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  1. Sibling Rivalry

    May I offer our patent family remedy on socks/tights? Each female in the family has their own colour nail varnish and a small dab is applied to the items as purchased? My mum used to do it for my sister and I, and she and I both use it ourselves now. As for the boys .. well getting anything out of the bedroom and into the wash is miracle enough in our house. I am still uncovering items that came home from school up to 6 years ago. Eww.
  2. What qualifications do you need to work in an office?

    Lisa Looks like this may be withdrawn anyway, so I'd be careful before signing up. If it was me and I saw a job I fancied. I'd contact them and explain I was doing the course you are doing, and ask if they would accept that as an alternative. If i was my son I'd apply anyway and probably tell them why they were wrong !!
  3. Audition fees

    Interesting article in The Stage, covering many of the issues raised here. https://www.thestage.co.uk/advice/2018/west-end-producer-drama-schools-abolish-audition-fees/?utm_source=newsletter1&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter1 It's obviously a live issue across many disciplines.
  4. The Proms 2018

    Just having a quick flick through the programme for this year. How do others start? By date? Looking for their favourite orchestra/conductor/soloist? By composer? I always look at the first day of the summer holidays, as it seems such a treat. Wedding anniversary, birthdays ... Then a couple of favourite conductors Then orchestra And irritatinginly there is a whole glorious week when I have already booked a family holiday !!!
  5. BBC Young Musician

    Different - but related question. Seems to me a lot more people are getting through to the finals more than once than I remember. I liked the idea that it was a "one shot only" type competition. Of course it probably never was, I'm sure loads applied but didn't get to the televised stage before. Having said that, it was a masterful performance, what an inspirational teacher. Really knew how to present the piece and the performer. Interesting that Tom Hall was also obviously filmed at RNCM but they didn't identify him as a student .
  6. Any current York scholars

    I think you have answered your own question - and lucky you! However, I would just advise that regardless of what feedback you get here or elsewhere, you will never know if it is " it is an amazing scheme with exemplary teaching", and even if it is whether it is right for your son, without seeing for yourself. Is there some particular reason you are considering another scheme at this point?
  7. Any current York scholars

    I don't know about the set up at your DS school, but we always found one of the advantages of taking part in an associate type scheme is the chance to meet other boys. Also, as we lived some distance from anywhere (!) it was time efficient to do three classes at once. Although your son may be ballet focussed, he may have talents you didn't dream of in jazz or contemporary, I think he's quite young? Reality is he will have an awful lot more career opportunities later in life if he has a good all round skills base.
  8. UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    Ballet is cruel but some people make it crueller than it needs to be. I do hope they had the good grace to at least apologise.
  9. UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    Someone at Elmhurst once had this for their Sixth Form place !!!
  10. Being further along the road, I think DS's experiences of living abroad continue very much in this vein. He knows he has a fabulous life style and brilliant opportunities, but sometimes he says all he wants is to be able to go to the supermarket without it being an academic exercise. He was incredibly homesick for the six months he didn't get home, but within a fortnight of being back was cheerfully chatting to friends about sorting flights to get back for the new season.
  11. This is so true - and it doesn't stop. There was a time during his first year abroad when I used to dread my son phoning, and was actually really upset that I felt like that, because I could feel a physical weight pressing down on me as all his worries and unhappiness flowed down the phone line. I can't afford to pop out and see him every month, and just felt so helpless. I always remind myself that it's better than the time I didn't know he was so unhappy he was trying to run away on a weekly (possibly daily) basis. My musical D says her friends think it's hilarious that we are in contact most days, they try to get away with once a week. But a quick silly email (the otter fluffing kept us going for quite some time) just keeps the channels open. I think those who haven't found boarding difficult at some time are very blessed, but I suspect their reward comes as they move out into the world (or even to Uni) and have an arsenal of experience to draw upon. Also, as your son moves through the school they will get more freedom and space from each other, and it all becomes easier to deal with. If the school are aware and supportive you are half way there.
  12. Auditioning without teachers permission

    I know of people at one vocational school who have auditioned for another - and spoken with the target school to explain why no teacher's consent. All a bit cloak and dagger and all a long time ago.
  13. Julie W's son gave my DS some excellent advice on this, albeit his wobbles started a week into vocational school. Write a list of the Pro's and Con's and then have a discussion from there. Does he have an older mentor he can speak to? The only thing I would add - and what I didn't do - is review this on a regular, maybe termly basis. And pick a neutral spot (again, JulieW's advice) for the discussion.
  14. Audition fees

    I guess what we have all proved is that reducing fees is not necessarily the answer - unless places will provide travel expenses too. However, this goes back to the age-old question - is it possible to get to a standard to succeed as a dancer (or musician), auditioning at 16, unless parents have invested a considerable sum in lessons/shoes/petrol/whatever? I guess those going to vocational school early will benefit the most, especially as raw talent will be the deciding factor at that stage, and vocational schools are more adept at finding the opportunities and funding. Music schools do offer feedback, sometimes written sometimes verbal, and it's seen as part of the audition process - particularly these days when postgraduate courses are considered in the same breath as undergraduate. Admittedly all auditionees will, at some point, be performing in a solo role. Musical D said that the written feedback was largely that she was given verbally during the day, when she had a chat with a head of department and covered group as well as solo tasks. If notes are taken, whilst I appreciate Nichola H's point about even a few minutes per auditionee adds up, if you are taking significant sums of money for an audition, and feedback is available, scanning a sheet into a copier and then emailing this seems a reasonable compromise.
  15. Audition fees

    Mrs Moo, curious what sort of things are recommended? Music school auditions were horrendous, over £100 a go, but students on full MDS got 3 paid for, including travel. Of course we all know that the actual fees are just the tip of the iceberg, I'm still trying not to think about how much I spent on travel costs.