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  1. Thanks alison, I think I will try to arrange a trip once every season!! It was such a great experience.. now I need to start saving my money again!! Unfortunately, I've never seen Morera dancing Manon, but I will be pleased to watch her and Bonelli in the cinema relay of Nutcracker
  2. I went to the first night of R&J and I must admit that by the end of the performance I was in tears. Considering that I had to arrange a trip from Italy, this was the first time I was seeing Romeo and Juliet live at the Roh.. and it was really worth it!! Lauren Cuthbertson and Federico Bonelli were absolutely great in the lead roles. During their meet in the ball scene they danced and acted with such a tenderness and innocence that made me believe in their love at first sight!! Then I was totally blown away by the balcony pas de deux, which perfectly showed the incredible on stage chemistry between them. The chapel scene gave me goosebumps as I was so devastated and moved to see the grief of Romeo who finds out that Juliet is dead and vice-versa. Lauren Cuthbertson danced open heart for her public that was so happy to finally see her back. A special mention for Gary Avis as Tybalt and Ricardo Cervera as Mercutio. Dawid Trzensiemiech was very good as Benvolio and I think he is one to watch for the future. Laura Morera danced the leading hartlot but, after having seen her the previous night as Mercedes in Don Q, I can’t understand why she is not dancing neither Juliet nor Kitri. In my opinion Lauren and Federico are a great match. Now I hope that these two amazing dancers will be cast together the next time that Manon will be on.
  3. Thank you, Janet and alison!!! Yes, they danced this one Here is a photo I took yesterday night, the quality is not that great.. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/28/6yib.jpg/
  4. Hi! Yesterday night I attended the Gala with another balletomane friend. What can I say?? There are no words to describe such a wonderful event. All the dancers were absolutely amazing and very friendly at the end of the show It's a pity that Lauren Cuthberston wasn't there, I wanted to see her so much First of all, I have to say that Marianela and Steven really caught the attention of the public. Nunez and Soares danced the most captivating Black swan pdd I've ever seen... I loved the intensity of the characterization and the chemistry between them. Technically they did a great job, her Odile was perfect and during the fouettés everybody in the audience was going crazy... we couldn't stop clapping!!! "After the Rain" was followed in a religious silence, they really know how to create an atmosphere. Steven showed off his tap dancer skills with "Something different", a very amusing piece that the crowd enjoyed a lot. Then he danced a delightful Sleeping Beauty pdd with Sarah Lamb who was so charming and delicate... I particularly loved her as Aurora. Steven, during the prince variation, semeed to fly, his manège was gorgeous!!! Also Qualia danced by Sarah and Edward was another great moment. Altought I'm not McGregor's greatest fan, I have to admit that this piece was incredibile. Their bodies blended in a single entity so well that I couldn't take my eyes off of them. And now it's Mara's turn.. she was, of course, the star of the evening. She performed two wonderful pas de deux (Gremin and Tatiana's pdd and Look West) with Gary Avis and Manon and R&J with Ed. I felt privileged to have seen this great partnership in two of Macmillan most celebrated pieces. Manon was overwhelming and intimate, they really seemed to enjoy dancing it together. To dance R&J in Verona was a great idea but it was strange to see the balcony pas de deux without the balcony the crowd loved it anyway!! So, a very special evening with amazing dancers. We will be honoured to have them Italy more often... please come back!!!! Ps:I'm sorry for my english, I hope it's understandable. Caterina