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  1. Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    For RBS lower school 12 boys 12 girls roughly- they took about 50 to the finals when we tried.. It’s a very long shot ! i would imagine it’s about the same for upper school .....
  2. Prix de Lausanne 2018

    DS pushed me around Covent Garden yesterday in a borrowed a wheelchair on the way to his audition ! His brother pushed me to the train home! Underground staff and general public all very helpful ! Driving anywhere out of the question. Thank goodness boarding has made him such an independent and resourceful young man!
  3. Prix de Lausanne 2018

    Loved watching this whilst laid up with broken ankle .......Shale Wagman stood out - a worthy winner - infectious joy and passionate dancing!
  4. Y10/Y11- Does anyone break in?

    Yes for year 10!
  5. Balletdadblog

    We also struggled in years 7-8 and once had a speakerphone conference with my DS in the room as he has had several issues and injuries and was very low. He was not the only one .... Credit to his school pastoral team DS was supported whenever he came forward to speak out about his experiences and many of the children seemed to stick together and make group complaints about some staff and other student behaviours. It seemed to take a long time to sort things out, but strongly worded emails and chats with medical centre staff did produce positive results in the end. My experience has taught me to keep being nosey and make sure I’m on the end of the phone whenever DS finally wants to tell me what’s happening! He - now at 15 is very clear about what constitutes abusive behaviour and is quite vocal about it!
  6. Balletdadblog

    I too spent far too long reading this till the wee small hours the other night and even though I’d heard of many such horror stories and am not surprised by it I still can’t find words to say even vaguely politely how I feel about such institutionalised abuse and it’s cover up - and all in the name of protecting a prestigeous institution whose students are supported largely by tax payers and parents who stretch out every last penny and forgo family holidays as well as enduring mental torture to enable their gifted child to live their dreams.... so very sad !
  7. Graduating boys classical ballet exam Vaganova

    Thanks for posting the English version very interesting!
  8. Elmhurst audition queries

    Congratulations to your DD xx
  9. Elmhurst audition queries

    Oh dear - I thought there we’re some bursaries for overseas students !
  10. Elmhurst audition queries

    Yes indeed BalletBean that fee ++ is what you would have to pay if not eligible for a DADA or fortunate enough to be offered a bursary 😬 - (but there are bursaries available to help for some if they want you enough!) So it’s still worth a try......
  11. Christmas at vocational school

    Oh yes and I forgot - Advaced 1 RAD exam is tommorow !
  12. Christmas at vocational school

    DS yr 11 Elm is very much still hard at work with Dance and academics - too busy to chat - had to get on with homework, but not so busy he couldn’t find time for a trip to Aldi and 2 snowball fights tonight!
  13. Elmhurst audition queries

    So sorry I’d forgotten about that - it’s so low that many don’t qualify for much at all!
  14. Elmhurst audition queries

    We were told that there are DADA awards for all those that qualify and other bursaries to help bridge the gap between MDS and DADA contributions - as the DADA only covers tuition and not the boarding. Obviously the number of funded places depends on how much each child needs after the parental income is assessed . It’s a fixed pot of money and it’s allocated as needed for those awarded places until it runs dry.... It seems that in practice most EU children have enough funding to make a place reasonably affordable.
  15. Elmhurst audition queries

    The number is not fixed in stone but almost all the places offered have MDS funding available for those eligible . hope that helps x