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  1. They did the "Swallow Lift". It was a wonderful performance.
  2. Serenade and Symphony in C for me.
  3. I'm not quite sure what you mean by this. Can you elaborate?
  4. Fonteyn was 37 when she was awarded a DBE so even younger
  5. You never know I may well do. Have a fantastic time at the show tomorrow LinMM
  6. I was very disappointed about that when I saw the clip of Strictly on news last night Fonty.
  7. It's interesting that you mention this Floss. I could be wrong but I think the first time she was seen on TV was on Blue Peter with others from the RB school. I'm not sure how much of a say she had in that but being British and her seemingly quick rise to being made a principal definitely got the press interested.
  8. Well aware it is but thank you for pointing that out and I have enjoyed reading many of the discussions over the years. I only made an observation from years of reading posts. I come from the world of 'If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing' but as you may see from my post count I usually say nothing - not even the nice. (I think, apart from this thread, nearly of my previous posts have been in the ticket threads as it's a fantastic place to purchase the wonderful Stalls Circle Standing Tickets.)
  9. Thank you so much Floss. The only other dancer who came to my mind was Beryl Grey who was awarded a DBE in 1988 and then the CH in 2017. I see she is a Vice president of the RAD as is Gillian Lynne and David Bintley.
  10. @ Floss - thank you for your post. I think it has, at least partly, answered my question above.
  11. She may well have been made a Dame (at some point) without Strictly as other dancers have. I personally do feel that any publicity for ballet is good and although the tabloid headlines have mentioned the Strictly on the front pages I hope that ballet also gets a mention. Showing my ignorance here but when was the last time a dancer was made a Dame or a Knight who hadn't been a director of a company?
  12. - very generous of you to say so. I understand what you are saying that being a judge on Strictly has kept Ms Bussell in the public eye but her original career must have had some influence on her being given the job in the first place. From what I believe Ms Bussell is involved with quite a few dance organisations so perhaps it is her work with them has been recognised as cavycapers alluded to in a post further up the page. But they do not have to be on a TV show to be nominated do they?
  13. It would be interesting to see how many top honors are given to people not known to the wider public. Saying that I'm sure that if you mentioned Anthony Dowell and Monica Mason to the general public would they have known who they were when they were given their honors.
  14. That is true Fonty and there are very deserving names mentioned that should have been awarded an honour before now but reading through the thread there does seem to be an air of negativity towards Ms Bussell receiving the award. It's not as though most posters have said 'Congratulation to Ms Bussell but such shame not to see David Bintley be knighted' for example. Your own comment seems to imply that her career in dance and association with various organisations over the last 30 years had nothing to do with the award - all she had to do was be a judge on a dance TV programme. You may or may not have intended the comment that way but that is how it reads to me.
  15. I quite agree re David Bintley but not sure if it is the case that dance can only have one high-level honour.