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  1. For my daughter it wasn’t a case that she wanted to go away to vocational school, it was a need, a thirst to really, really have to go. She was desperate to perform, loved it and yet she was a very quiet and very academic little girl. Her strength and determination got her through some of the tough times. I always asked if she wanted to come home, but she always said no this is what I have to do to become a dancer. I actually believe that our country has some excellent training and associate programmes alongside a very good education. If your child gets a place at a good vocational school, with good education, small class sizes etc, then be proud. If they change their mind or if it’s not the right pathway for them, then that’s fine too, best to have experienced the opportunity rather than regretting.
  2. The Hammond have associate classes full of boys, see if you can get him auditioning there.
  3. Thank you Anna. I will emphasise how important it is that it is no longer acceptable to put up with out of date attitudes, parents should understand that they do not have to put up with this, whichever school their child may attend. It is even worse if your child lives at a school seven days a week.
  4. A massive spider. Have it attached to the lid by some fishing wire.
  5. Can I ask why my post has been removed. If it is because names have been mentioned, then other people have named teachers and I can see that their posts are allowed. This Ofsted report is public, are we not allowed to discuss? Should other parents not be made aware that it is important to speak out, the old attitude of develop a thick skin, keep quiet, being ignored if to thin or too big, etc etc is no longer acceptable. Children are children, they should be safeguarded at all times, emotionally and physically.
  6. I am so sorry that your child has suffered whilst at Tring, mine did too, but thank goodness she had some lovely teachers. My daughter will not even talk about her time at Tring. My husband and I both raised serious concerns but in my opinion these fell on deaf ears and my daughter suffered for it. We only allowed her to stay there to complete her GCSEs, she achieved a place at Central where she was very happy. I can only see this school now improving, however I think the Senior Leadership Team should have dealt with all these very serious concerns years ago.
  7. Not a witch hunt at all, but we are discussing an ISI report that is public knowledge. I think everyone on this forum have agreed that now issues are being addressed the school will go forward. I’m just sad and rightfully so, that it took an unannounced visit from the ISI to identify serious issues, Instead of management dealing with them in the beginning.
  8. Harwel I’m neither questioning nor quoting you. We are all on this forum for each other, to offer advice and support.
  9. According to the report there is more than one issue that needs addressing, but good that regulators are in to interview pupils, I hope their families are allowed in to support them if needed during these interviews. Tring has some really lovely staff a few years ago, excellent teachers who were very nurturing and caring. However I can understand why the school failed on their whistle blowing procedures, and why teachers felt unable to follow the procedures.
  10. A damming report that makes me feel very sad. I myself had deep concerns in the past, My husband and I raised some serious concerns, afterwards our daughter suffered the consequences. Other dance teachers were very supportive and would comfort and reassure our daughter, who worked very, very hard. People May wonder why we allowed our daughter to stay there, she herself felt she needed to carry on to become a professional dancer, and also coming up to GCSES and during them is a very difficult time to move anyone. As soon as she got to sixth form she secured a place at a well known ballet school in London, which was totaly different. I am very pleased that serious issues have been identified and are now finally being addressed. Safeguarding is a huge responsibility with a lot of branches eg, emotional, neglect, abuse etc, professionals must adhere to rules and responsibilities. Adults must not presume or cover things up by saying ‘Oh a lot worse will be done or said in the professional world, best toughen up to that’, or ‘ its just another bad day again’. Let me also add from an experienced mother of a now professional dancer, that in the professional world dancers work hard, they are determined, they accept disappointment that’s the nature of their job. What isn’t normal in the adult world is emotional abuse, which can come in many forms. (Or perhaps thankfully my daughter hasn’t experienced it yet). Tring will now hopefully go forward in addressing these serious findings on their unannounced inspection.
  11. Does anyone have a link to the Ofsted or Isis report please?
  12. Did Rist’s sebaticle follow directly after Ofsted or Isis inspectors had been in, has she been back on the school premises since? Before anyone jumps in about making assumptions, these are reasonable questions.
  13. Don’t worry about exams. Priority is to get a very good teacher, it’s all about technique and expression. You will probably already know some good dance schools from the competitions you do. Perhaps start auditioning for associate schemes, elmhurst, Central school of Ballet, Royal etc. Dance X in Birmingham during school holidays have fantastic classes with professional dance teachers from ballet companies, some of them even offer privat 1-1 Ballet classes. Does your daughter want to take her dancing to vocational level?
  14. Good for you 😂😂😂😂 but what has that got to do with Rist?
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