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  1. Overseas summer schools 2019

    Look at Dance Europe site for lists of schools and companies that have summer schools. We’ve had family holidays around summer schools. Princess Grace in Monoco, we holidayed in southern France whilst dd danced. She’s also done Royal Danish and Royal Antwerp whilst we’ve holidayed locally.
  2. Finding The Money To Pay For Dance Training Expenses

    Apply for a summer job now so that have a post for when you finish your A levels and before you start Ballet West. Then save everything you earn towards your costs next year. Make sure you take advantage of as many student discounts as possible. Do Santander still do their student bank account with the free four year 16-25 railcard?
  3. How long do your pointe shoes last?

    Was it three hours continuously in one pair of shoes? Dd was advised by Grishko fitter to swap shoes after about an hour and allow them to dry. Having said that we never found a Bloch or Freed style that lasted more than a few hours. Grishko did better but best value for dd have been Merlet. Initially they had a problem with shank but the company have listened to the dancer’s feedback and improved them.
  4. Annette Nicholson or MIDAS
  5. UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    That is very harsh and I hope they did have the good grace to apologise. Why not look at Emma Northmore’s or Tutugirl’s summer courses, both of whom support their students.
  6. Audition fees

    Royal Ballet School, Antwerp do this with the scoring criteria.
  7. Matching floral leotard and skirt

    Try the Wear Moi range from Planet Dance. If you search the skirts it will tell you in description which leotards they coordinate with. Often a lead in time for some Wear Moi leotards as made to order.
  8. Or she didn’t feel the stage was safe for her to do them?
  9. Room 101

    The weather is improving and that can only mean one thing - MAMIL packs! Conveniently oblivious to other road users especially on narrow, country roads.
  10. Artistic Directors (of schools)

    I wish my dd experience was as positive as Dancefanatics. The second AD in post during her time at vocational school spent a great deal of the year abroad, not making company contacts to help his graduates but looking for prospective students. I think he would be hard pressed to remember the destinations of more than a handful of his graduates from the past two years. I felt his lack of presence on stage at the end of the last show of the year to wish the graduates and other leavers well summed up his poor management. In the five years my dd was at the school with him as AD he never took class. If a teacher was absent the ladies and men would have a joint class with the one teacher. If an external choreographer or teacher was in then he would sit in class, always a good photo opportunity! And like the OP my dd was aware of the disquiet among the dance staff about the tensions between them and the AD. The first AD she experienced at the same school was the polar opposite; coming into class at least once a week, demonstrating steps, engaging with his students. It was a sad day when he retired
  11. Artistic Directors (of schools)

    If they are rarely present, don’t know the majority of the children and don’t watch class unless there is a visitor in school I can’t really see the benefit of them. Celib’s son seems to have had very positive experiences whilst training abroad.
  12. A school/company we can’t mention on the forum also started one last year!! I think Rambert are also starting a junior type company scheme. Dd was offered an audition but there was no notice, a very early in the morning audition so logistically she couldn’t get there and confusing information about funding. I always think apprenticeship comes with some remuneration, the Ballet Wales program is fully funded by parents. They initially ran it as a trial one term basis but have said will plan to offer next year as full academic year course.
  13. These schemes have flourished in recent years with the lack of paid contracts being available to new graduates. Schools are listing them as graduate destinations when in fact they are partly doing what the 3rd year of sixth form was designed to do - prepare the students for company roles. They all come with a cost and we have noted that some students do consecutive years at different schemes in the hope of gaining paid employment. Dd completed one recently, enjoyed the teaching and got plenty of performance opportunities as part of the main company. It would be interesting to hear other’s experiences of these schemes as despite her positive experiences my dd feels they are predominantly a money making scheme for the companies and a way to fill the gaps in the cast without having to pay a wage.
  14. British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    In retrospect I agree Windover and I’ve often wondered if the fees issue could be dealt with by a medical letter explaining that your child is being made ill by the environment. Be a strong school that chased the parents of an ill child for the full years fees. I think a lot of the comments, ours included relate to both lower and upper schools as I recognise the posters.
  15. British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    It always said that on paperwork but the reality didn’t match that in all the years my dd there. And a number of times I tried to ‘call in’ when I went to visit on Saturdays with no success.