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  1. Fiz

    NBS Manchester - Christmas at the Dance House.

    It sound fabulous and what a lovely review, balletbean.
  2. Fiz

    Taking Ballet Exams as an adult

    Congratulations, Viv! Great results!
  3. It makes me cry, Sim. Such abundant talent and all taken away by a stupid virus for which there is now a vaccine. My brother was in the first U.K cohort for the measles vaccine in 1963. Perhaps it wasn’t available in Russia. Valentina’s tragic death gives the lie to people who pretend that measles is a benign childhood illness. It nearly killed our niece too. Right, back to The Nutcracker!
  4. No, I read Luke Jenning’s old article about her and watched the recording made of her and her dance partner six months before she died. Such a tragedy.
  5. I did my ironing to the orchestral version of The Nutcracker and Swan Lake this morning. I kept visualising the ballets whilst doing it. It was far preferable to concentrating on bedsheets!
  6. That’s a lovely review, Springbourne3 and belated Happy Birthday! The grand pas music always makes me well up, especially after watching and reading about Valentina Semulkova dancing it, and I thought the memory of her would finish me off completely but I was smiling from sheer delight by the end. I do wish it had been recorded. Kevin O’Hare has a company which anyone would envy. Bravo encore!
  7. They did so well. It all hung together seamlessly and I looked at all those bright young faces wondering if there were any future stars there.
  8. I’m not a close personal friend of either of them, oddly enough.😂 I do follow Vadim Muntagirov on Instagram and I meesaged him to say how much my husband and I - I sound like the dear Queen! - had enjoyed the ballet and the Sugar Plum section in particular and he sent me a heart emoticon! Not just is he a beautiful dancer but a really nice person.
  9. Fiz

    Simply Adult Ballet

    They didn’t used to be 50 minutes either.
  10. Jan, I know why you said it and I understand. However other people were also upset, apparently.
  11. I am sorry that I appear to have offended people. I used the names I did out of affection and pleasure at the achievement of the principals concerned.