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  1. Elmhurst audition queries

    Congratulations to your DD xx
  2. Elmhurst audition queries

    Oh dear - I thought there we’re some bursaries for overseas students !
  3. Elmhurst audition queries

    Yes indeed BalletBean that fee ++ is what you would have to pay if not eligible for a DADA or fortunate enough to be offered a bursary 😬 - (but there are bursaries available to help for some if they want you enough!) So it’s still worth a try......
  4. Christmas at vocational school

    Oh yes and I forgot - Advaced 1 RAD exam is tommorow !
  5. Christmas at vocational school

    DS yr 11 Elm is very much still hard at work with Dance and academics - too busy to chat - had to get on with homework, but not so busy he couldn’t find time for a trip to Aldi and 2 snowball fights tonight!
  6. Elmhurst audition queries

    So sorry I’d forgotten about that - it’s so low that many don’t qualify for much at all!
  7. Elmhurst audition queries

    We were told that there are DADA awards for all those that qualify and other bursaries to help bridge the gap between MDS and DADA contributions - as the DADA only covers tuition and not the boarding. Obviously the number of funded places depends on how much each child needs after the parental income is assessed . It’s a fixed pot of money and it’s allocated as needed for those awarded places until it runs dry.... It seems that in practice most EU children have enough funding to make a place reasonably affordable.
  8. Elmhurst audition queries

    The number is not fixed in stone but almost all the places offered have MDS funding available for those eligible . hope that helps x
  9. Audition fees

    I believe one can put in the application for ENBS With the photos and then submit the DVD at a later date as long as it’s before the closing date.... But yes - quite agree this is a very expensive lark !!
  10. Graduating boys classical ballet exam Vaganova

    Wow ! Thanks for that - wish I had even a smattering of Russian .....
  11. How much (if anything) should I be doing?

    I had to do a fair bit of pushing over the end of the summer holidays as it was too difficult for my DS to find all the information needed on the websites but together we have made a sort of spreadsheet! However it is proving difficult to get a decision as to which auditions he would like to go for as he keeps changing his mind! I think it is too important to just leave it up to him - with the deadlines for various options getting closer and also I need to know which dates I should keep free for assisting with transport- I could do without a last minute “ oh mum I need to get to such and such and so and so “😬
  12. Questions about Lower School auditions

    It has happened quite a few times in my experience of things in the last 4 years , but obviously only occasionally compared to the influx in September ...
  13. RBS upper school accommodation

    Not at all Fiz it's nice of you to take an interest! Its "that" year for us-about to get to that highest point of the ballet roller coaster once again ...... Time to buy a new bottle of Gin!
  14. RBS upper school accommodation

    That's lovely information thanks Juliet I can see theyr'e well looked after!
  15. RBS upper school accommodation

    No Fiz not yet! anyway..... I am just comparing the accommodation between where he is now and some of places he wants to audition for in the next few months- we had not really considered RBS but after some recent encouragement it's back on our list ! DS is a fussy eater he prefers to cook his own food so we were looking at the pros and cons. It turns out that he will spend next week with at least one of the boys there at the moment - so I'm hoping for a bit more inside information!