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  1. Farawaydancer

    Fallen arches and ballet

    Nike Roshe are the trainers/shoes of choice amongst my physio friends.
  2. Farawaydancer

    Edinburgh Associates 2018/19 (Ballet West)

    Oh no, that must be very tricky! 😳
  3. Farawaydancer

    Edinburgh Associates 2018/19 (Ballet West)

    Current Ballet West associated have had emails this morning with the results. Hopefully everyone should hear soon.
  4. Farawaydancer

    Errol Pickford RIP

    Shocking news, and devestating for his wife and daughter, as well as the many students and staff at school who are understandably so sad today.
  5. Farawaydancer

    Edinburgh Associates 2018/19 (Ballet West)

    We had an email saying after the last session of the current associates which is next Sunday, so I expect the 19th is fairly accurate.
  6. Farawaydancer

    Opinions on Ballet Boost Associates?

    I’ve only heard good things about it.
  7. Farawaydancer

    RBS JAs/Mid Associates Assessment procedure

    We’ve always had a written report at the end of each year for Elmhurst associates and the teacher has always been happy to talk to us at any point about concerns or feedback.
  8. Farawaydancer

    Birthday/Christmas pressies

    I’ve just checked the email for the order I placed and it says on it something about delivery being delayed 7-14 days.
  9. Its also a different DS, I have two who have been through/going through vocational school. One experience much different to the other.
  10. Our DS struggled massively last year due to teacher bullying but always maintained he wanted to stay and always enjoyed performing. I think what stands out in your posts though is the amount of pressure he feels under. I would be very concerned about this. Some children just aren’t ready for/able to cope with that and it can seriously affect their mental health. DS struggles with the boarding house and personality clashes (maybe the same school?) at times but loves the school enough to outweigh any difficulties. Pros and cons list would be useful and perhaps arrange for him to see a counsellor to discuss the issues with someone neutral?
  11. Farawaydancer

    Ankle injury

    A physio with a special interest in dance would be best I think. My dd has had a recent ankle injury too and finding a physio who actually understood what she was aiming for, both short and long term, has been invaluable. It was really helpful that the physio understood exactly what the physical demands of the classes were too and she tailored her advice and exercises to fit. It might be worth contacting a local-ish CAT programme and asking if they know of any physios? Or one of the big schools if you’re near them? Or people on here will know, if you can give a region/area?
  12. Farawaydancer

    British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    It’s open until 8 on weekday evenings and until 2 (I think!) on Saturdays, so reasonably accessible?
  13. Farawaydancer

    British training at Lower and Upper Schools

    I Very much doubt it! Elmhurst has been superb with us whilst dealing with an extremely tricky situation. The senior staff have been nothing but supportive, and I know other parents who would say the same. I do think there is a long way to go with regards understanding adolescent mental health, but the same could be said of non-vocational schools I visit on a daily basis!
  14. Farawaydancer


    Thanks for the replies. She has an appointment with a dance specialist physio this week so that’s already underway, the GP wanted to refer her to a nhs paediatric physio so I said I’d take care of it privately. She doesn’t have private health insurance, she’s not at vocational school. I was just wondering about where else to go if it doesn’t resolve.
  15. Farawaydancer


    Does anyone know if there is a lower age limit on being referred to one of the NIDMS clinics? Dd has an injury and the gp doesn’t seem to be overly concerned about the rate at which it isn’t getting better. I’m going to ask for a referral on and came across NIDMS but it doesn’t state any age limits. Thought someone here might know more, before I contact them. TIA