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  1. Think you can still do the bus pick up at both Stanstead and Gatwick. Gatwick give a two hour free pick up from long stay car park.
  2. Jane

    Room 101

    Bank holiday weekends inevitably bring hoards of cyclists and motorcyclists to our narrow country lanes who convienently forget people live and work in said countryside. Today I thought I was seeing things, someone riding a penny farthing with the necessary headphones on, completely oblivious to the two tractors and queue of cars trying to overtake him as he wobbled along.
  3. Jane

    Beginning to panic now!

    Sorry to hear about your husband’s ill health. Hope he is making a good recovery. There must be someone available from admin team available at this time of year. I would phone/email every contact you know asking for assistance. Good luck x
  4. Jane

    Beginning to panic now!

    Is there anyone in school/college at the moment that you could contact re landladys? Or do you know contact details of parents of other dc starting in sixth form who might have the necessary details?
  5. Jane

    En Pointe Orthotics ( EPO)

    Four or five years ago I’m sure I remember a mother on here who had trained in the fitting of pointe shoe orthotics. Believe the family transferred here from Australia for her Dd to train. I’m not having any luck searching site for any relevant posts. Do remember there being information about them in Dancique a couple of years ago.
  6. Jane

    Make up at Upper schools

    Like Cotes Dd mine was also asked if ill by dance teacher when went bare faced to class. She had been told a number of times to wear more by teaching staff. Since leaving school she finds spending on make up has decreased substantially.
  7. Jane

    Old coins - what to do with them?

    I would search out coin collector shops near you and see if they will are interested. I know all our larger local towns have a coin collector shop as son on the look out for some old pennies to complete a collection he was gifted.
  8. Jane

    Rain - at last!

    Lisa I’m so sorry to hear about Pumpkin. What good news about your new job. Well done xx Not as much rain as we’d hoped for either. The farmers were frantically havesting to get the wheat in before the storms and crop that is still left in the fields is standing so didn’t get flattened. Storm meant we missed the blood moon though, did anyone see it?
  9. Jane

    Wildlife in heatwave

    A request for those that can to put water out for birds and local wildlife in this endless heatwave please. Over the last few evenings I’ve noticed the hedgehogs going to the water bowls before the food and this morning the water bowls are dry.
  10. Jane

    RBS Summer School

    Used to be classes from Monday morning.
  11. I wondered the same about Opes especially as Olivia did all the admin.
  12. Jane

    Oliver’s story

    I’m so sorry read about the tragic early death of your son, Oliver. I’ve signed the petition.
  13. Jane

    Best way to dye/paint pointe shoes black?

    No advice on original question but just chuckling at what I assume is the sudden need for a vocational student to have ‘such and such’ for show next week! Never anything easy to source and forget notice. I don’t think we did a year without a frantic call of ‘Miss X says we need .... for the shows’
  14. Jane

    Any cuckoos out there? ... and other BirdWatch news

    Oops, inclement weather. We never had a spring going from harsh winter weather to very hot, dry days. I alwats think pheasants are dizzy. They stand on the verge waiting for vehicles to approach then dash out into the road, rush backwards and forwards then suddenly remember they can fly so with a lot of fuss take off to land feet away on opposite verge.
  15. Jane

    Any cuckoos out there? ... and other BirdWatch news

    Most of the partridges are breed and released for the season. Those that have naturalised, because they are ground nesters, are at increased risk during incremental weather from predators. Probably explains the low numbers this year. Same with the dizzy pheasants.