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  1. Fiz

    How to get a Distinction in ballet exams!

    That’s amazing! Congratulations!
  2. Absolutely panting to see the live link at the cinema. The Royal Ballet is on fire at the moment.
  3. Fiz

    Knee injury

    Your dd’s surgeon sounds wonderful! Here’s hoping for a complete and speedy recovery. x
  4. Fiz

    Audience Behaviour

    I’ve only done it once, when we saw Johan Kobborg and Alina Cojacaru’s extraordinary “Mayerling” but so did the whole theatre.
  5. Actually, the way Hirano danced it, you could see his mistress becoming more and more frustrated and annoyed which is rather true to life since in my experience, drunken people can be rather tedious to say the least.
  6. Yes, I just saw this on Twitter. Poor Steven McRae, he’s been working so hard to get back from injury.
  7. My husband heard one last week in Lincolnshire.
  8. Oh yes, I loved James Hay the first time I saw him dance. He was Alain in Fille and he made him sad and pitiful instead of the knockabout figure he often is. I also like Calvin Richardson.
  9. Fiz

    JA Auditions... flexibility

    Good luck to your little dd.
  10. Yes, we had the red star at the Lincoln Odeon too.
  11. I do enjoy the insight chats we are given. I thought Darcy - I think it was Darcy - was very perceptive when she told Beatrix S.B. to mask her intentions before she pushed Kaneko otherwise it would be too obvious that they knew what was about to happen.
  12. They haven’t escaped as such, John. Penelope said that she didn’t find that Vadim Muntagirov moved her as a dancer yesterday. I found him tremendously moving last night. The whole Royal Ballet seemed to be on fire. I also found Muntagirov’s confession of loving Macmillan choreography and knowing he would not not be able to dance it in Russia and that he was thrilled to be able to dance it now very endearing.
  13. Me too! We also collected both of our daughters from the same cinema after they’d watched Infinity War so they were strung out too!
  14. Fiz

    Visit to Ballet West

    Congratulations, anaballerina!