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  1. In spades, indeed. And I found Kish completely unrecognisable in The Concert. I could tell it wasn't Gartside , but wouldn't have known who it was if I hadn't hunted down the cast change notification in the second interval.
  2. It had to happen - too many Patineurs clumped together just before Christmas, too much work, and all that: if anyone would like my ticket for Amphi G43, £16, please send me a private message and I'll get the box office to re-issue it. The view is allegedly clear, and although Row G generally isn't good on legroom this is the end seat by the wall, so there is additional space to your left. Casting: Acri Lamb Muntagirov Naghdi Mendizabal Hamilton EDIT: Please note, though, that I shall probably be offline until after lunch, so it may be a while before I can get back to you.
  3. Much of the time, my "natural" way into the ROH doesn't involve going through the new area at all, and even if it does, I tend to head straight up the stairs without looking at screens. Given that one "programme" desk seems to have vanished from the foyer since my last visit, the other one is even more crowded, and I was quite able to pick up a cast sheet from there without even spotting that there was a cast change displayed. So no, it's inadequate to just have them at the programme desks - and in particular since there isn't one at the bottom of the escalator any more either. It shouldn't be beyond the wit of man (or woman ) to be able to attach an A4 frame (gilt, of course!) by most of the major doors to the auditorium and put cast change notices in there as and when necessary. As I've said before, I'm surprised the performers' unions aren't complaining about the lack of proper credit given to their members. We may never know. In the new, revised, cast sheets, it seems that only the guest coaches are credited (because they are "supported"). I guess the "regular" (salaried?) ballet staff are now deemed unworthy of being credited - which is a huge shame, and doesn't give credit to their vital contribution to how the ballet is performed.
  4. I managed to pick up a cast sheet in the foyer without noticing the presence of a cast change notification: it was only because someone mentioned it that I knew anyone was injured. I *really* hope they're going to produce slips to cover all the changes over Christmas: it's one thing to put up a notification just for one or two dancers, but when it's a whole handful, as it's likely to be over Christmas when the cast sheets are printed rather further in advance, that's a bit different.
  5. alison

    Alison, you were right !

    Lisa, thanks for the credit, but I don't think it can have been me: firstly I'm not a Chelsea fan, and secondly I don't pay a lot of attention to football at the best of times
  6. alison

    Room 101

    Moved for you And yes, Anne, I totally agree!
  7. Everybody does it these days: photograph your special fruit+porridge combination, photograph this that and the other and post it on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, if you want to be in with a chance of winning a prize. Sure, it's discriminatory, but then so is the savings account I've just opened with my building society, which used to be available both online and in-branch, and is now online only. I'm afraid the discrimination against those who don't have internet/social media accounts etc. is going to carry on growing
  8. It's been announced that next year ENO will make free balcony tickets available to under-18s for Saturday performances - not sure whether this is next year, or next season, but it's clearly a way of attracting a newer, younger audience.
  9. Sort of any minute, by the sounds of things.
  10. Sarah Lamb will be on Radio 3's "In Tune" shortly - not quite sure when.
  11. That would be, what, an 8 pm start, then?
  12. I've just realised I'm down to my last Sela Cough sweet, and need to find some more. Having been all round the local high street, independent pharmacies, sweet shop and all, I've been unsuccessful. The last place I saw any was the chemist's up by the Barbican, but that's a bit of a long haul. Does anyone know of anywhere a bit more central I can find them, please? Needless to say, Boots and Superdrug don't sell them, as far as I can see. Actually, it's really annoying. The sweet shop next to the Birmingham Hippodrome used to sell them, and I was only there last week! If only I'd known I'd be running so low ...
  13. Thank you, FLOSS. I think this may have been mentioned elsewhere, but good to flag it. Wish I could watch Arte!
  14. alison

    Terry's Chocolate Oranges - and other festive treats

    Nobody gone back to buying Toblerone yet, then? Incidentally, still no Fruit Pastilles in any Sainsbury's or Waitrose near me - may have to make an excursion to a Tesco.
  15. RAH casting now online: https://www.brb.org.uk/whats-on/event/the-nutcracker-rah