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  1. Jane

    Hip Injury/Dance physio??

    I have to agree. He could well have less pain today as resting, tomorrow when active at school could be a different story.
  2. Jane

    Prince Philip's accident

    None unless the family and friends can convince their elderly person the time has come to give up driving. As a licence holder you are obliged to inform DVLA if you have certain medical conditions and for some conditions a GP has to assess ability. We have a distant relative who yearly gets passed by GP as safe to drive despite his dementia diagnosis, as for the duration of the appointment he manages to appear totally lucid. Worryingly he sometimes can’t find his way home on his daily walk never mind getting behind the wheel. I suspect HRH is also if the age were licences were a given right without a formal driving test.
  3. Jane

    Strange Signs

    Last night driving into a nearby village at the T junction there were two diversion signs, one pointing left the other right. Just round the corner there was another directing traffic back the way we had just come from. Further on in journey we encountered the workmen putting out the signs, they were placing one to take drivers yet another way. I wonder why I ignore any local diversion signs?
  4. Jane

    Room 101

    Get well soon JohnS
  5. Jane

    The kindness of strangers.

    Has Sean investigated bursaries and scholarships that are available from the university he hopes to attend? In England students can have 4 years worth of student finance, is it only 3 in NI?
  6. Lots of large tubes of Fruit Pastilles in my local Tesco this morning.
  7. Jane

    Assessments / reports

    Do you have a parent/teacher consultation coming up soon? If not ask to speak to your Dd teacher so they can explain why she got the mark she did and what advice they can offer for her to improve. They should be telling her daily what she needs to work on and most vocational schools require the students to keep a dance diary to note down corrections and coaching advice. I would second the advice not to share marks and appraisal results among peers, you’ll be surprised how much exaggeration there is of marks. It caused us a lot of grief over the years until the AD gave her feedback on an appraisal and suddenly she realised she wasn’t the bottom of the class, just a lot more honest than some.
  8. Jane


    I’m guessing you don’t live with a cat Alison? Sharing your home with a cat nothing surprises you. If you think it’s impossible the cat just sees it as an extra challenge.
  9. As a student Dd often got to wear costumes from BRB wardrobe. Every time the excitement of seeing the sewn in name labels of professional dancers who had worn the costume was real.
  10. Jane

    choices at 16

    Bristol university is giving all its first years the option to allow parents/guardians to be informed of staff have concerns about the students wellbeing. Why the dance schools that offer the degree can’t have a similar system in place is beyond me.
  11. Jane

    Room 101

    Yes dipsticks have changed a lot! If you’re lucky enough to work in some environments you don’t even need to ‘read’ them anymore, there is a machine to do it for you and give a nice print out of results.
  12. Jane

    My first night at work tonight since 1996.

    Sounds awful Lisa and I would follow Janet’s advice to start looking elsewhere. I worked for a few months in a nursing home and I have to say I did spend a lot of time kneeling, to do foot care and putting socks/slippers on.
  13. Jane

    Room 101

    The dipsticks now detect leukocytes so assume that was the vets ‘white cells’. I thought the same about the bite especially as he had 1.5 litres of urine in bladder but when you get into consulting room now they immediately say ‘this is the aggresive one’ as he wanders over and climbs onto the scales and lays down.
  14. Jane

    Room 101

    Anne I bought urinalysis dipsticks from Amazon, very easy to use. Google search what cats normally have in their urine and then check. I started doing this after one of mine got a blockage that required catheterisation and a two day vet stay. They wanted him back after treatment for urinalysis although they have him highlighted as ‘aggresive’ as he bite the vet catheterising him. Although insured I asked for a full copy of his bill and was shocked to see I was charged £24 for one dipstick urinalysis - a whole bottle was around £16 ie 100 sticks - 100 tests.
  15. Jane

    Room 101

    You don’t have to pay but you can no longer get in without going to the desk because of the turnstiles. Once at the desk they ask ‘what donation can you make today? We recommend £3 each’ Therefore feel uncomfortable saying only want to visit shop and undercroft for cup of tea. Edited to add Was informed at the desk that if didn’t have the cash they accepted cards. Was a very uncomfortable experience as would normally put a donation in collection box if visiting a cathedral or museum but felt under pressure to donate.