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  1. Thank you so much Bluebird.
  2. I don't like the long droopy tutus either. I think if I had to choose and all time favourite it would be this one from Baryshnikov's Nutcracker at ABT in the late 70's.
  3. We also watched the Bussell DVD recently and were quite underwhelmed with it, especially in comparison to the quality of performances seen in this run. Having initially wondered why on earth I got tickets for four performances this time, I am now sorry I didn't get more and am extremely sad to see it end. You are quite right about the slave dance being different. This time the cartwheels were done holding each other around the waist and was much more exciting. They got better at it as the run progressed too! One can only hope, with all the positive comments over this run, that we don't have to wait so long to see it again. This is a ballet that needs to be shared with a wider audience via a live screening/DVD rather than wrapping it in mothballs for another nine years. Caesar Corales for Orion next time? It's a thought......
  4. Do you go to the Stage Door?

    Thanks BBB, I wasn't quite sure.
  5. Do you go to the Stage Door?

    Back row left to right Tom Whitehead, Lukas Bjorneboe (I think), Robert Clark and James Hay Front row Ben Gartside, Liam Scarlett and Ryochi Hirano Liam and Ryochi's suits had flashing lights. Quietly understated!!!!
  6. Do you go to the Stage Door?

    We very rarely are able to go to the stage door as we travel a fair distance and don't get home until 1-1.30 am. However, we did have the opportunity after last Saturday's Sylvia and saw lots of cast and non-cast dancers emerging. We might have been waiting for Osipova/Muntagirov, but the real treat was obviously the start of a 'boys day(night) out'. Just had to share this.....
  7. Yes he definitely got the prize for beautiful bearing and arched feet, but what a shame he wasn't given more to do. I would have loved to see him dance Eros
  8. I thought they were wonderful together on Monday...especially at such short notice. Osipova seemed to have a much greater connection with Muntagirov, especially in the final pdd. I wish Federico a speedy recovery, but am delighted we get the opportunity to see Vadim and Natalia again
  9. Principal casting details now up on the ENB website https://www.ballet.org.uk/production/jeune-homme-et-la-mort-la-sylphide/#cast-section https://www.ballet.org.uk/production/song-of-the-earth-la-sylphide/#cast-section Had bought 'blind' and got Vasiliev/Rojo, so well pleased there. Simply had to get matinee tickets to see Cesar Corales as well. So much for reining in on ticket buying in the New Year!
  10. I think that is why some of us are waiting for her last performance to pass comment. It seems unfair to compare an artist's debut performance with other more experienced proponents of both the Ashton style and the actual ballet. I will say now though, if that is what Osipova and Muntagirov can produce at short notice, I can only hope they will be paired together more frequently in the future.
  11. We also went last night. After the debacle of Men in Motion, I feel Sergei needs to be congratulated on putting on a professional, seamless and well-lit show. Congratulations also to Gavin Sutherland and the orchestra who, once again, did a wonderful job. Scriabianiana was lovely with some super dancing. The movement flowed effortlessly, the lifts were exciting and there was some absolutely wonderful partnering. Osipova's solo was charming and seemed effortless, as were Jason Reilley's amazing one-handed lifts. Sergei put a lot of effort into his solo but I felt the elevation and finesse he once had is sadly not what it used to be. The whole thing is well worth seeing ...accomplished dancing, nice costumes and lovely lighting. I will be more than happy to watch it again on Saturday. Satori was very much in the same vein (or is that vain?) as Narcissus and Echo in the previous Project Polunin, but with better costumes and lighting effects. Although in a different setting, the story line was very similar and had a whole page of explanation in the programme (which tells you something). Despite reading these programme notes twice, I'm still not sure who the Mother and Boy were supposed to represent, but perhaps a second viewing will make it clearer. My heart sank when it started with Sergei moodily sitting propped against a tree surrounded by video projections and a wall of electronic noise, but it did improve. The final pdd was very moving and Osipova's fouettes are always worth watching (even if choreographically I'm not sure why they were there). Although it all met with rapturous applause at the end, I remain unconvinced. Having already experienced Narcissus and Echo (twice!) Satori seemed equally self-indulgent and felt very much like another vanity project, if not a re-working of the original. Having said that, it's worth seeing...it's just not particularly innovative or exciting.
  12. I think you are referring to is this one :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eg9QTIoBSuA
  13. Hope it's as good as Wednesday......I'm jealous!
  14. I so agree. She seems too 'nice' somehow. I just don't see her as 'sexy' In some ways though, that makes what happens all the more shocking. Soares makes a wonderful villain, I don't think my Mum would have liked me taking him home much....... Highlight of the evening for me was Gloria. It is such a moving ballet and I think Northern ballet did it proud.