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  1. BristolBillyBob

    Audience Behaviour

    What a lovely post; made me happy to read it. Thanks for taking the time to share.
  2. BristolBillyBob

    Audience Behaviour

    I always thought, in my case for music albums, that there should be two reviews; One from someone who knows about the genre and already appreciates it, understands its nuances, etc., and one from someone who isn't normally on board with it, but can offer an outsider's perspective. Too often I've read reviews from someone who clearly doesn't enjoy or appreciate that kind of music, makes that fact clear, and I learn nothing about whether the album is any good! I always remember a friend of mine saying "The problem with reviewers is that a lot of the time they're mostly reviewing themselves", by showing off how much they know, how snarky they can be and just how gosh-darn intelligent and insightful they are, and I think that's probably true.
  3. BristolBillyBob

    Ballet photography books

    I saw this in the Opéra de Paris shop and had a leaf through. It's really quite a wonderful but remarkably weighty thing; I think it would've been my hold luggage allowance by itself! I quite enjoy bargain hunting - it's something of a hobby for me! - so I'll keep an eye out and report back if I spot it somewhere!
  4. BristolBillyBob

    Ballet photography books

    In case anybody is interested, I've been watching In the Company of Stars: The Paris Opera Ballet on Amazon and second hand copies have dropped to £1.06 (+ £2.80 p+p). Can't comment on the book itself as my copy has yet to arrive, but thought I'd give a heads up. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/2080300008/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. Ooh, I didn't know they were doing Vera. It's an absolute beaut. Happy memories of that night at the Barbican at Choreographics in 2014; it was something very special indeed.
  6. Hi there, Insights: Balanchine and Robbins – Exploring American Idols: Tuesday 27 November 2018, 7.30pm I'll be up in London for a conference while this is on, and I'd be happy to take a ticket off your hands if you (a) have one to offer and (b) want to spare me the uniquely exquisite social awkwardness torture that is "networking dinner". Thanks!
  7. BristolBillyBob

    New book: "Darcey Bussell Evolved"

    Wish me luck, then! I'll report back in the autumn...
  8. BristolBillyBob

    New book: "Darcey Bussell Evolved"

    I put in an order for this when it was £30 earlier... Literally the only time I've preordered anything on Amazon, and their Preorder Price Guarantee has already paid off for me! 😄
  9. Darcey Bussell just announced on Instagram that she has a new book coming out called Darcey Bussell Evolved: Looks like it'll be released on 1st November this year. Most bookshops are listing a 'special edition' but I'm not sure what that entails! Her last photo book - simply called Darcey Bussell - is one of my favourite ballet books, so I have high hopes for this.
  10. Just to add to Janet's wonderful review, it's worth mentioning how strong the corps are at BRB at the moment. I've never seen Fille before it arrived in Bristol, but with the lion's share of solos given to just two characters, I suspect Fille could live or die on the corps' performance, and they were sublime. Excellent work throughout the company! Oh, and lovely to meet up with Janet at both class in the morning and in the evening! That's, by my reckoning, three different cities we've caught up with each other now, right? Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham? Have we ever met at BRB in Cheltenham?
  11. BristolBillyBob

    Audience Behaviour

    Slightly off-topic, but maybe we could start a thread somewhere for sharing seat recommendations (or warnings) for theatres? I know there are photos for ROH, but it's useful to know when you can/can't see feet in the stalls, or whether you'll have a conductor or violin bows in the way, that kind of thing. I often write a quick note on the back of my ticket, which I keep tucked into the programme, so when I return to a theatre I can check what seats I had and whether past me suggests I book them again. An example is the Millennium Centre in Cardiff. Nearly all the stalls rows have amazing leg room, but there are two that aren't clear from the seating plan that are hideously poor for some reason.
  12. BristolBillyBob

    Audience Behaviour

    https://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Periscope or https://www.savvyhomemade.com/making-a-periscope-for-kids/ ? 😇
  13. Shame it's not doing so well, as it's frequently brilliant. Act 1 in particular is quite something, some absolutely wonderful choreography.
  14. BristolBillyBob

    Ballet Central Appeal - stolen tour vehicle

    It's probably the van that was the target. It was a 2014 plate, so not massively old. Apparently it was clearly marked up with rental company decals. As I understand it thieves often go for rental cars/vans as the companies are more likely to write it off on their corporate insurance than go to a great deal of trouble trying to find it. I'm presuming the flight cases are worth something too, so sadly I wonder if the costumes will be disposed of and the flight cases and van sold on.