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  1. swanprincess

    Wanted- character skirt

    Oh no, I didn't see your post in time- that would have been perfect! But I'm sure someone else will be selling one so not to worry! Thankyou anyway 😘
  2. swanprincess

    Wanted- character skirt

    Is anyone selling character skirt with approx. 26inch waist and 24-26inch length please?xx
  3. swanprincess

    Help with hair please!

    Could she not go to school with her hair in a plaited ponytail? Then would only need to pin the plait into a bun shape
  4. If these tickets are not yet taken I would like one please!
  5. Wanted; 1 ticket for RB Giselle on either 1st March or 9th March, ideally around £10-£30. thank you!
  6. I'll have it please!!!
  7. If anyone has a spare ticket, ideally under £20, for any of Osipova's performances in RB's Giselle could you please PM me? Thank you!
  8. swanprincess

    Zina Mamedova class at Danceworks?

    I've only been to Zina's classes a few times but love them; they seem to have a very long barre with lots of Demi pointe work, and lovely centre enchaînements. London Russian Ballet School also do excellent drop in classes!
  9. I also highly recommend LRBS for strict Russian ballet training- as well as Evgeny, Anatoly Sidrov is also excellent 😍
  10. swanprincess

    Bloch heritage 3X new for sale £20

    How do these compare to the European Balance?
  11. swanprincess

    Wanted; white practice tutu

    If anyone is selling a white practice tutu please DM me!xxx
  12. swanprincess

    Bloch demipointe

    Are these still available?x
  13. Hi Ryo is this ticket still available?
  14. Preferably under £25 per ticket please x
  15. For sale; 1 Amphi ticket for 27/7 Mariinsky Swan Lake (as Skoryk is sadly no longer dancing), £48 Please PM if interested!