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  1. My dd attends at Hull and both dc have attended ballet boost holiday courses in London, and will do so again this summer. Always had excellent teaching and good advice from @Emma northmore
  2. Ballet Boost at Hull is excellent, I would thoroughly recommend it.
  3. Where did you order from? DS is desperate for some dancewear that isn’t black, navy or grey!
  4. The numbers on the lists and considered for places are accurate.
  5. This is incorrect. Student finance is dependent on the course studied not the age of the student.
  6. Whilst I agree with the value for money aspect of this, sometimes the point of going to an associates scheme (a good one) is that the child gets to experience a different type of teaching/style/technique. Knowing that different teachers do things in their own way and that they need to adapt their dancing accordingly, makes auditions etc so much less daunting for them as they get older.
  7. There were 52 on the ‘list’ and 59 considered for MDS so I came to the conclusion that there were 7 awards to be given this year. This fits with what we know about the current y11 too. No idea how many applied in total though.
  8. I take my daughter to the cinema screenings as often as I can and she lowers the average age of the attendees by about 40 years. Also the timing isn’t ideal for children, we’re often running in at the last minute after her own ballet class and then she’s falling asleep by the time the final act is wrapping up!
  9. My dd was awarded this one I think, got a phone call on Thursday afternoon - or maybe that was a different one and someone else is going to have a lovely phone call too.
  10. From the parents of the children I know who attend, they’re doing brilliantly and really love it.
  11. Thank you. I’m hoping this is what will happen!
  12. Other schools might be more organised and get the new parents figures out to them sooner, I jut know that we’ve always had our letters back quite late. It is all income but since I don’t have any capital etc I don’t remember whether they take that into account. I don’t think so though. It is every bit of income though. No allowances for money paid into pension schemes etc.
  13. Yes, it’s total household income before anything at all is taken off, it’s not taxable income that they work from.
  14. I’ve been trying to find out this information from all the schools but none of them will give me a straight answer so I’m hoping someone on here has been in the same position! If you have two dc at different schools both with mds is there some sort of deduction so that you don’t pay the equivalent of two full mds contributions? If they were both at the same school I’ve been told there is a reduction but no one seemed to be able to tell me what would happen if they were at different schools. At the moment the query is redundant because we’re waiting on reserve list places but would still be nice to know.
  15. I think it’s about 1900-2000 deduction for each child that’s not on the mds, so something but not a lot!
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