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  1. Tried to send you a pm. Doesn't look like you can receive them though.
  2. Hi Michelle Would like to buy the 31st Dec ticket
  3. I happened to access the new events page while checking a date on my phone. After selecting the date on the calendar I then had to select apply, which took me to a page which showed what was on and the production dates for the whole run and a little more information on the ballets with a large 'book button'. By selecting book you taken to the production page with all the dates and times. Previously selecting a date on the calendar gave you the information for everything on that day with the option of buy or sold out next to it. I still see the old version on my laptop at present but the new version makes the process much longer.
  4. I am now sorted thanks to a very kind forum member 😀
  5. If anyone has a spare for this performance please keep me in mind. Many thanks
  6. Hi Anna Have sent you a message re the 20th.
  7. If anyone has a spare going for this show please let me know. Ideally would love a stalls circle standing. Thanks
  8. Shirley

    New book: "Darcey Bussell Evolved"

    Some interesting photos. Not really a surprise that most are not action shots considering her previous book in 2016 pretty much covered her whole ballet career.
  9. I did get lucky @LinMM - I now have a ticket 😀
  10. I know it's a long shot but you never know 😉
  11. It looks like a combination of the two would work for now. The first casting I found on the calendar was for a performance of the Nutcracker on the 26/11/09. Having had a look at the database and selecting Manon (as a random production danced quite recently) the last date recorded on there was 26/11/11 so not sure how often the database gets updated.
  12. You can still access the main casting information from the calendar by selecting a date. I have no idea how far back the information goes though but limited information is still there. I went back to October 2015 and selected the 8th October. Of course that information may not be correct but there is still information available 😉
  13. Sent you a message re the other ticket 😀