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  1. Judging by the ecstatic and prolonged reception last night (they were standing in the balcony), one can only assume Attila was in the minority. Everyone around us were absolutely blown away by the whole company. Fabulous, fabulous evening of acting, dance and emotion.
  2. Me too SIm! I've read in several places that it was Shklyarov's debut in a role he has always wanted to dance, which makes the performance even more amazing and also goes to explain one poster's impression that he took time to relax into the role but also gave his character time to become part of the story. Given Osipova ALWAYS builds new layers of depth and understanding into each and every one of her previous performances, I can't wait to see what they produce on the 13th with him (hopefully) more relaxed. The rest of the cast were also absolutely fabulous. Sambe, Naghdi, Avis and Gartside gave outstanding performances; I couldn't help noticing as well Joe Sissons (again) and Tom Whitehead who had an absolute ball in the brothel. (I still prefer his totally nasty gaoler to any others, but it was an eyeopener to see someone usually classed as a villain, first excel as Widow Simone in Fille, and then produce such a naughtily behaved gentleman in Manon.) It is these beautifully observed minor and supporting roles that make The Royal ballet so great....especially as they reach to all parts of the house. I felt it was an incredible evening. I was in tears at the end (which doesn't normally happen) but I have to admit the second Osiopva Ball Giselle moved be more emotionally. In fact, despite Winter's Tale and the Bernstein in between, I'm still not quite sure I'm over that one. However, GIselle is all about love and redemption and Manon is really about hurt caused to others through selfish and greedy action resulting in just desserts. They are both wonderful in very different ways and I feel privileged to have seen two such memorable performances by dancers at the peak of their game. We are very lucky to have them all.
  3. Grace on ice

    The DVD can be pre-ordered on Amazon for £9.99. Release date May 7th 2018
  4. We finally made it to this triple bill at The ROH although, if we hadn't had a meeting beforehand, may seriously thought about giving it a miss. What a wonderful place this forum is and how I value your opinions /insights/prejudices and observations. Sometimes I agree and sometimes I don't, but I always find something of interest. Without this thread I would have missed Yugen which we absolutely loved. So fluid, lyrical and un-McGreggor like in movement and such lovely music. Thrilled Joseph Sissons was given a prominent role as I adore watching him dance. I could watch the whole thing over and over. Anxiety we have seen before. I enjoyed it, but lovely dancer that she is, Sarah lamb just does not have the sass Morera brought to the role. The music has grown on me and, while it will never be a favourite, I find it pefectly watchable. It certainly seemed to evoke a lot of emotion on social media so I hear what you are all saying about it benefiting from a cinema showing. It all seemed rather small and pretty remote from our amphi seat! Prior to the performance I had downloaded the music for the Wheeldon piece and didn't like it much. I had followed all the publicity links to the Erdem costumes and absolutely hated them. I will also willingly own up to the fact that the only Wheeldon ballets I have ever liked are Trepass and Alice and was bored to tears at Winter's Tale the other week. Now comes the confession and I now have to thank you all again. I read all your reviews and comments and we decided it was not worth staying over another hour for Corybantic Games and not get home until after 1am. It could have been even later as there were severe delays on the tube journey to where we park our car. We enjoyed what we saw and will probably go to the cinema encore on Sunday, but thanks for all the insights that led to a decent night's sleep! PS we won't be leaving early for Manon!!!!!!
  5. Royal Ballet 2018/19 Season

    and the traditional choreography please.....
  6. I read that review and wondered where it was coming from. Having looked at a whole load of Giselle clips on YouTube I don't think the choreography, with the exception of those beautiful turning lifts (which I've seen before and is on an Osipova/ Shkylarov clip) is very much different in the various interpretations. I know there used to be some differences in the American version when we saw it there in the 1980's, so that might explain her opinion. I did wonder if she was at the same performance as the rest of us.... I, for one, am still not over it!
  7. Lovely pictures Don Q fan. Thank you so much. It was such a memorable evening.
  8. Am I right in thinking that he said in a recent interview that he had grown up a lot? Really? Sounds to me like the rantings of the same old spoilt kid that has a long way to go. Such a shame, he had such phenomenal potential........
  9. Not to my knowledge Geoff. The programme matched what we saw and there wasn't any booing near us. Have to say we were rather underwhelmed by the evening and were surprised by the wild cheering for some pretty much standard (and some notably sub-standard) performances. A lot looked under-rehearsed to my jaundiced eye, and Bruce has succinctly said it all regarding Kimin Kim! Having said that, it is always a pleasure to see Maria Alexandrova's wide smile and she certainly got a deservedly warm reception. In fact, the 'Margeurite and Armand' adagio from 'Nureyev' was definitely the highlight of our evening.
  10. You can also return printed tickets by email as well. This from the ROH site: Returned tickets will only be offered for resale at the management's discretion. The original purchaser may place tickets for resale by sending an email (including Order Number and ticket details) to BoxOffice@roh.org.uk no later than two hours prior to the start of the performance. In person the original purchaser may place tickets for resale at the Box Office no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the performance. I returned some tickets on Monday and it worked like a charm.
  11. I would imagine her sense of humour has got lost somewhat in the translation. I have been interviewed/reviewed in my own field many times and unfortunately it seems the norm to be either misquoted or misinterpreted.....and that is without transposing a single word into another language.
  12. It was Scarlett's Hansel and Gretel that had the spooky Sandman. They did it in the LImbury and I would LOVE to see it again
  13. Thank you so much Bluebird.
  14. I don't like the long droopy tutus either. I think if I had to choose and all time favourite it would be this one from Baryshnikov's Nutcracker at ABT in the late 70's.
  15. We also watched the Bussell DVD recently and were quite underwhelmed with it, especially in comparison to the quality of performances seen in this run. Having initially wondered why on earth I got tickets for four performances this time, I am now sorry I didn't get more and am extremely sad to see it end. You are quite right about the slave dance being different. This time the cartwheels were done holding each other around the waist and was much more exciting. They got better at it as the run progressed too! One can only hope, with all the positive comments over this run, that we don't have to wait so long to see it again. This is a ballet that needs to be shared with a wider audience via a live screening/DVD rather than wrapping it in mothballs for another nine years. Caesar Corales for Orion next time? It's a thought......