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  1. Why is a pointe shoe like a car?

    I think there's a small difference in price between Studios and Classic but only a few pounds, if I remember. Both models come in several widths and there's often the option to send them back to the factory for adjustment, or for doing a special order if you're between sizes. I probably sound like an advert for Freed but dd wears both Freed and Gaynors now. However, years ago she had a dreadful fitting at another shop in London which resulted in entirely the wrong shoes and nearly stopping pointework. Michelle, and afterwards Beth at Freed came to the rescue and ever since then they have always found just the right shoe for her via customisations. Freed shoes aren't right for everyone, but that's the same with any shoe.
  2. YBSS application 2018

    I doubt there will be parking at ENB as Jay Mews is very small and on a narrow street. It's near the Royal Albert Hall though so there may be on-street parking nearby or even just across the road in Hyde Park: Markova House 39 Jay Mews, Kensington, London SW7 2ES https://goo.gl/maps/rF46zoY8qdv
  3. European schools and intensives advice

    Is your dd currently at school in the UK, Mae? If so, do you mean you are looking at options for Year 12 (16+/upper school)? Because in UK schools the students would be studying GCSEs in Years 10 and 11. With regard to European schools, the ones I know include: John Cranko school: http://en.john-cranko-schule.de/schooling/ Princesse Grace Academie de danse: http://www.balletsdemontecarlo.com/en/training Dutch National Ballet Academy: https://www.atd.ahk.nl/en/dance-programmes/national-ballet-academy/about-nba/ I'm sure there are more but I've only had one cup of coffee so far so not quite awake yet.
  4. Well, it's goodbye from me... and goodbye from her

    Oh Loulabelle, I'm so sorry to hear about your dd. I hope she is happy and fully recovered.
  5. Why is a pointe shoe like a car?

    Yes, machine made shoes are more consistent, so if you order a pair of Bloch Hannahs in your size and width from an online supplier and another pair from a shop, they are going to be the same in terms of platform width, angle, vamp length and so on. Freed Studios (and all variations thereof) are machine made. Freed Classics (and Classic Pro/Light/hard etc) are hand made by the various "Makers", so all differ slightly in box, platform, wings, vamp, hardness, and so on. It's fascinating to see the Makers at work; the speed they work at is amazing. Once the handmade shoes are formed and "baked", the machine operators finish them by adding the drawstring and trimmings and so on. But each maker forms the entire shoe himself, angles the platform etc. - they're like little works of art. You lose a tiny bit of consistency but you gain the ability to order or customise the shoe to your own specification.
  6. Why is a pointe shoe like a car?

    Bloch shoes are machine made, so SO 109 is the Model number (i.e. Hannah). It's Freed Classics that have the different letter/symbol that denotes their particular Maker.
  7. Well, it's goodbye from me... and goodbye from her

    I'm so sorry to hear you're leaving us Taxi, but I do understand. You've given excellent and invaluable advice here over the years so I too hope you pop back every now and then. You'll be very much missed on the forum so I'm glad we can still keep in touch in real life. Hugs to you all and I wish your dd huge success on her new path. xx
  8. That's so kind, hfbrew, thank you on behalf of the Mods.
  9. Why is a pointe shoe like a car?

    Incidentally, I suspect the reason for dancers (even Principals) sewing their own ribbons is that each dancer likes particular ribbons in a particular length, sewn at an angle and a position peculiar to them. Even if shoes came preribboned, no doubt most dancers would unpick them and reposition them!
  10. Dance shop discounts

    I don't blame you - what's the worst they can say? "No, sorry".
  11. Why is a pointe shoe like a car?

    There is indeed. http://www.balletcoforum.com/forum/28-for-sale-wanted/
  12. Class Times for Mid Associates London

    No problem!
  13. Class Times for Mid Associates London

    Welcome to the Forum, Jamkan. I have moved your thread here to "Doing Dance" which is the most appropriate place for your question.
  14. puberty-help!

    Does she have to stop ballet when she goes to Uni, Cara? Loads of unis here in the UK have ballet classes for all levels - is that not the case in NZ?
  15. Flowers in Giselle

    I always assumed that Myrtha's branches were Myrtle? Doesn't Myrtle have some significance in love? I believe it used to be popular in wedding bouquets too.