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  1. Winter Olympics

    She's the brake-woman. Not only is she responsible for getting the bob off to a fast start, by pushing it, but the implication from one commentary was that she also in some way contributes to guiding the course/speed of the bob. (She also applies the brake once you get to the bottom of the course, as her name suggests)
  2. I wondered what was going to happen: the standard date for the Encore version of The Winter's Tale - the Sunday afternoon afterwards - also clashes with the date of the Bolshoi broadcast of The Flames of Paris. It rather looks as though the Encore screenings will be curtailed, if the Odeon website is anything to go by. If so, that'll be really annoying for me, at least, because I don't think I can make the live screening
  3. Grace on ice

    Very good discussion, indeed. Well worth a listen for anyone interested in "figure" skating (not that anyone seems to do figures any more in competition).
  4. Monochrome ballet

    Well, thewinelake did specify colour being removed from the makeup ... which makes the question rather tougher to answer. Otherwise you could have loads of Balanchine ballets, for a start.
  5. Grace on ice

    No, you're not - it's musically insensitive. But then, so are some of the skaters. Perhaps they'd have to be in order to skate to it.
  6. Winter Olympics

    I really enjoy watching the majority of winter sports (at least from the comfort of my living-room ) I only regret that it's only every 4 years that we manage to cram so many of them on to the TV at once.
  7. Was there some sort of dress code applying at this awards ceremony as well?
  8. Opera: Passion, Power and Politics at the V&A

    Just a warning that this finishes this weekend.
  9. Audience Behaviour

    Quite. Every time I see someone coming into my row with a plastic cup of red wine I start praying hard that they're not going to sit next to me, and that if they are, they're not going to spill it I frequently find the smell of red wine stomach-churning - ditto beer, although I don't think you tend to get so much of that at Sadler's - so hate it when anyone puts it under my nose.
  10. Winter Olympics

    That's what they used to do, didn't they?
  11. Possibly also where there aren't competing "domestic" dance styles? Spain has flamenco, Thailand, as has already been pointed out, has its own well-established classical dance form (as do places like India). Mind you, Russia had cossack dancing ... but then there was a period in Russian history where Western, and particularly French, culture was seen as something to aspire to, and Russian culture (and language) was very much looked down upon. Was that when ballet became established in Russia? I'm afraid I'm not that good on dance history. And of course Russia later went on to influence the communist countries ...
  12. Well, it might be if anyone had done so. And anyway, look what happens when they don't, which is the direction I thought this discussion was taking - poor sales, regardless of the quality of the pieces on offer. For the purposes of this discussion, no. Unless, of course, NB has been putting them on together to make a full evening of choreography for adults, and I haven't noticed.
  13. Winter Olympics

    Totally incomprehensible. I didn't even know that yellow and red card options were available in short-track. And I don't suppose there's any right of appeal either. Poor Elise - she must feel as though the whole world's against her. Let's wait and see what the assessment is, because she was in a qualifying position when she went over the line. Edit: Okay, she acquired two penalties, which means a yellow card, so fair enough.
  14. Winter Olympics

    Yes, the X-rays/scans were horrible! Rant: I think there's something inherently wrong about having world records in figure skating, because all the programmes are so individual - different elements, different music, different combinations etc. It's far worse than having a marathon world record (which I believe they now do, somehow). I could understand it in, for instance, diving, where you might be doing a reasonably fixed set dive, but putting together a skating programme is such a personal thing. And if it should turn into some competition just to see which man can do the most quads (and hence score the most points), that would become really boring.