closer to the performance to see if anyone is interested.
  3. Hi all, I have a spare ticket for the Royal Ballet triple bill on the 11th May 2018 at 7:30PM. The bill is the Obsidian Tear/Marguerite and Armand/Elite Syncopations one. Casting on the website shows Osipova/Shklyarov for M&A and Clarke/Hamilton for Elite Sync. The e-ticket is Amphitheatre Right J71. Cost is £14. Ang questions let let me know.
  4. Lenore

    Royal Ballet 2018/19 Season

    I could definitely see Reece Clarke as Solor. Also would love to see Fumi Kaneko as Nikiya. (jmhopton: Osipova & Muntagirov danced together in Sylvia last year (admittedly only due to Bonelli being injured). I do agree with the excitement of a prospective Muntagirov/Osipova/Nuñez cast for La Bayadere though.) For Don Q: Laura Morera strikes me as another potential Kitri? Also Akane Takada. For potential Basilio’s; Muntagirov/Corrales/Bonelli (with Laura perhaps?)/Sambe (definitely). I love Mayerling so I don’t mind it coming back so soon. Although, my immediate thought was that it’s possibly there to include Ed Watson’s final performance? I would like to see Francesca Hayward as Mary this time around (as well as both Osipova & Morera reprising the role). And perhaps some younger Rudolfs. Speaking of guests, perhaps David Hallberg will be sufficiently recovered to dance with Natalia in Romeo & Juliet. With so many performances it still leaves plenty of spots for in house debuts as well (with hopefully more than 1 performance each, fingers crossed). Would love to see James Hay as Romeo (although unsure who he would be paired with). Almost dreading casting for this, as I’ll know I’ll probably want to see almost all of them & I’ll have to really restrain myself! Very excited for the Mixed Bills. I actually haven’t seen any (!) of them besides 2 Pigeons. I’ll be interested to to see the seat prices for this new season. When are they typically announced? I’m wondering if the prices that were set for Swan Lake are now permanent or if they were solely to help offset the cost of the new production? Maybe it’s obvious, I don’t know. I know what I’m hoping, of course....
  5. I think you both might enjoy this video: https://youtu.be/KfNbFm-zwf4 Different dancers (Natalia Makarova/Kevin McKenzie) but look out for the appearance of the grey jogging bottoms!
  6. Lenore

    Russian ballets

    Anyuta is available on DVD if you’re interested, with Maximova/Vasiliev amongst the cast. I purchased a copy from amazon but haven’t gotten around watching it in full yet (so can’t comment, unfortunately).
  7. Hi all. Not or sure how much of a long shot this is, but if anyone wants to sell their £25 ticket to the Russian Icons Gala on the 25/02/18 please let me know! Thanks.
  8. Lenore

    Audience Behaviour

    Was going to post this with my thoughts on the ENB Jeune Homme/La Sylphide bill, but figured it’d be more appropriate here. I’m really beginning to dislike the London Coliseum as a venue. I’ve been quite a few times and all but once have sat at the Balcony level (the only other place I’ve sat was Upper Circle). Almost every time I’ve been distracted by people talking or whispering, or as the case was on Saturday with the couple who jumped in the seats in front of me; giggling and whispering. They also kept kissing (so kept missing chunks of the performance & then in hushed voices kept trying to figure out what was going on 🙄. Thankfully they moved several seats along after the first interval so they could space out their rucksack & coats). I did manage to block most of it out but did get drawn out of the drama on stage a few times by the whispering. Also during the same performance someone nearby kept impatiently tapping their shoes during La Sylphide, although thankfully they stopped after a while & didn’t restart. Maybe I’m being a bit petty & a bit grumpy but I find it so distracting and annoying. And always at the Coliseum! Does anyone else find this venue is particularly bad for it or am I just unlucky? Anyway, rant over :-)
  9. I also saw the matinee on Saturday & can only echo what others have already said. I loved the intensity of Le Jeune Homme & how both Jia Zhang & Cesar Corrales managed to convey the various emotions so clearly (even from my seat in the Balcony). I loved the music as well. I would love to see more of Zhang in the future. La Sylphide is not something I’ve ever seen before, although before Saturday I did watch the video of Schaufuss/Evdokimova on YouTube (beautiful). I really enjoyed it. I found the ending - when she loses her wings - profoundly moving. Alison McWhinney was a delightfully mischievous Sylph & I also enjoyed Aitor Arrieta. Their smiles were infectious in Act II. Stina Quagebeur is a complete chameleon & always completely inhabits the characters she plays/dances. I do agree with others regarding the corps. I felt some of the dancing was a bit stiff. A minor quibble. Overall, it was a really enjoyable double bill; I only wish I could have attended more performances from this run. I do wonder if the empty seats were indicative of the month (just after Christmas, before payday)? The Balcony was noticeably sparse & I remember Le Corsaire being the same last year around the same time...
  10. I have a ticket available for the ENB double bill of Song of the Earth & La Sylphide at the London Coliseum. Performance is on Saturday 13th January at 2:30PM. Seat is C11 Balcony Centre Right - £13.50. Unfortunately have left it too late to arrange reasonably priced travel. Any questions let me know!
  11. Selling my SCS ticket for the RB Nutcracker 2PM matinee on the 27/12/17. D33 (standing ticket) - £8 Had a look at the trains last week & noticed they won’t be going to London on that date Any questions let me know.
  12. Bumping this up now it’s closer to the date - no interest thus far.
  13. Selling my ticket for the Amore/Svetlana Zakharova bill at the London Coliseum next month on the 24th November. Start time is 7:30PM. Seat details: Upper Circle Centre - K40 - £20 I’m no longer able to go & don’t really want the ticket to go to waste (they don’t accept returns on tickets). Any questions please let me know. :-)
  14. Bizarre how much it varies around the country! Agree that it's likely due to the various chains rather than the ROH. For comparison, I have 2 nearest cinemas that show RB performances: an Odeon & a Showcase cinema. The Odeon charges £13.50 for an adult & the Showcase charges £15.45 (bigger screen & comfier seats). I checked prices for the upcoming Alice as well as Manon/Swan Lake next year & the prices were all the same. No idea if encore showings vary in price.