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  1. The new front page is, for me, change for the sake of change. Not an improvement as far as I can see.
  2. Some, if not all, of the Linbury performances are included in the What's on link. No prices but the one's I have looked at appear to run for between 1 hour and 1-1/2 hours ( including interval ) Surprised about the interval, I am sure I can wait an hour before requiring refreshment. It seems "Friends" etc. will be receiving an email concerning booking dates. Very last minute.
  3. Have to agree with you Serenade, Leaves are Falling/ Valse Trieste we’re excellent showing great dancing and partnering with Natalia and Hallberg. “Six years later” was embarrassing to watch Natalia playing shoulder bumps for about 10 minutes ( or so it seemed ) total waste and then both dancers trembling in some sort of orgasmic passion was laughable. “Flutter” was ruined by the music, if that’s what it was, Mr. Muhly must have seen the McGregor at the RB ( Multiverse and please god I never have to sit through that again). One lovely incident at the curtain calls, Natalia must have thought they were over as when the lights came on again there she was sitting on the stage. The boys started laughing which she joined in with. well done Natalia.
  4. Yes, you could. Similar to the auditorium. The site is in a pickle just now. Look at “Two Pigeons” using the What’s On link and It shows the performances with Asphodel Meadows but there is no mention of it being danced with the RBS performance, you have to go to the Winter Season to find it and where is the casting? That’s somewhere else, complete mess. To find casting select winter 2018/19 - then calendar of events and you get both opera and ballet with casting.
  5. You could be right, Alison. Someone out their will know.
  6. I believe they have to keep a percentage available to the general public of every performance to maintain their lottery funding.
  7. For anyone interested in the Insight on "The Unknown Soldier" on the 27th September the web site is strange. It is currently showing 6 tickets available but on clicking "Buy" it shows "Sold Out" however if you click on the "best available" option it will allocate you with tickets. Another oddity.
  8. How long is Mr Campbell in Australia?
  9. Thanks everyone who resolved this. So, two performances of "Two Pigeons" are not shown under "What's On"
  10. I must be going a bit silly, but I am looking at the website and the last performance of Two Pigeons is the 13th February and there is no casting at all. Someone out their put me right please.
  11. Thank you Dave, have followed your example. Hopefully that's the end of those odious opinions.
  12. So he/she signs off with another “opinion” on a dancer that is held in high regard with the description of being “deeply insipid” . This is a troll, no reason to mention Francesca at all, not part of this thread so why mention her unless to provoke. I have seen this style before on this forum, the best thing for everyone to do is to ignore it all, do not respond.
  13. Meaghan Grace Hinkis' instagram account showing her with Leticia Stock and comments sounding like one of them is leaving.
  14. Just read an article in “links” section about Osipova rehearsing with Hallberg in NY. I thought she was injured so couldn’t go to Madrid?
  15. I agree with JohnS, thoroughly enjoyed the choice of ballets. I remember those traditional dances, reels, jigs etc that the lower school used to perform, not for me, I prefer the more contemporary flavour.
  16. It was wonderful, Alison. The program planners managed with there choice of ballets to involve all the pupils in each year group and to be able to see how they grew year by year was just amazing until the dancers who leave this year are truly professional standard dancers. Everyone talks about Harrison Lee and Yu Hang, and rightly so, how the RB only gave them one year deals is astonishing, but there is huge talent all over. The cheers at the end were deafening. If there is a better way to close a performance than the Grand Defile then I have yet to see it, thrilling conclusion. What a brilliant day, thank you RBS.
  17. Just back from dress rehearsal and Aurora Wedding is Thursday’s casting, Harrison and Lu dancing. No spoilers from me but it was very, very hard not applauding, strict instructions not to.
  18. It is only a guess but I would think Aurora’s Wedding, it involves a large number of dancers and some big numbers.
  19. I am going to the dress rehearsal tomorrow so I assume I can tell the programme, it’s not a secret is it?
  20. At the school performance on Saturday night there was genuine shock being expressed by people close to the school that Yu Hang and Harrison Lee had not got full contracts, talent like this is rare and needs cultivating not a one year deal.
  21. Yu Hang danced as one of the claves in "Bach, Multiplicity forms of silence and emptiness - Excerpts" Harrison Lee didn't dance.
  22. Does the fact that all the students joining the RB are on this apprenticeship scheme mean that the door for joining the company on a full contract is now closed. I am not going to give any names but there is one dancer their who was very much in demand following a win in a famous competition, who had the choice of all the ballet companies and chose the RBS and whose star has continued to rise is not deemed suitable for a full contract. I can understand it if they have not been able to judge the persons work ethic or personality but being a pupil of their school does give them plenty of opportunities to measure those things.
  23. Though not strictly ballet, can we discuss a west end show on this forum. If so, can I talk about a performance whilst still in preview, or do we wait until after official first night?