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  1. Dance Gala for Grenfell

    For those attending please be aware that it is Prudential Ride London that day so there will be road closures. (Also some closures on the Saturday for other cycling events.) The course finishes on The Mall and comes in through Wimbledon, Putney and along the Embankment and then up Whitehall so your journey may be affected. Link to road closures info Edited to add link
  2. Worried and sad about my elderly cat.

    Such fabulous memories Lisa. She knew she was well loved and you gave her a wonderful life.
  3. Worried and sad about my elderly cat.

    Great she is back again
  4. Audience Behaviour

    A lady fainted in the right hand standing section of the Stall Circle last night at the ROH just before the final section of Emeralds. She went down with a real thump. Thankfully help got there very quickly (a doctor was sitting very near to where it happened) but the lady landed at a really awkward angle so it took a while to sort out - basically until the end of the piece and into the interval. Everyone around knew it was pretty serious incident so shame on the person standing further along, well aware of the situation, who kept going 'shush' when she was being helped.
  5. Setting up an avatar

    As John said all you need to do is click on the photo box while looking at your profile and then choose how to upload the image you require. The size has to be pretty small though and not sure how easy it is to resize images if uploading from your iPad.
  6. Room 101

    Change - don't we all love it Easier to add a profile photo now though isn't it?
  7. Room 101

    Well snow rarely falls in really cold temps due to lack of moisture so you can see where they are coming from
  8. There were cast change slips in the main front of house about 5 mins before curtain up. No idea if they had been there earlier or not as I ran in at the last minute.
  9. No my eyes are not that great I actually meant that I had noticed her name on cast sheets that are given out at performances earlier. My poor poor punctuation probably caused the confusion if you thought I'd seen her name on the boards.
  10. I just assumed that as Ms Bussell's name was on the cast sheet as a coach she was there that day to work hence checking the rehearsals board. I'm sure she could have looked much more glamorous if it was set up for a 'famous dancer'
  11. Didn't the sleigh break down? I know it wasn't there for the couple of shows I saw towards at end of November and beginning of Dec but was back just before the live screening.
  12. Hi Alison Tried to pm you re the ticket but it would not send. If John does not take the ticket ticket and if it hasn't gone I would like to buy it. Many thanks Shirley
  13. If I remember correctly they both did the show. Mr Cope was in the the first run in 2007 and then Mr Avis in 2008.
  14. RB Woolf Works, May 2015

    I think Mara is learning the piece as cover.
  15. Gave the same info but have left the link for the season announcement. http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/6441-rb-season-2014-2015/ Edited