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  1. lilacfairy

    Best Teachers in the North East?

    Katherine Brett academy of dance is an excellent school, it's in Jesmond Newcastle
  2. lilacfairy

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    Travel lodge Farringdon is a 15 minute walk from central school
  3. lilacfairy

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    We were there till 630 at night so missed our booked train, my advise would be to have a flexible return ticket, we got to solos, interview physio
  4. lilacfairy

    I don't know what to do!

    Pointless , I totally agree with those statements. that you made, we were caught up in that way of thinking we had a great local ballet school which my DD went to, but felt to excel she needed to get in an associate scheme, her teacher did agree to it but did warn us ' it's just another ballet class you know' although she agreed to itcbecause it was RAD. We travelled quite a distance ,cost more money for trains etc whether it was worth it I don't know , she ended up going to vocational school .
  5. lilacfairy

    Rambert Pre Vocational Course 17/18

    I think this is the first year for that course.
  6. lilacfairy

    Vocational school at 16

    Rambert welcome 16 year olds also!
  7. lilacfairy

    CAT scheme Newcastle

    It is excellent my DD was there for 5 yrs and is currently at a vocational school, if I remember rightly when they start they do a ballet class once a week, contemporary class, and then a weekend day which consists of about 3 to 4 hours learning choreography for shows. This may be less if the child is under 12 am sure you'll get this info on the day. Teachers are great ,lovely caring atmosphere.
  8. lilacfairy

    Tap - how important a part of a dancer's training is it?

    There was a Darcy Bussell documentary where she learnt a tap routine , might have been a Gene Kelly number and she said the reason she never did tap was because it wasn't good for ballet dancers feet/ ankles.
  9. lilacfairy

    leotard for sale

    Vest style also is in used but good condition
  10. lilacfairy

    leotard for sale

    KATZ leotard child size 3A colour raspberry,includes raspberry elastic belt .£6 includes postage
  11. lilacfairy

    Vocational schools before 16

    In our experience the answer is no although my DD had an excellent local dance school, joined an associate scheme and was on a contemporary CAT putting in I'm sure just as many hours of training as vocational students.
  12. lilacfairy

    Rambert Sixth Form Auditions September 2017

    It's a bit of a mix 16 /17/18 some older ,some live homestays ,some flats with other students, seems to work out depends on individuals,located in nice area outside London and have excellent student support.
  13. lilacfairy

    Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    We took photos ourselves, most places will offer auditions ,after all they are receiving fees for everyone that gets one.
  14. I wouldn't worry about not having privates , sometimes you can gain just as much from a group class where you can compare yourself to others .