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  1. Grace on ice

    Oh yes! I do remember that! Who wouldn’t! Very steamy, John and JoJo.
  2. Grace on ice

    I’ve been having a ball on YouTube watching Torvil and Dean, Barber and Slater, Duchesnay and Duchesnay, Klimova and Ponamerenko etc. I really think ice dance declined after the mid 1990s and I’m not sure it has picked up again yet.
  3. That made me cry. I love them both as dancers in different ways.
  4. I think Lydia influenced Keynes’ decision. I find her charmingly ditzy in her letters but Virginia Woolf was unbelievably catty about her in her letters and diaries. Perhaps she was jealous of her.
  5. European schools and intensives advice

    I agree with you, PIFL. I found a number of posters to be rather aggressive.
  6. Grace on ice

    Robin Cousins came across so well in that interview. It’s a pleasure to listen to someone who is articulate and informed about their sport.
  7. I am so sad to hear this, Loulabelle. I wish you and your dd all the very best.
  8. puberty-help!

    I’ve had a pianist and others ask me if I ever did ballet.
  9. Oh no! I will miss you. Hugs to your poor dd. I hope she isn’t devastated by what has happened and will find another path she loves. Best wishes to you both.
  10. Lincoln Cathedral bells are silent between 10.00-7.00 a.m.
  11. Winter Olympics

    I agree with you, Quintus, but please leave the seals in peace!
  12. Winter Olympics

    I wonder what Penny and Nick could have achieved if they hadn’t been plagued by injuries and ill health. However that they are skating at all is down to sheer courage and determination.
  13. What a dreadful way to behave! I think all the mods do a wonderful job and they don’t deserve such treatment.
  14. Winter Olympics

    I didn’t realise what rotten luck they have had with their health. Go Penny and Nick!