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  1. Wonderful news C4 D !! May she go from strength to strength x
  2. My very short DS Yr 12 Elmhurst Would be delighted if there were some shorter girls for him to partner! - There are usually quite a range of heights and I’m not aware that there has ever been the minimum restriction.....☺️
  3. My DS did this last year and the year before aged 14 & 15 it is a real treat and worth the expense if you can manage it - they do work very hard but have fun too!
  4. Happy Christmas one and all - hope those of you who have been missing your dancers have them safely home for the holidays and recharging their batteries and reintegrating back into family life !
  5. DS ( who is in yr12)says he thinks it is 16 girls and 9 boys this year that have places if that’s any help
  6. I’ve tried very hard to copy the link to the casting announcement but with no luck!
  7. We were all newbies once !!! all the best !
  8. Hi worsethanclueless and Astrid Here are my thoughts... we have now reached Yr12 on this journey....... If I had sat down and thought about it coldly & logically (from the point of view of finances long-term career prospects et cetera )at the beginning... Before starting on the JA’s - well - we would probably never have started down this road. BUT I’m so glad that I just took it all one step at a time and didn’t drive myself mad worried over the future! Otherwise I would’ve given up before we started ! I think the deciding factor is the amount of passion your child has for dancing in our case it is the only thing he lives for. This means that no matter how tough things get he has always wanted to keep going! After a drama queen rant and rave yes - but stop dancing ....never ....nothing and nobody will stop him dancing. Does he have the perfect physique certainly not! But he can still out jump out spin and outperform many of those who do have perfect physique yes! If that is how your child feels or grows to feel and I think you have to let them dance - the rest will sort itself out in some way or another. There are always other branches of dance there always scholarships and bursaries and there are plenty of other second Careers especially if you make sure they have a broad-based education while dancing. Many have described the journey as a rollercoaster and I quite agree but it is one that you can get off if the pain exceeds the passion! And those years will definately not have been wasted as long as the child continues to enjoy the journey then I say let them continue !
  9. I’ve just been asked for a gym membership for Christmas !!
  10. Julie we will miss you - thanks for your time and effort as well as the excellent advice - hope you will still pop in from time to time XX
  11. I also had this email and shouted Hurrah! may it bring lasting change xxx
  12. Yes All the Best to those setting off to the next phase - upper school here we come - just three more days till he is off again 😬
  13. Try finding Size 6 super skinny jeans for boys ! I’ve only ever found them in the woman’s section- needed for contemporary work and he is still a size 6 at age 16!
  14. I do SO sympathise with you about the lack of variety of boys leotards especially when they’re small and ...the only really nice one we found last year was the Ballet Rosa Endo leotard and I think it only comes in two colours - Black and white ! This year we got a grey and black unitard version of it. Sadly even the men’s extra small unitards by intermezzo are way too big so I took my life in my hands and took them in at all the seams with a reasonable result! To make it even harder my DS hates sleeveless unitards and leotards ! the Planet Dance website seemed to have the best me s range and is our current favourite.... Of course if money were no object I believe you can get them made to order in any colour combination you like from wear moi overseas website!! But I suspect like us that is a bit out of your price range when there is so much else to spend our resources on ! I also 2nd Tutu girl’s summer school recommendation. But I can’t be of much help finding boys dance classes during term time is quite tough and I’m not in your area x
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