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  1. We can’t unless the parents or child personally lets you know.
  2. Jane

    Room 101

    Does the Government Gateway still exists? I thought disbanded although can use log in for some services. Not that I’m at all an tech expert but have found numerous times that if I’m having a problem with parts of a website it is because I’m using Safari, when change platforms it inevitably works.
  3. My Dd and her peers auditioned at numerous Eastern Europe companies without success. One dancer from her cohort secured a month by month contract but that was through a contact not an open audition. The graduate year group prior to my Dds year seemed to have the same problems as her year. Prior to this we noticed most grads got their first contract in Eastern Europe. At some auditions Dd attended they were told there were no vacancies but the company had to hold auditions. Cynically Dd always believed that this was the case because the companies were partially funded by local government and having a few hundred dancers turn up in town for auditions was a huge boost for the local economy.
  4. Totally agree with Sadielou, Moneypenny & Kat09. Exploitation is rife in the dance world especially for those looking for their first contracts. We knew auditioning would be difficult but I was shocked at how little support there was from school and the staff. No guidance on best places to audition for each individual dancer’s style and strength. Very little effort to get their graduates seen in the last few years of school. I’m relieved to now be out of the dance world. Dd amazed at how much support there is from college staff regarding choosing appropriate university and courses. But if one more person says ‘what a waste, all that hard work, time and money and you’ve given it all up’ ....
  5. My children’s dance school also used to have long holidays Xmas, Easter and summer. At this age we just enjoyed the time to explore other activities and have fun together and catch up with friends and family. My Dd attended her first summer school (WL) age 10 and it wasn’t until she was at vocational school we looked at private lesson or other extra holiday courses. If your daughter remains serious about dancing it becomes such a huge part of their lives it is important to have times when they can look back on that are non dance related.
  6. Daughter did Princess Grace SS few years ago and we holidayed in Nice.
  7. RAD have a Boys Only! 6/7th April at Trinity Laban. Ages 8 - 18 years. Book by 18th March.
  8. Not long since I put a similar amount in the bin. Dust man knocked on door to check I knew they were in bin.
  9. Obviously not in London but Elmhurst use the on-site boarding houses for the summer school.
  10. Jane

    Gardening News

    The lovely weather has certainly brought out the insects here too. We had a plague of harlequin ladybirds last year that had obviously hibernated and they are out in force so hoping a sudden cold spell might sort them out. The hedgehogs are really busy feeding but I’m hoping not breeding yet as won’t end well.
  11. http://www.bnf.fr/en/collections_and_services/spect_eng/s.dance_ballet.html?first_Art=non This was the site I found when googled ‘Paris Opera Ballet archive’
  12. Have you tried contacting Paris Opera Ballet archives? They have a website
  13. My Dd was chosen a few times from school to dance with the company, I think what she found most rewarding was being in class with the professionals and on the whole being treated as an equal, generally most dancers were friendly and encouraging regardless of rank. Post school as a member of a graduate scheme she was chosen to tour with the parent company. Lots of dance experience, treated very much as part of the company but no financial reward. Over night hotels were paid for but no food so over a period of time became very expensive as had to eat on the go constantly. We were having to pay for the graduate scheme too. As the placement drew to an end she was offered a place in the company ‘if she didn’t need paying’
  14. Jane

    Raw eggs

    Think the chicken vaccine is only active against two strains and there are numerous types of salmonella. The chicken vaccine requires 2 vaccines 4 weeks apart in the first year then a yearly booster. Humans are notorious in not getting complete courses of vaccines and as we’ve seen a huge drop in recorded cases of salmonella in the UK since chicken vaccination was introduced it will be seen as more effective than trying to roll out a human vaccination program.
  15. Lovely to hear that you are healthy and happy @swanprincess
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