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  1. Actually, I'm curious to know what they're doing about the programmes, given that the schedule keeps changing every couple of days or so. Will they print different ones for each combination, put all the ballets in one (possibly commemorative) programme, or what? I guess we'll find out shortly.
  2. I was slightly hesitant about whether to put this here or in Doing Dance, but seeing they're promoting it as a fitness video I thought here. The Royal Ballet are issuing a series of ballet-based fitness videos on YouTube: http://www.roh.org.uk/news/watch-get-fit-with-the-royal-ballets-brand-new-exercise-video-series?utm_source=wordfly&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2017_oct_content_world_ballet_day_ballet_fit&utm_content=version_A&emailsource=35379
  3. Hi Tatiana, good to see you back. That sounds an interesting job you're doing, though I'm sorry about the lack of ballet. Can you get to Southampton at least relatively easily?
  4. And something else which hadn't struck me was the "school reunion" aspect: https://www.list.co.uk/article/96610-scottish-ballet-principal-bethany-kingsley-garner-i-have-the-happiest-memories-of-being-on-the-royal-opera-house-stage/ Lovely for the dancers to get that chance. And thanks to the Dance Links team for the link
  5. *Are* there "usual suspects", FLOSS? I think it's only been given once (2013?) in recent memory, hasn't it? (I recall Lamb, Soares, McRae, possibly Nunez?, Harrison, but not many others, off-hand) They certainly have some options for the "tall/short" pas de deux at the moment, don't they?
  6. ROH MacMillan insights

    Thanks, John. Have done
  7. Thread for all the mixed-company MacMillan celebrations at the Royal Opera House this autumn. It kicks off tonight with Birmingham Royal Ballet in Concerto, Scottish Ballet in Le Baiser de la fée (or The Fairy's Kiss, if you prefer) and a mixed-company performance of Elite Syncopations, if I'm not mistaken. And to start us off, here's a link back to David's notes on Le Baiser de la fée
  8. ROH MacMillan insights

    Nobody got any comments on this one (or the previous one)? I haven't managed to catch up with it yet.
  9. I'm told the running time is 3 hr 40 min. Plus I have a nasty feeling my local cinema isn't screening it
  10. [I'm also tagging anything related to the MacMillan anniversary with "MacMillan25", if anyone else wants to follow suit]
  11. Last Saturday's Daily Telegraph magazine, right at the back, in its "Flashback" series had Simon Rice talking about working with MacMillan in 1987 and being the first male "Chosen One" in his Rite of Spring. I can't see that it's online anywhere.
  12. My sitter is delighted at the news
  13. Are there any other Cricket Fans here?

    Not to mention on here.