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  1. Thank you very much for your reply. I hadn’t heard of the dance clinics before this morning but I will certainly look in to booking an appointment. I hope your dc is now recovered from their injuries and is doing well.
  2. Hi, This is the first time I have posted but I’m desperate to hear of any success stories after suffering with Osgood Schlatters. My son is 13 years old and is in his 3rd year at Tring Park. He grew 6 inches last year and has subsequently suffered with terrible pain in his knees and shins. He hasn’t been able to dance since Summer and is now on crutches as his pain has increased. He has had 2 MRI scans which thankfully do not show anything else sinister going on other than Osgood Schlatters but his pain is not improving. School believe that he will probably be off dance for the rest of the year and I’m really concerned about his state of mind, he is very depressed and concerned about his training. Has anybody else’s children been through this and come out of the other side? It would be really good to be able to tell him there is light at the end of the tunnel. Anyone else that has had this much time off dance and gone on to join a company?
  3. Thank you very much Harwel. He was so pleased to hear that your DS will be staying in clock house this year, it will be so lovely for him to have a familiar face there and I know that he will feel comfortable asking him for help if he needs it.
  4. My DS has also just finished an "awesome" ( his words) week at Sara Packhams SS. He has loved every minute and would love nothing more than to repeat it all again this week. He is only 11 and quite a lot younger than the others in his senior group but the children are put into groups mainly based on ability rather than age so are able to receive the very best training for their individual needs and get to perform expertly choreographed pieces in the end of the week show. He starts at Tring in September and it has been great for him to mix with other children and young adults from Tring and other vocational schools, listening to their stories and putting him at ease about moving away from home. This SS is not just about the vocational children though. The standard is extremely high but they are mixed ability and age and are given the chance to train in ballet, tap, contemporary, commercial, vocal and drama, some of them optional with professional teaching, some of the children would not ever get this opportunity elsewhere. I would definately recommend this SS for its high class training, friendly atmosphere and large range of classes.
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