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  1. Thanks. I tripped over an uneven paving stone and I’ve really done some damage. My face looks like a fright mask too. It wasn’t the dog’s fault. My dear brother asked me if I was going to sue the council! No, it was an accident.
  2. Sad to say that we missed it after a stupid accident which means I cannot bend my knee at present. I had already booked the tickets and I couldn’t even give them away.
  3. Fiz

    Room 101

    Thank you, dear Alison. I hope your fears do not materialise.
  4. Fiz

    Room 101

    Our removal company. Our passports have date expired but we are going to France later this year to stay with friends. I went confidently to my husband’s desk to find our passports. He looks after them and the birth certificates. I look after the pet vaccination certificates and ours. No passports. I know they are there. Well, they were when we lived in Hertfordshire...we’ve moved since then...Suffice it to say, I have spent six hours looking for them. They have not appeared despite me finding other desk contents and also weird things packed together such as pizza trays, books, my father in law’s medals and commendations and a small indoor watering can. I have found other things which were never even in the same room and yet a lot of the contents of bedroom cabinets have never reappeared. I am so frustrated and miserable. I am an organised person and this has really thrown me because none of it makes sense.
  5. Fiz

    Jeremy Hardy RIP

    May I make a polite request for Ballet Co Forum to be politcs-free? I come here for relief from political stress and I would prefer not find political posts here.
  6. It’s a lovely idea to give pleasure to those who cannot attend a theatre performance.
  7. Absolutely spitting fury here as our extremely inadequate local cinema will not be showing Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake and I’ve wanted to see since 1995! How can they do this to our city? 😞
  8. It reminds me of seeing an overexcited teenager in a now defunct ballet shop buying a pair of pointe shoes. She’d been dancing for less than six months. The shop assistants were all rolling their eyes at each other and at some of the regulars in there but no one tried to stop her.
  9. So did Vadim Muntagirov when he went to ENB. Why is everyone so keen to offer mitagation for what Sergei Polunin does all the time?
  10. So did Alexander Parrish. He was a little older though.
  11. Yes and that goes for Vadim Muntagirov too. They are exactly the same age and I look at one with admiration and see how the other has thrown it all away. Incidentally some charmless individual on YouTube had the nerve to call Alexander “a plank”. I had watched the video posted by Amelia sometime ago and was squawking with indignation. He’s lovely! Keyboard warriors really annoy me. They are so bad mannered and hide safely behind their anonymity. Ugh!
  12. I loved his pictures. My condolences to his family on the loss of their loved one.
  13. Nope! Anything Simon Cowell is involved with is dross, imho.
  14. I have also experienced bad treatment at their hands thanks to a medical article I was involved in. I despise the publication.
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