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  1. Yes, here it is: http://stmarys.parishofputney.com/activities-church/ Alice is one of the most wonderful, nurturing teachers ever. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
  2. Alice Crawford (ex ENB) did teach Adult Ballet near Putney, on a Friday morning I think?
  3. My dd (now at uni) has wide metatarsals and wears both Freed and Gaynor Minden, having had bad experiences with Grishko and then both good and bad with Bloch in her first couple of years en pointe. I think she had Bloch Jetstream and Bloch Hannah at some point which were good. Capezio do sell their own shoes but the shop staff are always ex jazz/tap dancers and we’ve never had any luck finding anyone in there who knows about or has experience with pointework. Good shop for leotards and Bunheads accessories though! It would be lovely to only need one make and model of shoe forever but your feet change as they grow and as you do more pointework so you might find yourself shopping around every so often until feet stop growing and your dd gets to know what feels right and what doesn’t. Dd’s best fittings have been with Michelle (now retired), Beth and Sophie at Freed and Sheila at Just Ballet (now in Wisbech) for Gaynors. I always think the first few years of pointe shoes are a bit like double glazing; it’s all down to the fitters! It does all get much easier as dds get older; for quite a few years now dd has been fitting herself in Dancia and re-ordering her own shoes in Freed. Enjoy the shared shopping experience while it lasts! ☺️
  4. Unless things have changed drastically in the last few years, I wouldn’t recommend Capezio for pointe shoe fittings; especially first shoes. My first stop would be Freed but like all the dance shops in London, the less experienced fitters should probably be avoided when a student is just starting out en pointe. In Freed I would always ask for Sophie or Beth or, failing that, a Senior Fitter. If you phone the shop the day before they can usually tell you who will be in when you visit. Dancia is great because of the sheer number of shoe manufacturers that they stock, including Bloch, Grishko, Merlet and Gaynor Minden (although the price of the latter means they are not ideal for beginners who will probably outgrow their first few pairs of pointes long before they’re worn out). Again, my dd has had some very good fittings and some poor fittings at Dancia and at Bloch. Bloch has a huge range of shoes too but I believe you do have to have an appointment there so don’t risk just turning up. The main thing to remember is that you don’t have to buy the first pair or even the fifth pair in the first shop you visit. You can say you have another appointment but could they write down the make/model/width and size for you so that you can come back. If your daughter is really struggling to get over onto the platform then she probably needs a softer shank or shorter vamp; if she looks as if she’s going over too far or “falling out” of the shoe then the opposite applies. The fitter should ask her to do a demi-plié in the shoes to see where her toes go to. Finally, buy ribbons and whatever padding she is wearing when the shoe is fitted BUT don’t sew the ribbons on or let your dd wear them around the house until her teacher has checked them. Good luck and enjoy!
  5. What a dream cast *that* would be! Getting back to Romeo and Juliet, thank you to everyone who reviewed O’Sullivan and Sambe’s debut. Access members can only use their discount for one performance per run so I chose Cuthbertson and Ball as the former is my favourite Juliet. Just as in 2015 though it seems I’ve missed another extraordinary performance! Let’s hope O’Sullivan and Sambe get more opportunities together next season. Looking forward to reviews of the upcoming R&Js; especially Stix-Brunell, Clarke and Lamb.
  6. My ideal scenario would be to replace Bruno with Karen, Anton or someone like Ian Waite and have three judges. That would negate a tie and the need for a Head Judge’s casting vote. I don’t mind Craig at all; he’s really toned down the unnecessary nastiness and actually gives good corrections (if you can hear him over the wretched booing). Bruno does my head in and I’d really like the new Judge to be an ex Ballroom and Latin Dancer.
  7. Exactly! Freed Maker symbols and letters are always stamped on when the shoe is vertical, so I’d be interested to see which way Cavycapers is looking at the shoe.
  8. I’m not sure if this, from Bonham’s website, will be of any help - from the bottom of these shoes it looks as though Z was the Maker: https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/23527/lot/16/?category=results&length=90&page=1 That’s not to say that Fonteyn didn’t change Makers though; when my daughter’s beloved Key Maker left Freed, she (and more than one RB Ballerina) had to change Maker to find one who produced a similar style of shoe.
  9. Thank you, Miracle. 🙂 Welcome to the forum, Millymoo! Miracle is correct; in accordance with our legal obligations, we do not discuss Ballet West publicly. Our Private Messaging system does allow people to send advice and tips though.
  10. I’m not sure, Ian. For some unknown reason, RBS have re-posted it today on the school’s Facebook page. It appears at first glance to be unchanged since November. 🧐
  11. I’m not quite sure why RBS has re-posted this article but it was written last year and discussed here: http://www.balletcoforum.com/topic/18799-rbs-statement-on-ballet-competition-culture/?tab=comments#comment-262094 Unfortunately that thread had to be locked so if there is anything new in the article that warrants further discussion, please could everyone be mindful of our Forum rules so that we don’t have to lock another thread.
  12. The full sole Oxford laceup tap shoes should be fine in PU/leatherette for a BTEC. I wouldn’t get the expensive leather ones yet, see how you get on first. Have you danced in New Yorkers before? They seem to range in heel height between 1.5 and 3 inches, so to start with I wouldn’t go above 2 inches unless they specify 3. If not specified I’d probably get a reasonably priced black pair to start with. I think some colleges ask for both tan and black but only for shows. Unless you’re absolutely sure you’ve stopped growing, I wouldn’t buy them just yet though! You don’t want to grow out of them before you start your course. ☺️
  13. Just what I was going to suggest. I’d check with the college but would think that any laceup Oxford style tap shoe (they look like this: https://uk.blochworld.com/product/LS3312L) would be fine. They range from below £30 to almost £60 so I’d start with a basic pair. Agree with Pictures that “Character” probably means New Yorkers/heels as opposed to the canvas RAD Character shoes, so again check whether they want black or tan. Ah, cross post!
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