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  1. swanprincess

    IDTA Level 4 Diploma

    She specified she wanted a warm up facing the barre, but then wasn't particularly specific over the other exercises. i found it a really lovely exam to do, good luck with yours!xx
  2. swanprincess

    IDTA Level 4 Diploma

    Hi Claudstar, I took this exam in April so will hopefully be able to advise. No, you’re not allowed notes, and the examiner only observes you teach then you have a conversation with her after the class when the students have left the room. the examiner will write down what she wants you to teach, then you’ll have 10 minutes to think before the students come in. I’d prepared possible exercises but didn’t end up needing them in the exam! I was asked to teach a barre warm up, an adage in the centre, an exercise involving pas de basque, an exercise to develop musicality, and a cool down. Do you know the age/grade of the students in your class? This might help you, to think of any new steps that are in their grade, or any steps that they’ve done in lower grades as the examiner will likely ask for an exercise involving one or two particular steps from the set work. It’s a non syllabus class so she won’t expect you to teach a set exercise. let me know if you have any more questions!xx
  3. swanprincess

    Happiness is:-

    Darcey is at RAD?? Thanks for the heads-up haha, I'll keep a lookout for her! (I'm going into 2nd year at RAD next week; if any first years need any RAD-related advice then please feel free to message me, I'd be happy to help!)xx
  4. swanprincess

    One Year Ballet Course - any out there?

    London Russian Ballet School might be worth contacting?
  5. swanprincess

    Royal Swedish Ballet International Program

    My friend recently graduated from the 1 year International students’ course at Royal Swedish Ballet School, and is now training at a well known school in Europe. From what I have heard, the course was very good, with small class sizes, beautiful facilities and opportunities to perform with the Royal Swedish Ballet. Stockholm is a gorgeous city although quite cold and dark in the winter!! Hope this helps x
  6. I am selling a ticket for Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo's "Programme B" performance on 22/9/18 at the Peacock Theatre, seat G24 in the Stalls, original cost £32 but will sell for £25. PM if interested! Thanks x
  7. swanprincess

    FS: red and black circular stretch band

    Can I have it please?
  8. Here it is! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155800674540875&id=30728740874&ref=m_notif&notif_t=feed_comment_reply
  9. swanprincess

    Which Role Would You Dance?

    Odette.... of course But I also love the sincerity of Nikiya in La Bayadere, and the music for the Entrance of the Shades is so gorgeous that I wouldn’t mind all those arabesques either!
  10. swanprincess

    Fan Letters To Dancers

    I once wrote to Lauretta Summerscales and recieved a beautiful reply!
  11. swanprincess

    Degas & GM leotards

    For sale; Degas dark red camisole leotard, model 9501, size T1 (think it's about an adult size 6), worn a handful of times, £25 Gaynor Minden cap sleeve leotard in pink (the Ballet West uniform style leotard, but in pink), brand new with label still on, £25, size small. DM if interested
  12. swanprincess

    Dance physio

    Katy Chambers, based at Laban, is excellent
  13. Actually I'll take both please! Emailing you now x
  14. Could I have 1 please? Or were you looking to sell them as a pair?
  15. Is anyone selling a ticket for tomorrow nights' show at opera Holland Park? Watched tonight's performance and would love a ticket to tomorrow's show 😍