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  1. There's supposed to be an "all dates" version, but mine sticks at the 17th and insists on waiting for Facebook ...
  2. I didn't know it had started its run
  3. Pity the poor translator
  4. VERY extensive. I wonder what's happened to all the videos? I used to spend hours watching Lynn Seymour coaching Rojo and Watson in Romeo & Juliet ...
  5. 5 hours? Were you going far? I'm assuming we're talking South West-whatever-they're-called?
  6. Good luck to anyone trying to get into London on South West Railways or whatever they're now called: a lineside fire has taken out platforms at Waterloo and appears to be causing chaos. Also problems on Thameslink and Southern into London Bridge: Details (and for the rest of the UK) here: http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/service_disruptions/today.aspx
  7. Room 101

    Friends of mine were busy decorating the local parish church this afternoon. I suspect they hadn't been home for lunch, but they were hungry and decided to ring for a pizza from a certain well-known chain which shall remain nameless (although an "H" is involved ). They were told it was company policy not to deliver to places of worship in case it caused offence to their delivery people! Whatever next?! Refusing to deliver to the local Conservative/Labour/Lib Dem association?
  8. If you do have a couple of different theatres within easy travelling distance, you might think it worthwhile to go to both
  9. Folks, do yourselves and everyone else a favour and put the company name or other identifier in the header when posting in this forum, please! Especially at this time of year, when there are multiple Nutcrackers and multiple matinees in London, it makes it much easier for other people to spot pertinent posts: they may not necessarily bother to open the thread and read it automatically
  10. I've edited your header to make it clear which company you're talking about, ENBlover - your name may add to the confusion!
  11. I've edited your header to make it clear which company you're talking about, Dee_Dee - there are rather a lot of Nutcrackers around in London this year!
  12. Or they may just be waiting a while longer ...
  13. Eugene Onegin

    Thank you, ninamargaret. I knew it was on, but haven't been able to go. Was it in English, or Russian? I'm guessing the former.
  14. (I'm torn, you see). Hoping Bonelli isn't badly injured http://www.roh.org.uk/news/cast-change-vadim-muntagirov-to-dance-in-sylvia-on-11-december-2017
  15. Well, I wish they'd TELL people about it, then!