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  1. ballettaxi

    Junior Associate Programmes

    Ballet West application deadlines for last year were late April - I can't see any update on the website for this years dates yet. There are now 3 locations for Associates - Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee (which was added last year). If you check the website there are e-mail addresses for each of the Associate programmes - you could drop them a wee note and I'm sure they'll come back to you, I know all of the Associate personnel that I spoke to in the past were lovely and helpful. Good luck wherever you apply
  2. DD and I had gone out on Saturday evening to watch the new Mary Poppins movie so I had set my Tivo to record this - looks like I'll be able to free up that storage space this evening. Won't waste my time with it.
  3. ballettaxi

    Terry's Chocolate Oranges - and other festive treats

    Christmas treats thoroughly ruined by the error of picking up Gingerbread flavoured Matchmakers - especially when I was eagerly anticipating that delicious orangey flavour. Why would Nestle do this to me??!! Yuck, yuck, they taste like cough medicine, avoid if at all possible! I had to console myself with a large bag of individual Cadbury Whole Nut's instead, it was hard, but I forced myself to finish the bag in two sittings. (Nothing at all to do with the fact that I really do need to start to wear my reading glasses whilst shopping - they need to package them in a very obviously different colour for simpletons like me!)
  4. ballettaxi

    Train Fares

    Thanks for the recommendation Alison I'll remember that for next time. The return fair from Queen street to my station is £17.50 - which is ridiculous for such a shirt journey but with the traffic as it is then they can get away with it.
  5. ballettaxi

    Train Fares

    Rather than starting a new thread on the topic of Train Fares I thought I'd resurrect this older one. Earlier this week I had tickets to see the Trocks at the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh along with 3 of my sisters in law. On previous outings to various shows in Edinburgh we've all joined the same train but at our various stations along the route. Some starting the journey at Glasgow Queen Street where the return fare is £26.50 - not ridiculous but certainly adds to the expense of an evening out. Whereas 2 of us are always the last to join the party and positively gloat in our £12.50 return tickets. This week however, those who would normally join the train in Glasgow decided that they would drive to my station - which is only 15 minutes from Glasgow QS, with a free car park - and join us there. As I arrived at the station early I offered to purchase the tickets for everyone to save them some time. So, with £50 in my hand I approached the desk. Imagine my absolute shock when the ticket attendant offered me a ticket - for all 4 of us - for £33!!! Wow!!! So instead of the total cost of our journeys totaling £78 we all travelled (not quite in luxury as it was a ScotRail carriage) for the tiny sum of £33!! It just proves how much you can save when you know what the offers are - I absolutely didn't know this type of ticket was available and was flabbergasted that the ticket attendant pointed it out to me. Great Customer Service on his part. Now the bargain hunter in me is wondering how much more I could save if I purchase this type of ticket in advance for our next outing. I love a new challenge!!
  6. ballettaxi

    Audience Behaviour

    Yes Alison, this is precisely what the individual I was referring to was doing. We all have to shift our weight from time to time to remain comfortable - however this can be done discretely and without an entire body shift. Whereas continuously moving from one arm rest to the other and shifting your entire body mass each and every time can become very frustrating for those sitting behind.
  7. Love, love, love the Trocks. Can't wait to see them again on 30th October in Edinburgh. This will be my third time watching them and I am positively giddy with excitement as they are so fabulous in every way. It will be an interesting evening as I'm taking along 4 Sisters in Law - all of whom have watch 1 ballet to date (Giselle by Ballet West earlier this year). I'm doing my best to bring some culture to their lives.
  8. ballettaxi

    Oliver’s story

    This definitely needs to be highlighted and addressed to prevent any other families experiencing this dreadful situation. Signed today. My deepest and most sincere condolences.
  9. ballettaxi

    Audience Behaviour

    Well I thought that too, but the shows been running for a few weeks already, so had dismissed that - but you're probably right. Anyway I know what he looks like and if I turn up to another show and he's there I'll be swapping seats with whoever I'm with.
  10. ballettaxi

    Audience Behaviour

    While having a lovely time last week at Sunshine on Leith at the Kings in Glasgow, I had the very strange situation of having someone who could only be described as a corpse sitting next to me. For anyone who's ever seen this fantastically funny play (or indeed the film) it's full of humour, emotion and amazing sing-a-long opportunities - all to songs from the fabulous Proclaimers back catalogue. The gentleman sitting next to me didn't smile, snigger, laugh, sing or even applaud any of the scenes. It was truly bizarre. At first I felt quite awkward and thought I was maybe disturbing his intense enjoyment of the show - but after about 15 minutes when I'd come to the conclusion that he was just plain weird, I joined in with the rest of the crowd and laughed out loud and cheered and gave rapturous applause whenever the action called for it. Why do people go along to a show of this nature if they clearly don't enjoy this genre. Yes it may have been the case that he had been dragged along as a Plus 1 - but curiouser and curiouser when the show finished he left on his own, without a backward glance at anyone! Anyway it didn't spoil my enjoyment so if you ever get a chance to see this hilarious show I can thoroughly recommend it - although for those of you south of the border it may be wise to go along to a captioned show as some of the accents and vernacular are particular to the Central Belt !!
  11. ballettaxi

    Fallen arches and ballet

    DD had problems when her arches collapsed about 5 years ago. A good (NHS) podiatrist thoroughly examined her and gave her some strengthening exercise and customised insoles which she wore for about 2 years. Dr Martens & Kickers were her shoe of choice for school and day wear (or sensible Clarks ones as I insisted). After the 2 years her feet had shrunk by 2 sizes - back to a size 3 from a 5 at the worst point of the arch collapse. A different podiatrist (due to the original one being on holiday) commented that it was 'impossible' for this to happen. Maybe it's rare but we know exactly what happened and I have the old shoes in a cupboard to prove that they were well worn in the larger sizes (along with the little sizing cards you get from Clarks when they are little) - all recorded the growth and then reduction in her foot size. She may not have the most elegant arch shape but her feet are now very strong and she still uses the exercises to 'maintain' her arches. Now at 18 if she's out with friends she'll wear her 'nice, going out' shoes for the start of the evening but will always have a pair of sensible shoes to change into later in the evening!
  12. ballettaxi

    Ballet West First Year Leotards for sale

    All leotards now sold.
  13. 6 x petite blue First Year uniform leotards for sale. 2 are well worn but still wearable as spares - £5 each (plus p&p). 4 have been worn but still excellent condition - £15 each (plus p&p) Happy to arrange for hand delivery in Taynuilt in September to save on P&P. All leotard have still got plenty if wear in them and will be more than suitable as main uniform or spares.
  14. ballettaxi

    Audience Behaviour

    I know this has already been mentioned on numerous occasions earlier in this thread - but why do people have to continuously fidget and shift their weight from one side of their seat to the other. Very, very annoying for those sitting directly behind them!!! I had the unfortunate pleasure (!) of having one such individual sit in front of me last night at a performance of Wicked at the Edinburgh Playhouse. This man didn't sit in one position for more than 2 minutes. Having arrived minutes before curtain up he completely burst my wonderful cosy little bubble than I was about to have an entirely unimpinged view of the performance. He wasn't overly tall so I thought it probably would be okay, but no!!! Thankfully I was able to have a quick, sneaky, look behind me and realised that the patrons behind me were exceptionally tall and had no problem seeing over my head, so I was able to adjust my viewing line as necessary to enable me to see something. As I had a sister-in-law on either side of me I was able to encroach on their space slightly to allow me to do this. And the one sister-in-law who had seen the show previously who swapped seats with me for the Second Act is certainly getting a bigger/better Christmas pressie this year!!! (The show was fabulous despite Mr Fidget.)
  15. ballettaxi

    Visit to Ballet West

    Vonrothbart - this was the meaning I took from your original post - hence my 'Like'