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  1. 2 weeks for associate audition outcome :(

    If you're waiting for elmhurst it might well be delayed because I think Denise Whiteman is at the genee?
  2. Questions about Lower School auditions

    New children have joined and others have left the current y9 group nearly every term since they started. More are joining in September. It really is a case of apply and see. They don't have a set number of places per year group so some are much larger than others.
  3. Panto Season...

    I did lots of chaperoning. It seemed to be a sensible option since I would be there waiting anyway.
  4. Panto Season...

    Dd is doing panto again this year. It was her first last year and she absolutely adored the whole thing so I've 'agreed' she can do it again this year. It does take over the whole of December but she got such a lot out of it that it was worth it in the end. Good luck!
  5. Starting pointe age 10 thoughts?

    Dd is about to turn 10 and has just got demipointes and joins in the pointe class using them. It'll be a little while til she has pointes but there are so many factors affecting readiness that it's impossible to give a definitive age surely? The range and differences in the physical attributes of girls at age 10 is huge and I would be guided by her teacher.
  6. First Audition for Associates Program... now the wait...

    Just had a look at my dd timetable and she has an hour each of ballet, rep and lyrical which seems to be fairly ballet based. Does your timetable look similar? I think it changes month by month.
  7. We saw this at the end of year awards ceremony. Nico is doing some very interesting work with the students across all the years. Fabulous to see the fitness work being integrated into the day to day ballet classes.
  8. Anyone get No for JA's but make Elmhurst or WL

    Interesting - the group of JAs I know were told they had to wear their ja uniform and do their hair in the ja style! Their teacher was also leading the class.
  9. Anyone get No for JA's but make Elmhurst or WL

    Ds now at Elmhurst, didn't get a Royal mids place but he never auditioned for JAs. They really do seem to be looking for different things.
  10. Elmhurst Associates/Young Dancers

    Manchester, Plymouth and Sunderland will be £10 per session from September.
  11. Elmhurst Associates/Young Dancers

    I remember them doing that once before in Sunderland, they just started a couple of weeks later.
  12. Weight Questions

    Not sure about lots of your questions but in one of Elmhurst's policies there's something in there about if your bmi is at or below 16 then you are taken off all dance - I think it relates to weight loss but even so, a bmi of between 12 and 15 sounds worrying, no matter how tiny you are height-wise.
  13. Elmhurst auditions Sept 2017 entry

    Elmhurst don't hold places for particular year groups so although there will be children leaving from y9, those spaces won't automatically go to potential y9s. The boarding is flexible so they give the spaces to whoever it is they want in any year group.
  14. First Audition for Associates Program... now the wait...

    It's a yes for my dd for the senior course, she's delighted. Well done all and hope the 'not yets' bounce back quickly. We've been on that side too and it's not nice.
  15. First Audition for Associates Program... now the wait...

    Ah, on further investigation it seems it wasn't a different exercise, it was just the other half of the one that the first group did before they left! So I don't think there was any significance to who stayed behind, it was just the luck of the draw whether you were in the first half or second.