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  1. Dance on terrestrial TV

    Xandra has posted this elsewhere - thanks, Xandra - more detailled information about the dance season: http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2018/dance-season
  2. I was reminded of the weird and wonderful places ballet and dance books sometimes crop up last weekend, when I went into my local Poundland and found several in their books section
  3. Didn't ENB do his Echoing of Trumpets, or am I getting my choreographers confused?
  4. Ballet on BBC Radio 3

    And last weekend we missed Akram Khan talking about his forthcoming, final dance work for himself, and Giselle. Next Saturday is Caribbean Dance. List so far: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08thknr/episodes/player
  5. Especially a certain Mr. Bracewell
  6. I'm assuming (hoping?) that The Leaves Are Fading will be just the pas de deux rather than the whole work.
  7. In the general rearranging of my tickets for the beginning of May, I find I have a row T amphi standing ticket (clear view, just distant) which I don't really need to use. I think it's £4. If anyone would like it, please send me a PM. It is a paper ticket.
  8. Offer: RB Manon, 1st May

    Last call for these ...
  9. I returned this one to the box office, BTW - and suspect it's probably gone by now
  10. Yes, very fluid, and the way she dances it makes it so much more understandable that Siegfried should believe that Odile is Odette: nowadays, Odile is often danced so flashily and aggressively that I don't believe anyone could confuse the two!