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  1. Ahh okay, thank you! I thought it was a classical company I hadn’t heard of! Have already got tickets for the MB Swan lake though, thank you!💜
  2. Forgive my ignorance but what is NA?
  3. swanprincess


    Agreed! Absolutely loved Vadim in Swan Lake, but also in Bayadere with Natalia as Gamzatti. Yasmine Naghdi was also gorgeous as Gamzatti, but a dancer who has really mesmerised me this year is Akane Takada- I saw her as Giselle in 2015 (I think!) and really wasn’t so keen- but this year her Nikiya in La Bayadere was breathtaking, and her Pas de Trois variation in Swan Lake was extraordinarily musical, one of the best I’ve seen! Am definitely now a fan of her!
  4. swanprincess


    5. The Trocks (it was my first time seeing them and I loved it!! A perfect balance between comedy and technicality!) 4. Royal Ballet's Giselle (Osipova 😍) 3. Royal Ballet's Swan Lake 2. English National Ballet's Nutcracker 1. The Royal Ballet School in Didy Veldman's 'TooT' (performed at Holland Park and ROH)- this has to be my number 1 favourite work of 2018!! Although not a full length ballet, or indeed even a classical ballet, I just loved the concept, choreography, music..... This piece is definitely one that I'll still be thinking about this time next year!!
  5. swanprincess

    How to find a good school for a boy

    London Russian Ballet School have full scholarships available for boys to train full-time, my best friend has just started at the School and is very happy there, feel free to PM me if you have any more questions x
  6. swanprincess

    Costumes - Job Lot

    Yes please!
  7. swanprincess

    Costumes - Job Lot

    If the white long tutu is adult size 6-8 then I'd like it please x
  8. swanprincess

    Adult absolute beginners courses in Central London

    Yes Ruth the LRBS classes operate on a drop-in basis, although you get a slight discount if you buy a block of 10 classes
  9. swanprincess

    IDTA Level 4 Diploma

    Hi! So the day before my exam I met the children who would be dancing for me (I knew them but hadn’t taught them for a few years)- i taught them some exercises as a ‘practice run’ but then in my exam the examiner asked for specific things which I hadn’t already prepared- such as, I would usually do a warm up in the centre with grade 3’s but the examiner wanted a warm up at the barre
  10. The documentary is fascinating but the auto-translate is a bit dodgy!! For example in the opening scenes when the children are saying ‘Drastvoytye” (здравствуйте) the subtitles say ‘red’ when it actually means ‘hello’ 😂
  11. swanprincess

    Adult absolute beginners courses in Central London

    London Russian Ballet School have a brilliant Absolute Beginners class at 1.30pm on Sundays, I definitely recommend that
  12. Figured it out now! For anyone else struggling, the auto translate option will appear if you watch it on a laptop rather than a mobile device!
  13. Sorry to sound dumb but how do you get auto translate on YouTube? I tried to enable subtitles, but it would only let me put Russian subtitles; there wasn’t an option for English translation 😥
  14. Hi Jacky is this still available?xx
  15. If anyone is selling 2 tickets for any RB Nutcracker performance (ideally less than £30 each) please let me know! Thank you