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  1. Mmm, I find that if you are a "valued" member of the ROH, all they do is ask for more money, including inviting you to special events and then asking you to pay for the refreshments.
  2. I don't think the applause had really stopped - it had been very good for the cast bows, and I was startled when that was it. The lights on the curtain came on briefly to anticipate the red run and then went out again. It's true that everyone was leaving at that point, but I'm sure that if Alex and Meghan had appeared, there would have been well deserved applause. I wondering if there were so many newcomers in the audience that they didn't realise this was the norm - but I have no actual facts to back this up. I also don't think we were that close to the 10:30 threshold. My husband picked me up and when I got to the car he commented that I was early - and I'd told him 10:25 pick up. All very odd and a shame - whatever one thinks of the ballet. I've never seen this happen in all my visits to the ROH.
  3. I've seen Kish dance the Creature in two runs now and I think he's been excellent on both occasions. Although this is not my favourite ballet, it did inspire me to read the book (not usually my thing at all) and after that, I felt there was far more that could have been made of this character in the ballet. Indeed, when I watched it on Tuesday, I was frustrated in Act 2 to see Kish just appearing in the background for half the act - and of course, no appearance in Act 1 until right at the end. I find the whole thing so frustrating!!
  4. I can't fault the dancing at all: excellent from Campbell, Hinkis, Kish and Acri. How I wish Act 3 was matched by Acts 1 and 2 which just don't do for me at all. The audience were appreciative of the dancers at the end but there were no red run curtain calls at all. I was right - once is enough. A shame really, as the dancers certainly gave it their all and there is so much more potential to be extracted from the book than is in the ballet.
  5. I'm sitting in the Paul Hamlyn Hall right now (6:30pm), a favourite haunt of mine before a performance. Curious to note - NO pre-booked tables for food / drinks: I don't think I can ever remember this. Half of the Balcony restaurant occupied. So, it's not only ticket sales but also the associated profit making catering that has also been affected it seems. …...and even the unreserved tables have yet to fill up. On other occasions, I've made sure I'm here before 6pm to secure a chair/ table. Last year, I sat on the floor several times.
  6. The Ballet Association has been running for many years. I discovered it quite by accident through a random Google search. Basically it's fan club for the Royal Ballet and the RB are very generous with their time in talking to the association www.balletassociation.co.uk/ They hold meetings about once a month in London and the interviews are really interesting. It's also very reasonable in terms of membership fees / events etc. For anyone living in London in particular, I'd recommend it highly. Apparently membership is declining at the moment.
  7. I went to the Alex Beard interview at the Ballet Association last night during which he addressed many of the issues noted on the 35 pages of this stream. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to comment on a BA meeting, so I haven't, just suffice to say that he is aware of them.
  8. I'm going on the 12th to see Alexander Campbell and Nehemiah Kish - specifically for those dancers, not the production. Otherwise, not tempted at all. Not surprised there are so many unsold tickets. Let's hope they give them all to the students
  9. I've been sent all the info in advance but no mention of the actual content of the evening, nor indeed the dancers performing. So far, I've turned down the chance to buy a seat at the exhorbitant prices mentioned plus the associated social gatherings. I will have a look again when I can book on the website under "normal" conditions, but for me content is all.
  10. I'm surprised no one has commented on the brevity of the cinema cast list and the omission of both Gary Avis and Thomas Whitehead from it. This really irritated me because I knew who they were, but obviously many in the audience didn't. I also found myself distracted by trying to spot who all the matadors were, because I could see they were very different from the rehearsal cast, and that distracted me from the overall dancing. I didn't recognise Tomas Mock (also not listed) but thought he was brilliant and was frustrated to have to wait right to the end of the broadcast to discover who he was. There's been some fuss on Twitter on this, with some comments now deleted. I really can't see why it has to be so minimal. They are missing the opportunity to publicise the RB dancers to a worldwide audience.
  11. As far as I could see, this is the cast who danced this evening, yes. I enjoyed it very much in the cinema
  12. Very true! .. and how interesting it was to hear all this comments and directions.
  13. I went to the rehearsal of this cast and have a full cast list. With a big health warning, as this might not be accurate - here are some of the other characters: Lorenzo - Bennet Gartside Gamache - Thomas Whitehead 4 Rascals - Dyer, Acri, Junker, Serrano 6 Matadors - Dubreuil, Richardson, Donnelly, Brendsrod, Churches, Dixon 6 Gamache Women - Maeda, Atkins, Nikelski, Yu Hang, Townsend, Allnatt 8 Sequidilla couples Ladies: Rosco, Buvoli, Dean, Dias, Lubach, Katsura, Bradbury, Sasaki Men: Yudes, Sissens, Aumeer, Bell, O'Brien, Jun, Emerton, Lee Gary Avis played DonQ at the rehearsal, so appears to be have been replaced by Christopher Saunders. All other main characters are the same as the online rehearsal sheet.
  14. I had an extraordinary experience in the new "open up" environment last week. I went to the rehearsal of DonQ and then had some time to kill before a business meeting elsewhere, so I set up in the new area at the far end, where I could power up my Laptop and do some serious work. Someone else joined me on the table for 4, also because power was available which was fine but then 2 of his colleagues also sat down and started to have a full board meeting! I had no problem with that as I was zoned out doing my work, but I began to realise they were talking about really confidential things - yes "open up" in all senses of the word. I let it go, as I wasn't interested, but when I got up to leave, I did say to them something along the lines of - it's really risky to talk about things like this when you have no idea who I am. I work for a company who constantly remind us not to have phone calls in public places (eg. trains) / beware of who can see your laptop etc etc. It's basic common sense. They were genuinely astonished - oh we thought you'd have no idea what we were talking about! Well, I'd have to be pretty thick if that was the case. At least I went to my business meeting with my Laptop fully charged and have proved that the ROH really has opened up.
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