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  1. Yes, I think it was the fact that something shouted "prince" to me that made me take notice - although I'm sure his appearance won't be a hindrance either
  2. The "stage" faces towards the auditorium, so you just have a small number of balcony seats where the view is of their backs.
  3. How terrible for you - I know you'll hate that so much
  4. I must say that, even more than live, in the cinema I kept wanting to turn both the brightness and the colour up! That photo has just reminded me.
  5. The ballet offerings are here, by the way: https://watch.marquee.tv/browse/dance/2052 Took me a while (and a change of browser) to get at them ... EDIT: Better still, go to the main dance page here https://watch.marquee.tv/browse/dance and then click on "ALL [type of dance]" I originally thought that all available films were shown on this page, but that's not true.
  6. I'm glad I managed to grab the odd spare seat at the back, then, Mandy! The reason I don't tend to attend my local for these things (well, that and the exorbitant ticket price) is that it's usually in a broad, but not deep, screen, and I keep wanting to push my seat out through the back wall! I was rather more limited in options than usual because it was half-term and various public transport engineering works were getting in the way of where I could go. Verrrry glad I didn't grab the last seat in the Wimbledon Curzon, regardless of how comfy the seats are
  7. "1. In 1958 the great ballerina Tamara Karsavina began work on a second volume of autobiography, covering her life after she had left Russia in 1918, but discouraged by her publishers she completed only the first five chapters. These have happily survived, and her typescript is reproduced in full in this new book, which also includes much background detail about how these chapters came to be written. You'll find details of the book (which is produced in a limited edition of only 300 copies) and ordering facilities on our web site: www.dancebooks.co.uk (American customers please note that the book is available in the USA from Quail Creek Editions tough we are of course happy to supply you should you prefer to purchase from us.)"
  8. Thank you, Marc. Welcome to the forum, and thanks for bumping the thread, because I'd totally forgotten about it. When I have some spare time, I must take a look ...
  9. I was struck by what a large number of tall-looking dancers the RB currently has, I must say (unless of course the picture was distorted)
  10. Likely, I should think, although from his bio photo it's difficult to be sure.
  11. Talking about guitars reminded me that I'd meant to ask who the black-haired dancer carrying the guitar in Act I was? (In fact, I was quite horrified at the number of lower-ranked dancers I can no longer quickly put a name to altogether!)
  12. Very random Nine pages. Gulp! I forgot to say congratulations to the winners.
  13. Apparently, yes. Hopefully someone will be on here with a solution soon.
  14. alison

    Room 101

    I want to dump in Room 101 the guy who rang and rang, and knocked and knocked (hard), and banged on the (shared) front door yesterday. I dragged myself downstairs to see what it was about (knowing we hadn't ordered anything to be delivered), only to find that he wanted to read the meter for the downstairs flat. Given that the doorbells are clearly numbered and the building is clearly not the sort to have everybody's meters easily accessible in a shared hall downstairs, I don't know what he expected me to do about it, and why he persisted in ringing my bell. I was still in my dressing-gown at the time, yet there wasn't even an apology for dragging me out of bed (he hadn't, but he didn't know that I wasn't ill, or on shift work or anything).
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