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  1. Hi Jacky, I am interested in taking the ticket if it's still available. Kind regards, Ryo
  2. Sorted for tonight! Thank you every one!! Best, Ryo
  3. Sorted for 13/04. Still hoping for 28/03
  4. Still looking... I now decided to take Amphi T or W Standing if anyone have spare ticket
  5. PS I Don mind to take 1 of Balcony Centre Standing D33-31.
  6. Dear all, I’m desperately looking for 1 x SCS for Royal Ballet’s Romeo & Juliet for 28/03 (Takada / Hirano) 13/04 (Takada / McRae) Anyone who has spare ticket, please kindly contact me. If you have difficulty sending me a PM, please send me a text to 07787 155 741. Best, Ryo
  7. Dear all, a Friend of mine has a spare Upper Circle Standing B 2 *Restricted View 7 pounds Anyone who is interested, please kindly send me a PM. On 01/04 I will be at ROH from 6:30pm to do the ticket / cash exchange (I will be watching Don Q at the main stage from 7:30pm) Best, Ryo
  8. Hi Jacky, Thank you for your message! Too late for me to check ROH website... Dear all, I’m still looking for 1 SCS or Balcony Centre Standing D31-33. Ryo
  9. Dear all, I am looking for 1 or 2 SCS or Balcony Centre Standing D31-33 for 15/3 performance. If you have some spare, please kindly contact me. If you have problem sending me a PM please send me a text to 07787155741. Thanks! Ryo
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