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  1. Quintus

    Audience Behaviour

    Smart watches in the theatre are my latest bugbear - the screen lights up with a message when notifications, emails etc come in . It already seems to take people about three minutes to switch off their mobile phones when requested to do so, and when it comes to smart watches they appear to have simply thrown away the manual...
  2. I've just booked this at Sadler's Wells as a Parisian friend will be over. Her first ballet, and Fille would not be my first choice as it is so atypical and can be too broad for my taste (ironically exactly this Fille-as-intro situation has happened to me before). Is the BRB usually a good production?
  3. I went tonight and pretty much agree with Mummykool above. After the opening promise of The Leaves Are Fading, I then thought the Perez piece was over extended and rather pointless, and I loathed the 'numbers' music. The second half of the programme was altogether better and Valse Triste was the highlight of the evening.
  4. Quintus

    Ballet photography books

    Enrico Nawrath produced some stunning images with the Staatsballett Berlin dancers. He released a book called Metamorphoses, and also a couple of fine-art quality calendars. None of them are cheap however...
  5. By sheer luck last weekend we googled what was on in Stratford and found that two Company Wayne McGregor dancers were performing a pdd from Autobiography at the Vote 100 event nearby. We watched them perform it twice - for free :D. I also discovered how difficult it is to take coherent photos of WMcG choreography...
  6. Quintus

    Any cuckoos out there? ... and other BirdWatch news

    I think like John that it's a male bullfinch. We get a few chaffinches but this was the first bullfinch we've had in the garden. He was laying on the mat just inside the glass door with his legs in the air, and just twenty feet or so from our sleeping cat, so it was his lucky day! Said cat is not in my good books as he killed a stoat a few days ago; a beautiful creature and one that was keeping the rabbits down.
  7. Quintus

    Any cuckoos out there? ... and other BirdWatch news

    This chap flew into our window and is currently recovering in a dark box, I'm hoping there's no damage other than a headache.. He's 'got up' and is sitting on his feet now, so fingers crossed. Update: after a half hour rest, he flew off looking perfectly healthy. Glad my son got to him before the cat.
  8. I'm not a football fan; probably helps if your family is into it when you are young, which mine was not. I tried watching the last England game - there was a big outdoor screen near our place in London with a huge and, er, lively crowd. Must say the game itself left me completely cold, but the atmosphere was great and very infectious. So, "sealions on the shirt" or whatever, and good luck!
  9. Quintus

    Anyone else here a tennis fan?

    Must have been around 1.30, when we ducked out of our seats to go and look for an alternative match. At least the hill wasn't as packed as it can be though. We're just going to pitch up on Monday evening and see what's available - there should be some recycled seats from early leavers with any luck.
  10. Quintus

    Anyone else here a tennis fan?

    Here's Safarova winning a lengthy match point battle with Radwanska - along with one of the hundreds of flying ants that swarmed the court!
  11. Quintus

    Anyone else here a tennis fan?

    Wimbledon was absolutely heaving yesterday, with some routes through the courts choked solid - perhaps they are selling more ground passes than usual. We had Court 2 seats, which for future reference is quite a nice, intimate court, but we dipped in and out as we found some better matches in the unreserved courts. Thinking of going back next week one evening - after a certain time in the late afternoon I understand they sell cheap ground passes and returns, and there should still be a decent amount of doubles matches going on in the minor courts in the evening. Haven't done the research yet into how it works - anyone ever done this? btw, some Day 3 pics up on the Instagram link I posted above.
  12. Quintus

    Any cuckoos out there? ... and other BirdWatch news

    We haven't seen any so far - just the pair of them appearing morning and evening. Fingers crossed for The Partridge Family revival though!
  13. Quintus

    Anyone else here a tennis fan?

    Garcia is my favourite but I'll settle for Giorgi! She's a photographer's dream as she doesn't grimace when hitting like most of them do. There are some pictures from the event on my Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/hrothgarfleuri/
  14. Quintus

    Anyone else here a tennis fan?

    We had an excellent three days at Birmingham. The qualifiers included some big names who are coming back up the rankings from injury - Genie Bouchard, Kateryna Bondarenko, Kristyna Pliskova, Camila Giorgi and the obligatory handful of 'plucky Brits'. The first day of the main draw we saw Kiki Mladenovic, Naomi Osaka, Oceane Dodin, Karolina Pliskova and many more. Saw Muguruza practising. We now have a collection of selfies with various of them, those with the Pliskovas being the most amusing as they are over a foot taller than my wife! Dodin and Mladenovic were both very pleasant and polite. Giorgi was my favourite of the bunch to watch - an amazing athlete who plays with such speed and ferocity.
  15. I'm debating whether to go to one of the open air Big Screen showings tonight at Trafalgar Sq or Canary Wharf - does anyone know from past experience how busy they get? I'd like to see it but I'm not really up for arriving an hour in advance to get a place..