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  1. Anyone else here a tennis fan?

    I remember it very well. Apparently the Duchess of Kent has said on Twitter how sad she is about Jana’s death and I am too. She was barely middle aged. RIP and my condolences to her family and friends.
  2. Audition disaster!

    I hope she is feeling better now too.
  3. Gardening News

    I love autumn. It’s my favourite season. All the others have their own beauties but as A4D says, autumn is so exhilarating.
  4. Local and National Places to go.

    If you can believe me, I’ve only just seen this, Meadowblythe! Yes, we did. The BBF brought the Lancaster which was escorted in by the Red Arrows. She had a massive round of applause. The weather was diabolical. We got thoroughly soaked through twice and it was bitterly cold. It was fairly poorly organised too. The Red Arrows only fielded four aircraft as two had broken down (one on the stand!) and one of the pilots was on maternity leave as his wife had had a baby the day before and they left one out as it wouldn’t help with the patterning. Would I go again? Yes! It’s a new show and they are still cutting their teeth. It was a fantastic day despite everything.
  5. Audition disaster!

    That’s wonderful news! Congratulations to your little dd! x
  6. Gardening News

    There’s quite a heavy frost here in Lincoln today.
  7. Gardening News

    Oh no, Lin!
  8. Audition disaster!

    My youngest dd had a violent tummy bug the day before her Grade V and her partner had a streaming cold. They were both limp rags before the exam in the changing room yet they refused to give up and they both did well.
  9. Gardening News

    I have lots of confused plants this autumn - my roses are still going but they’ve done that for years. However our clematis reflowered as did our cowslips plus I have seen an oilseed rape field in flower and gorse blooming. Global warming, what global warming?
  10. Yes, I saw it too, Quintus. She was rightly furious. It harks back to the days of Russian Grand Dukes shepherding away their lady loves every night from the Marinsky theatre. Things have moved on since then!
  11. He seems so nice! Anna C has long told me so but he comes across so naturally and warm in this article. Thank you for sharing it, Angela.
  12. Operations for dancers

    My daughters were blessed with the second kind. I will never forget my younger daughter when she was five sobbing her heart on her ballet teacher’s lap on the most boiling hot day in Cambridge. She had a tap exam the next day and was terrified. She cried all over her for about 20 minutes and her dance teacher cuddled her and told her she didn’t have to do the exam until she felt ready. I was all for telling my daughter not to be silly but her teacher shot me a look and shook her head slightly. The same teacher was full of concern when C tore a muscle in her back which took six months to heal.
  13. Polunin wasn’t even mentioned in an online review that I read this morning. Oh dear.
  14. Thanks for that, Yaffa. Wishing Oscar all the very best luck for his new adventures.
  15. Operations for dancers

    I am very glad that your ds is over the operation and I hope he will make a perfect recovery. I echo your thoughts about his teachers though. Why on earth should they think that a previously hard working dc suddenly skive or give up? Such lazy and muddled thinking! Everything crossed for him. x