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  1. Any current York scholars

    My daughter attended york scholars for many years,the ballet teacher is still there he is amazing ,the contemporary teacher is also amazing,every other class is a bonus even for a classical dancer. We miss it so very much,it will stay in our hearts forever, we left to attend another associates, but to me it was never the same.
  2. Health Insurance for dance students

    Hi balletbean My insurance is with avia health solutions, physio is unlimited, and every think else but my dd only has 500 a year for consultation fees,this is ok for us as I have just recently payed £300 for An orthopaedic surgeon, and I realised if I went over I would find the extra amount, as the operation is 12.000 ,and that would be covered with scans aswell. I hope this helps, please take out health insurance for your dd,as that will always be my regret that I did not do it sooner, for my dd,although after a traumatic year,we are lucky she is being funded privately,operation date booked,9th may
  3. Health Insurance for dance students

    I have just taken out health insurance for my dd,I pay £18,fully comp any hospital, I could of payed £12 for a basic policy ,but choose the other,as no excess, but having said that I have not had to use it yet. But what I do no is I recently had to pay a private physio for my dd for six months, and still this was much cheaper than her dance fees,and the lady was nicer.
  4. Auditioning without teachers permission

    My dds teacher,did not sign many forms and when prompted, she was always too busy or reluctant to do so. My dd would of missed out on many adventures, and lost out on many beautiful friendships. Teachers sometimes think they are gods,but to me the choice is always between the parents, who are paying, and the child who is dancing
  5. Goodbye and thanks for all the tips

    I am so sorry to hear of your sadness,please try to remember the happy times you all had,your dd is very lucky,to have a beautiful mum like you. Dancing never truly leaves you,and maybe she could still dance, vocational school is not always the answer xx
  6. Knee injury

    Thank you my lovely xxxx
  7. Knee injury

    Thank you pointetoes,for your kindness, and firebird,for saying I am a wonderful mum,at times I have felt so sad and guilty, that my dd,has seen and felt so much,that has been unnecessary, and as a mum I could not protect her from this,but she tells me she will come out of this stronger I am so proud to call her my daughter.
  8. Knee injury

    Hi fiz Yes fingers crossed and everythink else crossed too. Yes peoples attitudes have only added to more sad times.
  9. Knee injury

    Thank you Anna c,I will keep you posted, there is a 80%chance the operation will work,the surgeon said,then if not major surgery will be needed, but he has great hope,and told us she is in the best hands.
  10. Knee injury

    Hi my lovely,miss our chats on Saturdays,how is your beautiful daughters doingxxx
  11. Knee injury

    Hi everyone An update on my dds injury,what a nightmare my poor dd has been through, to be told there was nothing wrong on her recent mri/xra. The orthopaedic surgeon decided she will.have to live with her limitations of not walking,and get on with life,and no operation needed, just psychological unstable, by three surgeon,s three physios, one radiologist, and ten doctors,and her dance teacher,and so called friends,have just left her alone,no get well or any thought,which is very sad, what has happened to human kindness. So I decided to max my credit card,and to book a top surgeon, who found out my dds knee is not in the socket, leaving cartlidge damage/fluid,and if it had not been treated soon,it would of turned to many problems including being in a wheelchair. He is going to operate soon,privately, and he is kindly going to fund this through a trust. We are lucky to have found him,but in the mean time I am in the process of medical negligence. I hope no parent or child will ever go through what my dd has been through, and still is,the saddest part for my dd will always be,out of site out of mindxxxxxx
  12. Options for an 18 year old

    I no girls who leave vocational school at 18/19'and are not ready for the ballet world'so either stay on for the graduate course 'leaving at 20/21. So going to vocational at 18 then leaving at 21 is no different 'infact i think this way is the best'my dds friend did this and is now in new york living the dream
  13. Knee injury

    Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply. The same orthopedic surgeon we had seen last may'suggested that my dd had an operation if by August last year there was no improvement. It never entered my head surgery 'as i thought 'physio would do the trick'time and patience 'physio did not work'so we moved on to a sports therapist 'which my dd is still seeing 'he said today how sad and angry that my dd has to be put through this 'and if he had the money he would pay for her to have the surgery . So between my mum and me 'selling a few stuff 'and taken on extra work between us 'we can at least pay for the mri next week. Also her sports therapist suggested fundraising too. I will keep you posted when my dd gets her results. And to mummy twinkle toes'we miss you so much 'you and your beautiful dd
  14. Knee injury

    Luck has it we are seeing another orthopedic surgeon next week .who thinks my dds knee is serious 'and needs to be taken seriously 'a mothers instinct is usually'the one to trust. Thank you for all your advice
  15. Knee injury

    Thanks pups mum An operation is not my first option' either'after my dd had her mri the consultant said that she was very lucky'as her injury would need 3 months physio 'then slowly back to ballet in july last year 'with full range for september'her sports therapist said the same'back she went in july 'then collapsed so more physio 'then Sept "her legs buckled 'so more strength training massage'rest good diet. December came back to ballet 'and now her leg shakes more now she finds it difficult to walk and limps'she cannot straighten it'she still goes to the gym but cannot jump run or skip'and walk properly'she is in pain most days 'and feeling very sad'we have tried everything'so it is either sit it out and pray for a miracle'or surgery. We are also limited to where we go as her knee buckles most days'today was really bad after strength training her knee gave way down the stairs 'and she fell down' leading to a trip to casulty 'just bruised but probably mentaly battered more