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  1. Oh dear, I don't like the sound of that ... Still, as long as it doesn't affect xxxxxx ...
  2. I think you might need a tennis forum to ask that one, Quintus! I'm highly envious, though. You'd assume there were as many tickets as there were seats, wouldn't you? Not sure I'd say that "going from court to court" isn't a problem at Wimbledon, though - I've queued for over an hour to get onto No. 3 or No. 12 before now.
  3. So it does. I didn't spot that when I read it last night. I was going to say that I thought last night's cast really gave it their all, and I found the last few minutes quite engrossing. Possibly Kish's extra height may have helped, because he and Morera really flung themselves into it - and presumably they hadn't had that long to rehearse. I found Kish very moving last night, rather more than in the other cast, I think. Oh, and I was delighted to see James Hay's Henry at last, too.
  4. Welcome to the forum, Matz! I thought I'd spotted you around at a few dance events.
  5. Sander did sign up to this site once upon a time. He might still be contactable via PM.
  6. If they've only been going 10 years, that suggests it's not the same company I saw.
  7. Not for the evening one, surely? That was already pretty well-sold yesterday.
  8. How lucky. The evening is pretty well sold - I was quite surprised, but I suppose it's a Saturday evening.
  9. Well, the Europeans are usually early-to-mid January and the Worlds late March (unless things have changed since they disappeared off the BBC), but more I can't really say. Anyway, I suppose the BBC would argue that the Red Button is BBC!
  10. Goodness, Josephine, did you go through every member of the company and check?
  11. Congratulations, Josephine! And thank you. I must admit, the concept of hiphop "saving" ballet sounds a bit strange
  12. Apparently there was, 10 days ago: https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2019/dance-passion The main bit is as follows (follow the link for fuller details of the livestream and programmes): "A celebration of the UK’s flourishing dance scene in collaboration with One Dance UK. Dancers rigged to 3D motion tracking bodysuits will show how science is pushing the boundaries of choreography, as part of an unprecedented celebration of the UK’s dance scene, which will also include exclusive rehearsals and insights from some of the country’s leading practitioners. These are just some of the highlights of #DancePassion, a dance festival being organised by BBC Arts in collaboration with One Dance UK, along with leading names and exciting new talent. Aimed at those who love dance as well as those who don’t yet know they love dance, #DancePassion will run across television, radio and online on the BBC from Sunday 31 March to Saturday 6 April, with a live streaming day on Friday 5 April. Highlights also include: A #DancePassion live streaming day featuring 11 hours of performance, rehearsals and behind the scenes insights from across the UK. Organisations to use the BBC’s dance archive in innovative ways to tell compelling dance stories. A week-long focus on dance across television, radio and online including performances of Giselle and Atomos on BBC Four, Sound Of Dance on BBC Radio 3 and dance specials on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 6 Music. Jonty Claypole Director, BBC Arts, says: “Dance truly is a powerful and transformative art form. I’m thrilled that we’re working with One Dance UK and the whole sector to demonstrate exactly why this country is a world leader in dance. "#DancePassion is for audiences who love dance as well as for those who don’t yet know they love dance. Whether it’s ballet, bhangra or ballroom - at one of our ‘hubs’ or at home - this week aims to get the whole nation moving in a celebration of dance.” Andrew Hurst, Chief Executive Officer of One Dance UK, says: “We are delighted to partner with the BBC to promote the very first #DancePassion and launch this exciting national celebration of dance, showcasing the cutting-edge creativity, artistry, and talent leading the way in dance in the UK today.”"
  13. Remember the days when the BBC would have announced this with some degree of fanfare? A press release months in advance? Was there one?
  14. In my hunt for the "Dance Passion" showings, I've just found that the World ladies' skating is supposedly currently on the BBC Red Button. Can't help wondering how many other useful things I miss on there because of lack of information
  15. The BBC's website is now officially hopeless: you can't easily access anything beyond next Friday, 29th March. I could look in my listings magazine if I only wanted to look that far ahead! I've tried the Radio Times site, but BBC Four, where I'm assuming everything will be, is blank. If you do find anything, please post it here.
  16. That would be incredibly late, but I wonder whether that's what they actually mean? I can't imagine there wouldn't be an announcement to the press beforehand. After all, the lead times for printing the period brochures always used to be a matter of weeks rather than months, so the information would have to be confirmed well in advance.
  17. From what I've read, I think it captures a lot more of his childhood and adolescence?
  18. Hmm, "It will show just why this country is a world leader in dance. Aimed at ‘those who love dance as well as those who don’t yet know they love dance', #DancePassion will run across television, radio and online on the BBC from Sunday 31 March to Saturday 6 April, with a live streaming day on Friday 5 April." Well, let's see what transpires.
  19. Most high-ranked RB dancers (and some lower-ranked ones!) do indeed have personal websites. Even more of them, I think, have one or more social media accounts on which they could publish their scheduled performances.
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