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  1. Good luck to your daughter on her new journey. She has such determination and parental support she will succeed in whatever path she decides to follow. You have been a huge support over the years (and tears as that was initially spellchecked to!). Hope we can keep in touch.
  2. Posh is as posh does

    Think the support from the Calthorpe Estate might explain why Elmhurst and it’s sixth form block are situated where they are within the posh bit of Birmingham.
  3. Dance shop discounts

    No nothing to lose by asking. Dd got discount in lower school for ballet and pointe shoes at most shops.
  4. Which Microsoft?

    Lisa expect your varifocals to take some getting used to, try to practice using them as much as possible before your next lecture. I still find it hard to suddenly focus on a distant monitor if I’ve been concentrating on the computer screen. My family likened me to a cat trying to focus when I got my first pair, I was moving my head trying to focus rather than my eyes - turned out the lens had been made incorrectly hence the ongoing problems beyond the learning to use.
  5. Posh is as posh does

    I’m considered posh by some work colleagues because I’ve never had a kebab 😂
  6. Questions about Upper School auditions

    We found no time set aside for photos or filming in year 11, voc school not interested in giving advice or support and ex teacher at home didn’t want to get involved either as felt ‘dd was now beyond her capabilities’ We found a new local teacher to give guidance and used her studio. In grad year photos offered by school but no details on cost before event and each dd that opted for it had a very short time allocated. For videos we were advised they filmed each other in class on phones, turns out that was poor advice. So do wonder who exactly ENBS trying to attract to audition as difficult and an expensive exercise for both vocational and non vocational UK students.
  7. Balletdadblog

    I think a teacher saying to a child ‘I love how you do ....’ is acceptable but ‘I love you’ is not professional or appropriate. Most teachers in vocational schools are not native English speakers but the majority have trained, danced and then worked here so a very poor excuse.
  8. Negotiating the boys dance world!

    A lot of children attend auditions knowing that they may be offered a place but if it comes without funding it isn’t going to happen.
  9. Balletdadblog

    There is no confidentiality in a vocational school we found. You are unlikely to contact Ofsted or ISI without first raising the issue with the school first and it is easy for the staff to work out who from the small number of vocal parents it is that has raised concerns. I think from reading the original blog when it was posted the father felt horrified he hadn’t supported the mother who questioned the staying out of the sun policy but I’ve experience of listening to parents complaining about various aspects of vocational life but not wanting the staff to know their true feelings. My last was at a whole year meeting in 6.2 when we had all been muttering before hand about the schools failure but not one parent supported me when I put our concerns to the panel. So yet again it looked like Mrs X was the only one complaining!
  10. We once found a couple in our seats, once they checked their tickets they realised they had the correct seats but were a day early for their booked show!
  11. Balletdadblog

    The blog is a harrowing read and unfortunately for many of us all too familiar events being discussed. I'm pleased to read the child and his family are recovering. My dd was one of a small group 'chosen' to speak to the ISI inspectors a number of years ago, every comment made by the children that was in anyway negative was dismissed by the inspectors; the food was fine, the not being able to use the toilet in the night imagined, medical rarely being open a lie... It was a tick box exercise were they ticked the boxes they wanted. The online forms parents are asked to complete before the inspection give little option for you to make comment. And anyone with experience of a school or hospital before any type of inspection will know how the powers that be rally round in the build up to the inspection. It is a totally false situation.
  12. House deeds

    Like Janet for the land we have purchased in last 2 decades we just have a basic piece of paper from land registry with a plan and certificate number. We were given the old deeds of a Victorian house we owned on the 80s. They were an interesting read and we left with the property when we sold.
  13. House deeds

    Our house deeds are held by the solicitor who did our various house purchases over the years.
  14. Season's Greetings!

    Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2018.