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  1. ....or, I'm now thinking, a contemporary reimagining of Romeo and Juliet. Young, impressionable Joan Macron fall in love with Gilles Martin, a trainee truck driver. Their families clash on the tear-gas choked streets of Paris. I give you... 'Gilles et Joan'.
  2. It’s awful, though opportunistic AD might have quickly dusted off Les Flammes de Paris.... ;)
  3. I've been to a couple of daytime events in the Floral Hall recently - one of the Month of Sundays mornings and today the Ballet Studio Live:Class, and I thought both were well run events and a good use of the space to generate additional revenue. Today apparently sold out quite early, and seems set to become a regular feature. Today's dancers were mostly from the Aub Jebsen programme , which I hadn't been aware of before. Several were quite impressive, so fingers crossed for them getting full contracts in due course. Taisuko Nakao had some serious height in his jumps, and of the girls Katherina Nikelski and Yu Hang looked very neat and accomplished, while Lania Atkins was also both graceful and striking. More of this kind of thing!
  4. Just remembered this thread as I saw this posting on Facebook, and thought it might be an appropriate place to park it: https://www.facebook.com/job_opening/1267314556742439/?source=post_homepage_stream&__tn__=HH-R It's a job advert for a ballet teacher at a dance school in Cairo. Would make an interesting alternative to teaching English on a gap year for someone... I remember that under Morsi there was a full clampdown on ballet and opera in Egypt, so despite the country still being considerably more conservative than it used to be, it's heartening to see that ballet schools can still exist there. From a brief look at the website, they claim to teach the Vaganova style. The kids are also in normal ballet clothing, not covered up.
  5. Quintus

    Room 202 - on the positive side

    Went to the ROH Month of Sundays event this morning - what an excellent couple of hours entertainment, in the Hall Formerly Known As Floral, for a mere fiver! We had a great 'Reimagined Traviata' which had me glancing nervously at the glass roof, a couple of corps members' self-choreographed works, and an abbreviated class with two PDD excerpts from four School members (I think they said from this year's graduating class). One of those girls, who looked to me perhaps Korean and I think was called Angel, particularly stood out. There wasn't quite enough to time to get from event to event in different places, so I missed out on a dance duets session in the Clore, but overall it was a very uplifting morning.
  6. And once I thought I saw two bars in the middle - but that was on a night with three intervals 🥂
  7. Oh, well that's a relief - it was in that split configuration when I went and I had never seen it like that before.
  8. I went to the ROH for the first time since the remodelling last weekend. I think the Floral Hall (as I shall continue to call it) has been utterly ruined. The former central, elliptical bar used to be an iconic focus point, and was the star of many photos taken from the balcony above. The open space created by its removal has been filled with cheap tables and chairs, and what appears to be a fake wood floor. I was going to say it looks like a High St chain cafe, but actually it's worse as those places try to zone and create an intimate atmosphere. It just looks cheap and industrial - Premier Inn rather than premier experience.
  9. Is there a rival production about Dogs that half of ENB can run off and join?
  10. She Persisted was the one I was waiting for - loved both Broken Wings and Rite of Spring on previous outings, so having them on the same bill, along with a new work from Stina Quagebeur, is just fantastic. Consequently had to splash out on good seats for a change !
  11. Took a Parisian friend to see this at Sadlers tonight and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. I've seen the ROH production a couple of times but I actually prefer this one - it has a somewhat gentler charm and while the Alain character still irritated me, it was far less than he did at the ROH. We had to run all the way from Angel and made it a minute before curtain up so I didn't even get a cast sheet! It was my friend's first ballet and she was really impressed, indeed to the point that she says she is going to go back and book one at the Opéra. Do I get Convert Points?
  12. Quintus

    Killing Eve.....

    Not one to watch with the vicar perhaps, but I thought Fleabag was mostly very good - the fourth wall busting glances to camera were an economical way of conveying a lot, and I liked the two sisters' complex relationship. The dead friend scenes were the only part that grated a bit.
  13. Quintus

    Killing Eve.....

    She was very good in Thirteen too, where she also had an unsettling, edgy quality despite being the victim