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  1. Anna C

    Ballet summer schools for 2019

    Welcome to the forum, Irishdancemom. ☺️
  2. Ditto for my daughter, alison. I assume they didn’t want to associate “Principal Ballerina” with pale pink, which is fair enough, but Lululemon does have a gorgeous dusty rose colour among others which would have been nice. Hopefully there will be another Hayward collaboration in Spring with some nicer colours.
  3. “News and Information” seems reasonable to me. I only recently discovered Lululemon. They have some very nice products.
  4. Anna C

    I am shamed by my poor dévéloppé

    No worries! 👍
  5. Anna C

    I am shamed by my poor dévéloppé

    So that we keep threads on topic (making it easier for people to find information), could you ask your question here, Lisa? Thanks so much, kind regards, Anna
  6. Anna C

    CNSMDP Paris, Conservatoire Nationel Superior, Paris

    Hello Derin’s Mom and welcome to the forum. I have moved your post to “Doing Dance”, which is the most appropriate place for questions about training.
  7. Thank you, Bruce. I was fortunate enough to see the Soares/Cuthbertson cast last run and found Soares’ Rudolf incredibly moving; much more to be pitied than Watson’s. I’d have gone for this cast again this time were I not so keen to see Bonelli and Morera! Thanks everyone for all the reviews thus far as it seems an age until I go. You are all whetting my appetite!
  8. Anna C

    Taking Ballet Exams as an adult

    Just a thought, might it be useful if we change the thread title to “Taking ballet exams as an adult”?
  9. Anna C

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    This suggests that the school will be applying again for DaDa funding: https://www.tringpark.com/applying/fees-and-funding
  10. Anna C

    Ballet vs academics

    Absolutely. A long time ago now but I remember my dd struggling with maths in one particular primary school year. The following year - with a different teacher - she was top of the class, where she stayed. I think she just didn’t click with that particular teacher. If after investigation it turns out that the increase in dance hours is having an effect - even if it’s just making her a bit more tired - then you still have the option to drop a class.
  11. Anna C

    I am shamed by my poor dévéloppé

    Here is the lovely Romany Pajdak demonstrating a developpé. LOTS of core strength involved!
  12. Anna C

    I am shamed by my poor dévéloppé

    Core strength, turnout, but most importantly, control. Grand battements are kicked (thrown, really) but not developpés. Rather than on a Swiss ball, I have seen dancers in rehab do developpés on a balance cushion or half ball. That’s good for strengthening a supporting ankle or foot that has been injured.
  13. Anna C

    Questions about Upper School auditions

    If they haven’t specified, I would wear ballet flats. Yes, for an unspecified “full length photo”, standing in parallel is fine. ☺️
  14. Anna C

    Too skinny (age 8)

    I agree. Pilates demands a certain level of maturity and although it can be brilliant for dancers, I think it’s better to start as a teenager.
  15. Anna C

    Too skinny (age 8)

    Is she an Associate anywhere, Whiteduvet? You will get a much better comparison at Associates where she’s dancing with girls her own age than at Competitions. Welcome from me too, by the way! ☺️