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  1. If anyone has a spare ticket, ideally under £20, for any of Osipova's performances in RB's Giselle could you please PM me? Thank you!
  2. Zina Mamedova class at Danceworks?

    I've only been to Zina's classes a few times but love them; they seem to have a very long barre with lots of Demi pointe work, and lovely centre enchaînements. London Russian Ballet School also do excellent drop in classes!
  3. I also highly recommend LRBS for strict Russian ballet training- as well as Evgeny, Anatoly Sidrov is also excellent 😍
  4. Bloch heritage 3X new for sale £20

    How do these compare to the European Balance?
  5. Wanted; white practice tutu

    If anyone is selling a white practice tutu please DM me!xxx
  6. Bloch demipointe

    Are these still available?x
  7. Hi Ryo is this ticket still available?
  8. Preferably under £25 per ticket please x
  9. For sale; 1 Amphi ticket for 27/7 Mariinsky Swan Lake (as Skoryk is sadly no longer dancing), £48 Please PM if interested!
  10. Uniform and Etc!

    I've got a pair of size 3 character shoes im selling if you need them xx
  11. WANTED - Jazz shoes size 1

    I have split soles in a 2 if you're still interested :-) do you need jazz trainers too?
  12. Adult ballet summer school uk 2017

    Chilean Heredia is holding a summer school in London for students aged 16-22, she posted about it on her Instagram page @inspiralballet
  13. Shoes size 2-3 for sale

    I have the following items for sale, only worn a handful of times; Bloch jazz trainers, size 2.5, £25 Bloch jazz shoes, size 2, £10 Bloch New Yorkers, size 3, £45 (cost £60 new, only worn once!) Capezio character shoes with 1 inch heel size 2, £10 Reasonable offers accepted
  14. Ballet worries in 7 year old

    Having a mentor is a great idea! I'd be happy to message/write to your dd Xanthe if you think a bit of 'inside knowledge' about the life of a ballet student would help to reassure her i too was bullied in secondary school.... I vividly remember studying nutrition in biology; the boy sat next to me googled "fat ballerina", picked out the most grotesque image he could find, and said 'oh look, it's you!' This continued for several weeks and really didn't end well..... so it's important that you intervene at your DD's school to make sure the bullying is stopped!!
  15. Ballet West (Scotland)

    Whoops so sorry arucaria Ballerina I tried to quote your post but accidentally clicked on the little flag & may have reported it!!!!!! So sorry ? Yes I am in 2nd year at BW! oh haha thank you @thatballetboy I didn't realise anyone actually read my blog!! What kind of blog posts appeal to you? Stuff about daily life as a vocational student? I've been pretty busy recently but will do my best to blog more if people are interested