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  1. Tulip

    Height for girls in Year 11 - restricted?

    When my daughter was at Central School of Ballet four years ago, they had shorter dancer right through to tall dancers. All professional dance companies require a height to replace a height when employing. Centrals aim is to make their dancers employable and nearly all of them are. The Japanese students tend to be shorter.
  2. Tulip

    How to find a good school for a boy

    Try Dance Xchange in Birmingham Hippodrome. Lots of open classes there with teachers who have also danced as professional dancers. If your son really wants this then he will need to stay very fit, gymnastics is also fantastic for any dancer, having that undervyour belt when looking for professional work is another string to your bow, and fun.
  3. Tulip

    Assessments / reports

    My advice is to tell your daughter that she is doing well, she was offered a place at her school because she was exactly what they were looking for, she must have shone. Keep working on her lines, with lovely stretched feet etc, lovely neck line and arms. There is NOTHING wrong with her body, make sure she know this, it’s very important. I hated the knocks that my daughter received along her journey at vocational school, something that I would not repeat twice if we had to go through it again. She flourished once she went to Central School of Ballet, For her far more supportive. Which school is your daughter attending, speak to her teachers if you can, simply to put your daughters mind at rest.
  4. Tulip

    London Children’s Ballet: Ballet Shoes

    My daughter played one of the spinster aunts in the last cast of Ballet shoes, as well as lots of other parts. It was a fabulous experience with so many likeminded children. She later met up with quite a few of them at Central School of Ballet, others went to Rambert and ENB. Enjoy, and for the record, no audition is ever wasted, all excellent experience for the later years, in a very tough environment.
  5. Tulip

    Being muslim at ballet

    Can I just reassure you that a teacher will definitely not be looking at a body in a leotard and tights in any other way, than a torso that is trainable, correctable, strong and powerful for the demands of ballet. My daughter is now a professional dancer, when they look at themselves in the mirror, all they see is their flaws and faults, they use the mirrors for corrections. I can also honestly tell you from professional training to a career, very very few dancer develop a relationship with their male dancing partners. (probably a reason for that). Ballet dancers work so hard with good teachers that they have a totally different life to most children, teenagers and adults. I only mention the above just to give a small insight into what happens in ballet training. I really hope that you can resolve a uniform or dance kit that you feel comfortable in, because that’s so important, but a uniform that your teacher can correct and see your positioning and muscles. If you have a female teacher, how do you feel about being touched, eg leg to pull up, muscles that need squeezing etc, with permission teachers do touch. Ballet is stunningly beautiful, but the amount of hard work to get there and to continue to stay there is endless. Let us all know how you get on in your first ballet class, hope you love it.
  6. Tulip

    New Blog Article on my Site

    A very important topic and one that shouldn’t be brushed under the carpet. So many of our dancers have eating disorders and/or body dysmophia.
  7. I’m sorry but being a parent is a gift. To send your child to another country at a young age, regardless of what you are sacrificing financially, is no excuse not to visit your child, still parent your child, be their guidance, advocate, advisor, support, security and unconditional love. It is little wonder any child would struggle, especially a child with such a huge talent which is bigger than he could imagine. I don’t know what support was given and nor do I suggest that non was offered. From the film I can see clearly why this young adult did what he did. He definitely does not owe anybody anything, he should be allowed to change his mind as an adult.
  8. I’m sorry but I saw an incredibly talented and gifted young man. He has been pushed his whole life, that soon his whole life is Ballet and nothing else. This young man was mentally in trouble, he was so young and promoted to the top, at the most prestigious ballet company, he had even more to give, but mentally he was going through a lot. So much was expected from this 22 year old, in my opinion he needed guidance and support. Someone should have been concerned when his parents were never at the ballet school etc. I actually believe this young man is one of the most talented dancers ever and I wish him well, I hope he finds happiness and fulfilment in life.
  9. Tulip

    To guide or not guide vocational choices ... ?

    Yes it’s good to look at graduation lists, but those lists only tell a small part, some students gain s graduate place within a company for a very short period from the start, then can end up unemployed for a short while. Other students who won’t be on the grad list may get a job within a company, six months or even a year later for a much longer contract. Narrow the schools down and then audition. To get into any of these schools means a student has the potential, don’t forget though, there are hundreds of other students who have potential also competing for those places. Audition for practice, if you can afford it
  10. Tulip

    To guide or not guide vocational choices ... ?

    My daughter attended Central School of ballet, so I can offer you some information on this school. Central take students from aged 16. It is a full on training programme in ballet and contemporary, heavily ballet. A student has to audition again for the third and final year, this is for their touring company, where top choreographers have showcased their work. The full time course is a degree course, so a lot of course work to complete. The teachers are supportive and honest, a high standard is expected from the students, no time for dramas etc, they are treated as adults. My daughter was a summer birth and had just turned 16 when she started Central, after being at Tring. She loved the school right from the beginning, she always loved ballet and that is what she wanted, but she also knew that contemporary was very important too, so she had a choice of auditioning at a few schools. All British students can have DaDa funding I think. You and your daughter are already narrowing down what you want, get auditioning to see what is out there and to gage if your daughter has got what the schools are looking for. Best wishes and good luck.
  11. Dance xchange at the hippodrome is brilliant. Lots of vocational students used to attend, along with adults who danced recreationally and some students that were professional dancers in between contracts.
  12. Tulip

    Auditioning without teachers permission

    A long time ago, a certain director of dance would have blocked my daughter from auditioning for anything. We got a private teacher and everything went through her. Because of opportunities we decided to take, my daughter went from strength to strength with her training.
  13. Tulip

    Former RBS Student is missing. Police are concerned.

    This is so very sad, my heart goes out to her and her family, her poor parents must be worried sick. I hope she is found safe and well.
  14. Tulip

    Central Audition for 2018 Entry

    Don't worry everyone. When my daughter was at Central, they had a wide range of heights 5ft to 5ft 7ish, my daughter is 5ft 5. and was a middle height. It is an amazing school, which offers outstanding training.
  15. Tulip

    DSs contract news from the Vaganova

    This is fabulous news CleB. I've only just come back onto the forum after not been active for ages and ages. Your son deserves his success, he has worked so hard, sacrificed so much and has made some very rave decisions. You as his mum can now breath and enjoy his success too.