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  1. RBS upper school accommodation

    Not at all Fiz it's nice of you to take an interest! Its "that" year for us-about to get to that highest point of the ballet roller coaster once again ...... Time to buy a new bottle of Gin!
  2. RBS upper school accommodation

    That's lovely information thanks Juliet I can see theyr'e well looked after!
  3. RBS upper school accommodation

    No Fiz not yet! anyway..... I am just comparing the accommodation between where he is now and some of places he wants to audition for in the next few months- we had not really considered RBS but after some recent encouragement it's back on our list ! DS is a fussy eater he prefers to cook his own food so we were looking at the pros and cons. It turns out that he will spend next week with at least one of the boys there at the moment - so I'm hoping for a bit more inside information!
  4. RBS upper school accommodation

    Can anybody give any comments from first hand experience of what the upper school accommodation in Pimlico is like - I'm interested in what life is like for the boys or should I rather say young men..... How long does it take to travel from the accommodation to the school ? Is it self catering? I see they have the option to eat in the Royal opera house staff canteen ... Are rooms shared? Are the men housed in the same building / area as the Ladies? are there laundry facilities? To what extent are they supervised in the living quarters ? thanks!
  5. West Yorkshire Summer School

    My DS had a wonderful time with you last year Tutugirl we highly recommend it to anyone who needs something in August ! Sadly he is too busy this year and needs to rest! hope you all have a wonderful time x
  6. MCC Backs Boys Ballet

    There is most definitely a shortage of boys at the local dance school. Without exception my sons costumes have been hired out the girls have had to dress up as boys to fill fill the part he used to play once he was too old to play it ! All the boys in the school are needed in every single festival group and still they're not enough boys to partner!
  7. Help with Vocational school fees

    Apparently you apply to them directly, but let the school know what you have done . You can also add any extras that occur and have them spread across the term as well
  8. Help with Vocational school fees

    I found the brochure that was sent to us by Elmhurst the company is SFP Website is WWW.sfpsschoolfees.co.uk - there is an online calculator to calculate your monthly repayments
  9. Help with Vocational school fees

    I know a mum who was doing this - I'll message her and check the company's name
  10. DSs contract news from the Vaganova

  11. BBC Young dancer 2017

    Sorry for the spoiler Jan ! It was a lovely evening of dance and I had to agree with the choice of winner - a big cheer went up in our house as we had all agreed for once ! A wonderful opportunity for all of them.
  12. March 2017 Software Upgrade

    I can't seem to go direct to the first unread post in a thread on my phone so having to scroll through the whole lot to see the latest comment !
  13. Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    The numbers taken into Year 7 are quite variable from year to year and not necessarily an equal number of girls and boys - just depends on how many children they see that they really want and can fit in .... BUT I don't believe there is space for many more than 24 in the boarding areas and no more than 20 to 24 MDS grants becoming available for new children !
  14. Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    It was 10-14 days when we did it -if that's of any help !
  15. Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    Thinking of you all today remembering the ordeal 4 years ago - Just try to enjoy the day and keep hoping xx