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  1. Billyelliott

    Oliver’s story

    I’ve also just managed to figure out how share it on my face book page ❤️
  2. Very pleased to report that the MB/NA company have been able to be flexible and are rearranging the July intensive dates in Birmingham so that they no longer conflict with Elmhurst’s summer show! Huge relief for my DS - now it’s full steam ahead to book hotels and leave etc!
  3. We were told that further details about the production will be public in the autumn !
  4. The first lot of rehearsals are in August this year which is not a problem and the performances are in September which is also not a problem however there is an intensive in July which is the week of rehearsals before the school summer shows! DS Said he wouldn’t mind if you had to miss the summer shall altogether if it meant he could take up this opportunity ...
  5. Just had a phone call DS has been offered a part! one excited young man... just hope we get the required permission for time off now!
  6. Billyelliott

    Oliver’s story

    So very sorry for your loss hope that by signing this we help you prevent other such disasters my thoughts and prayers are with you x
  7. Billyelliott

    RBS Junior Associates 2018

    Awww just remember it actually is a not yet rather than a no!!
  8. Billyelliott

    Vocational schools GCSE results

    My DS seems to think he has to phone the School himself ....
  9. Billyelliott

    English youth ballet - Buxton audition

    Perhaps they couldn’t get your email address right!
  10. DS seemed to think it would be ages before we hear anything .... I’m going to try and forget about it ...- I’ve plenty of other things to be kept busy with - Yr 11 prom, summer shows - music exams end of term activities and the like !
  11. Billyelliott

    Oscon tablets

    With my pharmacist hat on I’d say avoid!
  12. Anyone else have to do an interview at their audition ? D s said he can’t remeber what they asked him! “Just random questions !”
  13. How strange - I wrote the above post yesterday before my messsge about the Brum audition one and it’s just reappeared today spontainiously......thought it was lost!