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  1. Anna C

    Demi pointes for auditions at Royal.

    I agree. Canvas flats are easy to wash at 30 degrees. Old fashioned or not, some Associate schemes still have “grooming/presentation” on the yearly assessment reports. Showing that you have made an effort to look neat and presentable is important. Nobody wants to dance in uncomfortable brand new shoes but shoes, tights and leotards for audition should be clean, tidy and without ladders/fraying edges/loose hems or threads.
  2. I think that’s exactly it, Douglas. Yes, historically the ROH has given us more detailed casting in advance than other companies, but that doesn’t mean the detail can or should now descend to the lowest standard without customers noticing or complaining. When I book for ENB or Matthew Bourne, I book by date KNOWING that casting will be pot luck (it helps that the tickets are markedly cheaper, mind you). With RB I book for the dates AND particular dancers (illness and injury notwithstanding) which in the past has been possible because cast information has always been available. What irritates me (and seemingly several others) is the sudden loss of that information without notice, good reason or a corresponding drop in ticket prices. No organisation can suddenly provide a worse service or less information without people saying “hang on a minute”.
  3. It is nice to see. I always feel rather sorry - for the first couple of years anyway - for the men who join the company as an Aud Jebsen Young Artist and during the following year or so. Having spent a reasonable amount of time on stage while at Upper School (albeit in “Spear Carrying” or drink-pouring roles, they suddenly seem to disappear and get less stage time, rather than more. The ladies in that position seem to be used much more as Corps dancers so their time performing seems to remain quite steady without that sudden drop off. It must be a harder transition for the men as there are fewer roles for male Aud Jebsen dancers and new Artists of the company.
  4. Well, I’m glad the ROH has finally updated the casting (on the website at any rate; I haven’t had an email about the change). Personally I’m delighted that Yasmine Naghdi is now dancing on 18th. ☺️
  5. Anna C

    Christine Woodward - another sad loss.

    Oh my goodness! Christine was dd’s Pre-Senior teacher at Central and what a wonderful gifted teacher she was. She always addressed the students as “Dancers” and taught as if the studio was the stage at the ROH, telling them they must project all the way to the back of the Amphi. I had no idea she’d died. What a great loss.
  6. TTB, just fyi I have changed the “Ballet West” tag to “Ballet West Utah” to avoid confusion with the ballet school in Scotland. ☺️
  7. Same here, Sim. Shame because the dancing was beautiful and I liked the use of projection, the huge baubles and so on. Lovely to see it once but not something I’d see year on year.
  8. Yep. Also the lack of sets and backdrops. Even with the use of mirrors and doors the stage does look bare.
  9. For those of you going to the Royal Albert Hall to see BRB’s Nutcracker, don’t expect to see the same production as you will see in Birmingham. It’s a “special” version designed for the RAH. Still very lovely but quite different - just as the ENB “In the round” Swan Lake is different from the Coliseum production.
  10. Anna C

    Best starting class for 7 nearly 8 year old

    A belated welcome to the forum. ☺️ That sounds much better. Try not to worry too much about the blip; as long as it hasn’t put her off ballet completely it will be fine! I agree that Grade 1 is a much better fit for a 7 year old. A trial class is always a positive start and the new school sounds better organised. Once she’s settled and is hopefully loving her new classes, taking her to see ballet performances might help her see what all the exercises and steps are for. If you can get to London, English National Ballet perform “My First...” ballets which are shorter than the full productions and also narrated so children have a better idea of the story.
  11. My thoughts exactly, bridiem. I do love the RB Nutcracker but rarely feel so emotional that I well up. I did last night at the perfection and joy that was Nuñez and Muntagirov’s pas de deux. What a wonderful cast. I would love a DVD of last night’s performance (including Sir Peter’s enchanting curtain call).
  12. Anna C

    Jazz Pants nightmare

    Yes, I think dd’s used to be adult xs Capezio - she still has the same problem now; tiny waist and long legs! Peanut, I’m glad I wasn’t eating when I read your post. 😳😂😂😂
  13. Anna C

    Jazz Pants nightmare

    Just a thought (and apologies if you’ve already considered this) but as it’s the established uniform and only for exams, could the teacher not ask to borrow a pair from one of the older girls? Or if all the girls in the exam group have black leggings, could that particular group not wear the red leotard with black leggings? The examiner certainly wouldn’t mind; the main thing is that all the girls in that group look similar. (When dd did tap exams the girls all wore a velour turtleneck leotard with black footless tights, but the leotard could be any colour. They still looked nice and it made life easier!)
  14. Anna C

    Sewing elastic to pointe shoes

    Sometimes the heels slip until the shoes are broken in properly (although dd’s first couple of pairs were outgrown before they were broken in!).
  15. Anna C

    Sewing elastic to pointe shoes

    Excellent! You’re very welcome. ☺️