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  1. Oh dear. He hadn't featured that much in last year's rep, had he? Not sure whether he was injured? Indeed, he'll be missed.
  2. With apologies for the total lack of diacritics/accents etc., there's a Prom on this evening which features ballet music from Lakme, suites from Lalo's Namouna, and various other things which sound as though they might be ballet-related: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b090vc1m Live on BBC Radio 3 as usual, 7.30 pm.
  3. That's not the only programme where additional tickets have materialised. And there are clear patterns as to which ones they are, too - including some which I would certainly have bought in preference to the ones I did buy, so they must be new arrivals. Thanks, cavycapers!
  4. Elena Glurjidze News

    You mean we've been spelling it wrong all these years? Thanks, MAB. I'll add another tag to the existing one.
  5. South West Trains are advising people not to travel today or tomorrow: https://www.southwesttrains.co.uk/disruptions/96AF36FED17149D9BF98F22568F054DC/ Of all the times for that to happen! Good luck to anyone who can't avoid travelling that way. I suppose that from the point of view of this board at least, it is at least after the Mariinsky season has finished.
  6. Mine too - or more or less around that age. I remember staring out at the OXO Tower (all lit up, so I'm guessing late afternoon at that time of year). Pretty much my only memory of the performance, though, was what in retrospect I guess was a horribly politically incorrect Chinese Dance
  7. Still Problems!!

    Quite. In my experience, phrases like "clear history and website data" tend to end up doing rather more than you expect
  8. Elena Glurjidze News

    Fans of Elena may like to know that she's scheduled to appear as "special guest dancer" in Raymond Gubbay's "Classical Spectaculars" at the Royal Albert Hall in November: https://www.royalalberthall.com/tickets/events/2017/classical-spectacular-2/ Would be nice if they could spell her name correctly, of course, but we know it's not an easy one
  9. BMC, if I recall correctly some posters here have reported back on some of ENB's "My First ..." performances. If you put "my first" (including the quotation marks) into the Search field at top right you ought to come up with some useful hits.
  10. I'm afraid it's been that way for at least a couple of decades, unless I'm getting my productions confused!
  11. Oh dear: turquoise? I was just thinking last night how much better the white Act II costume was in terms of not getting obviously sweaty.
  12. What *is* the situation like in the US (and elsewhere outside the UK)? Are the showings in cinema chains, independents, or what? In the UK, for instance, they'll be shown at Odeons, Picturehouses, Vues and so on. Certainly if it's a chain I'd expect them to be proactive about advertising.
  13. Glen Campbell RIP

    Fiz, I'm so sorry: I knew there was a problem, but hadn't realised it had deteriorated to that stage already. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I came in here to post that there's a tribute or something to Glen on BBC4 at the moment.