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  1. She has been, I think, although not that often. Cojocaru did it just after her promotion (possibly because she was effectively ruled out of doing much else after her expected mid-season promotion). Possibly Viviana Durante?
  2. Just click on the icon that looks a bit like a chain link, insert the URL into that field, and put some appropriate text in the field below to click on in the post (I only worked this out the other week myself! )
  3. alison

    Prince Philip's accident

    My immediate reaction, too, was that for HRH to have apologised - which was the complaint, I think? - would have been seen as an admission of liability, so he couldn't have done it if he'd wanted to. Anyway, I expect the newspaper paid a tidy sum for the exclusive, regardless of anything else - wonder whether that would affect her case?
  4. Just wondering - if MacMillan has a foot fetish motif, does Ashton have an insect-squashing one ?
  5. But don't forget it's unlikely to stay up there long - maybe only 24 hours or so.
  6. Paris Opera Ballet: Thanks, Bruce! I'm not sure what the geographic spread of these outside France is, but thought we should record it anyway.
  7. alison

    Height for girls in Year 11 - restricted?

    I have to ask, how tall is Francesca Hayward, Principal Dancer with the Royal Ballet?
  8. https://www.travelzoo.com/uk/entertainment/london-southeast/-16-90-up-3-Russian-ballet-shows-inc-The-Nutcracker--2714413/?IsPresentationMode=1&utm_source=localdeal_uk&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2714432_html_london_deal%3a2714432&utm_content=2714432&ec=0&dlinkId=2714432 Cinderella, La Fille Mal Gardée (not Ashton's), Nutcracker. Some of these have been discussed in the performances section.
  9. I may be wrong, but I don't remember any casting apart from Firebird and Ivan being announced in previous runs, which is why I wondered. Certainly not the Tsarevna, I don't think.
  10. alison

    Prince Philip's accident

    https://www.gov.uk/giving-up-your-driving-licence and associated pages. HRH had his eyesight checked by the police today (voluntarily, I assume) and passed.
  11. Blimey. Until this year, top price for mixed bills has been around the £65 mark. And - ye gods - the Grand Tier is £95!!! As is much of the Stalls.
  12. Well, his name wasn't on the cast sheet this afternoon, and I was pretty sure he wasn't dancing.
  13. A total mess. Presumably 3 dancers for Firebird and 2 for Month, but who knows? And oh looky. As if they hadn't already put the prices up enough this season, side amphi last season £6, this season £13. £2 more than the current mixed bill. Guess we pesky regulars are still going to too many performances for their liking
  14. I just hope he doesn't go and sprain another ankle or anything else nasty.
  15. Which contained, inter alia, "Es sind große otresente fragen, die nun aufkommen, und die uns dacha tempo und die star So der z der der Med Med Med Med ien ien:::?" I'd assumed the link was to the original as it was in German, but perhaps not!
  16. alison

    ENB MANON - January 2019

    Interesting to note that I just looked at the non-offer prices for this (i.e. everything but the balcony) and noticed that the prices are higher than you get booking direct with the theatre. Sneaky. EDIT: Ditto with lastminute.com.
  17. It was in the Floral Hall - I dread to think what might have happened if they'd let the pigeons loose in there! Far too many options for roosting and getting distracted ...
  18. That reminds me - when I reported on Ballet Studio Live a couple of weeks ago, I forgot to say that Christopher Carr seemed to devote almost as much time to pigeon care, shall we call it, as to the ballet-related corrections. Quite fascinating!
  19. I had the sound turned down, and wasn't looking at the screen at the time, so I don't know whether there was any discussion, but at the end of BBC2's Front Row Late this evening there was a chunk of what I suspect was the promo video for this production. Check it out on BBC iPlayer if you can.
  20. (I was referring to the original German - didn't see any signs of an English version - just so we're clear. There's some absolute garbage in the middle of it, not to mention all the spelling errors and I don't know what else.)
  21. Shame they didn't proofread that press release before releasing it. It's total nonsense in places
  22. Because Corsaire didn't appear to sell very well?