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  1. Audition disaster!

    Well done. Fingers crossed for funding.
  2. There is a size chart on the Degas website and I believe the Just Ballet website. Dd was wearing a size 3 or Xsmall/petite in other brands at the time.
  3. I have 2 Degas leotards for sale. Camisole style, with gather on both front and back. Both size T0, only used for auditions. One pale blue (possibly indigo on Degas website), other purple (viola). In very good condition as hardly worn. £20 each plus postage
  4. BBC "Eat Well for Less"

    One of the things that the participant of this programme had was anxiety at the thought of going to a large supermarket which they helped her to tackle. And I suspect like a lot of us she no longer has the luxury of a local greengrocer, butcher etc hence her reliance on the more expensive garage forecourt 'food to go' stores. I love this show for the same reason I like studying what other people are loading onto the supermarket till - pure noseyness! Sometimes I really have to bite my tongue to not ask why for example the person ahead of me is buying 24 litres of UHT milk or 16 loaves of bread. Are they anticipating a shortage and I'm oblivious.
  5. Operations for dancers

    Hope his recovery and rehab is going well. All the best to him for a speedy recovery.
  6. Cat-alogue

    Thank you for that Ellie. We were adopted by a sick stray a number of years ago who has stolen a big part of our hearts. Funniest, most loving cat we've ever had. Unfortunately the resident cats have never taken to him, which he really doesn't understand!
  7. Fees, Living and Uniforms......... at US

    Most DaDA schools have bursaries available for those both with and without the award so don't automatically dismiss. Shoe and tight usage goes up around appraisals and shows. My dd could easily get through 2 - 3 pairs of shoes a week at these times. And there will be social events they will want to go to. Even if you ask them to ration the number of events they attend this period covers an endless stream of 18th birthday parties.
  8. Ballet West School

    Flora you have hit the nail on the head discussing our experiences of UK training. This morning had a long chat to my dd about her negative school experiences and what she is now witnessing within a company. Was then discussing same with husband when you posted.
  9. Trinity Diploma certificate

    All we received in yesterday's post was the final bill for summer term! Before paying maybe I should see if the 'miscellaneous' items includes the postage for the certificate. Thank you both for your replies, at least I know they have been released by Trinity.
  10. Trinity Diploma certificate

    Thank you
  11. Any cuckoos out there? ... and other BirdWatch news

    We have gained a very noisy tawny owl in our garden. Few years since we've had one in our trees so nice to see and hear it although does scare the cat.
  12. My dd completed her Trinity diploma this summer and we are still waiting for the certificate. Enquiries to the school about when she can expect it are meet with a blank. Has anyone who completed this year received their certificate yet? Or those in previous years when did you receive yours? Dd wants to start putting in applications but has no proof of completing course.
  13. Ballet West School

    But at least you had a personal tutor and could swap. My experience of vocational schools both lower and upper is the students have no allocated person to turn to. The kids are told they can approach anyone but the reality is no one wants to get involved or give the time. We were lucky as a member of academic teaching staff looked out for my dd when she realised she was struggling to cope with issues raised by the mental health of one of her peers. And then it transpired that the staff wouldn't/couldn't discuss issues with her as it would compromise the said young persons right to confidentiality and the school's reputation. I had another child go to university whilst my dd was looking at moving from LS to upper. I was amazed by the information of the support available to the university students as listed by Aileen above. And yes it might not be perfect but having needed the services my university student child got access to free individual counselling and a student mentor to help them settle. My dance student counselling cost me a fortune over a few terms. Edit to add My experiences of pastoral care are not at Ballet West but another school within the UK.
  14. Ballet West School

    Regardless of how developed the young person's life skills are, how resilient they are and what experiences they have prior to living independently it can go wrong for any of them and the staff, regardless of their role have a duty of care for these young people. If the young person feels homesick, isolated from their peers, is injured, is questioning their choices etc they can start to feel low and their ability to cope with everyday situations can spiral out of control. Universities have established pastoral care teams, they may well vary in their standards but generally it is easy to access information and help. Vocational schools, in my experience make the right noises to tick the boxes but don't produce the goods. Those that shout loudest get attention, the quiet, low student struggling to cope is easier to ignore.
  15. Ballet West School

    Unfortunately this seems to be endemic at the schools. Once one of them brave enough to discuss their issues their friends and peers also more willing to open up about their experiences regardless of training location.