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  1. Just the sort of advice I needed! Many thanks
  2. It appears that Techie DS may be spending a few months at Longborough. Does anyone have any experience? Tips on dining/what to wear/when to go (if I can afford the eyewatering ticket prices!)
  3. Whilst I would agree with SarahW, I would point out many Hammond graduates have auditioned successfully for places at 16+ ballet schools and gone on to have successful careers as classical dancers.
  4. I would only comment that I wouldn't be too hung up on height. At 14 there is no way of knowing how tall your son will end up - you can obviously make an educated guess based on the heights of the parents but some older readers will remember my constant anxiety about my tiny skinny son. He is now 6 foot, and through sheer hard work has bulked up to be one of the larger dancers in his current company. Others stopped growing at 14. Boys in particular change height and body shape (which can be as much a factor as height) later than girls.
  5. Must admit started on Flirty Dancing whilst cooking Sunday lunch. I really enjoyed the "unpolished" performances - people aren't pretending to become outstanding dancers from 4 days rehearsal. Makes you appreciate how much you take professional performances for granted. And loved Ashley Banjo - explaining how he devised the choreography and the effects he was trying to create. He is also not pushing anyone too far out of their comfort zone. Challenging yes, ridiculous no.
  6. Wow that looks so reasonable! Will definitely have a look next time I'm up.
  7. Just like to put a plug in for the lovely italian we went to L'ulivo. It's between Embankment and Charing Cross tube stations. Prices seemed pretty reasonable - pizzas and pasta were £15-£18, quality (so fresh!) and quantity were both excellent. Service was good too!
  8. Bluebird, I just wish you could have taught my DS! No more hours moving all the home furniture and hoping for the best . Do hope you get the thanks you deserve for the parents.
  9. Based on DS' experience: You may need music for a solo (he turned up without and had to blag it using spotify!) Don't underestimate the time needed between flights (was taken through the back of Rome airport at full out run to catch a flight by a kind desk attendant) Spare shoes etc as per school auditions Don't just chat to the people you know (there's bound to be someone) Don't underestimate the time to get from the airport/train station to the audition. Check out the transport in advance and where to buy a ticket. Drink/whatever in case you end up taking classes back to back or doing more than you expected Think about facial hair (boys!) and hair style (boys!) - if you are going for a corps role (lets face it most are if leaving school) you need to fit in. If auditioning abroad even "hello" and "thank you" in the local language will help you connect to local company members - obviously recognising numbers up to 8 can be useful too ...
  10. If retail isn't your thing, walk the other way down Oxford Road, and you come to the marvellous University of Manchester museum. Haven' t been for a couple of years, but was the most eclectic selection, everything from Egyptian mummies to meteorites to dinosaurs. Keep going (you may be a bit footsore by now!) and you get to the Whitworth Art gallery. Loved my Saturdays in Manchester!
  11. Think Sundial Court let in the holidays. Fairly basic student rooms but fabulous location, just round the corner from the Barbican. Less than 20 minutes walk to central, so I;m told.
  12. Is it "The Journey of the Magi" by T S Eliot?
  13. Have heard good things about both options - as Accurina says, if you can, why not audition for both and see how it goes? Certainly RCS students via both routes and students from both schemes had plenty of offers elsewhere. BSS also offers excellent training in other genres, students have, for example, had offers from Laines/Bird.
  14. I think the reality is, having a DS, if you want to dance with other boys, you may well have to travel if you live outside a city. Associates or private lessons with another male teacher - it will still be cheaper than vocational! We are not a rich family and many UK summer schools were out of our price reach. But the experience of travelling and mixing with other dancers has stood him well over the years. There are so many European summer schools at substantially lower prices than the UK tour. But don't dismiss female teachers - DS had no male teachers in his vocational school during year 11 but his female teacher he still rates as one of the best from whom he received training. A lot of this had to do with her attitude - she would ring up her male friends from her last company to check things. Regarding the wider question of children being unpleasant to each other - if it's not ballet chances are it would be something else ... and boys at vocational school can be pretty unpleasant to each other too, albeit not about wearing tights.
  15. Don't forget your library will have a range of resources, mine also has an ebook system linked to my library card. You could also look for the book (can't remember it's name) that tells you which charities support which sort of person - there may well be funding available there too,.
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