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  1. Room 101

    Me too - Why do they do that? Do they trawl facebook profiles looking for someone to send a rude or creepy message to? I have been proposed to several times just this week
  2. Access to vocational training

    CAPA do a full level 3 qualification which is equivalent to 3 A levels and the school is pretty good. All young people aged 16-18 are entitled to free education, those between 19-23 are entitled to a first full level three qualification for free. My DD has a number of friends at CAPA who enjoy the course and are getting a good level of training, they also add in either Northern Contemporary or Phoenix dance company (both Leeds based) to supplement their training
  3. How much (if anything) should I be doing?

    I asked my DD to wait until after 6th form to apply for anything and, as she wanted to go down the MT/contemporary route, she agreed and went off to 6th Form to study A levels, even though her heart was set on being a dancer. Two years later on we are trawling round universities that have a great law course and her focus is now solely on becoming a criminal lawyer. Universities with a great extracurricular dance programme are coming up top of the shop but it's still law first and dance second which I never thought I would see happen. What changed her mind? I have no idea, but something triggered a passion greater than dance. I will support her in whatever decision she makes, even if it means walking round 15 campus accommodation buildings at every university and ranking them out of 10!! I think children are exactly that, children, and sometimes they need the time to grow up and make adult decisions.
  4. Sir Bruce Forsyth RIP

    A national treasure who will be sadly missed and has been part of my tv viewing my entire life. RIP Bruce
  5. The Hammond - success!

    fantastic news. Congratulations
  6. Is an hour enough ballet a week for a 9yo?

    I have noticed a number of posts recommending that you drop the tap. This is understandable as this is the balletcoforum and the interest is in ballet, but I would recommend that your DD retain all styles until she has completed at lease grade 4/5 which will give her greater options should she ever decide that she does want a career in dance, particularly if she wants to go the musical theatre route. Age 9 my dd did one hour of tap, ballet, modern jazz, 1.5 hours drama and singing and 1hour of festival and competition work, plus a 1 hour street dance class as a fun thing. I too work full time, and am a single mum, though I don't have other children or a social life! I was lucky that the dance school was in the same village as DD's school and our home and I did have a group of friendly dance mum's who helped me out for after school classes.
  7. Room 101

    One day I took the umbrella from a pair of sunloungers which had been empty from 10am to 1pm (when the sun it at it's highest and I needed the shade) The couple finally made an appearance at 2pm and the male (I cannot call him a gentleman) proceeded to scream at me that he had got up at 6am to get a lounger with an umbrella. My response was " The you should have sat on your lounger" It wasn't pleasant - I avoided him for the rest of the holiday.
  8. Room 101

    The obsession for getting up at the crack of dawn to "bag" a sunlounger by carefully arranging your beach towel whilst on holiday abroad. What is wrong with these people who feel the need to get up at 6am to make sure they get the sunlounger they want in the position they prefer. Sun was out all day (33 degrees by 11.00am) and there were plenty of sunloungers left for those lazy people (i.e. Me!!) who wished to get up at the civilised time of 8am. What made me more annoyed was to hear people complaining that they had to get up at 6am to bag the best lounger! No you don't!! Get a life!!!!
  9. Room 202 - on the positive side

    Being made redundant on the same day that you get offered a better and financially more lucrative position. What a financial bonus all round
  10. Associate scheme or private lessons?

    I would say go with the associates for all the reasons mentioned above, plus the fact that it get's your DS face known by the vocational school and also may be more helpful for further vocational school auditions in the future. My DD has done a number of associate programmes and only really had private lessons for competition solo's. Got to say the travelling and cost of associates are well worth the experience for your child.
  11. TUTU HELP - Top layer creased

    I was also advised to put spray starch lightly on tutu net before Ironing so the net didn't go floppy
  12. DSs contract news from the Vaganova

    Such wonderful news and huge congratulations to your DS. Definitely worth all the cost, worry and hard work. You must be so proud.
  13. Room 101

    Men!!! Sorry male forum members but that's just how I feel today.
  14. Contemporary costume advice

    I have a couple of lovely lyrical costumes exactly like the one's you describe. One is navy and one is a gorgeous blue green PM me if you are interested. They came from America and are beautiful.

    Laine Theatre Arts in Epsom do a fabulous summer school with a choice of a dance route or a performing arts route. They do dance on both, but singing on the performing arts one. They also have a choice of a couple of weeks and the dance course incorporates ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary I believe. It's worth a look.