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  1. stardancer

    Make up at Upper schools

    Your dd sounds like a very sensible young dancer.
  2. stardancer

    Make up at Upper schools

    My dd auditioned for the hammond, her dance teacher advised us it was not suited for a ballet dancer, more musical theatre children. My dd was offered full scholarship, Then the package arrived in the post,full make up every day is a requirement,start off with the Base,then blusher, eyeliner mascara,eye shadow, red lip stick,I phoned up to ask if this is a requirement,and was told for all the musical theatre classes, tap,jazz,and singing it is a rule for all. My dd decided that having to put that much make up on every morning,would not be ok for a ballet dancer, when the time could be better spent doing stretching or studying. So yes most musical theatre schools will require the same,but maybe not ballet
  3. stardancer

    Graduation musings

    Congratulations to you and your beautiful family,proud as punch you should be xxxxx
  4. stardancer

    Ballet West -New Lower School to open

    So sorry I mean detrimental, (ha ha)
  5. stardancer

    Ballet West -New Lower School to open

    Hi Suzanne Scott I totally agree,although a fantastic idea,I think there idea should be spent fixing the studio. As you no my dd had an injury on her dancing school floor,that is in need of repair, so I no it can have a deprememtal affect on all,mostly the Student
  6. stardancer

    Oliver’s story

    My lovely I have signed, your son would be very proud of his mum xxx
  7. stardancer

    Edinburgh Associates 2018/19 (Ballet West)

    So very happy for you both,exciting times ahead xxx
  8. stardancer

    Errol Pickford RIP

    Omg what sad news,the pickfords have always been,so very kind to us,and there are not many teachers, who care 100%for there students like errol,my heart goes out to beautiful Olivia,and her georgeous daughter polly.
  9. stardancer

    Departing Parent Envy

    Annaliesey. My heart goes out to you and your dd,I too often wounder the mental damage these teachers are doing to our children. My daughter also has been shaken,pushed,but for us it was the mental abuse,or the trips that they had forgot to mention, or the photos been taken for the summer show,program,to be told the wrong time,all the parents and children did not care,is the bully the worst, or the people watching . My dds teachers would hold,her back,and when she rose above it all,she would put my dd in her place,when asked to do gcse dance she stood there, started laughing and said,your good but not that good. My dd liked yours told me not to speak out,but I did,we have been persecuted like you,ever since. A few years ago, I decided to tell her teacher everything,since then lessons have been cancelled, and remarks made. On one occasion when prompted, she told me this is her school not mine,and that the reason she does not promote my dd is,because parents will leave,if they new she was that good,and if she can tell parents what they want to hear it is best for them and her,the things she told me about them, I will never forget. I also started thinking going to vocational school would have been easy,but we are the lucky ones as our dds had us mums,so close. I hope your dd in time heals,I don't think you ever forget. Maybe someone could recommend a good teacher for you,I do believe there is one,I do hope you find it,and have the happy ending you all deserve.
  10. stardancer

    Kings international ballet academy

    That sounds much more better, than the school you are at,more positive more classes,I only wished we had stayed at york scholars, but these things are here to try us. I will miss you your dd was always smiling and very talented, and you always made me laugh . Good luck on your next journeyxxx
  11. stardancer

    Kings international ballet academy

    Hi Mummy twinkle toes Congratulations for your two beautiful dds, does this mean we will not be seeing you in September
  12. stardancer

    Knee injury

    Thank you for your kind wishes, sending wishes to your lovely ds,who seems well looked after and cared for,I have found with my dd,that being a famous footballer or maybe rugby player or even darcy bussell an operation is probably,very quick,but having said that I do agree with physio and sports therapy first,but in my dds situation twelve months is far too long,even the surgeon said if he had seen us first it would of been three months then surgery, but it was a private hospital, as the NHS said there was nothing wrong, and will fix itself if we stop going on about it. Being with the best professionals from.the start, can give you a better chance, if you are lucky to find them.
  13. stardancer

    New ballet obsession

    Hi my lovely. Look up as many ballets as possible,book yourself in for ballet classes,or privates,my good friend male trained from the age of fifteen, lots of classes went to elmhurst and is now or was in Tokyo doing ballet. Never mind what people think,life is too short, and you never no what a fantastic journey it will be.
  14. stardancer

    Knee injury

    Hi my lovely My thoughts are with you both at what is a frustrating and sad time,but the good news is you have seen an orthopaedic surgeon quickly we waited a year before our fantastic surgeon came along,my dd,had a extremely damaged cartlidge and her knee came off the socket,a problem hard to treat,caused by the floor which is in badly need of repair. But the good news is her orthopaedic surgeon said,if if was menicus tear it would be easily sorted by physio or a quick operation recovery short and excellent, infact her sports therapist had this done,and his knee is better than before more stronger. If you need any more support please message me,and let me no how the mri goes for your dd.
  15. stardancer

    Knee injury

    Thank you all for your kindness and we'll wishes,my dds bandage has now come off,her knee is like a pumpkin ,and her dvd collection of Downton abbey is playing most daysxxxx