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  1. Staffordshire Youth Ballet

    Great! Thanks so much ??
  2. Staffordshire Youth Ballet

    Hi, yes I've messaged through the SYB Facebook page but haven't had a response yet. I'm being impatient as I need to sort out other childcare! thanks for replying. Do you know what times it would be on if were going ahead (seniors)?... thanks again
  3. Staffordshire Youth Ballet

    Hi, does anyone know if SYB is running tomorrow? (16th July) Facebook posts say two different dates (9th and 16th) and it hasn't been updated since June. thanks!
  4. Elmhurst extended associates

    Hi, I am under the impression they will work out a timetable once they know how many they have accepted via audition or current associate students going from Y6 into Y7.
  5. Lower School Auditions 2016

    Surely, surely, they'd have the decency to send out vocational school offers by first class post, particularly with two BHs coming up?!?! Or am I a crazed ballet mum who is attaching far too much importance to the next potential 5 years of my dd's life? You lot on here are so patient and so .....nice!!
  6. Lower School Auditions 2016

    Congratulations Balletqueen, some positive news amongst all this waiting and anxiety! Well done to your dd x
  7. advice on ballet shoes, please!

    Yes, we experienced this exact problem. It was made clear to us that we had to go with what the ballet school wanted and toe the line regardless of how inappropriate they were for my dc's feet... sorry not very helpful
  8. Lower School Auditions 2016

    Thank you Loulabelle, I will. I think the whole process has just got on top of her now. In hindsight, it's such a lot for them to deal with. She's a very grounded girl and remains so about the results but I think nerves have now truly set in...
  9. Lower School Auditions 2016

    I agree Loulabelle. Sadly, though, that's not the way my 10 year old dd sees it right now!
  10. Lower School Auditions 2016

    I just want to thank the dancing parents and their children who have decided (after achieving the utterly fabulous ‘yes’ from WL and are 100% they want to go there) not to go onto Elmhurst, Hammond's etc final auditions. My dd is personally greatly relieved and grateful as she is fully aware that if the remaining schools also choose the WL children, she and others could be pushed down the pecking order to reserve list or ‘no’. Lots of people have kindly mentioned that there is a lot of movement on the schools’ reserves lists which is very reassuring, but there can be no movement for the dc who have received a ‘no’. She also said herself that surely it's a bit weird for a school to be full of what she called 'the second bests' Good luck to all still to audition at the remaining schools, fingers crossed for those on reserve lists and massive congratulations to those with their dream 'yes's.
  11. 2 x royal blue, age 8-10, associate leotards for sale. They're used but still in perfect condition. Bought from Dancing Boutique @ £12.95 each. For sale £4 each. They do not come with a belt. Also, a pair of Elmhurst split sole jazz shoes, size 1.5, bought from Dancing Boutique @ £23.95. For sale £7. PM me if interested. (Smoke free and pet free home!)
  12. RBS Junior Associate (JA) Questions

    Well done BM20's dd! Yes, it's the limbo land that's so frustrating isn't it! But then again, we're now entering into another one, although I'm wholly realistic about the extremely slim chance of a place coming up
  13. RBS Junior Associate (JA) Questions

    Hi balletmum20, we've just heard. It's another torturous waiting list place for my dd. She had that for Y4 (nothing came up), a no for Y5 and now another waiting list for Y6. So close, but not quite close enough!! good luck for your dd
  14. RBS Junior Associate (JA) Questions

    balletmum20, we're still waiting for Birmingham.... If some for year 6 have heard yeses already I can't imagine that it'll be good news for my dd but I carry on refreshing regardless!
  15. RBS Junior Associate (JA) Questions

    Looking back at posts, years 4&5 are out, but still waiting for year 6. I can't imagine there are many places so they might well be still thinking of who to pick!! Ahhhh. I'm logging off, can't stand the suspense any longer!