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  1. alison

    Gennady Rozhdestvensky RIP

    Sad news. I wonder whether we should actually transfer this into the "Dance" part of the forum, given his reputation in the ballet field. What do you think?
  2. alison

    Brandon Lawrence on Channel 4

    Thanks, Janet. Trying to FF through it without having any idea of where it was was most tedious.
  3. alison

    Brandon Lawrence on Channel 4

    As mentioned elsewhere: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/sunday-brunch/on-demand/66107-018
  4. Well, congratulations indeed! "Deborah Bull CBE, Vice President/Vice-Principal (London) at King’s College London, has today been made a peer for life by The Queen in recognition of her authority on public engagement with, and the impact of arts, culture and the creative industries." I didn't know she'd risen that high in the hierarchy at KCL. I notice there's no actual reference to her career in ballet in the article
  5. Plus there'll be a cinema relay and, presumably, big screen relay
  6. Oh dear, that's a shame. Welcome, Tessie. I'm afraid I gave the encore showings a miss today: I'm getting to the stage where I feel I've had a surfeit of Swan Lakes, and since the feedback about the darkness of the picture for the lakeside scenes hadn't been good I decided not to spend a vast amount of money on seeing it in the cinema. (That said, I may well still go and see tomorrow's performance!)
  7. alison

    Homepage display using Chrome

    Looks the same as usual on IE11, too.
  8. Did anyone see this year's, BTW?
  9. And what is his obsession with stealing people's crowns? He's already stolen Odette's - is he ruling her people as well? If so, why the power grab in Siegfried's kingdom too?
  10. Thanks, northstar. I'd really appreciate it if you would. I thought I might have emptied my bag out in the office afterwards, but it doesn't look like it. I've tried adding attachments before, without much success, I seem to remember.
  11. alison

    Very large font on webpage

    Ah, an M$ update could well be the cause - it would explain why it's only just started happening.
  12. Has Scarlett given any indication as to the reason for Rothbart's dual nature? And the other thing which always bugs me (put in spoiler tags because I know there's another performance tonight, and I know not everyone will appreciate the distraction):
  13. alison

    Errol Pickford RIP

    How awful - and so young. I think he had only recently been promoted to Principal when I started watching the Royal Ballet - or possibly slightly afterwards. My thoughts and prayers are with all those who mourn him.