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  1. And FINALLY a promotion for James Streeter!
  2. It's just been announced on Twitter. ETA posting simultaneously with LTD.
  3. Anna C

    RB Promotions for 2018/19?

    Thumbs up to all of these.
  4. Anna C

    RB Promotions for 2018/19?

    I agree and personally I feel the same about ENB's James Streeter. He's such a terrific actor as well as a beautiful dancer. In all the years I've been watching him perform, I can't believe he's never been promoted to Principal.
  5. Anna C

    Errol Pickford RIP

    What a tragedy and a terrible shock. Most sincere condolences to all Mr Pickford's family, frends, colleagues and students.
  6. Oh yes! I remarked on that at the time but assumed he meant Cuthbertson. But that's still six, isn't it? Cuthbertson Lamb Naghdi Nuñez Osipova Takada Am I mising one?
  7. Anna C

    Classical Ballet - UK or Russia to study?

    Gosh! What a faff. That must have been introduced just after dd went. 😮
  8. Anna C

    Classical Ballet - UK or Russia to study?

    Do school trip students have to go to London for visas now? When my dd went with school (4 or 5 years ago) we had to go into school one evening to fill out the visa application online. It took ages as there were about 30 pages to fill in, but it was all done there and then. Maybe it helped that dd's Russian teacher had collated all the info needed? She also booked the "arty" evening activities in advance, including Sleeping Beauty at the Mariinsky.
  9. I may be missing something but I saw nothing "mean" or "vile". My teenage daughter said precisely the same thing; she also thought the competition would be much more effective and more equal were all the men to dance the same variation (and likewise the women). Precious Adams is a fantastic dancer but that variation wasn't ideal for her. When certain dancers are given a much showier and more exciting variation than others, it can appear (rightly or wrongly) to the audience that one dancer is being set up to win. That's a comment on the way the competition is set up, not a reflection on the dancers.
  10. Anna C

    What after junior associate auditions??

    Tring Park School Classical Ballet Academy has a boys' programme. Also Central School of Ballet has Preps and Pre-Seniors from Years 7 - 11 inclusive.
  11. Thanks Saodan. We had no cast sheets and I had to identify the supporting cast for the lady next to me who is customarily an opera-goer.
  12. I thought something was amiss but couldn't remember what was missing, having only seen this production once before. Both dancers covered it so well. At our local Cineworld the lighting of Acts II and IV was so dim you could barely see Siegfried from a distance. Darcey and Ore were so quiet I was almost lipreading to understand what they were saying. Fortunately the orchestra was at a decent level. I'm glad the ROH had a camera at what I presume was DG Grand Tier level - it was nice to see the corps from above.
  13. Anna C

    Tring Park CBA Auditions 2018

    Ah, thanks Harwel. ☺️ It's been a very hard journey for her but thank goodness she's come out the other side. She still loves ballet, can dance part time AND has a new academic dream to pursue. I know not everyone has that and as a parent, it's such a relief.
  14. That's interesting because I could completely understand why Princesses and Swan Princesses alike would fall for Bonelli's Siegfried! No hint of sulkiness or weakness; nowhere near enough to do in Act 1 but his portrayal was melancholy and wary, never sulky. It'll be interesting to see how Muntagirov plays it this evening.
  15. Anna C

    Tring Park CBA Auditions 2018

    Thank you, Silver! 😊