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  1. alison

    Oliver’s story

    I've received an email to say that this petition is going to be debated by Parliament on 22nd October. Is this your desired outcome, primrose? If so, then congratulations to you and everyone involved.
  2. I wondered that I hadn't seen Gartside so far, but had assumed that was down to my limited attendance.
  3. The murder of the Gaoler, I assume you mean, FLOSS? I wasn't aware of cuts/interpolations beyond that point. (If you'd like to expand on this, please use the last Manon thread.)
  4. Nice to see you back, FrankH, and thanks for the detailed feedback on the cinema broadcast, which I missed. I don't know whether you're aware, although it's been discussed before in relation to the ROH screenings, but Darcey Bussell suffers from dyslexia, so does sometimes have problems with the autocue.
  5. I've twice now tried to post responses on the ROH website, only to get an error message. Combined with the error messages I've been getting in recent days in relation to attempts to book Mayerlings, I'm not sure whether the problem is at my end or the ROH's? Actually, I'd guess it's the latter, because I also had the problem on a completely different machine and using someone else's Wi-Fi.
  6. alison

    Room 101

    Plum stones. Did you know it was possible to cut your thumb open on the edge of a plum stone? Nor did I, until I was making jam last night To add insult to injury, the local shop I bought the sugar from because I hadn't got enough left had put the price up about 50% from the price - admittedly a long-term "special offer" - that it used to sell it at. And I realised later it wasn't even Fair Trade
  7. Thanks, Lizbie. Normally I would have known this, but since the annual overview of performances sent to me by the ROH instead of the "season" booklets doesn't specify performance dates I wasn't sure. Okay, will have to fit SFB around the RB for the time being, since we'll have no way of knowing casting by then.
  8. So, that's 29th May - 8th June, in case anyone is interested. Does that clash with RB (bound to)/ENB at all?
  9. Thank you, Josephine. I've edited out the incorrect information - I must have been reading the date on the wrong email I did think it was a bit odd. Wasn't Heap in class on World Ballet Day? Or is the op of more recent date?
  10. I assume she'll be back in the next run.
  11. I guess email notifications go to anyone they have an email address for. What happens for those who don't, I don't know: I doubt they get a phone call?
  12. I'd hoped to be able to make this one, but alas, circumstances conspired against me
  13. Exactly. I've taken to marking them with "replacing xxx" anyway, in the same way that I do with cast-slip changes, but it's not the same
  14. Wow, all these ballets I didn't read the reviews for properly because I was short on time, and thought I'd never get to see them anyway ...
  15. In the absence of the usual SW off-season cheap day return tickets to Southampton, I was looking on the Megatrain website for cheap singles, but it didn't seem to offer any between London and Southampton. Was it misbehaving, or are there none available? If so, I may have to make a trip up to Milton Keynes (what joy)