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  1. Lovely to meet you both today and let me know how DD gets on!
  2. Thank you all for your kind words Hi Piepie Flexible feet are a blessing and a curse! If you can get to see me in Wisbech (PE13 1AQ) I’m sure we’ll be able to help. We carry many brands of shoes and within each brand there are several different styles, then within each style there are different configurations (widths, heel heights, shank strengths etc) So the good news is that standard “stock” shoes can be fairly customisable these days! You can book book an appointment on our website - school holidays and Saturdays book up quickly, so plan ahead if possible Kr Sheila x
  3. Thanks for sharing Sabine that was amazing!!! 👌🏻
  4. Yes, I’d heard the building was being sold for redevelopment into flats, just as well I don’t have a spare few million for a new shop Meanwhile you’ll have to all keep coming up to Wisbech! ❤️
  5. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket and open up another Just Ballet shop in the empty shop in Drury Lane....🤪
  6. Good luck to all auditioning today! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  7. Merry christmas everyone! 🎄 Thank you all for your support this year, I think we got everyone’s presents under the tree...:with the exception of two Degas skirts for a customer, which arrived today from France today! 🙄 Now for 48 hours off....🤪
  8. Nothing available in that size to hire ready made, but let me gave more details maybe in a pm we may be able to make one in time x
  9. Thought I’d chip in about covers! We have the pebbles covers, Sansha covers and so Danca covers. The best I’ve found are the so Danca ones. The pebbles ones are a nylon fabric with a gap to expose a section of the sole, but the platform is covered with the nylon, which makes it similarly slippy to the satin of a pointe shoe. Available in different colours and lace. The sansha ones are cotton on top on top with a full sole in a thin suede running along the sole and on to the platform. We’ve found these are good for short term wear, but the cotton does tend to rio away from the suede after some hard work. Good for a couple of shows or for protecting shoes whilst breaking in. Available in pink or white. the So Danca ones are the most durable (in our experience!) they are made of a microfibre fabric, with suede running along the full length of the base and platform. Available in a pale pink or black. hope this helps! Feel free to message me with any questions or if you want me to send photos x
  10. No problem 11 Nene Quay Wisbech Cambs PE13 1AQ 01945 581534
  11. Hi Tinkerbell All great advice on hardening, airing etc above. If you get time in 1/2 term and can get to me I’m Cambs/Lincs/Norfolk border (Wisbech). We have Grishko (6 styles) Russian Pointe (6 styles) Gaynor, Merlet (5 styles) F.R.Duval, Sansha, Bloch, Freed and Capezio, all under one roof we do ask people to book appointments, but you can do that on our website. Best wishes sheila x PS manufacturers say the average life of a traditional pointe shoe is around 15hrs....!
  12. Lovely post ❤️ Good luck to your DD and everyone else waiting for results of any sort! 🤗
  13. The GM toe tape is a 3M manufactured product but it’s actually a spongy tape, rather than regular tape and I would highly recommend! I also tell dancers to peel it off their toes and stick it to the inside of the packet and re-use We sell it for £7.50. i second Anna’s comment that you shouldn’t try and fit pads into shoes that have been fitted without pads. I find even the addition of toe tips can make a difference to the fit! X
  14. I would suggest the SD16 from So Danca, Capezio Hanami or Cobra and Russian Pointe Vivante
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