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  1. So happy for her that I have tears in my eyes. Go Kathryn!
  2. Has anyone asked Carlos Acosta what he wants to do? I imagine it’s more of a BBC wishlist that a fact.
  3. This is a Chinese website. A word of caution - I have always been ripped off when ordering from China to the extent that I won’t buy anymore from them. My daughters are both small yet if they have bought clothes on a Chinese website, they are far too small and shoddy.
  4. Yes, we saw her too. I can still see the resolution as she told Onegin to go and what it cost her. She is a wonderful actress/ballerina.
  5. I know how much it moved you from your Facebook post, Sim. This is a wonderful review and I really wish I had been there too.
  6. I would not watch if this nonentity becomes a judge.
  7. She’d need a sparkly frilly dress cut down to there too, to quote Barry Manilow in Lola! 😂
  8. Fiz

    Room 101

    Oh no! Get well soon, Anne.
  9. Fiz

    Room 101

    Wow! They are so high handed, aren’t they? I hope your poor dd is making a good recovery. Thank you for your kindness. My knee is mended but there’s still lots of bruising and swelling from the initial point of impact. The consultant thinks I twisted as I landed on the pavement. The DVT waxes and wanes. I have nicknamed the pain Jafar from where he turns into a curved fanged serpent at the end of the Aladdin film. The cold and cough are just a flipping nuisance but at least I no longer sound like a barking seal! 😂
  10. Fiz

    Room 101

    I’ve had a bad time this week with my G.P practice too. I had DVT as a result of the broken knee and it got worse so the consultant I saw about the break sent me back into A&E. I was possibly developing a pulmonary embolism so I was sent for a complicated radioactive lung Xray. No embolism, thank goodness but you need to get your G.P to alter your anticoagulant dosage and we will email them. Great! However I started on Monday to chase up the new prescription. I did not get until 5.30 yesterday afternoon despite numerous hospital phone calls and emails and surgery phone calls. They won’t ring for hospital results or anything so I had to, despite battling DVT and the cough and cold from hell (probably A&E actually). They are less use than a chocolate teapot. We are thinking about changing practices but I really don’t know if a different one would be any better. They are perfectly polite but utterly incompetent.
  11. I’m really fed up that I had to miss the cinema screening.
  12. I once dreamed that I was going to shoved on the ROH to sing in “La Fille du Regiment”. I simply cannot carry a tune in a bucket and the state of sheer panic that I was in woke me up. It isn’t even an opera I know. Heaven knows where that dream originated!
  13. I remember my dear mother in law saying about that so bad it was series The Borgias (BBC in the 1980s) “I don’t know who all these cardinals are!” My darling husband said “You don’t need to know. They’re just cardinals”. 😂
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