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  1. Ribbons on character skirts

    I'm thinking of you, Cara. I don't much like sewing and fiddly sewing under pressure must be horrible.
  2. We aren't that far from Hull and I went on the website as soon as I heard about the gala but the website had already crashed under the strain and when I finally got on, all the tickets had been sold. I do wish that the Royal Ballet would tour more often. The dancers photos on Twitter and Instagram looked as if they had a wonderful time travelling as well as performing.
  3. Ribbons on character skirts

    My dds ballet school used to have a dressmaker provide their character skirts in a heavy polyester or polycotton material. Grades One and Two had graded pink ric rac braiding and a pink and white ribbon for the hem which turned to blue ric rac and ribbon higher up the school. They were very heavy and expensive compared to Dance Direct RAD character skirts but oh, they were beautiful.
  4. Junior boys doing ballet

    That's making me smile when I badly need to - thank you, Mrs Moo2.
  5. Sir Peter Hall RIP

    I once had quite unknowingly a long chat with Sir Peter Hall at a well known London restaurant. I was looking at photos of Victorian actors and playwrights. We started discussing them and I thought that he looked vaguely familiar but I couldn't place him. He complimented me on my knowledge of the Victorian theatre and then left. As soon as he disappeared I realised who he was.
  6. RBS Junior Associates 2017

    Pinkbex, I wondered how your dc had got on since you originated this thread. Congratulations to him.!
  7. Local and National Places to go.

    It's the first Scampton Air Show tomorrow. It replaces the one that was at RAF Waddington. I'm so excited but the weather might be a bit dodgy in the afternoon. If my beloved Red Arrows have to do another flat display, I will be so disappointed. Anyone in and around Lincoln tomorrow and Sunday should get a good view of aircraft that are flying. Enjoy!
  8. A Circling Star is back in print in paperback now but it's not a young children's book.
  9. A Circling Star has been reprinted in paperback and I actually own a copy now.
  10. Audition Photo Question

    I don't think you will lose anything by asking. She might not have time but you never know. Do you have any friends doing photography who might be able to help? It would be good practice for them too.
  11. Sir Bruce Forsyth RIP

    Somebody on Twitter said she had assumed because he had been around for so long, he would never die. R.I.P, Brucie.
  12. Ballet Skirts recommendations

    Just Ballet and Flic Flac go up quite large, I believe.
  13. I saw his announcement on Twitter. I'm really sad.
  14. I had the most nonsensical reply from the Odeon this afternoon. Apparently "different performances cost different prices". I answered "Why? It's the same seat in the same cinema" so the writer said he would pass on my concerns and get back to me. I'm not holding my breath.
  15. Glen Campbell RIP

    Oh dear. 😢