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  1. meadowblythe

    The kindness of strangers.

    Don't forget your library will have a range of resources, mine also has an ebook system linked to my library card. You could also look for the book (can't remember it's name) that tells you which charities support which sort of person - there may well be funding available there too,.
  2. meadowblythe

    How to find a good school for a boy

    Is it worth applying for a year 9 place (not sure of the deadlines)? Would give him a get to know a school before picking GCSE subjects.
  3. meadowblythe

    Simply Adult Ballet

    How old the is boy? Having re-read the post, maybe older? In which case second the Streetbeat recommendation.
  4. meadowblythe

    Simply Adult Ballet

    Joanne Haylock always had a very good reputation - personally know of a boy going from there through to Upper School.
  5. meadowblythe

    That ROH hearing loss case

    Oops, daughter is a brass player. Has taken to pints with a vengeance since getting to Conservatoire ...
  6. meadowblythe

    That ROH hearing loss case

    It's interesting the effects it's having, and the conversations it is engendering, at school level. For the first time ever, before a school production, we discussed whether the risk assessment should consider the orchestra make up, and whether students should be advised to wear ear plugs (should we be providing them?) At my daughter's school, acoustic shields appeared, and teachers discussed their own hearing issues. This in turn empowered the students to demand more protection (my daughter is a brass player). I think the debate is one that should be heard. Oh, and her birthday present from her brother? A fine pair of earplugs ...
  7. meadowblythe

    Goodbye - but only as a moderator

    Julie Thanks to both you and your wonderful son for all the help - especially during the bad times. I will never forget the kindness you both showed my son through some turbulent times.
  8. meadowblythe

    choices at 16

    To be honest, we still joke about the value of his degree. But it got him where he needed to be, and he's already looked at "upgrading" it in the future. There are definite options, ironically especially as it wasn't an honours degree.
  9. meadowblythe

    choices at 16

    DS did degree at 16, the staff did not generally deal with us directly - I think in one case I did get an email in the first year assuring us that a situation was under review. Having said that, he took to halls and life in general with enthusiasm - it really wasn't a problem. Just to put an opposing view, having done his growing up early, he was confident to take a job abroad at 18. I think had he come straight from a more catered and structured environment the move would have been overwhelming. As it was, he found it extremely challenging for the first few months. Learning to shop and look after yourself when you don't speak the language is hard enough, as is taking class in a foreign language, without having to learn the basics of self sufficiency too.
  10. meadowblythe


    Agree with everything Karen said. Our half way house was to go and stay at a hotel near DS, and I wish I had done it sooner and more. What they often need is a good night's sleep (or two) and just to see you. And you need to see them to know that, as Karen said, sometimes you are the safe harbour, that holds all the worst things, but maybe doesn't get to hear about the good things. Just been to see musical DD at the end of her first week at music school. She is getting there, but she definitely needed some home contact, and just to be able to talk face to face. And this is child who has done four years at vocational school.
  11. meadowblythe

    News of non-dancing children.....

    On the plus side, have just raided musical DD's cupboard for some shoes ... oddly something I never did when she was away at school. She's finding it quite challenging, a lot of the students know each other already from NYO, something she never did. But I'm sure she will find her feet. Surprise visit from brother lead to photos of them in the bar clutching pints, something she wasn't renowned for before.
  12. There's actually a free pick up and drop off area, similar to Stansted - when you arrive at the car park you can park up in the drop off area (if that makes sense) and passengers can use the free shuttle. Presumably can also wait for passengers to arrive. https://www.manchesterairport.co.uk/parking/pick-up-and-drop-off-info/ Used it in the summer, all very straight forward.
  13. meadowblythe

    News of non-dancing children.....

    Like Celib B, may seem small fry but I think the wild celebrations from staff and family for my musical DD's E in maths at A level far exceeded the scholarship offers for music college - done on sheer grit and determination not to be beaten. Not easy juggling a full academic time table with 14 hours per week scheduled musical activities, and that's before you think about practice. I am very proud she met her personal goals and is a thoroughly decent human being.
  14. meadowblythe

    Silver Swans

    Lisa Sounds like a good employer, who took you seriously after one shift and obviously wants to keep you. That's really not to be sniffed at. Hang in there, sounds like night porter might be your niche. Fiz I know there are silver swans in Horncastle, during the day. Gutted, I really wanted to start to dance.
  15. meadowblythe

    My first night at work tonight since 1996.

    Hi Lisa How did it go last night?