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  1. Thanks. I took that photo in Norfolk, there's a big seal colony off Blakeney which is well worth a visit if you're ever out that way.
  2. I second Scheherezade's comments. We absolutely loved it last time round and the pairing in April with Rite of Spring, plus a new piece by Stina Quagebeur, makes for a dream programme. The other element I hope makes a reappearance is the amazing Kahlo-themed front cloth by Grayson Perry, a photo of which I still have set as my laptop background. link here
  3. I texted my sister a blurry snap of Prince Charles at Two Pigeons tonight, and she replied "Be careful when you leave, his dad's coming to pick him up"
  4. Given the comments above about poor views, are there particular seats we should avoid booking in future?
  5. Quintus

    Room 101

    Yes, if the crossing is empty then cross how you like; this peeve was specifically about busy crossings - where a bunch of pedestrians are trying to cross 'straight' and you get someone cutting through them at an angle...
  6. Quintus

    Jeremy Hardy RIP

    Sad for anyone to die so young but I remain ambivalent about how he used his undoubted talent. He was extremely and spontaneously witty on non-political topics, but I found his extreme left political rants very heavy-handed with little humour to disguise the lecturing, and an annoying way of delivery that stated very controversial views as unarguable fact. I have only ever been moved to write one complaint to the BBC in my life, and that was about how his lengthy News Quiz monologues were effectively becoming straightforward Labour party political broadcasts, breaching the BBC requirement for political balance. Perhaps that was ultimately the fault of the editors rather than him. When he bounced off other panel members on neutral topics, he was hilarious.
  7. Quintus

    Room 101

    I am directing to Room 101 anyone who walks diagonally across a busy pedestrian crossing, instead of walking straight then turning on the path. They get to save themselves two or three steps on the other side by adopting the 'hypotenuse', but get in the way of everyone else and potentially cause trips along the way - had this twice this morning on packed 'beat the count-down' crossings in London! I'd happily train these miscreants using a pair of pig-boards...
  8. Excellent, timed just right for my birthday! On casting, Stina Quagebeur was the essential for me - I saw a few performances of this and she was the standout.
  9. I suspect that the arrival of social media has had some impact on 'stage door'. Most dancers maintain Instagram pages and many actively engage with comments on there - which gives the audience a way of paying respects that the dancer can deal with in their own time. It can also be easier for certain demographics of spectator - I'll sometimes compliment a performance online, but as a man I'd feel distinctly creepy turning up at the stage door.
  10. Sad to hear this, had swapped DMs with John about photography and will miss his pictures.
  11. A streaming release rather than a disc: 'Driven to Dance' is now on Netflix. It's a film vehicle for Juliet Doherty, with a basic storyline of 'girl with no support from broken family fights on to audition for a ballet company'. Frankly the script and acting are both absolutely awful, but for hardcore JD fans there are some dance sequences. One to fast forward through..
  12. ....or, I'm now thinking, a contemporary reimagining of Romeo and Juliet. Young, impressionable Joan Macron fall in love with Gilles Martin, a trainee truck driver. Their families clash on the tear-gas choked streets of Paris. I give you... 'Gilles et Joan'.
  13. It’s awful, though opportunistic AD might have quickly dusted off Les Flammes de Paris.... ;)
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