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  1. Anna C

    Beginning to panic now!

    Gosh Pictures, I am terribly sorry to hear of your dh's illness and your resulting logistical nightmare. I'll keep everything crossed for you.
  2. Dd wears Ouch Pouch Pro (thin and only padded on one side) in Freeds and only Silicone big toe caps in Gaynors. A very important point is that if your dd adds toe pads in this long after her shoes were fitted, it may change the fit and make the shoes too tight. It's always best to be fitted for shoes with the padding you intend to use. Is she due a new pair of shoes anytime soon?
  3. Anna C

    Help with Funding

    I do hope the school can help. Are fees payable monthly, or upfront? Are there any other schools within travelling distance who might do a private audition at this stage? It's highly unlikely that "big" schools would, but privately owned schools like Ballet West, KS Dance or Chantry *might* see her.
  4. Anna C

    Help with Funding

    Hello Alice and welcome. What an awful situation for you! Do you mind me asking if it's lower or upper school? Is it a school where any Government funding is available, or failing that, any scholarships/bursaries available?
  5. Anna C

    Just for the boys...😉

    Clothing and dancewear-wise, Just Ballet has a boys dept: https://www.justballet.co.uk/collections/boys as does the RAD shop: https://www.radenterprises.co.uk/clothing/project-b?zenid=9a8r2mrkmr3e96icis4nagsus7 Bloch has probably the biggest range of shoes I've seen and tap shoes are often unisex, so I wouldn't worry about them being ladies' ones.
  6. Anna C

    Just for the boys...😉

    Yes, Project B is a great initiative run by the RAD. If you can get to Hertfordshire, Tring Park has a "Kick Start" programme for boys, and I am sure they have at least one boys' class in their CBA programme: https://www.tringpark.com/associated-courses/kick-start-boys-programme
  7. Anna C

    En Pointe Orthotics ( EPO)

    I think it was Pastel you're thinking of, Jane. I'm not sure she's still in the UK? Here's the thread from 2015 but the website link no longer works, which makes me think Pastel's no longer working here:
  8. Anna C

    Aretha Franklin RIP

    Oh, what a great loss. Aretha had such boundless talent and truly was the Queen of soul. RIP.
  9. Anna C

    Royal conservatoire of Scotland info

    Hello Boogalou, I've added the RCS "tag" underneath the thread title; if you click on the tag it will bring up all the other threads that discuss RCS. Kind regards, Anna
  10. Anna C

    UK v’s US. Help !

    Sorry, I should have been clearer. I meant what are the graduate employment figures like for her current school? How many of this year's grads got contracts with ballet companies (those who wanted them)?
  11. Anna C

    UK v’s US. Help !

    What are her prospects if she stays at her current school and graduates?
  12. Great minds - I was just about to. They've confirmed that there is a problem with the website.
  13. I can't get the ROH page to open at all on ipad, Bruce - seems the problem is at their end, not yours.
  14. If memory serves, I think Row A Stalls Circle (centre) for the Manon Matinée was £80. I know DG Grand Tier is usually a little bit more but I don't remember it being over the £90 mark for a matinée before?
  15. I was lucky; got tickets for Takada/McRae/Naghdi La Bayadère and Bonelli/Morera's Mayerling. Was restrained and limited myself to those two although I expect dd will take herself to see Nutcracker. ☺️