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  1. RMM1

    Does anyone know who the "World Cup" Ballerina is?

    Previously discussed here with a couple of names supplied by Swissballetfan: Swan Lake- World Cup
  2. RMM1

    Which Microsoft?

    Publisher ?
  3. The Dance Hub building expansion is physically around and over the current BRB facilities and is for the Dance Hub, an organisation independent from BRB.
  4. Now confirmed for BBC2 on Saturday 17th March 2018 at 10.40pm.
  5. All the recent ROH ballets televised on the BBC such as Woolf Works, Frankenstein, Carmen and beyond are new productions. Whether this is because it is easier to convince BBC Arts editors that new is more arty or the ROH is keener to show off its newer works I don't know. However Floss is certainly right to raise the factor of live streaming. With The Nutcracker in particular, the annual live screening in cinemas will certainly be a factor in not having a television screening as well to potentially reduce the cinema audience.
  6. RMM1

    Old Money!!

    If you are with a major High Street bank they should still accept the coins if you pay into your account but probably not the note. However the Bank of England has to honour to promise that is printed on all their notes to 'pay the bearer' if you turn up at Threadneedle Street during opening hours.
  7. No, there is no narrator in Birmingham. David Mead's review comments on a lot of the changes made for the Royal Albert Hall production: http://www.seeingdance.com/brb-albert-hall-nutcracker-29122017/
  8. Thanks for this John Also, lower down on the same page the Hampson Rite of Spring is avaliable from today 7th December until 5th February 2018.
  9. The Bolshoi Nutcracker in December was always going to be the 2014 recording. The date has changed to 3rd December for most cinemas, from the originally advertised 17th, with the New Wimbledon studio showing it on the 10th.
  10. BBC4 10.40pm on Sunday 5th November. A reworking of Parade by the National Dance Company of Wales.
  11. Yes, BBC4 10.40pm on Sunday 5th November. A reworking of Parade by the National Dance Company of Wales.
  12. BRB do go to Cardiff every so often and are there in March 2018 with Sleeping Beauty.
  13. Darcey Bussell is on the BBC Two version of Front Row on Saturday 21st October at 7.30pm to talk about Kenneth Macmillan.
  14. Oxford Dictionary of Dance has the new building opening in 1967 and that the school moved in the 1860s to Neglinaya Street. No other location data or images.