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  1. Hi i am interested in these leotards. Please could you send me some photographs. I may want them all for my daughters. Thank you
  2. How much would you like for it? I would like to buy it please.
  3. My daughter was offered a place straight after preliminary audition last year. We went for the final though as she still had to see the physio. We could have arranged our own physio appointment at home if we had wanted though.
  4. My younger daughter is just over 5ft 2 and is year 10 at White Lodge. Her height has never been a problem and she is also not the smallest in her class. There is a large height range in all classes there.
  5. My older dd is 5ft 1 inches 17 years old and 42 kg. She auditioned last year for five classical schools. She was offered RCS at first audition, they said she didn't need to go to the final audition. She was offered an MDS place for upper school at Tring which is almost unheard of. A place at NBS Manchester and a place at Central. She also got finals for elmhurst. She is now studying at Central and loving every minute. Her height was never mentioned at any audition and she is by no means the smallest in her year at Central. It has never been a problem at all. In fact when it comes to pas de deux she is very popular. Lol
  6. I was just wondering if anyone know when to expect the results from the YBSS scholarship auditions or even when the results of the applications will be sent?
  7. I am looking for some extra small or small luckyleo, eleve, yumiko leotards to buy for my daughters. Any style and colour considered.
  8. My two daughters are also attending the three day course this summer. They are both very excited.
  9. My youngest daughter used to do the open classes and then she was an associate. She is now at a full time vocational lower school. My oldest daughter was an associate, then on the CAT scheme and is off to Central School of Ballet in September.
  10. Northern ballet in Leeds is amazing. I can't recommend it enough.
  11. I have signed, verified and shared. So, so sorry for the loss of your beautiful boy.
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