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  1. The like is for your comment about balance, Cara, not the excesses of training.
  2. Fiz

    Miko Fogarty

    I believe I read somewhere that Claudia’s mother became seriously ill and as they had spent years apart and her mother had worked hard to help fund her, Claudia wanted to give something back. As for Miko, it must have taken considerable courage for her to step off the merry go round especially given her mother’s drive to make her a professional dancer.
  3. There’s a hypnotic, panther like quality about him, at least in “Tricorne”.
  4. A good ballet friend warned me before I moved here that it was somewhat of a ballet and cultural wasteland. She’s right. It’s not being shown here and apart from Ballet Cymru - more power to them! - are the only dance company that visits. I have to go to Newark or Nottingham if I want to see this film or see live ballet. Given that my mother is seriously ill in hospital, I will have give it a miss. 😞
  5. I just showed the clip to my husband. His immediate reaction was “Wow! So much power and control!” I think he liked it. 😂
  6. Oh my gosh, Springborne3! That’s wonderful!
  7. Fiz

    Room 101

    It was actually said to her in a Tesco’s car park in the North.
  8. Fiz

    Room 101

    The people who made a Facebook friend and her little autistic son cry by saying that he was a freak and shouldn’t be allowed in public. 😡
  9. I would pick those roles too, capybara. I would also like to dance Act 2 in Swan Lake. Those fouettés are something else!
  10. Fiz

    Silver Swans

    Hmm! I might talk to Streetbeat (unless you want to, Nicola) and Go Dance. There’s lots of older people who do ballet cardio at Go Dance but they blanch at the idea of doing actual ballet.
  11. I keep my ballet tee shirts as warm ups when I have class when it’s cold.
  12. Fiz

    Oliver’s story

    I’m willing you on, Primrose. Oliver was too precious to have his death brushed under the rug. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. x