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  1. I thought he looked utterly exhausted at the curtain call. I think he has really grown as an actor since “Frankenstein”. Having seen a member of Ballet Co - whom I like - say that they did not care for Steven in this role I was rather concerned but he really gave it everything last night.
  2. I apologise for getting Anna Rose O’Sullivan’s surname wrong. I was on my phone and couldn’t check it
  3. Dear Mayerling fans, I have just found a book on Amazon published in the last year about Mayerling entitled “Twilight of Empire” by Greg Hill. He’s a good historian and the reviews are very good so there’s another one for my Mayerling collection! I haven’t posted about the ballet because everyone else has said it so well but I will say that last night we were transported to the stifling court of Austria-Hungary and were on the edge of our seats the whole time. It is such a terrific ensemble piece but Sarah Lamb, Steven McRae, James Hay, Mayara Magri and Anna Rose Sullivan were stellar and the whole company on fire. Bravo!
  4. Fiz

    Dance physio

    Yes, I saw that and put it on Twitter a couple of days ago.
  5. Thank you for sharing this, Rob S.
  6. Darlex, your mention of Mary being mad may not be so far of the mark. Mary’s last letter to Countess Larisch enjoined her to commit suicide and join her and Rudolf as life would become difficult for her. Her air of exultation in the whole letter is bizarre and sad. The whole letter ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous. She barely knew Rudolf in reality - they had met only a few times - and the really sad thing to me is that Rudolf actually asked the real Mitzi Caspar to commit suicide with him before he asked Mary. Mitzi was horrified and tried to warn court officials but was turned away. Poor Mary was second best.
  7. I came across somebody very like these/this poster(s) on Twitter a few years ago. She claimed to be a professional dancer but isn’t and when she was caught out - not by me although I didn’t believe her - she became equally vilely abusive.
  8. I think it’s the same troll that has appeared under two other guises in the past couple of years - “Livia” and “Pro Ballet Dancer”.
  9. Same old troll keeps turning up. Can’t her I.P. address be blocked? Harwell, that message was hideous. I’m so sorry and even sorrier that such wicked malice exists.
  10. The real Mary was a brunette so it does make sense.
  11. The ROH has ignored my comment on Twitter and also that of one of our hard working admins.
  12. I’ve given up trying to watch. It’s very disappointing.
  13. Our broadband here is fantastic. If we had been living where we used to live, I doubt we’d have seen anything.